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Home Lost In Home Lost Volume I of the the eight volume fantasy Clarion of Destiny Leena receives the Garlan branch From first contact her life is changed After a solitary journey she returns home to find h
  • Title: Home Lost
  • Author: Franz S. McLaren
  • ISBN: 2940011141676
  • Page: 195
  • Format: Nook
  • Home Lost
    In Home Lost , Volume I of the the eight volume fantasy Clarion of Destiny , Leena receives the Garlan branch From first contact her life is changed After a solitary journey she returns home to find her village in ruins Confused and alone Leena sets out to search for her family and to discover the reason that the Garlan branch has selected her.
    Home Lost By Franz S. McLaren,
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      195 Franz S. McLaren
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    Franz McLaren was sucked into the world of fantasy at ten years old when he read Lewis Carroll s Alice in Wonderland After that, he dived headfirst into the stories of Dr Seuss, and from then on, the stories of J R R Tolkien, Terry Goodkind, Holly Lisle, J K Rowling, and many others that have grown to be a significant part of his life.Throughout his life, Franz McLaren has traveled extensively, living in forty eight of the fifty United States, England, France, Germany, Japan, Spain, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, Zimbabwe, and vacationed in a host of other nations After experiencing the fantasies his travels had to offer, Franz has now settled down into manifesting fantasies of his own He uses his books to share these worlds and adventures with the rest of us By entering his novels, you enter the part of his mind that forever lives just a bit to the left of reality.


  • HOME LOST By Franz MclarenAs I ve gotten older, I ve become increasingly averse to the notion of review the artistic works of others in a public forum of any kind Thus, it is a pleasant relief when I read a novel that allows me to offer a heart felt praise for the work under consideration Home Lost is the initial offering of Mr Mclaren s Clarion of Destiny fantasy series and revolves around his young protagonist, Leena, who is a village hedge witch in training The novel opens as the young girl r [...]

  • A story within a story that kept me turning the pages It s the story of a young girl, Leena, who finds a magic branch that changes her life forever She returns to her village to find it destroyed and her parents missing Her ensuing walkabout the country to find out what and why it happened and to meet the POTUS of her realm, the Grand Wizard, is the rest of the book She meets two male companions, one of whom, is unreliable and traumatized The other is a knight and an ambassador, Darius Darius pr [...]

  • This was a great read The reader is pulled in right from the prologue and can t put it down The main character, Leena, is chosen by a magical tree to get the Garlan branch a powerful wand Thus begins a chain of events that sends Leena on a perilous journey north to find the Great Wizard Along the way she meets a number of fantastic characters, allies and enemies alike The characters are all well developed and it is clear that the author put a great deal of thought into the plot and the backstory [...]

  • Loved this book A different type of wizard book I was pulled in rather fast with the story There were a few spots that were slow, but for most of it I couldnt wait to read what happened next I will say that I got the second book done in two days.

  • This book started off seemingly simply but as the book went on it was in depth than was expected The protagonist, a young hedge witch in training named Leena , is looking for the fabled Garlan tree to hopefully get a garlan branch If legends were correct, it took two things for the Garlan tree to bestow a branch a time of great turmoil and a worthy hero The Garlan tree was legendary and had not offered a branch in known memory Could the tree offer this 16 year old a chance to be a heroine She s [...]

  • A good easy to read fantasy Leena is a young hedge witch in training She has the urge to find the Garlan tree It is a mythical tree of great magical power, but no one has found it since it granted a branch to the Great Wizard, a thousand years ago Leena doesn t understand this urge, but sneaks off to the forest one night She treats it like an adventure than a serious quest To her amazement she finds the tree and is rewarded with a branch Before she can fathom why she was given the branch or wha [...]

  • I was so pleased with this book and look forward to reading the rest of the books in this series The storyline is well constructed and the character development is strong This story deals with innocence, honor, bravery, magic and a very evil wizard All you need for a good fantasy story I highly recommend this book.

  • A wonderful book about a young hedge witch and the beginnings of her journey as a witch and I suspect as an adult Some evil force is out there and is searching for her It is drawn to her because of the power she is learning to wield I recommend this book to everyone.

  • I ll be honest I am completely baffled by this book It starts off really well with Leena following her destiny and accepting the Garlan branch before returning to her decimated village After thatUsually such books have a fairly predictable progression, the hero or heroine in this case sets off on a quest, meets people along the way, fights a few henchman, challenges the enemy, wins, and proceeds to whatever version of a happy ending the genre demands Here, not so much view spoiler It stalled out [...]

  • Book Description Publication Date April 9, 2011 Clarion of Destiny is the eight volume fantasy tale of Leena, a heroine selected by destiny to combat the greatest challenge her world has ever known In an epic journey that leads through foreign lands and mysterious realms where demons, monsters, and magic rule, this inexperienced young girl is forced to overcome a protected childhood to face challenges that would crush far experienced adventurers With each step she takes, with each passing day, [...]

  • This story is built around the pure magical power of the Garlan branch After a brief glimpse into events that happened a thousand years in the past between Robart who held the Garlan branch and the power hungry destroyer Halsey who wanted to destroy humans, we are introduced to our heroine, Leena Leena is a sixteen year old, dark haired, dark eyed beauty who lives a simple life as the daughter of the village hedge witch As a hedge witch in training, Leena spends her days offering healing but qui [...]

  • Home Lost is a perfectly paced, incredibly original, and very well written work of fantasy I had the great pleasure of being given a copy by Franz and, though it took me longer than I care to admit to start it, I read the book from cover to cover this afternoon Keeping in mind that this is one in a series of eight Franz did an absolutely perfect job of introducing the reader to the characters and lore while still keeping the story light and avoiding the heavy handed prose one usually finds in fa [...]

  • This book was a freebie on my nook It is a story of heroine, Leena, and her quest to save her family and country from an evil wizard The book is clean, no foul language or sex The story was simple and easy to follow There are several chapters of first person monologue while Darius tells his story Those got a little dull That said, I was curious enough about Leena s fate that I bought the next few books Fast, easy, simple read.

  • Good start to a series, nice cliff hanger Focuses mostly on what I assume is the back story, carefully developing what really seems to be a well told adventure with very strong characters

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