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September Minutes

Tenants and Residents in Muirhouse (TRIM) 8th September 2015 Meeting


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MR – North Local Office

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Robert welcomed all to the meeting and introductions were made. He also commented on how good it was to see such a high attendance.

Previous Minutes

Due to a technical difficulties there were no minutes available to be approved nor were there any matters arising.


4 Bank statements – filed

2 Invoices from Muirhouse Millennium Centre and Viking have been paid and filed.

ETF august newsletter/ annual report and TRIM voting card, CAB information session and TPAS conference information were all available on the evening for all to read.

The donation from Mr Main has been banked and filed. Acknowledgment and thankyou letters have also been received/sent and filed.

Emails: Robert reported that Edinburgh Sustainable Development Partnership had emailed to inform us of their next meeting on Wednesday 26th of September at North Edinburgh Arts, it was decided that JD & BO would attend and report back at the next board meeting.


A detailed report was provided to those present –

We (TRIM) received £1424 from a North Edinburgh Partnership Grant to use on advertising, community shop and getting TRIM’s name out in the community.We had a limited amount of time to spend the grant and have £211.21 to return along with receipts and a feedback form.

No grants have been applied for this year and all payments are up to date.


Community shop –

Josh reported that the shop window displays have been popular. The current display links in to our 6 week campaign of raising awareness of CPR and so there is a huge five foot anatomically correct heart in the window with buzz words on the window and info in the shop. The heart was made by Natalie from the Centipede Project with the help of Karma and has certainly been a talking point.

During the campaign the shop is hoping to raise funds for defibrillator which will be kept in the shop for use when needed and we have already received an anonymous donation of £200.

Josh also reported we had a very successful appeal for refugees in Syria which involved us working again with Edinburgh Direct Aid.

The foodbank is also still in demand and Josh stated that we are always looking for donations especially as Christmas is getting near.

Environment –

John reported that the area developments have been going well however there was a concern regarding certain subcontractors being brought in from Glasgow rather than sourcing local companies.

Concerns have also been raised that some areas in Muirhouse are beginning to look shabby and in need of continued upkeep ensuring that the money spent on the area in the past 20 years was not a waste. John stated that mistakes were made when Linear Park was constructed as the fencing was not galvanised at the time and was needing replaced or painted. We were informed that a group from the Community Payback Scheme would be commencing work from early October at the park, working from top to bottom cleaning the area up as an ongoing project.

John was also informed that £50,000 had been set aside for the improvements needed on the football pitch, a local team has also taken ownership of the area and will be cutting the grass regularly. Council are now aware they are no longer required to cut that area of grass. Shrubbery will all be cut back too. Once most of the work is done around the park John would like to organise a Friends of Linear Park launch type event involving the local football team and residents, possibly a fun day with a clean-up could be arranged.

We have also been told that the next set of clean-ups in the area are to be centredaround the high rise in Muirhouse. This has been instigated by the residents and the concierge will also be assisting.

Centipede –

Robert reported that 3 TRIM members attended their recent meeting at the church and found it very positive. Along with helping out with the shop window and organising a very successful trip for 80 local residents to Glasgow visiting gardens and parks, they are

organising a low key foodie festival for locals as well as holding another pumpkin carving session in the shop for Halloween. They are looking for help nearer the time to de-flesh 80 pumpkins, up from 40 last year as demand for this is high.

Robert and Barbara will continue to attend any future centipede meetings.


Barbara reported that 3 TRIM members attended the recent silver meeting which is aimed at community groups which then feeds into what is being discussed at the gold meetings. It was felt that this was a useful meeting however the agenda was huge and not enough time was allocated to discuss all items. This also meant that we were unable to bring up any issues we wanted to discuss. Reassurances were made in regard to local crime, which had reduced over the summer period and we are hopeful at the next meeting we will be able to cover all areas on the agenda.

Robert attended the gold meeting but felt that it was not appropriate for community groups to attend these in the future as the silver meeting gives us all the information needed.


Any Other Business

The state of the repairs on Pennywell road are concerning residents as they are not lasting a reasonable amount of time however, until regeneration in the area is completed works to do a more permanent repair are on hold.

Residents are also reporting that the shopping centre has a permanent bad smell and is an eyesore and the cleaning schedule does not appear to be making a huge difference however it is looking cleaner. We were informed that there is a group planning to do a programme of short term works to improve the general look and feel of the shops however funding has been an issue. We will now look finding out about what has been planned so far.

There is also a noticeable lack of bins up pennywell road and along the railway walkway leading to doggy bags being hung from trees or dumped along the pavement.

All of these concerns have been reported to Mandy Rudden who will take them up with the relevant departments at the council.

TRIM will also have more members attending IMP meetings from now on.

John requested that TRIM assist himself and ETF in their efforts to ensure that local people with strong local connections are fairly treated with the current points system on the councils Edindex housing register as concerns have been raised. It was agreed that we would and John will represent TRIM with the assistance of ETF.

Date of Next Meeting

13th October 2015 @ 6.30pm

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