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June Minutes

Tenants and Residents in Muirhouse Board Meeting June 2014

Present (7)

Robert Pearson, John Davidson, Emma Sipple, Fiona Burness, Ann-Marie Whyte, Josh Hardwick and Joan Tilsbury.

Apologies (3)

Karma Lennon, Pamela Hanlon and Belinda Orubu

Agenda Item 1 – Welcome and Apologies

Robert welcomed everyone to the meeting and everyone introduced themselves around the table, apologies as above. Robert further informed the group that Eileen Carr has sadly resigned from her position as secretary. Fiona Burness had taken on the role in the interim, Robert proposed that Fiona take on the role permanently this was agreed by all those present.

Agenda Item 2 – Previous Minutes

Proposed as a true reflection by Robert and seconded by Emma Semple.

Agenda Item 3 – Matters Arising from Previous Minutes

Robert confirmed that there will be no more cooking demonstrations by Pilton Community Health Project in the community shop (agenda item 7 of previous minutes)

Agenda Item 4 – Correspondence

Letter of confirmation that Community Shop is exempt from all rates.

Letter from CEC re grant

Several complaints to TRIM re fly-tipping, grass cutting etc.

Various letters from ETF

A letter was received from MSCC detailing personal communications between Robert Pearson and MSCC. Robert Pearson and John Davidson left the room and the remaining board members discussed the letter. All members agreed that the content of a tweet sent from Robert personal twitter account were inappropriate but did not represent the views of TRIM.

It was agreed a letter would be sent acknowledging the inappropriate content and as a direct result TRIM will review our social media policy. It is hoped that TRIM and MSCC can continue to work together for the benefit of the community.

Robert and John returned to the meeting.

Agenda Item 5 – Finance

As the treasurer was not present Robert gave a verbal report of money held in TRIMs bank account which includes our yearly grant of £3945. It was noted that TRIM received such a high amount due to our heard work and commitment in our community.

Agenda Item 6 – Any Other Business

Memorial fund – Robert provided an update of the total amount in the memorial account and it was discussed that a meeting should be arranged with TRIM, CC, Local Group representatives including Julie Crawford, Helen Fisher, Dionne Clapperton and |Connor Dickson and Brett Wright to decide on the memorial. TRIM also has the response from the residents, who emailed, Telephoned and completed suggestion forms, these will all be taken in to account. It was also noted that TRIM would give the family of Mikaeel Kular an opportunity to have an input if they so wished
John Davidson raised concerns regarding the state of the estate and the council’s lack of urgency to help make/maintain a green clean and safe environment for residents.


Date of next meeting Tuesday 9 September at 7pm in the Muirhouse Community Centre.


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