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March Minutes

TRIM March 2014 Minutes


Present (18)

Robert Pearson, John Davidson, Jane Perrin, Eileen Carr, Amber Stronach, Emma Sipple, Belinda Orubu, Karma Lennon, Natasha Wood, Fiona Burness, Henry Coyle (North Edinburgh Local Office), Helen Fisher (Muirhouse St Andrews Church), Vince Logan, Gordon Davie, Mike Vallance, Jan Moore, Josh Hardwick and Thomas Brown.

Apologies (5)

Cllr Cammy Day, Cllr Vicki Redpath, Ann-Marie Whyte, Joan Tilsbury and Roy Douglas

Agenda Item 1

Welcome and Apologies Robert welcomed everyone to the well attended meeting. Apologies as above. Robert stated that the last meeting was the AGM so no minutes would be presented for approval as they would be presented at the next AGM although copies had been sent out electronically and there were paper copies available for information if anyone required it. John stated that the last minutes should have been presented for approval (which was Nov 2013 as no minutes were taken on the Dec meeting as it was a Christmas social). Discussion followed and Eileen said she would follow it up.

Agenda Item 2

Confirmation of Board Members and Office Bearers Robert confirmed that the TRIM Board consisted of elected tenant/resident members Robert Pearson, John Dvidson, Jane Perrin, Eileen Carr, Amber Stronach, Emma Sipple, Anne-Marie Whyte, Belinda Orubu, Joan Tilsbury, Karma Lennon, Natasha Wood, Fiona Burness, Henry Coyle (co-opted North Edinburgh local Office), Helen Fisher (co-opted Muirhouse St Andrews Church), a co-opted rep from Muirhouse Community Centre and agreement for a co-opted rep from Muirhouse Salvesen Community Council (if they want representation on TRIM).
Robert went onto say that the elected tenant/resident members had met up prior to this meeting and elected the office bearers. The Office Bearers for TRIM 2014-15 are Robert Pearson (Chairman), John Davidson (Vice Chair), Jane Perrin (Treasurer) and Eileen Carr (Secretary)

Agenda Item 3

Collective and Individual Responsibilities (Code of Conduct) Eileen asked for approval for the code of conduct to ensure the Board runs effectively and everyone knows what is expected from them – everyone present had a copy and she read out the various points of the draft code and sanctions. Board approved of the Code of Conduct and agreed to sign up to it – all members signed the acknowledgement sheet agreeing to follow the rules and accept the sanctions. Eileen confirmed that copies are available on request.

Agenda Item 4

Signing of Adopted Constitution Robert stated that the draft constitution had been adopted at the AGM in February and Eileen presented the new constitution for signing. It was signed on behalf of TRIM by the Chairman and Secretary in front of the group.

Agenda item 5

Previous Minutes As covered in agenda item 1. Robert drew the group’s attention to the paper copies of the AGM minutes for information on the table. Copies are available on request.

Agenda item 6

Correspondence Bank of Scotland – bank statement for TRIM – filed Bank of Scotland – bank statement for TRIM Memorial Fund – filed Police Scotland – letter thanking Robert and TRIM for their help during the recent sad event. – read out and filed

Edinburgh City Cabs – 6 x £5 vouchers to be used towards the fundraising event organised by D. Clapperton at the Telford. – read out and filed for action

Eileen also reported 35 e-mails (10 referred onto different agencies, 10 questions and information requests and 5 issues needing further action from TRIM) and 17 phone calls (mostly follow ups from e-mails and general information requests).

Mike asked what kind of issues were being raised by the tenants – Eileen confirmed that in the past month overwhelmingly it was problems and health concerns regarding dog mess followed by fencing, mess in the Linear Park and fly tipping. Conversation followed on the city wide problem of dog mess and Robert confirmed he is arranging a meeting with Cllr’s Redpath and Day about this issue as well as organising a visit to Craigmillar to see how they are dealing with it. Robert also said that the Facebook page had a comment about dog mess and within a short space of time there was an avalanche of posts about it – both reporting and complaining. Robert reported to the group that he is in discussions with Link up, the Council and other organisation working on an action plan to deal with this problem and will have a report at the next meeting.

Agenda item 7

Finance Eileen gave verbal report on invoices this month, TRIM Bank Account and TRIM Memorial Account.

Agenda item 8 – TRIM (verbal report)

Robert reported a well attended AGM and spoke about how TRIM is successful in helping tenants and residents with the various issues and concerns that they raise.
Continuing to work well with other agencies and groups and building up a good network of support and information.

Social media is continuing to be very popular and on a day to day basis is doing well. We are able to monitor usage and know what days/times are more popular.
Henry confirmed he is able to see comments from the Facebook site and can act upon them if wanted but is concerned about data protection.

Amber confirmed that anything posted on Facebook is in the public domain and not covered by data protection. Henry stated he is worried about missing comments or reports and Amber/Robert agreed to cut and paste any relevant information/postings to Henry if the posters want it to be passed on.
Robert asked if it was possible the posters on the lampposts in West Pilton be put up in Muirhouse too – Henry said there was no reason not to have them displayed in Muirhouse and if there were any spare ones he could see about placing them in Muirhouse.

Amber asked if there was any update on an alleged incident at Pennywell Shops. Robert confirmed that information had been passed to Police Scotland.

Agenda item 9

Community Shop (verbal report)
Over 100 volunteer hours in the shop
New residents and tenants continuing to come into shop for first time and coming back as repeat customers.
People are coming into the shop for community information in higher numbers – starting to overtake customers buying the fresh fruit and veg.

Shop was given a large donation of Fair Trade food to use in the shop and food bank.
Plans for 21st century homes on display and public are showing a big interest.

Robert is concerned that Healthy Start vouchers are not getting spent – on investigating he found out that other areas have a higher percentage of people using them than Muirhouse. After discussion it was decided to advertise the vouchers more and actively encourage there use in the Community Shop. It was stated that people may not know where to redeem the vouchers and it was decided that TRIM would find out where they can be redeemed and display the results in the shop, local places and on the web site.

Shop still needs more volunteers – especially now the holiday period is upon us. We would also like to have enough volunteers so that people do not work by themselves. Volunteers should be over 18.

Agenda item 10

Henry Coyle (North Edinburgh Local Office) Henry reported that the display is in the Community Shop and is looking forward to receiving feedback. He is thinking of having a ‘Question of the Week’ to enable people to respond and give their opinions and the Community Shop is a good place to gather that information.

TRIM is being put forward for another award and it would be good if the community supported it. Henry reported that Cllr Cammy Day has sited the shop as an example of good practice for co-operative working.

Walkabouts – now the weather has improved walkabouts will be started again with results being added to the action plan. Henry will pass on the dates/times to Eileen who will send them around the group to see who would like to join in. Robert stated that the format of the action plan being in landscape (and the IMP reports) does not lend itself well to being uploaded onto the site. It would be better in portrait.

West Pilton – ongoing and progressing well. Report from the IMP (Improving Muirhouse and Pennywell Group) will be circulated to members when received. Some of the IMP are going to Glasgow on a visit with Urban Union and if elected TRIM members would like to accompany them Henry will need the names to confirm the numbers.
Council Newsletter – was positively received and tied well into the neighbourhood and environmental regeneration. It was clarified by Henry that regeneration did not only mean new build but refurbishment and upgrading of original stock too.

Questions Mike asked if there was any evidence of lower fuel bills yet for the buildings that had been re-clad. Henry stated that since the programme to re-clad the buildings was just finished there had not been enough time yet to gather the evidence/comments from the tenants but as the energy rating is much higher he was confident of positive results.

Vince asked about a personal issue and Henry confirmed he would look into it.
Gordon asked about the drainage in the old school site as there is a lot of water gathering. Henry confirmed that this is being addressed at planning level and that proper drainage would be put in place (sustainable urban drainage system). Helen stated that the water table at Pennywell Gdns is quite high and the church (Muirhouse St Andrews) has several drainage points that may be affected if proper drainage is not planned and put into place. Henry stated he had a link that people may find useful and would send it to Eileen to distribute around the group.
Mike asked about the percentage of new homes in the old school site. Henry confirmed that there will be 756 new homes with half being for sale and half being for council housing (both normal and mid market rent). Mike asked if the ones for sale would be on the open market. Henry went onto explain the sale of the houses and the difference between social and mid market rents (all council housing both social and mid market rents will have Scottish Secure Tenancies)

Agenda item 11

North Edinburgh News Robert stated that at our AGM it was requested that TRIM lead a campaign to bring back the NEN to the community. After discussion it was decided that TRIM is not the organisation to lead such a campaign but would suggest the NEN Board in partnership with all the local Community Councils should lead it with the support of all local organisations (including TRIM).

Jan confirmed she would raise this with the Muirhouse Salvesen Community Council at their next meeting. Robert said that the NEN had not directly approached TRIM to do this (it was a suggestion at our AGM from a resident) and suggested that before the Community Council makes a decision to lead a campaign they should first talk to the NEN Board. Jan will take this back to the Community Council meeting. The decision of TRIM is that while it is not appropriate for TRIM to lead this campaign we believe it is more appropriate for the NEN Board and local Community Councils to take this forward as a big campaign with the support of local organisations.

Agenda item 12

Expenses Jane/Eileen/Robert and John will be working on the new funding application and needed the board to agree on what expenses should be claimed for – both as a group and as individual expenses. After discussion decisions were made for child care, travel, phone, internet and overnight allowances. The funding application will be completed by May and sent in for approval.

Agenda item 13

Priorities Robert drew the attention of Board Members to their priorities sheet and asked that they put them into their top 5 or10 for the coming year. We will discuss this at our next meeting and set our main priorities to work towards in the next year.

Agenda item 14

Any Other Business As no other business tabled Robert ended the meeting and thanked everyone for coming.

Date of Next Meeting Tuesday 8th April 2014 7pm in the Centre


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