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October Minutes

Tenants and Residents in Muirhouse (TRIM) 23rd October 2014 Minutes

Present (6)

Robert Pearson, John Davidson, Karma Lennon, Josh Hardwick, Belinda Orubu and Joan Tilbury.

Apologies (3)

Pamela Hanlon, Fiona Burness, and Amber Stronach

Agenda Item 1 –

Welcome and Apologies Robert welcomed all to the meeting and explained that we are trialing a day meeting, but would return to our normal time next month. Apologies as above


Agenda Item 2 – Previous Minutes Proposed as a true reflection Karma Lennon seconded by Joan Tilbury


Agenda Item 3 – Matters Arising from Previous Minutes None


Agenda Item 4 –

• Federation Matters from Edinburgh Tenants Association

• Letter from FNP requesting additional details for grant

• Notification of a grant reward from Forth Neighbourhood Partnership

• Several emails and calls regarding anti social behaviour and a worrying message regarding a firework being thrown at a resident.


Agenda Item 5 –Finance

Robert gave a breakdown of the monies in the bank; Viking order paid Room Hire within millennium centre paid TRIM account £3412.62

Petty Cash held within centre £104.20

Community Shop – Nil
The grant award of £1424 will be paid in. Robert wanted to make it clear that Memorial money did NOT include any funds from sponsored cycle to Glasgow / collection at Silverknowes beach and a collection at Muirhouse Newsagent. TRIM does not have any dealings with this money. Therefore it would be unfair for TRIM to comment.

Agenda Item 6 – Community Shop


Josh Hardwick provided an update on the community shop:
• Macmillan Coffee morning very successful and we raised over £400, we are now looking at our Xmas hamper fundraiser.


• In September it was brought to our attention about security concerns, measures have been taken and additional security added.


• Cook and Taste sessions going really well still – Next one is the 5th November 2014 11am till 1pm • Council Road show last week very poorly attended, need to look at other ideas should we try again.


• Eco friendly Xmas sale planned – Date to be confirmed


• Robert and Joan done a presentation to Inverleith St Serfs church which was very well received. They are still supporting the shop with donations and they gave them a cheque which has been placed against the Edinburgh Community Food account.

Agenda Item 7 – Green Space / Friends of Linear Park John provided the board with an update
• Work is hoped to start on Muirhouse Football pitch at the top of Muirhouse Park shortly. A discussion taken how TRIM can help get the word out to Dog walkers, that they shouldn’t allow their dogs to foul on the pitched area. As much as it will be for football games, it will also be for children and families to play on. A safe and clean area to go. TRIM will work with Muirhouse community centre when they plan a launch.

• Linear Park – John told everyone that some work had taken place around the edges and the park was looking a bit better, but more work needed done including replacing broken / damaged fence. It was agreed that TRIM would assist in the to promote the park in a positive way.

• Discussion taken place that the council seemed to be cutting down the weeds / grass around the estate, but there seemed no set pattern and work has appeared to STOP. Karma once again mentioned about dangers that remained in the field at the Dr’s end of Muirhouse Avenue – Email to council

Agenda Item 8 – Current Issues


Robert advised that several residents still highlighting issues with Anti- social behaviour and theft of motorcycles.

Robert had done a presentation on Monday to seniors within the police, council as well as MSP and Local councillors ( Presentation will be made available for board only to view due to the sensitive information contained) regarding TRIM’s social media and exactly what TRIM does with the information it receives, the information we share on our facebook / website etc.

Robert explained to thirty plus representatives that communication was always an issue and the community was fed up reading over exaggerated headlines in newspapers. Sergeant S Buchanan advises she would try to get more news out when possible and relevant to our community. During this meeting a discussion taken place regarding calling 999 vrs 101 –

Residents are encouraged to call what they feel fit depending on the nature of what they are reporting. Police are pleased with the response from the community over a recent serious incident in the west Pilton area. Police will continue to target those responsible for antisocial behaviour in our community.


Agenda Item 9 – Any Other Business


• Karma highlighted a good point; maybe we could ask Police Scotland for some tips on how to protect your property, whether that is vehicles, house or others. Also the board
discussed approaching Money Station and asking what steps they take to prevent them from purchasing stolen property.


• Robert advised the board that Total Craigroytson Manager Christine Mackay would be at our next meeting to raise the profile and take any questions of TC.


• Invite Mandy Rudden to next meeting.


• Email council to arrange another walkabout – Representatives from TRIM are all welcome to walk with the council on the day.


• Community centre booked for our social event in December, it’s a private event and is only open to those invited by the board.

Date of next meeting November 11th at 7pm


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