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Would you know where to go for help?

Food banks – Food Parcel – Food whatever

No matter what you call it, Food parcels, food banks or something else it’s all the same thing.

Tenants and Residents In Muirhouse want to let our residents know there is HELP available for you.

To receive a food parcel you do not need to tick the right boxes, be a single parent, have a drug / alcohol issue or be unemployed. You may be someone who works full time but has had to pay the loan repayment or maybe you have other debt which has left you unable to cope.

So you may be young, old or somewhere in between, you can still get help.

We understand taking the first step can be embarrassing, daunting and stressful but we can assure you that anyone who contacts us via the helpline, Social Media, Email or in person at the Community Shop will be treated in the strictest confidence.

  • Telephone – 07914 942 026 ( Virgin Mobile )
  • Email – Muirhouseresidents@hotmail.com
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Community Shop – 57 Pennywell Road – Edinburgh


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