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January Minutes

Tenants and Residents in Muirhouse (TRIM) January 13th 2015

(Board ONLY and Catch Up (This meeting was a Board Members only meeting)
Present (5)
Robert Pearson, John Davidson, Karma Lennon, Josh Hardwick and, Belinda Orubu
Apologies (3)
Pamela Hanlon, Joan Tilsbury and Fiona Burness
Agenda Item 1 – Welcome and Apologies
Robert welcomed the board back after the winter break. Apologies as above.
Agenda Item 2 – Previous Minutes
No Minutes to be approved
Agenda Item 3 – Matters Arising from Previous Minutes
Agenda Item 4 – Chairman Catch Up
Fiona Burness has stood down as Secretary and those present tonight votes and agreed that Karma Lennon would take the position as secretary. We will also seek assistance from Muirhouse Millennium Centre too



• Community Shop doing very well and it has been noted that new volunteers have now joined the team. Oaklands will be back in the shop mid January and Play Talk Read bus will hopefully be back outside the shop in the near future.
• Partnership working with other agencies is very good but this can still be improved. A discussion taken place that meetings are still happening as TRIM are not being asked to attend!
Agenda Item 5 – Finance


Robert gave a breakdown of the monies in the bank It was noted that the Memorial Account can now be closed as monies have been transferred to the Towford Fund


TRIM Priorities


Continue to work with:
• North Local Office & #StrongerNorth
• Councillors, MSP and MP
• Link Up Muirhouse, Police Scotland, Centipede Project
• Golden Acre fair-trade and St Serfs Church



Future Planning Lighting and Security – This was high on the list of things to tackle, members present noted that the lights around the centre were simply not adequate, In fact one of our members fell when walking in the car park. TRIM also receives numerous complaints each week re lighting and security. CCTV! What works what doesn’t and what can be improved. Liaise with #StrongerNorth – Help residents understand better how to protect their property, road shows / advice sessions with millennium centre etc.
Community Safety – A very passionate discussion taken place whereby members agreed that is was vital that our residents felt safe in their own community. Currently after dark many won’t walk over the door as they fear crime! How do we change that? Work closely with Police Scotland / Total Craigroyson / #StrongerNorth
Open Spaces – It will not be tolerated for Muirhouse open spaces to be left to grow like they have done in previous years. TRIM board present all agreed that action needs planned now.


Walkabouts – Frequent Meetings –
TRIM will be requesting to meet with
Peter Strong, Mandy Rudden, Ewan MacIntosh, Murray Penman to see ask them exactly how they will work with TRIM to make Muirhouse better. Walkabouts have fell by the way side, and it was felt that TRIM board and the council need these as it identifies real issues.



Date of next Full meeting Tuesday the 10th February 2015 at 6.30pm

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