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TRIM March 2017 Minutes

MINUTES from Meeting on 23rd March 2017

Attendance: – RP, BB, NW, JD, JP, DA, BO, JH

Apologies: – HF, EC, all Councillors and MSPs

Welcome and introductions – RP welcomed all present and asked that everyone introduces themselves

Approval of previous minutes – Approved by DA and JH

Matters arising from minutes –Nothing noted

Correspondence – We were given an invoice from Millennium Centre and have received multiple emails that do not need the attention of the meeting.

Stronger North – Peter Strong from North Local Office had emailed to advise of the first StrongerNorth meeting.  RP had mentioned concerns that SN had stopped and was not achieving anything.  BB agreed with RP that meeting after meeting was not helpful.  All present were invited to attend the SN meeting and several agreed to attend.

RP had noted that SN and Motorbike Meetings will now be merged.

Motor-Bike Issues –All present discussed the issue of Motorbikes.  DA pointed out that several legal bikes also caused alarm and distress to others.

RP commented that Police Scotland got a good result the other night near to Craigroyston FC which involved many different resources from Police Scotland.

JD – Motorbikes are a lethal weapon and our courts should deal with it in such a manner.  JD will also attend the SN meeting

Many added that the issue still remains with the courts and that those who are caught by Police Scotland are still walking away scot free from our courts – BB and RP added their intentions to meet with Political leaders in the near future to raise this issue.

Linear Park – JD re-iterated that work should start on the millennium Football Pitch Summer 2017 – He added planters were also being tidied up over the past few days.


All present spoke passionately about the endless possibilities for Linear Park, by having community events, fun days with bouncy castles etc.  Everyone agreed this would be incredible and such a positive thing for the community.

Walkabouts –West Pilton (BB) -BB arranged a walkabout and it was very well attended by Peter Strong together with Environmental Wardens, a Housing Officer and a representative from the Roads department.

We had a route around West Pilton and noted issues with waste, street furniture, roads and pavements as well as accommodations that need to be tidied.

Waste issues – it was agreed that ordinary green recycling bins were not suitable for blocks and therefore sites for street bins will be investigated.  We are going to promote recycling education.

Street furniture and roads/pavements – all were noted for rectification.

Accommodation – where this was council owned property gardens will be tidied.  Where it is private ownership StrongerNorth will look to contact the landlords/owners.

We were warmly thanked for facilitating this walkabout and we were asked to arrange further meetings.  We are proposing to do this on a quarterly basis.

Muirhouse (RP) – RP, JH and JD walked around Muirhouse with MSP Alex Cole-Hamilton last week which was very useful.   RP advised he will now arrange a walk about with Cllrs and Council officials and request that a similar list is compiled like West Pilton.

Community Shop – JH provided a comprehensive update to all – The shop is doing exceptionally well and more of this will be posted online via our Facebook Page.

It was noted that the Foodbank needs donations.   JH asked anyone who can help to hand in donations.  DA advised donations had started to come in already.  RP added he had returned home to donations at his house too. The support for the shop is incredible.

JH added that we will now being able to offer Tesco FREE bakery product three times a week.  Again, we can’t thank Tesco, South Queensferry enough.

RP formally noted that the volunteer first aider skills of JH and NW, who had, over recent weeks, assisted several residents that had taken unwell.  This involved them dealing with assault, seizures amongst other medical complaints.   RP also reminded all that the shop has a defibrillator with staff trained to use it.

Social Media / Our current email account has suffered some attacks and is not secure enough.  BB is arranged a new Gmail account and will advise all our contacts of the address as soon as it is available.

RP updated those present that the Facebook page was doing so well, positive posts seem to attract amazing hits, and the post about the new bus service 200 through Muirhouse to the airport was seen by over 25,000 in one day.

We need more positive items to post on social media and invited those present to let us know of such stories.

Any Other Business – JD noted that the date of our next meeting which will be our AGM, may change as we are trying to arrange a hustings meeting.  All present agreed that the date was only a provisional one.  If the date was to be changed our next meeting would be the middle of May 2017 and all will be advised timeously.

Date of Next meeting – is designated to be our Annual General Meeting and is provisionally diarised for 27th April 2017 within Millennium Centre (alternative date and time to be confirmed)