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9 April Minutes

Tenants and Residents in Muirhouse (TRIM)

Minutes of Board Meeting 9th April 2013



Gordon Davie, John Davidson, Mike Vallance, Robert Pearson, Ann-Marie Whyte, Eileen Carr


Vince Logan, John McGlynn and Natasha Wood

In Attendance

Julie Crawford (Link-Up)


Approval of Last Minutes

Nominated – Robert Pearson               Seconded –  John Davidson


Matters Arising from Minutes

John informed group that building work will start in June on site opposite Craigroyston High School.

MHA development of old BT site has started.

John reported that developers had approached TRIM and the Community Council asking for ideas that could be included in their bids for the new Hub development.   It was confirmed that the developers had not promised or indicated anything they would do but wanted a conversation about what the community needed and wanted.   Mike enquired if we could have any input on energy efficiency as part of the bid process – and discussion followed on how useful that would be as part of the bid process. It was generally thought that energy efficiency was good in new build housing and most developers attempted to get a better than ‘standard’ level.   It was suggested that we get information from Port of Leith Housing Association about new builds.  John stated that it was important for the shopping centre to be regenerated at the same time as the Hub to encourage new business opportunities – group agreed with his comments.


John enquired about any forthcoming dates for regeneration meetings with Henry Coyle – it was confirmed that we are informed about dates in advance and are welcome to send representatives – concern was raised about the effectiveness of attending meetings when the master plan was in place but it was thought to be important that we are part of the consultation process that will influence the new updated master plan as the old one is due for updating.



ETF – leaflet (handed out with agenda and minutes)

Bank of Scotland – confirmation bank account is live


Shop At Pennywell

The group discussed the plan to open the old Butcher Shop as an information and community co-op shop.   Group agreed it was a good idea and much needed by the community as people are struggling to pay extortionate and disproportionate prices for fruit/veg and staple foods.   Concern was raised about the liability of TRIM if we agreed to become the lease holder and how we could safeguard the TRIM’s reputation and finances if things were to go wrong or end up with liability for paying services/expenses/insurance etc etc


Julie was able to confirm that the shop owners have agreed to free rent for 6 months and for it to be used as a food co-op with the understanding that there would be guidelines on what could be sold and not sold.   There will be an option for any party to end the agreement at any time if things were not working out.   The council will pick up the services charge (electricity/water) and Link up are willing to pay the public liability insurance  so there will be no financial outlay for TRIM.   Volunteers will run the shop with TRIM over seeing the operation.

Group agreed that their concerns had been addressed and thanked Julie for her input and advice.   The group agreed that this is a much needed resource for the community and it is important for us (as a group who’s ethos is building a positive and strong community) to be part of it.   TRIM group agreed to be the lease holder for the 6 month trial period and take an active role in running/supporting and advertising the venture on the understanding that it will not be liable for the set up/running costs and we are properly insured.   Julie to take this forward with Robert.

Discussion followed on ideas for the future building on the success of the trial period.


Update on Partnership Working

Unfortunately TRIM has been unable to contact TRIP as they are not responding to any communications.   TRIM will continue to concentrate on the Muirhouse area issues/concerns and Robert confirmed he will only be representing TRIM and not TRIP at any future meetings regarding bins/rubbish etc.   Eileen confirmed that although originally TRIP had agreed to help with our funding application (as advised by Sam Reeves Tenant Participation officer) it had been very hard to get any communication returned so completed the form herself without any input from them.   Group agreed that as we don’t know the status of TRIP as a group we would just concentrate on our own issues and projects.


North Edinburgh Fights Back – report from Mike regarding meeting in Arts Centre regarding Bedroom Tax – stated that the meeting had been well attended and people were interested in forming smaller local groups to fight welfare reform starting with the bedroom tax.   Meeting will be held on Thurs 11th April at Arts Centre to discuss the formation of smaller groups and then meetings can be held locally.  John stated that there are already groups working on this issue but TRIM can have a rep on the new group to show our support – group agreed and John went on to suggest the Millennium Centre as the meeting place for the 1st Muirhouse Public Meeting – Mike and Gordon agreed and suggested Thurs 25th April 7-9pm.   Eileen confirmed she would book this as a public meeting.


The Millennium Centre continues to support and provide a base for TRIM and the group thanks them for their continued support and resources.


Any Other Business

Eileen confirmed that the completed application for funding has been sent away and we are awaiting the outcome.


Robert put in advance apologies for the next meeting – Eileen noted for inclusion in next minutes.


Date of Next Meeting

Tuesday 14th May 7pm

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