Apr 26

SNP candidate Eleanor Bird for Forth ward had this to say

TRIM and FoWP approached all candidates for Forth ward and here is what  SNP candidate Eleanor Bird had to say

I was brought up in Crichton, a small village in Midlothian. My parents were both teachers and they have instilled in me a passion for community empowerment and the politics of social responsibility. I have just finished working for Tommy Sheppard MP to concentrate on my campaign as well as completing my degree in social policy. My studies have given me great insight into the importance of council level policy making and the tangible effects it has on local lives.


As I have supported myself in the hospitality industry throughout my time at university, I understand the hardships of living on minimum wage and zero hours contracts. Precarious work and its detrimental repercussions on health and wellbeing must be addressed. Through self employment I have gained empathy not only for those facing rising youth and graduate unemployment but also those entitled to financial assistance punished by the increasingly convoluted benefits system. As a young woman inspired by politics, I have the energy and enthusiasm to tackle these injustices by standing up for the people of Forth.


By collaborating with local organisations and other community representatives I will support the children, families and individuals that make Forth. Local government is my passion and if elected I will prioritise the protection of our greatest asset, the public services that we all need and use every day. I will also meet the expectations of my constituents by holding regular surgeries.


I will help to tackle the lack of social and affordable housing across the city and provide every resident with a home in which they can prosper. I will also help to promote the enhancement of green spaces and roadside environment across the ward.


Our diversity is our strength and as a party the SNP celebrates the many cultures and ethnic minorities we represent and their contribution both in local communities and the country at large.


I look forward to working in a cooperative North Edinburgh within a thriving capital city we can all be proud of. It is my view that this will be achieved through the equality, inclusivity and social justice of SNP policy and an SNP led council.



Email: elimbird@outlook.com

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