Captain America: Red Menace

Captain America Red Menace Six months ago Crossbones kidnapped the Red Skull s daughter Sin from a government re education facility and disappeared into the night Now he and his spawn of infinite evil have come to the Ameri
  • Title: Captain America: Red Menace
  • Author: Ed Brubaker Mike Perkins Steve Epting Javier Pulido Marcos Martin Frank D'Armata Javier Rodriguez
  • ISBN: 9780785156178
  • Page: 437
  • Format: Paperback
  • Captain America: Red Menace
    Six months ago, Crossbones kidnapped the Red Skull s daughter, Sin, from a government re education facility and disappeared into the night Now, he and his spawn of infinite evil have come to the American Midwest to tear a new hole in A.I.M but none of them counted on Cap and Agent 13 stumbling into the mix.Collecting Captain America 15 21
    Captain America: Red Menace By Ed Brubaker Mike Perkins Steve Epting Javier Pulido Marcos Martin Frank D'Armata Javier Rodriguez,
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      437 Ed Brubaker Mike Perkins Steve Epting Javier Pulido Marcos Martin Frank D'Armata Javier Rodriguez
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  • Ed Brubaker Mike Perkins Steve Epting Javier Pulido Marcos Martin Frank D'Armata Javier Rodriguez

    Ed Brubaker born November 17, 1966 is an Eisner Award winning American cartoonist and writer He was born at the National Naval Medical Center, Bethesda, Maryland.Brubaker is best known for his work as a comic book writer on such titles as Batman, Daredevil, Captain America, Iron Fist, Catwoman, Gotham Central and Uncanny X Men In recent years, he has focused solely on creator owned titles for Image Comics, such as Fatale, Criminal, Velvet and Kill or Be Killed.In 2016, Brubaker ventured into television, joining the writing staff of the HBO series Westworld.


  • Crossbones and Sin are on a rampage across the Midwest, attacking AIM outposts Cap and Agent 13 head to Europe and team up with Spitfire and Union Jack to protect Aleksander Lukin and find Bucky.Ed Brubaker s stellar Captain America run continues We get Crossbones deprogramming the Red Skull s daughter, an untold tale of Captain America, Bucky, and the Howling Commandos from World War II, and a trip to merry old England to team up with Union Jack and Spitfire Cap and Bucky briefly team up, which [...]

  • Watch out, Middle America, Sin and Crossbones are about to go all Badlands on your rear ends Smile for the A.I.M security cameras, you two Well, Crossbones is wearing a mask.This is one of the better volumes in Ed Brubaker s excellent Captain America run Brubaker has a knack for combining espionage, noir and super heroism in a big bundle of fun and mayhem He s got a lot of moving parts, but is able to weave them together into a seamless, satisfying whole.You have Captain America and Sharon Carte [...]

  • The best volume so far in the omnibus What made it for me was the recap anniversary edition of how Bucky fell in love It reminded me of the captain America white issues that have recently come out Delicately handled with great character interaction and fantastic artwork Some wonderful reminiscing.

  • This week s theme for the Shallow Comic Readers is, well, pot luck The daughter of the Red Skull shows up and causes tons of trouble The search for Bucky continues Will Steve Rogers and Sharon Carter get back together Adnd where is Nick Fury Some of these questions are answered, some are not, but Ed Brubaker and crew do an excellent job of pushing the story forward, without any pause in action or extraneous plots I never feel bored reading Brubaker, regardless of what title he s writing, and thi [...]

  • As I ve noted in my reviews of certain other graphic reads when I was young we called them comics or comic books I am a long long,long time fan of Captain America I began reading the books during the so called Silver Era of comics I did not however keep up with them after the 70s Now I occasionally dip back into the genre and see how things are going with the favorite hero and roll model of my youth.Many of the things the writers did with Cap over the years bothered me and many other of his fans [...]

  • Yep, I get the feeling I m going to love Brubaker s entire run on Cap This was a lot of fun, even when it brought in players I m not terribly familiar with Crossbones and Sin, Union Jack and Spitfire actually, they made it fun I liked the interactions between Union Jack, Spitfire and Steve, and I actually found myself weirdly rooting for Sin and Crossbones in that messed up way where, well, it s kinda not her fault she s completely nuts, and they take such bizarre joy in the destruction they ca [...]

  • Maceram z Red Skull n k z olan Sinthea Schmidt in, nam di er Sin in Crossbones taraf ndan ka r lmas yla ba l yor S.H.I.E.L.D taraf ndan ele ge irilip haf zas silinen ve masum bir insan haline gelen Sin i z ne d nd rmeye al an sempatik k t m z Crossbones, uyand rd an lar n da yard m yla bunda ba ar l oluyor ve olaylar m z as l o zaman ba l yor.Skull n intikam n almak i in Aleksander Lukin in pe ine d en ikili, A.B.D de birka yeri havaya u urduktan sonra ngiltere ye giderek as l hedefin pe ine d y [...]

  • Auch sehr cooler Comic, aber er hat mich nicht so umgehauen wie die Winter Soldier Comics Ich hoffe, ich kriege bei meinem USA Urlaub noch ein paar B nde.

  • Great follow up to Winter Soldier Sin and Crossbones are actually pretty terrifying, simply because of how psychotic and blood thirsty they are They take unabashed joy in creating chaos and murdering everyone who is unlucky enough to stumble in their path In the beginning, I felt bad for Sin she was a product of the environment her father had thrust her in, after all If Crossbones hadn t have broken her in, perhaps she could have had a shot at a normal life Of course, my sympathies for her ran s [...]

  • Art Several artists worked on this collection Perkins and Epting s art was top notch, as always But I didn t really like Pulido s and Martin s art, it was very retro, though I understood why it was used for the flashback Nonetheless, it felt a bit jarring, the transition between the styles 4 stars.Story The last third of the book was amazing, full of action and great heroes, both male and female, kicking butt But The first two thirds Slow, oh so slow Too much time and space given to Lukin Red Sk [...]

  • Ed Brubaker s fantastic Captain America run continues We get Crossbones deprogramming the Red Skull s daughter, an untold tale of Captain America, Bucky, and the Howling Commandos from World War II, and a trip to London a team up with Union Jack Spitfire Cap and Bucky briefly team up, which was satisfying than their brief clash in the last volume.The villains are very well done There is also the return of the Red Skull Aleksander Lukin I loved the interactions between Cap, Agent 13, Spitfire, a [...]

  • My theory is that every person who has ever written Cap, if you re writing it right, you want to bring Bucky back Ed BrubakerDidn t really care about Crossbones and Sin, or the master men, or Lukin s split personality disorderbut BUCKY STEVE BUCKY AND STEVE I love how much of a badass Brubaker makes Bucky, and his solid reasoning behind that choice I love how complex the relationship is between the two of them Just, a lot of feelings overall.

  • Good stuff This ultimately is Cap s important lead into the Civil War as he begins to question current leadership I really like Sin and Crossbones as villains They have that twisted Natural Born Killers appeal Oh and BUCKY as Winter Soldier must have love I also really like Sharon Carter, Cap s girlfriend SHIELD liaison I guess I just found myself invested in these characters, in general.

  • It s a wonder to me why of Marvel s books aren t of this quality, in terms of writing AND art I don t know of another series that manages to rotate artists as successfully as this one, and have the styles match up so well.

  • So this is my first review of the year and all i have to say is that overall the story has quite a few good things going for it that overshadows the bad watching Captain America and Bucky together again as brothers in arms after so long felt very good Plus I love the work on Red Skull here, which proved he was still a premier villain in the Marvel Universe who can bring hell to anyone if he chose to Also as an added bonus, this story works a little bit towards the Civil War, by giving the govern [...]

  • Definitivamente gostei bem mais desta do que de O Soldado Invernal Em a Amea a Vermelha somos apresentados a um lado mais pessoal de Buck o que fez com que eu simpatizasse e me conectasse bem mais ao personagem Nesta edi o vamos ter o capit o Am rica lutando contra a Amea a vermelha, mas n o somente isso A hist ria muito boa e sempre com pano de fundo com rela o ao soldado invernal N o sou muito aprofundado em HQ de Super Her is mas gostei bastante da leitura, inclusiva da carga emocional Bem el [...]

  • This is the second volume of Ed Brubaker s run on Captain America In this volume, the Red Skull s from Volume 1 daughter goes on a rampage in the Mid West Captain America also makes a trip to London and meets up with Union Jack and Spitfire I knew none of these characters but Brubaker does a great job of introducing them to a casual fan I ll give this volume 4 stars.

  • Even though this book kept giving me the feeling that this is just in the beginning and Cap has no idea of what s going on, there are some parts that are really great Sin s reconditioning is awesome as well Cap and Bucky s fight vs the Sleeper Other than that, I can t wait to know what Fury has in store for Bucky as well as what is the Red Skull planning.

  • Loved the action sequences and Bucky Lost several opportunities to present strong, badass statements from women, though, and it got annoying Anyways, the story was perfectly constructed and the anniversary issue is really cool.

  • Sin lugar a duda la trama se est construyendo a un punto en donde no sabes qu puede pasar despu s Ha sido mejor que el anterior con intriga y sigue teniendo esos finales picos

  • Kind of feels like a come down after the craziness of the Winter Soldier s debut The trip to the UK is a nice change of pace, though.

  • This book picks up after the excellent Winter Soldier storyline and begins by following the further adventures of crossbones and the Red Skulls daughter as he tries to deprogram her from the deprogramming efforts of S.H.I.E.L.D but with Brubakers pen at the helm the story quickly grows beyond this initial concept and before the reader knows it the evil Kronos Corporation and the ghost of Red Skull himself are involved in nefarious antics across the pond and the good Captain and Agent 13 team up [...]

  • Brubaker is still great with Cap This book opens with Crossbones torturing a girl until she is deprogramed into remembering she is Red Skulls daughter It s a great way to set up the scenario for the rest of the book and reminded me Nolans last two Bat films that begin with villain prologues But they re rarely seen after that in this book I guess I felt let down by that, yet they may appear in the next story Ed Brubaker is great at making Red Skull a genius villain plotting ways to make Captain A [...]

  • Continuing on with my binge of this series I still think the first book is the best so far, but this was still good Steve is developing and he s a lot like the Steve I m growing to love as he was definitely a bit angrier in the first book Sharon is also growing on me a bit I d like to see her kick ass a little , but she s growing on me And they re cute together.I also liked meeting a lot of these characters for the first time, such as Union Jack, Spitfire, Crossbones, and Sin Yes, I know, I kn [...]

  • Ed Brubaker s run on Captain America will be considered a classic in years to come and the art in this collection is breath taking So if you love Ed s writing, or Epting s amazing, almost, photo realistic art, this needs to be part of your collection Why only three stars then Well, I love Union Jack and the Invaders and these stories allow us to see him and Spitfire in action and I couldn t help comparing it to the Roger Stern and John Byrne stories from back in the 80 s They suffer in the compa [...]

  • This second volume of the Brubaker Epting run on Cap loses just a little bit of steam, as most of it feels transitional Lukin, with the consciousness of the Red Skull in his head, continues his nefarious schemes what those are, exactly, I m not sure Has Brubaker already told us I don t know , this time utilizing a new crop of Master Men to waylay Cap and his allies Meanwhile, Bucky the Winter Soldier makes his own plans to take down Lukin on his own At the same time, Crossbones and Sin target Lu [...]

  • First off, WHAT SHE Lily SAID, for the last third, yes, Steve and Bucky is one hundred percent win and given the lead into this I wanted much of that in this volume However, having to wait for it was essentially a sweet pain ameliorated by lovely daft megalo conflict, so it s all good Perkins Epting s art is brilliantly atmospheric realism meets Dan Dare meets grainy old movie I love it Enjoyed the Sin and Crossbones stuff than I d expected to, and the peculiar, easy relationship between them [...]

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