March 2016 Minutes

Tenants and Residents in Muirhouse (TRIM)

8th March 2016

Present :      RP, KL, NW, JD, BO, DA, JH, BB, EC, SM ( Community Sergeant) CH (streetwork, GYC rep)

Apologies : JC, DB, Cllr CD

Matters Arising :

Previous meeting was dedicated to residents’ concerns regarding the apparent perceived rise in crime which was well attended and minutes were available to be viewed.

Correspondence :            Bank statements Jan/Feb filed.

Edinburgh Tenants Federation Matters newsletter and tenants Participation leaflet

Police Scotland Crime Prevention Poster advertising info evenings at Trinity High School on 9/3/16 and at Broughton High School on 15/3/16.

RP also reported that numerous residents were continuing to contact us through our social media and the community shop with complaints regarding the state of roads, housing concerns, environmental issues and street lighting.

Finance :

All invoices for room hire are paid. Account has a balance of £1259.40 which is the remains of a grant we received 2 years ago and have not needed to apply for another since then. The community shop runs out of petty cash although the account currently has £7.81 and the petty cash is at £54.15. The shop received 2 donations of £500 which has allowed the shop to receive a much needed face lift including repairs to the windows. The work was done by a local joiner who did a fantastic job.

Environmental :

DA stated that given his mobility issues he finds it difficult to get around the area and is having to be extra careful due to the state of the roads and pavements with potholes prevalent on almost every street. JD informed us that the council has budgeted £180,000 for the repairs of potholes in Edinburgh but that this was not enough to repair all of the affected roads with the likelihood of our area being missed out. KL said that having just been to the Strongernorth meeting we were informed that the budget stated was for the repair of central roads in Edinburgh. It was also said that the huge increase in road and street damage was due to the rapid changes in temperature that we have experienced. RP recommended that all potholes be photographed and then reported and more pressure was to be put on the council due to the significant risk to vehicles and pedestrians alike. Introducing a “days till fixed” campaign was also discussed mirroring the EEN one and including street lighting with the hope of drawing even more attention to our plight.

RP then went on to discuss FOLP and with himself and JD having been to several meetings discussing a litter pick when the weather improved, making it into a community event and having the group registered under TRIM with the North Local Office. The North Office then organised a litter pick without adequate communication with us resulting in the day being unattended by anyone. It was concerning that this occurred given previous conversations, it was also stated that events like this needed to be community led to encourage maximum attendance and continued care. A meeting with the new parks ranger based in the north local office was to be requested to discuss how to proceed effectively. JD reported that following a walk about around linear park with MR a few months prior, nothing had been heard with regards to the promised fence repairs and clean that was to be arranged with the assistance of a set team. A meeting is to be requested with PS and other relevant persons including forth ward councillors to discuss getting things moving with a plan of action in hand.

JD touched briefly on the drainage issues with the football pitch stating the council had advised that it was the Scottish water board who were effectively holding up the repairs needed to bring it back to full usage, it is hoped that at the next meeting more information can be brought forward. DA then stated that the astro turf situated on West Pilton Park has had its walls repaired and was looking much better thanks to Tomorrows People and it was suggested getting them involved in the clear up of Linear Park too. Discussions then went on with regards to dog fouling and many ideas were brought forward including spray painting the offences, it was also pointed out that there is an issue with elderly walking dogs and not able to pick up the mess. BB suggested educating people in advance of the suggested clean ups with notices.

Strongernorth :

RP reported that we were in attendance at the gold meeting, we were informed that RH will be transferred due to the councils change of boundaries and he will be replaced by JJ and he has been highly recommended, the boundary changed will be beneficial to our area. Hate crime was brought up as it has been quite prevalent in the area. The Youth Awards was also hailed as a success and was well attended with the Millennium Centre coming in as runner up for their under 12’s provision which is fantastic. SR had also stated that staffing levels at CCHS was 4 members down and this was being addressed with 2 post due to be filled shortly. Their capacity is currently at 472 with their maximum level at 650. They expect the student count to rise to 520 after the summer holidays which is great for the school and shows that it is improving as more people are wanting to attend. The issues on Pennywell Road with drivers not going the right way etc. was also discussed with suggestions being put forward.

Community Shop Report :

JH gave a comprehensive update about the shop –

Thanks to our partners who helped us to renovate the front shop.

KL talked about new deals to get more residents in to the shop.

Welcomed yet another new volunteer

RP discussed Food Share and how our community could benefit. RP reiterated once again that food bank do not need referrals.

Shop now has its own Facebook page

Any Other Business :

A comment was made on the apparent increase in vehicular crime in the area recently and this was a huge concern among residents. SM reported that this was due to the cycle effect after arresting the older youths it appears the younger ones become more reckless for a short while. He reassured us that the police are aware of regular hiding places and are continuing to pursue offenders. Residents are encouraged to call with any information regardless of how small it may be.

RP read out an email that MSCC had sent out looking for new members to join them, the CC was at risk of folding due to not enough members. RP asked all TRIM members if anyone was interested in joining.

JD advised that CC got more information than RTO’s – CC get information such as planning and proper Police Reports. RP advised TRIM is regular sent planning applications.

RP should TRIM rescue a CC that has not done anything for the community, I have tried personally to engage with CC for several years and always been met by a brick wall.

JD made it clear that if MSCC folded then TRIM should demand everything that the CC had.

Next Meeting – 31st May 2016 at 7pm within Muirhouse Millennium Centre

“These minutes are not agreed as yet”