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y February Minutes


Gordon Davie, John Davidson, Robert Pearson, Jim McGinty, Vince Logan, Eric Anderson and Eileen Carr

Apologies John McGlynn, Dougie Nairne and Ann-Marie Whyte

In Attendance Jon Black (TRIP), Kirsty (TRIP) and Jon Aldenton (Granton Improvement Society)


 Approval of Last Minutes

 Nominated – Robert Pearson   Seconded – Gordon Davie


Matters Arising from Minutes

 Vince reported that building work has not started yet on the site opposite Craigroyston and it was meant to have started at the beginning of the year.  Robert and John reported that there is a delay with the development and also the suggestion that there was a cut to the number of social housing.   This concerns the group and it was agreed to get in touch with Henry Coyle to clarify the situation.

A concern was raised about the ending of the Clean, Green and Safe Group and the possibility of Drive Through checks on the area instead of walk-about.   The group agreed that this is not acceptable and that the idea of driving through Muirhouse to check and report on environmental issues was just sheer madness.   It would be a total waste of time, waste of public money and confirmation to the community that their needs are not a priority.   Group agreed to get clarification from Local Office.

Roofing – next to Birnies Court.  It was reported that the new insulation is being laid on top of the old insulation.   John and Gordon have already spoken to Henry Coyle about insulation and Henry has stated that insulating the buildings will be cost effective and provide a saving to the tenants with reduced heating bills.   The group agree that good insulation is cost effective for the tenants but on this occasion – due to the bad workmanship and moisture retention between the old and new insulation this is not the case.   Rent money is being wasted on this and something needs to be done about it before the tenants are once again paying for the mistakes and bad practice.  Group agreed to ask for clarification from Henry Coyle on this matter – and invite him to our next meeting to discuss our concerns and answer any questions that may arise from the discussion.   Eileen to e-mail Henry the date for next meeting.


Police Report

 No police representation or report issued for distribution


Fuel Poverty Demo

 Jon (TRIP) gave short report on Fuel Poverty Demo being planned in conjunction with ETF and North Edinburgh Fights Back on Friday 15th Feb outside Scottish Gas HQ on Waterfront Avenue at 1pm.   A Samba band has been organised to attend.   TRIM will advertise this on the web-site and TRIM members will attend if possible.


Rubbish Bins

Concern was raised about the fining of tenants with overflowing bins – and the impression that we have about North Edinburgh being singled out as the ‘bad ones’ again.   Kirsty showed group a map of Inverleith area which showed all the recycling points and compared it to the lack of facilities in Muirhouse and surrounding areas.   It was decided that TRIM would campaign for  an increase in local recycling bins before tenants were ‘fined’ for overflowing bins.   TRIM agreed to work with TRIP on this common concern.  Concern was also voiced about the increase of fly tipping in the local community and TRIM agreed to work with other groups to monitor and possibly act upon this issue alongside the ‘bins’ issue.  Concern was also voiced about North Edin being picked on and used as a trial for the ‘fines’.   Robert/Jon suggested joint meeting with Lesley Hinds  to answer the questions and concerns of TRIM/TRIP.   It was noted that there was not only a problem with the actual rubbish but with peoples attitude to it – unfortunately the dumping of rubbish and fly tipping will encourage vermin/mess and scavenging animals which in turn will discourage tenants and residents to recycle and dispose of their rubbish properly.  There is no easy answer or quick fix to this problem but TRIM will monitor how things are developing in this area.


Welfare Reform

Discussion about welfare reform and what we could do to publicise it to our tenants/residents.  There was a differing view on how useful or successful a campaign against the reforms would be but it was agreed that people don’t know enough about it and TRIM is happy to take part in any campaigns to get the information out into the public arena.   TRIM agreed to work alongside TRIP and NEFB (North Edinburgh Fights Back) to arrange a public meeting and advertise it.   Jon suggested using students from Telford College and Protest Art which was agreed as a good idea.



There has been several complaints made to TRIM about the disrepair of the roads and the increase of pot holes.  TRIM is concerned about the danger this causes not only to cars but to bicycles/disabled scooters and pedestrians.   We have informed the Council about this and there has been an attempt to fix some of the potholes but there is still a lot of work to be done to make our roads safer.   There is a meeting being organised for a walk about to pin point areas of concern and TRIM will report back on the outcome of this.


Football Pitch

 The football pitch is unplayable due to the bad weather and the damage caused by Council vehicles ‘rutting’ the field.  The pitch needs to be upgraded and have proper drainage installed as soon as possible and not as part of a deal sometime down the line at some point in the future after developments are built.   John is happy to take this forward and we will report back on any developments that happen.


Web Site

All social media sites are doing well especially the web site which is attracting a lot of interest and building up a sizeable number to people subscribing to updates – local tenants/residents, organisations and media journalists.


Granton Sur Mer project

 Invitation to join campaign and forms distributed to interested members.


Date of Next Meeting Tuesday 12th March 7pm



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