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February Minutes

Tenants and Residents in Muirhouse (TRIM)
10th February 2015 Minutes

  • Present (11)

Robert Pearson(Chair), John Davidson (V. Chair), Karma Lennon (Secretary), Belinda Orubu, Emma Carr, Josh Hardwick, David Arris, Emma Brown, Eileen Carr, Halina El and John Young

  • Apologies (4)

Pamela Hanlon, Jane Perrin, Helen Fisher and Joan Tilsbury

  • Welcome

Robert welcomed everyone to the first open meeting of the year and everyone introduced themselves.

  • Approval of last minutes

Approved by Karma and Seconded by Belinda.


  • Matters arising from last minutes


No matters arising.Members present stated that last meeting was productive with lots of discussion.

  • Correspondence
  1. Bank of Scotland
  2. – statements ETF (Edinburgh Tenants Federation)
  3. – January newsletter ETF
  4. – February newsletter ETF
  5. – Report a repair poster ETF
  6. – Correction to wrong info in Decembers newsletter Edinburgh Council
  7. – Info on regeneration

E-mail – continue to increase with requests for information as well as reporting problems or concerns.


Social Media – very successful with over 90k hits in the last month. Provides a good communication tool to local residents and wider population. Both Web site and Facebook used well and is convenient for local residents to use and access easily for information.


Phone Calls and face to face meetings – local residents are now comfortable with phoning the community shop to report and discuss concerns. It was highlighted that residents could also use Muirhouse Community Centre to report issues or phone for information. This enables the community to use whatever building is nearer to them for their convenience.
Robert thanked the TRIM members who support the admin of all social media and praised their fast responses and professionalism


  • Finance

Robert reported on the finances of TRIM and informed Board that a donation had been received from Inverleith St Serfs Church for the Community Shop to use for the benefit of the community (resources, hire, donations, stock of shop, food bank etc. etc.) – this is not part of TRIM funding and will not be used for TRIM expenses as a Tenants Group.


  • Reports Environmental


John reported on the IMP (Improving Muirhouse and Pennywell) meeting he attended. He stated that it is important that the Muirhouse area is maintained alongside the big build that is going on and that the mistakes of the last few years do not happen again. Discussion followed on previous mistake and how they can be rectified in the future (e.g. regular grass cutting with litter pick beforehand – no more shredded mattresses or newspapers). John informed Board about local residents who were starting a Friends of Linear Park Group to promote the maintenance and use of Linear Park (built 14 years ago, Edinburgh’s newest park and already falling into disrepair) and said that this would be beneficial to the community – especially if the group went down the Social Enterprise route which would use local people and give them employment. John went onto say that there is 2 walk-abouts organised and that Board Members were welcome to join them or alternatively he could pass on any comments, concerns or questions on the day.
1st walk about on Thurs 12th Feb at 10.30am with Ewan from the council and the 2nd is Wed 11 March with Mandy Rudden/police/senior council officials. Money has been ring-fenced for the upgrade of the football pitch and work is due to start in March and finished by summer.


  • Stronger North


February 2015 newsletter distributed and discussion followed on the contents. It was suggested that a community clean up take place as a one off for the Linear Park and Board agreed that this was a good idea. John/Robert/Secretary to find out more info about how to organise this.


  • Community Safety


It was stated that it was important that the community don’t put themselves at risk when anti-social behaviour is taking place. We have to look out for each other and report anything suspicious using either 999 or 101. It was suggested that 112 could be used as well as phoning the North Edinburgh Local Office and talk to the officer based there. Board agreed that Robert/Belinda look further into using the 112 number and report back at the next meeting. John asked for TRIM support for the Muirhouse Community Centre to get the lights fixed at the side of the building – itwas approved about a year ago but has not been fixed yet and is causing a huge safety concern for the many groups who use the youth annex at night coming into a pitch black area. Board agreed to send strong letter to Mandy Rudden asking for action.


  • Community Shop

Josh reported that the shop (including Robert and other volunteers) has featured on STV Edinburgh (The Fountainbridge Show) and has received positive feedback both for the shop and its volunteers. Total Craigroyston chose to receive their STV Appeal Cheque (£84,000) at the shop. Stronger North has a visual awareness display with a weekly drop in from ‘Gold Level Staff’ covering different areas. Plaster board has been donated by a local business and shop is awaiting confirmation on instillation. Shop continues to grow in strength and popularity and is well supported by the community. Belinda/Karma stated that the shop is being increasingly used for information. Robert thanked Josh for his update and made those present that this was Josh’s first time at reporting to the board. Robert will work with Josh to report back monthly.

  • Any other business

Presentation from Emma Brown telling Board about her work with local Guides and requesting donation to help fund trip abroad. Board agreed unanimously of a donation of £100 and help with other funding avenues. John asked if this donation was to come from TRIM council funds as donations were not part of the funding application to the council. Robert clarified that this donation would come from the donated funds from St Serfs Church and would not be from the Tenants Group funding which is for housing matters.

David asked what will happen to the community shop if a new supermarket opened – shop would continue to provide information and be part of the community for as long as it is needed. There has been no information about new supermarkets yet but Robert will ask the question at his next meeting with the council and report back to board and community if there is any change.

David asked what is happening to St Pauls. It was agreed that the loss of St Pauls and the subsequent vandalism/fire was really sad and there is concern that the building as it is will encourage more vandalism. Robert agreed to find out on behalf of TRIM and report back to Board.

John asked question from Roy Douglas (Chair of Muirhouse Salvesen Community Council). He wanted to know if TRIM and more so (Robert Pearson Chairman) had acquired a laptop, where it is now and who uses it. Board wondered what the concern was regarding buying a laptop from allocated grant and if the same question had been asked of other organisations or if there was a particular concern about this particular laptop. Robert confirmed that a laptop had been bought from Argos with funds from the Neighbourhood Partnership; it is used by the secretary of TRIM in the community shop for TRIM and Community Shop business. Robert suggested that we contact Neighbourhood Partnership to ask if they are asking any questions. Robert also started that receipts as always are available for anyone to view.

David asked on update on parking outside schools. After discussion it was agreed to invite police rep and Cllr Day (as Comm safety rep) to next meeting to discuss this (and other community safety matters) as an agenda item. Board agreed on dates for future meetings.



Date of next meeting March 10th 6.30pm



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