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z January Minutes

Tenants and Residents in Muirhouse (TRIM)

Minutes of Meeting 15th January 2013


John Davidson, Robert Pearson, Gordon Davie, Mike Vallance and Eileen Carr


John McGlynn

In Attendance

Rep from Police

John welcomed everyone attending especially on such a cold and icy night.

Minutes of Last Meeting

Approved – Robert Pearson       Seconded – Gordon Davie

Matters Arising from Last Minutes

  • Web-site growing in popularity as is the social media sites.  Group thanked Robert for all his work in keeping the sites updated and user friendly.
  • Signatory information has been submitted to bank and we are waiting for forms to be sent back before checking identities and activating account.
  • Grant application nearly completed and will be submitted when bank account is activated.
  • Eileen confirmed that there had been no response from the council regarding the loss of the Revenue and Benefits section of the Local Office.   (action Eileen to send another letter asking for response)
  • Community Council Meeting for December was not quorate but discussion was held about local issues.




  •  Leaflet from ETF Federation Matters  (action – presented and filed)
  •  ETF notification of meeting on 28th Jan for H.A. tenants (action presented and filed)
  • ETF Special General Meeting to change constitution 4th Feb (action presented and filed)
  • MHA – response to letter sent on 18th Dec regarding proposed rent increase

Note:  Highlighting tenants concerns brought to us.  (Action letter to be sent asking that it be presented to the Board before any decisions made regarding level of rent increase) for information our letter was addressed to  MHA Board for correspondence at their next meeting.   Reply dated 19th Dec and hand delivered to us on 20th Dec confirming the consultation process and how the rent increase is calculated. Concern was raised that the response was so quick that it was obvious that it hadn’t been presented to the Board as correspondence but it was acknowledged that there was still time for that to happen as their Board hadn’t met yet to discuss the proposed level of rent increase. TRIM has been contacted by 5 tenants (not TRIM members) about the percentage of the increase and how a high one would affect them).

Police Report

To the end of Dec recorded crime in Forth Ward is falling – from 1st Dec there had been 90 recorded crimes from 261 calls from the Muirhouse area. Most of them were anti-social behaviour and vandalism although there is still concern about the motor bike and cycle thefts. The crime priorities continue to be Anti-social behaviour, vandalism and bicycle theft. Group agreed to advertise the drop in clinics held in Centre and publicise it throughout the Muirhouse area to allow people to meet the police in an informal setting and talk about their concerns in the area or just ask them for information/ask questions.

Catch –up

After Henry Coyle’s attendance at our last meeting it was confirmed that 2 reps from our group will attend the Local Office on the 23rd Jan to take part in discussions about budgets – the reps chosen to go are John Davidson and Gordon Davie.  A report will be submitted at the next meeting.

Welfare Reform

After discussion it was agreed that we would support ETF along with TRIP in any action they may take to protest the welfare reform bill that is now law.   There was differing views on what our stance should be – would it be direct action to protest or more an information/education of people in Muirhouse about how the act will affect them.   It was agreed that ETF had the connections to make a more effective action so we would support them but our main roll would be to advertise the changes and alert people to what was happening and when it takes affect.   Mike and Gordon stated North Edinburgh Fights Back is involved in this issue too and will keep us informed on any action they are taking. (Action – support ETF along with TRIP)

Any Other Business

After discussion the group agreed that the meeting time would increase to 1 1/2 – 2 hours to allow time for discussion and to bring new issues and tenant/residents questions to the table.

Gordon asked for confirmation of next meeting date as he came on the wrong date (that was on meeting list but Centre was closed).  Eileen confirmed that the next meeting date would be Tues 12th Feb and pointed out that the change of date was stated at the last meeting and was on all circulated minutes sent out on the 12th Dec. A reminder will be sent out for agenda items and if there are too many they will be carried over to allow time to discuss each item fully.


Date of Next Meeting

Tues 12th February in the Muirhouse Millennium Community Centre


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