Apr 26

Labour candidate Heather Pugh for Forth ward had this to say


TRIM and FoWP approached all candidates for Forth ward and here is what Labour candidate Heather Pugh had to say

I’m not sure if you’ve received any information through the door from me yet, I hope so.  If not, you’ll receive some soon.

If elected, I want to make Forth Ward better for all those who live in it, whatever way they vote.  I want people to be content in the area they live in and take pride in it, making everyone’s lives better.  I want the streets to be safer, cleaner and brighter.  I want to fight to eradicate poverty in our ward and take away the need for the food banks and free meals which people work hard to provide to those they help.  Great work though it is; I really wish it wasn’t necessary.  I want to fight for more affordable childcare for those who want to work and for decent housing standards for all.  As a disabled candidate I understand many of the needs of disabled people but am always willing to learn more to be able to assist more effectively.  I gained a small victory recently for a woman who lives not far from me who was having difficulties with her wheelchair on the buses.  That’s now been resolved and won’t happen again.  Being a disabled candidate, I’m unable to climb stairs to knock doors, but others will on my behalf.  I’d appreciate you getting in touch through any of the ways at the bottom of the letter if you want to meet for a cuppa and a chat.  Places I can get to fairly easily are the café at the Royston Wardieburn Community Centre and Sainsbury’s café at Craigleith

I want to campaign to have written into any contracts for new builds in the area that a percentage of all people taken on MUST live in the ward’s postcode areas.  I want to campaign to have large companies start taking on apprentices again before all the skills needed to build housing are lost.  With your help I’ll do my very best to achieve this.


Vote Day 2, Pugh 1 on 4 May

Twitter:  @HPugh4Labour

Facebook : HeatherPugh4Labour

Email: heather4labour@yahoo.com

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