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March Minutes

Tenants and Residents in Muirhouse (TRIM) 10th March 2015 Minutes

  • Present (8)

Robert Pearson (chair), John Davidson (v. chair), Karma Lennon (secretary), Emma Carr, Josh Hardwick, David Aris, Barbara B and John Young.

  • Apologies (9)

Cllr Allan Jackson, Fraser Sinclair (Strongernorth), Halima El, Emma Brown, Jane Perrin, Mandy Rudden (Council), Joan Tilbury, Eileen Carr and Belinda Orubu.

Robert welcomed everyone to the meeting including Barbara from West Pilton & West Granton Community Council and all introductions were made.

  • Approval of previous minutes

Approved by Josh and seconded by Emma.

  • Matters arising from previous minutes

Street Lighting, St Pauls and parking to be covered later in the meeting.

  • Correspondence

Bank statement – filed
Letter – received a lovely letter from Mr Arthur Main from St Serfs which included a personal donation for TRIM.
Email – Contacted Police and Council regarding parking. We received a response from Inspector David Happs who has stated that the parking is enforced by Edinburgh Council and not Police Scotland. Parking in Edinburgh has been decriminalised since 1998 therefor it is the councils responsibility. This means that any enforcement of parking restrictions around schools is down to council parking wardens unless there is a danger or obstruction, depending on individual circumstances. We are still awaiting the councils reply.
We have also heard that St Pauls on Muirhouse Avenue is to be sold.

  • Finance

Robert stated that there were no changes to TRIM accounts this month. Emma Brown has collected the £100 donation towards the local Guides fundraising. This money is from a donation to the community shop and not from TRIM allocated money.

  • Environmental

John reported that he attended the walkabout with Ewan Macintosh on 12th of Feb this year but was unable to arrange a meeting with Mandy Rudden. The next walkabout is planned for the 11th of March so was hopeful of a catching up with her there. This walkabout will see the Police, senior council staff and Fire service attending and will be reported about at the next board meeting. John explained the purpose of regular walkabouts with key areas being –
• Building Structures
• Garden areas
• Street maintenance
• Repairs
• Lighting
• Green spaces
At the moment all issues flagged on walkabouts are taken back to the local office where work orders are sent out to the relevant departments. It was noted at a previous board meeting that new technology was going to be available to the council allowing them to send work orders while on the walkabouts speeding up the process. This has not happened yet and John has stated he will ask about it on the next walkabout. TRIM will also keep its own records of issues raised on any future walkabouts.
John has also been investigating the upkeep of open spaces in North Edinburgh after last year’s lack of services. Grass cutting responsibilities lie with a Mr Steven Cuthill who has assured John that he has enough manpower and resources to ensure the job gets done. No start date has been provided as yet. The council outsourced this service last year and unfortunately it was not done to a reasonable standard as no litter picks were done beforehand. We are hoping this will not be repeated this year. He will also be asking about the tree stumps left over from previous cleans ups in the area as they cause a serious safety concern due to them being cut to a point in most areas.
It was noted that the information board at the entrance to Linear Park has been damaged with the door not being secured. TRIM will be requesting a set of keys to allow local events in the area to be posted up without having to go through the council.
North Edinburgh Arts are leading the consultations regarding the grassed area along Muirhouse Avenue and how they should look in the future i.e. willow sculptures, community garden plots. Concerns were raised about the left over metal wires protruding from the ground and overall safety of the area. Concerns were also raised about vandalism of future projects.
John also attended the last IMP meeting and reported that the attendance from muirhouse is very poor. They are now moving forward with phase 2 of the regeneration which will be behind the new High School. He has raised concerns over the appearance of the new housing next to the existing housing and will be raising this at the walkabout.


  • Strongernorth

Robert has reported that there is no current update available at the moment however he is attending the next gold meeting and will have an update for the next meeting. A clean up of Linear Park is to be arranged we are just awaiting confirmation of dates from Fraser Sinclair.

  • Community Safety

Robert reported that he is meeting with Inspector Happs on the 11th of March to be introduced to the new chief Inspector Richard Horan and to discuss the issues we are facing in the area. He will also be asking about emergency contact numbers.

  • Community Shop

Josh reported that the plasterboard and painting had been done in the shop which has improved the look and feel of the shop immensely. The plasterboard was kindly donated by Urban Union. First Aid training is to be provided to all volunteers in the shop as there have been a few incidents where the knowledge would have been useful.

There will also be a new first aid point in the shop and possibly a defibrillator.

The Strongernorth campaign is now finished however it was felt that is was not very well attended with the exception of the info day on tagging which was very successful however, the community did show an interest in the information provided.

The cook and taste session provided by Pilton Community Health Project are currently ongoing however they are not very well attended so efforts are being made to make it more successful in the future.

Josh also reported that the food bank is still in high demand however stocks are starting to dwindle so a push for more donations is needed as its predicted that the need over Easter will be higher.

Golden Acre Fairtrade St Serfs received 2 awards from the Lord Provost this week, one of which was awarded for their work with TRIM and the community shop (working together for better communities). We will be continuing to work with them and appreciate all that they do. The new display in the shop is regeneration regarding the area and it is hoped this will be successful.

  • Any other business

We were joined by Cheryl and Mary from North Edinburgh Streetwork who kindly gave us some information on what they do. They reported that it was initially a collaboration between the youth organisations in the area spearheaded by Granton Youth Centre around 4 years ago and was set up to tackle young people drinking on the streets. Using ABI – Alcohol Brief Interventions which rather than saying no, is about harm reduction methods ensuring they are keeping themselves as safe as possible, for example making sure they have eaten, knowing what to do if things got out of hand etc. Lately the focus has changed and is directed more towards cannabis and legal high usage so they now use a UBI – Universal Brief Intervention which is the same idea but over a broader range of issues. Robert asked if they interact with larger groups of youths, they said yes but will only interact if the youths are “up for it” as it only works if they are willing. They informed us that the can cover 9-10 miles per night and can be spotted in the area 5 days a week.

Robert reported that the Fly tipping offenders had been caught thanks to local residents and were facing prosecution. Because of this and residents offering furniture on our Facebook page, Robert has set up a new page called TRIM Freebies in the hope of reducing the need for fly tipping in the area.

David asked why the council have changed the lighting in the area, Robert reported that it was a money saving decision.


“Please note that these minutes are unapproved”


Tuesday the 14th April 2015
6.30pm Within Millennium Centre

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