The Passion of Artemisia

The Passion of Artemisia From extraordinary highs patronage by the Medicis friendship with Galileo and most importantly of all beautiful and outstandingly original paintings to rape by her father s colleague torture by th
  • Title: The Passion of Artemisia
  • Author: Susan Vreeland
  • ISBN: 9780142001820
  • Page: 445
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Passion of Artemisia
    From extraordinary highs patronage by the Medicis, friendship with Galileo and, most importantly of all, beautiful and outstandingly original paintings to rape by her father s colleague, torture by the Inquisition, life long struggles for acceptance by the artistic Establishment, and betrayal by the men she loved, Artemisia was a bold and brilliant woman who lived as sFrom extraordinary highs patronage by the Medicis, friendship with Galileo and, most importantly of all, beautiful and outstandingly original paintings to rape by her father s colleague, torture by the Inquisition, life long struggles for acceptance by the artistic Establishment, and betrayal by the men she loved, Artemisia was a bold and brilliant woman who lived as she wanted, and paid a high price.
    The Passion of Artemisia By Susan Vreeland,

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    Susan Vreeland is an internationally renowned best selling author and four time winner of the Theodor Geisel Award for Fiction, the San Diego Book Award s highest honor She is known for writing historical fiction on art related themes, including Girl in Hyacinth Blue, The Passion of Artemisia, Luncheon of the Boating Party, and Clara and Mr Tiffany Her books have been translated into 26 languages She lives in San Diego, California.


  • If a person loves something above all else, if he values the work of his heart and hands, then he should naturally, without hesitation, pour into it his whole soul, undivided and pure Great art demands nothing less Artemisia Gentileschi, 17th century Italian Baroque painter, was passionate about her life s work Author Susan Vreeland presents a compelling glimpse at one of the most fascinating and progressive artists of her time Artemisia is raped by her father s colleague, scrutinized and tortur [...]

  • Susan Vreeland fairly faithfully follows and recounts the real events in the life of 17th century Italian Baroque painter Artemisia Gentileschi Lomi Passionate about her art, she fought for acceptance in the artistic community and was the first woman to become a member of the Accademia di Arte del Disegno in Florence Raped at seventeen, Artemisia was indignant when her father, Tuscan painter Orazio Gentilesch, was paid off by her rapist to drop the charges She had suffered during this male orien [...]

  • I love love love this book It had been sitting on my shelves for years before I read it, and though I could be sorry I waited so long, somehow I m glad for the hidden treasure it became I found the book very interesting and well written I already knew about Artemisia from a movie I saw, but as usual, the book left a far bigger impression.The only thing that could improve this book, or at least the cheap Dutch edition I read, is a list of Italian words used and color prints of the paintings descr [...]

  • What a fabulous read From the first I was enthralled and through out remained encompassed by Artemisia Specifically the complete fight within herself between the want need for a personal life and her over whelming necessity to channel her art within painting And the time period and associations for access to the finest and most innovative of her time on top of all that It truly became a book I could not put down.Having read others of Susan Vreeland, I know how she can grab the depth of a charact [...]

  • Se vero che da ogni libro impariamo posso dire di aver imparato a conoscere meglio questa donna e questa pittrice che risponde al nome di Artemisia Gentileschi, che fino a poco fa ignoravo I miei occhi sono ancora pregni di a, di fascino, di bellezza, di arte, di sublime di fronte a una donna, una pittrice come Artemisia che non si mai arresa, anche quando le circostanze giocavano a suo sfavore Una pittrice, una donna che, in un mondo ostile alle donne siamo nel 1612 , ha continuato, nonostante [...]

  • Personally, Artemisia is my favorite female artist Enduring personal strife and showing the power of a woman, she is definitely a role model Vreeland s novel provides a power insight into the life of the painter and yet smoothly and dramatically moves the story in an easy to read way Powerful and yet entertaining A must read

  • Finished I feel like I was a bit harsh in all my previous criticism However what I said IS what I felt at those particular points in the book I am giving this 4 stars the ending was superbly done What can I say other than that I forgive all the previous faults that irritated me Still, one can be almost proud to NOT be religious The title is perfect The Passion of Artemesia is the passion that moves an artist Now at the end, I simply have deep respect for this woman, artist, mother and daughter.T [...]

  • Questo romanzo mi stato regalato da un amica grazie Lu , altrimenti chiss se l avrei mai letto o se mai avrebbe attirato la mia attenzione Devo ammettere che l arte non era la mia materia preferita a scuola, e che la mia coscienza non arriva nemmeno ad livello sufficiente da avermi fatto riconoscere il nome di Artemisia Gentileschi.Perch leggere un romanzo sulla sua vita allora A parte il fatto che si trattava di un regalo, leggendo la trama dalla quarta di copertina si pu dire cos anche di un e [...]

  • Ex Bookworm group review It took me rather a long time to read this book Despite the fact the life of a female painter in what was pretty much a man s world was a great subject, the book failed to engage me somehow I felt unmoved by Artemisia s suffering in the same way she suspected her daughter Palmira was, and for the same reason, I suspect It was too far removed from the world I know to have any real meaning for me.My progress through the book was a series of highs and lows I liked the descr [...]

  • romanzo biografia, biografia romanzata Tutto questo ed anche di pi.Artemisia vive, soffre, dipinge e noi con lei.Il mondo intorno pulsa, suda, combatte incessante e l autrice ci fa vivere tutto questo senza cadute.Uno spendido viaggio nella creazione artistica e nel dolore e la dignit.

  • For you art lovers who also like historical fiction, this one s for you Susan Vreeland is a very good writer of historical fiction, although I don t always like her subject matter, I did in this one Along the line of Tracy Chevalier s Girl With a Pearl Earring.

  • This book is based on the true story of Artemisia Gentileschi, a woman ahead of her time since her passion for painting overcame all the turbulences of her private life Her friendship with Galileo Galilei was remarkable in both ways She was the first woman to be accepted by theAcademia.

  • The two things I wanted most in life painting and love and one had killed any chance at the other Why was life so perverse that it couldn t or wouldn t give me one shred of good without an equal amount of bad Artemisia Gentileschi is seventeen years old and on trial for accusing her father s friend of rape Publicly humiliated, shamed and basically abandoned by her father a famous artist , her life is basically ruined In time, Artemisia, it won t matter When a woman s name is all she has, it matt [...]

  • This was a wonderful, beautifully told tale of an artist named Artemesia who was portrayed as a woman painter in the seventeenth century The book delves into the difficulties of being a woman during those times, especially a woman who was raped and one who was an artist Artemisia had a most tenuous relationship with her father, also an artist, with her husband, a philanderer and an unfaithful man, and her daughter who oftentimes bore the brunt of the lack of her mother s love because her mother [...]

  • I first read one of Vreeland s books when I was in middle school Girl in Hyacinth Blue , and I remember enjoying it very much I bought this book shortly thereafter, and then approximately 15 years went by, and I finally got around to reading it I would have loved this book in middle or high school, but reading it now, at approximately 27, the writing and characterization were a bit too simplistic.One thing Vreeland does do well in this book is get inside the mind of the main character, a female [...]

  • Je li ta powie jest wybitna to ze wzgl du na temat a nie na autork Proza Vreeland jest sensualna i przyjemna, a jednocze nie konkretna, celna Akuratna Czyta si j naprawd dobrze Chwyci am ksi k przypadkiem, zastanawiaj c si , co zacz czyta , przejrza am kilka stron i sko czy am j w jeden wiecz r zanim zorientowa am si , co w a ciwie robi.Wa niejsza jest jednak Artemizja Bez w tpienia jedna z najwi kszych artyst w kultury zachodniej, zapomniana i odkryta, wzniesiona na piedesta i wr cz fetyszyzowa [...]

  • Questa storia inizia qualche tempo fa, ero ancora al liceo, e la professoressa di letteratura italiana adoro quella donna stava parlando della sindrome di StandhalE cos per spiegarcela utilizzo i suoi sentimenti di fronte ai quadri di Caravaggio, ma, sopratutto di Artemisia Gentileschi, di cui poi raccont la triste vicenda.Qualche tempo dopo in giro per La Feltrinelli a fare regali di natale, lo vedo e me lo regalo.Che dire, proprio un bel regalo Susan Vreeland non la conoscevo ma in quanto a br [...]

  • Artemisia Gentileschi was a total badass she gets sexually assaulted by her dad s artist friend, is then pledged to be married to that artist, then has to testify in court against him and marry someone else for convenience because she is now impure Through all this, she perseveres in her own art, painting Judith after Judith beheading Holofernes and earning her spot as the first female artist in the Accademia This was all truth, but only Susan Vreeland could write about Artemisia with such chari [...]

  • Artemisia Gentileschi, una figura tutt ora in penombra, superficialmente riportata alla luce dalla corrente femminista Infatti, pi che il talento, ci che di lei affascina la forte personalit e la sensualit quasi tangibile nei suoi autoritratti e negli eventi che la avvolgono a partire dallo stupro sub to dal pittore Agostino Tassi Questo riportano i maggiori volumi d arte.Susan Vreeland con il suo La passione di Artemisia ci regala un affresco lungo tutto un secolo il XVII attraverso gli splendi [...]

  • This book was such an interesting read, especially considering the events are pretty historically accurate, as far as I can tell which isn t too far, but still.Aspects that make me lean toward 5 stars the story line Such a fascinating story This makes you turn each page with relish the characters so many flawed but interesting people the history, although it made me so GLAD I m not living in the 1600s Italy.Aspects that back off this review to 4 stars the somewhat choppiness of the characters re [...]

  • It s a high 3 stars because it was written well, and I have to love Artemisia, always have However, the book focuses a lot on things I m not interested in, such as marriage and kids and cheating husbands and and forgiveness I guess maybe I m still too young and an angry person, butI think forgiveness is over rated.It was a nice look into what might ve been Artemisia s life, but I don t have any idea why this is supposed to be a YA novel, other than maybe it s not long and isn t super in depth, b [...]

  • E una giornata meravigliosa, vero disse Non era una domanda, ma un affermazione Come fai a dirlo Non sei neanche scesa Ti entra in casa, se le permetti di farlo.Il libro mi ha sempre incuriosito e della Vreeland ho sentito parlare assai bene Devo dire che la prima sorpresa stata quella di trovarmi di fronte ad un romanzo estremamente godibile e scorrevole, chiss perch mi aspettavo un mattone Detto questo, ripensando alla lettura, pur essendomi piaciuta molto, sento che il libro non finir tra i m [...]

  • I enjoyed this book than I expected to I picked it up at a used book sale simply because Vreeland s Girl in Hyacinth Blue is one of my favorite books.But what Girl has is clearly inimitable The painting s the main character, the hops through time It s an unusual little book, and it is wonderful.Artemesia is traditional historical fiction It is certainly readable and interesting, and I had never heard of Artemesia Gentileschi before picking up this book But historical fiction that distorts the [...]

  • A fictionalized look at the life of Artemisia Gentileschi, an Italian Baroque painter in the 17th century I d never heard of her before this, and I found looking up her paintings enhanced my enjoyment of the book The story begins during the latter part of the trial of her rapist, and continues through her times in Florence, Genoa, Rome, Naples, and London It s interesting how the rape trial was all but skipped, seeming to imply that we all know that story already, even though it shaped the cours [...]

  • I have a cute little niece with this same name so when I had to pick a book about a painter it was easy to pull this one up This was historical fiction and my second novel by this author It was post renaissance in Italy and a young woman was trying to make it as a painter I liked this for the most part I appreciate the characters that this author creates They seem to always possess a thread of reasoning But with that being said, I think that is why I dislike her reprehensible characters because [...]

  • I felt like I was back in Italy viewing all the amazing art architecture primarily in Rome Florence Lush descriptions that I was able to sink into while Vreeland unfolded the story of real life 17th C Italian Baroque artist Artemisia Gentileschi, the first female artist to be accepted into the Academy of Art in Florence Her passion was her painting and in particular, heroines Loved the vivid and detailed descriptions of her painting technique It is also a novel of her overcoming the many obstacl [...]

  • When I started reading this book I had high hopes, since it s a book about a female painter in Rome I was disappointed after the active beginning that most of it came across as either a textbook on art or on Italian history, neither of which I was expecting However, as the characters developed and the timeflow became less irregular or rather I became accustomed to the irregularity , the real message of forgiveness and how our lives impact others came across Overall it was worth the read but co [...]

  • Una donna che non si mai arresa, vissuta in un periodo dove il mondo era soltanto per uomini sec.XVII e dove quindi ha dovuto combattere doppiamente per emergere Non conoscevo Artemisia Gentileschi, questo libro mi ha fatto incuriosire suoi suoi lavori, cos che mentre leggevo le descrizioni, andavo a cercarli su internet e devo dire che sono davvero belli Tornando al libro, il mio primo libro della Vreeland, mi piaciuto il suo modo di scrivere, scorrevole e semplice, mi ricorda un po la Chevalie [...]

  • The Passion of Artemesia is a novel about a women painter who lived during the 1600 s in Italy Artemesia Gentileschi was raised in Rome until her painting teacher raped her and she was a disgrace to the local people Once her case was dismissed her father married her off to a painter in Florence named Pietro Stiattesi She struggles to combine her painting career with a marriage of convenience that she hopes will turn into something This becomes even harder when her husband begins to get envious [...]

  • I loved Artemesia s strength, tenacity and perseverance and the depiction of a female artist and all her struggles to survive and thrive as an artist during this very stressful and tumultuous time period I also enjoyed the fictional relationship she shared with Galileo and the author s interpretation of him and his astronomical insights, as well as how they were perceived by others during this era.

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