Yes We Can!

Yes We Can Little Roo and his friends usually have a great time playing together but not today They are too busy making fun of each other When everyone is left in bad moods Little Roo s wise mother comes up wi
  • Title: Yes We Can!
  • Author: Sam McBratney Charles Fuge
  • ISBN: 9780061215155
  • Page: 223
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Yes We Can!
    Little Roo and his friends usually have a great time playing together, but not today They are too busy making fun of each other When everyone is left in bad moods, Little Roo s wise mother comes up with an idea that might just help the threesome make amends.Sam McBratney, bestselling author of guess how much i love you, shows the importance of celebrating individual taleLittle Roo and his friends usually have a great time playing together, but not today They are too busy making fun of each other When everyone is left in bad moods, Little Roo s wise mother comes up with an idea that might just help the threesome make amends.Sam McBratney, bestselling author of guess how much i love you, shows the importance of celebrating individual talents in this adorable tale of fun and friendship.
    Yes We Can! By Sam McBratney Charles Fuge,

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      223 Sam McBratney Charles Fuge

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  • Sam McBratney Charles Fuge

    The Northern Ireland native started writing children s books when he was a teacher in his thirties, with the aim of helping out students who had trouble reading But he continued writing for a personal reason the act of imagining simply makes me feel good, he says The fifty seventh book of Sam McBratney s career, and his first book with Candlewick Press, was the much loved GUESS HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU, which has sold an astonishing 15 million copies worldwide, and is available in 37 languages This is not the sort of thing you expect when most of your books have been remaindered, the author admits But, as the frog trapped in the milk discovered, if you keep going, sometimes you find yourself walking on cream cheese Where does Sam McBratney get his inspiration I told my children stories when they were young, he says, so when I write I try to think of what they would have liked But there may be another source guiding his writing as well The author s father who worked as a type compositor with the BELFAST TELEGRAPH, and whose favorite books were westerns is the person Sam McBratney credits for giving him his love of the English language Most of my picture books GUESS HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU, THE DARK AT THE TOP OF THE STAIRS, JUST ONE , and JUST YOU AND ME explore the relationship between a big one and a wee one, the author notes The big one is not called the father in the stories, but that s what he is Although my dad died before I became a writer, the father in my stories has a voice and a presence that he would have recognized and understood In addition to authoring many books for children, Sam McBratney has also written radio plays for adults and a prize winning collection of short stories He received a degree in history and political science from Trinity College, Dublin, and worked for many years as a teacher Married, with three grown children, Sam McBratney lives in Northern Ireland.


  • Generally I find McBratney s books to be diabetes inducing, especially the oh so CUTE Guess How Much I Love You.This one is cute beyond cute AND it drives home a lesson with all the finesse of the Berenstain Bears.I m sure that this is going to be very popular and also something suggested to teach kids about appreciating each other s talents.But I think it s too young for the kids who generally need such lessons AND I believe that books are not good for TEACHING such lessons, just starting dialo [...]

  • This moralistic tale has two messages one kids should not laugh or poke fun at others and two we all have our own gifts, we all can do stuff.The kids liked the drawings and found the book humorous.I thought the message was a little too heavy handed I like my preachy books a little subtle.But subtle works best for adults For 7 year old twins this book was fine.

  • A fun active story about how not to treat your friends and then how to respect their talents I liked the fact three animal friends were the characters used to convey this message in a low key but very recognizable way And I adored the name of the duck, Quacker Duck.

  • This book was so cute, and I love the illustrations It s a simple anti bullying story with a good message 4 5 stars.

  • Genre Contemporary FantasyGrade Level KindergartenThis children s nonfiction book is perfect read for teaching an important lesson No one like to be laughed at, and these three friends learned that the hard way This book shows students that everyone is good at their own special thing and we are all different I loved the message and I loved the ending This is a perfect book to read to younger elementary school aged students.

  • On a beautiful windy day, Little Roo, Country Mouse and Quacker Duck enjoy making a big pile of leaves together However, when Little Roo challenges Quacker Duck to jump over a log, things turn serious Of course, Quacker Duck can t jump over a log he s a duck When Country Mouse laughs at Quacker Duck, Duck gets upset and challenges Country Mouse to float on water Of course, Mouse can t float on water he s a mouse Little Roo begins laughing at Country Mouse Mouse becomes quite upset and challenges [...]

  • This book to me was a great book that could really be used to address one of the big issues in school right now which is bullying All three of these friends begin to make fun of each other and become upset, when the mother kangaroo says something is when they realize that they shouldn t have made fun of each other So this book can be used to show children that making fun of someone else hurts and it can make friends mad at each other.This was definitely a book that I will be using in the classro [...]

  • 4.5 This is one of the better books we took out from our last library visit The illustrations are clean, bright and inviting The story is about some pretty important lessons and I like that the way the animals move through these lessons was so realistic Things aren t all good one page later One of their Mothers comes and switches the attention to what each animal can do after telling them about making fun of and laughing at each other.It s really a pretty decent book and one that I m glad we fou [...]

  • Some animal friends challenge each other to some activities They each try to do something that another animal can do quite well Of course they find they can not do it The other two then laugh at them The Mother then comes along and shows them that they are each good at something just not everything.It shows three different kinds of animals being friends This shows to the child that you don t have to have only friends just like you I do wish the book had taken the animals laughing at each other a [...]

  • I really enjoyed this story because it is about three friends that challenge each other to do an activity The funny part is that it is a task that is not part of the norm for each animal Like children, the animals start laughing at each other This is a good book to read when teaching children not to make fun of others when they cannot do an activity, but to remember that there is always something else that they can be good at.

  • Yes, We can is a great young childrens book about fun and friendship The animals start to do things that they are good at then the others ones can not keep up The animals start to have bad manners and get mad at eachother They begin to problem solve and come up with a solution, now everyone can participate and be happy I would use this book when teaching young children about moods and manners Also, how you should always be a good friend.

  • The friends start the day out with a plan make the biggest pile of leaves ever However, plans take a turn after taking a break from their piles They begin teasing each other about things the others can t do Mama Roo saves the day by asking for encouragement This was a book that my class needed We have quite a few children that are likely to tease a friend instead of helping them This opens up a discussion about what it means to be a friend.

  • This book would be useful in a lesson on friendship and getting along It highlights two areas no one likes to be laughed at, and we all have things we are good at Students will definitely identify with the characters, who are friends in the beginning, then make each other feel bad, and then find a way to make it better I think it would be appropriate for Kindergarten or 1st grade.

  • The perfect story that teaches that when you make fun of someone you can lose a friend because no one likes being around someone that is going to hurt them But when you celebrate each others achievements then you create a great friendship bond YES WE CAN is a great story teaching the power of positivity.

  • Nice story about celebrating our own abilities and not picking on one another for something they cannot do It has colorful and adorable illustrations and it s a fun, short book to read aloud with children.

  • It s so easy for children to point out things that another child can t do, and that can really be hurtful What happens when children share what they can do What a difference that awareness makes Encourage your friends with a positive yes we can

  • Of course, Sam McBratney wrote Guess How Much I Love You with Nut Brown Hare, which is phenomenal BUT the great thing about this is the ILLUSTRATOR, Charles Fuge, who is just fantastic The adorability of these lil creatures is just soggable and cute

  • I found this book at a consignment shop and I immediately fell in love with it I think this book would be so beneficial to use in the classroom It would give my students a great deal of confidence and drive to do well in the classroom and to never say never Love this one

  • This was a good book to talk to my 5 year old about how important it is to find the strengths in others rather than their weakness.

  • This is a great book to teach children especially in the lower grades to look for the positive in people and not the negative My children absolutely love this book Great illustrations as well.

  • A great book that teaches kids to not make fun of others if they aren t as good at something Good book about friends, and focusing on what we can do and looking on the positive side.

  • Good for the younger ones Teaches about not making fun of one another and being good friends Went over well for K 1.

  • Nice story about being nice to each other building each other up for what each individual can do, instead of tearing each other down for what each cannot do My kids really like it, too.

  • This was a really cute book This book could be used to teach children about manners, and friendships.

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