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October Minutes

Tenants and Residents in Muirhouse (TRIM)
13th October 2015


Present (9) – RP, JD, KL, BB, CT, JH, HF, NW, DA

In Attendance(1) – TG – Local SNP candidate.

Apologies (4) – PH, BB, JC, Cllr Redpath.

Approval of Minutes – JH 1st, DA 2nd

Matters Arising – RP stated that Cllr Day had questioned the reasons why TRIM had discussed concerns regarding the fairness to locals when applying for local housing through the councils Edindex system without discussion with the council first of all. In response Cllr Day was made aware that many council items are openly discussed at meetings. It was stated that we would continue and if Cllrs would like to be involved then their attendance is encouraged.

It was also noted that the road surface on Pennywell Road before any TRIM involvement was required.

Correspondence – We received an apology letter from Craigroyston High School stating that there was an administrative error, which resulted in invites to a visit from Ghandi’s grandsons visit to the school being sent out late.

ETF – membership survey, RP and KL will complete. Newsletter, Latest copy of Tenants Voice.

Finance – No changes from previous month.

Environment – The Millennium Centre board have been requesting our help with regard to the lighting outside the building with neither parties having much success. It was noted that last winter several centre users had fallen on ice due to inadequate lighting.

Parents of kids that attend clubs have also contacted TRIM as the area they collect the kids from is extremely dark. JD explained that the aim is to have the council take over ownership of the outside lamppost as they have already converted it to the new energy saving light. There is currently a problem with the circuit from the centre which is preventing the light from working.

If the council is willing to do this then the centre will be able to maintain the lights attached to the building.
Concerns were also raised regarding bonfire night and youth using wheelie bins to transport wood etc and bins ending up being set alight too.

With the new recycling in place it is evident that there are still problems with contamination. It was discussed that tenants need to be educated on how to recycle and encouraged and private landlords should also be giving out information to new tenants. More leaflet availability in various languages would be extremely beneficial given the cultural diversity in the area.

It was noted that work had not begun on the clean-up of Linear Park. We are awaiting a reply from MR.
Recent walkabouts have been rescheduled with no date confirmed as yet.

A community clean-up is scheduled for Friday 16th October in Muirhouse Parkway. It is hoped for a good turn out and the council will be providing gloves etc. This has been organised through Strongernorth and residents, they will have the help of the building concierges also. It was felt that not enough notice is given for clean-up events which will be fed back from our representatives.
Large rubbish items amnesties were also discussed after similar events were successfully held in West Pilton however it was disappointing that Muirhouse was missed out at that time. This will also be requested at the next Strongernorth meeting. An official meeting with the council will also be requested to discuss issues that are needing attention. Issues with Strongernorth contact numbers were also addressed.


Strongernorth – RP, BB and KL attended the latest meeting along with other community reps. It was reported that the previous agenda and minutes was not reviewed. The new agenda was just as large as previously.
Police reported that crime in the area was reducing and it was agreed that the area had felt better however we were concerned that policing would soon be reduced in the area as people are still feeling very much unsafe.
More kids groups were requested and employment training was discussed and is available, however referrals are not being received and opportunities are not being publicised enough.


There was again no time to present issues that residents have brought to us which was very disappointing. We will be attending future meetings however we would like to have a say in the agenda.
Meeting will now be held every 2 months.


Community Shop – JH reported that the shop hosted another successful collection appeal for Syria and Edinburgh Direct Aid.

The latest window campaign is also going well along with the fund raising.

The next planned window display will be targeted towards fly tipping and rubbish. The Halloween Pumpkin Carving event with the Centipede Project is coming up in the last week in October, RP and KL are now looking for new volunteers.

We also received the biggest donation to the foodbank from Tweeddale and Biggar church cluster from the borders and a thank you card has been sent.


Any other Business – Our guest TG introduced himself and explained that he is very keen to get involved with local issues and learn more about our community and what it has to offer.
He has worked in the council for 4 years for a number of different MSP’s and has previously worked in the area and is aware of various issues we face daily. He has promised to campaign in whatever way we need on our behalf which is reassuring even though he is not yet elected.


The way the new developments have been introduced was discussed, particularly the fact that the developers required a blank canvas which resulted in many families moving away and having a knock on effect to the local shops. In particular the old Somerfield has been vacant now for nearly 3 years.
It was suggested that if a supermarket chain were not interested why not split the area up and create a market type area through social enterprises.


A previous resident from Muirhouse had contacted TRIM regarding moving back to the area after being decanted but finding their details on the council database proved difficult. They appear to have been removed after the buildings were demolished and the details needed to be found using old council tax information. It was thought that this was another example of issues with the Edindex housing choice system.


DA informed us that traffic was still driving on the wrong side on Pennywell Road and the measures the council are not effective enough. The main issues appear to be lack of signs on the feeder roads to Pennywell Road. Suggestions were made on how to rectify the signage on the carriageway which will be put forward to the council.
The speed limits on the roads around muirhouse was also unclear as there are no signs on all but one road.
The Centipede project was also discussed and their recent Harvest meal which was a huge success with an immense amount of local effort with fresh produce cooked into a three course meal. It was well attended and enjoyed by all.


Fuel poverty was also discussed. It was noted that there are solutions to some of the problems residents face and could be done without any cost to them through grant schemes available to those on low incomes.
It was then noted that this coming Thursday 15th October a Fairer Scotland event will be held in the Millennium centre and attendance was encouraged.


DA asked if there was any development with the old St Pauls church, we were told that it has been sold however it was unclear what the new owner’s future plans.


It was also noted that the Old Kirk has also been bought and is being converted to a sandwich prep base which will hopefully benefit the local economy.


JD reminded all present that Muirhouse Salvesen Community Council meet next week and that it would be their AGM – he actively encouraged all to attend.


RP ended the meeting by thanking everyone who attended and reminded everyone our next meeting was 10/11/15


Date of next meeting – 10th November 2015 at 18.30hrs with Muirhouse Millennium Centre