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TRIM February 2017 Minutes


Minutes of the meeting held on 23rd February 2017


Attendance: – RP, BB, NW, JH, DA, AM, AS, HF, JD, BO

Apologies: – EC


Welcome and Introductions – Apologies were made by the Chairman and BB who had stopped en route to speak with the builders on Pennywell Gardens about dangerous parking issues.


The Chairman welcomed all to the meeting and asked each member to introduced themselves.


Approval of last minutes – The previous minutes were not available to approve at this time.  This issue will be addressed (RP)


Matters arising from minutes – N/A


Correspondence – there had been many emails, private messages and calls but none that needed to be raised at this meeting.


Stronger North – RP gave an update on this subject and how the meeting had come about.   It was the opinion of all present today that SN does not engage with the community and has therefore become invisible.


IMP – HF & JD updated all present about the IMP Meeting.  The main issue at the moment appears to be a name for the new NHS hub.


Motor-Bike Meetings – BB gave the background to 3 meetings over the last three months.

  1. a) It was acknowledged that it was a very small percentage of the people in our area that were causing the most amount of trouble.
  2. b) It was acknowledged that the Police are under-resourced but have had some success in apprehending perpetrators. However, they needed the community to name and shame – either directly to them, or through Crimestoppers, or private message via the Community page.
  3. c) It was acknowledged that many of the support groups involved had achieved a lot of success in engaging with young people in the area.
  4. d) It had been discussed that the Justice System often let down the Police and the Public with what appeared to be a ‘revolving door’ and ‘slap on the wrist’ sentencing.


Two representatives of the Procurator Fiscal’s office attended the last meeting and gave a view of how their offices worked which was quite informative.  However, it was not possible to ask them the questions that our community would have wanted to ask.


It was stated that, at the first meeting, that we were not prepared to enter into months of meetings where the issues were discussed and no action occurred but that is the reality of the situation to date.  Many of the possible solutions are not within the remit of a community to change.


Linear Park – JD stated that the football pitch work will start this summer and that this had been confirmed at the recent IMP Meeting.
Everyone present agreed this was fantastic and a huge step in the right direction.
Further discussion took place about making the future football park a “dog free zone”.  This was agreed by all the be the best way forward.


Environmental – JD mentioned concerns around Muirhouse Green and the builders accessing the new site and RP wished it noted that the dangerous state of Muirhouse Green remains despite TRIM raising it with IMP and reporting it via the council website.


Friends of Linear Park – This was discussed as it appears some environmental work has been taking place and nobody knows about it.  We have agreed to contact the council and ask for an update from them. (BB)


JH- Offered to work with those on Friends of Linear Park – he told all present how successful Park Life was. (JH)


It was agreed that we will contact the council to ask for an update on environmental work they are doing across Muirhouse and West Pilton. (BB)


RP – Noted that the number of complaints / concerns about environmental issues is on the rise.  It is vital we meet with the relevant council officers to allow us to be a in a better place to challenge them. (RP)


RP- Numerous issues with Street Lights not working / flickering etc – These are not being repaired in a timely fashion.  He had highlighted concerns to Cllr Day re Craigroyston High School street lights.



have been arranged for March in Muirhouse and in West Pilton (RP)


Reporting Faults – Most of the admin now have login for the Report system on council website.

Community shop – JH provided a very comprehensive update on the shop and the work which is happening within the shop.  Can we thank all volunteers, partners and residents who make this possible?


Drylaw Residents – We briefly discussed this, but agreed we need more time and it will be placed on our agenda for next month


Social Media – RP updated all on and said that our website had been hacked and it was off line for some 4 days.  Thanks to Mr Mark Pearson for fixing this for free for us.


RP Made the point that we are now “TRIM and Friends of West Pilton” on Facebook, Twitter and on our website and that we now have nearly 5k people on Facebook.  Engagement is at it’s highest since the creation of TRIM Facebook.  Social Media admin reply to most messages within minutes and on average our posts reach 2500.  Last week our page reached 89k people.  Facebook seems to be the most popular way to contact TRIM and FoWP and we deal with all contacts very quickly.

RP also thanked everyone who engages with us on Social Media, with special thanks to all our Councillors, MSP’s, and MP’s.

He further reported that we did have a few issues at the merging of the Pages eg posts missing and alleged inappropriate comments, but these seem to be fixed now.


Date of Next meeting is provisionally diarised for 23rd of March 2017 within Millennium Centre



Minutes Secretary