Women in Love

Women in Love An analytical study of sexual depravity and an epic of vice were two of the critical expressions which greeted the publication of Women in Love Yet Lawrence regarded this novel as his best book and F
  • Title: Women in Love
  • Author: D.H. Lawrence
  • ISBN: 9780486424583
  • Page: 141
  • Format: Paperback
  • Women in Love
    An analytical study of sexual depravity and an epic of vice were two of the critical expressions which greeted the publication of Women in Love Yet Lawrence regarded this novel as his best book and F R Leavis considered it Lawrence s supreme masterpiece.The novel tells of the relationships of two sisters, Ursula and Gudrun, who live in a Midland colliery town in t An analytical study of sexual depravity and an epic of vice were two of the critical expressions which greeted the publication of Women in Love Yet Lawrence regarded this novel as his best book and F R Leavis considered it Lawrence s supreme masterpiece.The novel tells of the relationships of two sisters, Ursula and Gudrun, who live in a Midland colliery town in the years before the First World War Ursula falls in love with Birkin a thinly disguised portrait of Lawrence himself and Gudrun has an intense but tragic affair with Gerald, the son of a local colliery owner.This book is a sequel to The Rainbow , and contains some of the clearest statements of Lawrence s beliefs It contains much philosophical discussion and descriptions of the characters emotional states and unconscious drives, and many of the ideas arc expressed through elaborate symbolism The characters and relationships are probably based on those of Lawrence and his wife Frieda, John Middleton Murry and Katherine Mansfield.
    Women in Love By D.H. Lawrence,

    Women in Love Nov , Gerald Crich and Rupert Berkin are best friends who fall in love with a pair of sisters Gudrun, a sculptress and Ursula Brangwen, a schoolteacher Rupert marries Ursula, Gerald begins a love affair with Gudrun, and the foursome embarks upon a Swiss honeymoon. Women in Love TV Mini Series Mar , With Rory Kinnear, Rachael Stirling, Joseph Mawle, Olivia Grant Powerful adaptation of DH Lawrence s novel about the lives of two sisters, Ursula and Gudrun Brangwen, as they struggle with their own desires and passions. Watch Women in Love Prime Video Women in Love Season . Rosamund Pike and Rachael Stirling star in this powerful adaptation of D H Lawrence s novel about the lives of two sisters, Ursula and Gudrun Brangwen, as they struggle with their own loves, desires and passions. Women in Love Rotten Tomatoes Close friends Rupert Birkin Alan Bates and Gerald Crich Oliver Reed begin romances with siblings Ursula Jennie Linden and Gudrun Brangwen Glenda Jackson After the couples wed, they take a Women in Love Women in Love by D.H Lawrence Widely regarded as D H Lawrence s greatest novel, Women in Love is both a lucid account of English society before the First World War, and a brilliant evocation of the inexorable power of human desire. Women in Love film Barbra Streisand Woman in Love Official Audio YouTube Oct , Listen to the official audio for Woman in Love performed by Barbra Streisand Music video by Barbra Streisand performing Woman in Love audio C

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    David Herbert Richards Lawrence was an English writer of the 20th century, whose prolific and diverse output included novels, short stories, poems, plays, essays, travel books, paintings, translations, literary criticism and personal letters His collected works represent an extended reflection upon the dehumanizing effects of modernity and industrialisation In them, Lawrence confronts issues relating to emotional health and vitality, spontaneity, human sexuality and instinct.Lawrence s opinions earned him many enemies and he endured official persecution, censorship, and misrepresentation of his creative work throughout the second half of his life, much of which he spent in a voluntary exile he called his savage pilgrimage At the time of his death, his public reputation was that of a pornographer who had wasted his considerable talents E M Forster, in an obituary notice, challenged this widely held view, describing him as the greatest imaginative novelist of our generation Later, the influential Cambridge critic F R Leavis championed both his artistic integrity and his moral seriousness, placing much of Lawrence s fiction within the canonical great tradition of the English novel He is now generally valued as a visionary thinker and a significant representative of modernism in English literature.enpedia wiki D.H._Law


  • I can review this only in relation to its precursor, The Rainbow review here My JourneyI went straight from the flames of floral, rural passion in The Rainbow, to this often brittle discussion of the abstract, set in a mechanical age, where animals metaphorical and literal are key, and death s shadow hovers hungrily It s beautiful, entrancing, but also opaque and frustrating.I travelled with Ursula from her teenage years in the balmy countryside, where people act on their desires, to her earnes [...]

  • Username PBRYANT999Password FlibbertygibbetENTERWelcome to the AUTOREVIEW PROGRAM Thank you for participating in this preliminary trial Please enter the title of the book you wish to reviewWOMEN IN LOVEPlease enter the author name D H LAWRENCESelect type of work from the drop down menuNOVELSelect century this NOVEL was written in20THHave you personally read any works by this author previously YESHow much enjoyment did you derive from these works please choose from drop down menuMODERATEIs this N [...]

  • Probably it s always going to be a mistake to reread a book you loved in your youth I haven t read Lawrence for a long time I believed I had his triumphs and failures pretty clear in my mind Sons and Lovers, the early stories, The Rainbow and Women in Love all masterpieces everything that followed going from bad to worse So it was a shock to discover that Women in Love probably belongs in the latter category There are, of course, flashes of his unique genius but they are few and far between As i [...]

  • Ever noticed how many people hate DH Lawrence Often for opposite reasons by the way there are those who condemn his misognyny, while others allege him to be too doting of the fair sex Which is it Sometimes he s damned for being too obscene, but elsewhere dismissed as overly fussy about flowers and horses He even gets clubbed for creating self absorbed characters, just after someone has taken a swipe at him for promoting a harmful ideal of sacrificial love All of these folks can agree that they s [...]

  • I want to find you, where you don t know your own existence, the you that your common self denies utterly But I don t want your good looks, and I don t want your womanly feelings, and I don t want your thoughts nor opinions nor your ideas they are all bagatellas to me.If you ve already experienced gag reflex, then you know what to partly expect from this book Yet to say this was all this book was about, would mean I did not take the time to read all of it After having had friendly debates about [...]

  • This is another old review, written for another website back in 2003, my memory of this book is shoddy at best.I believe D H Lawrence, despite writing constantly about men and women in a risqu manner for his time, is gay Why do I say this Because of the three Lawrence novels I ve read to date in only one does he even get close to writing an authentic relationship between a man and a woman It s not in the two novels I would expect though In Lady Chatterly s Lover and in Women in Love Lawrence wri [...]

  • No Pot O Gold Past the End of The RainbowThis was a letdown from The Rainbow 1915 , which stirred and sizzled, was better written and seemed momentous In it, Ursula Brangwen came of age and defied the conventions of the unsophisticated environs in which she was raised, so she could selfishly search for satisfaction of the senses in a university town.With Women in Love 1921 , D.H Lawrence continues his look at marriage and the relationships between men and women Ursula is now a teacher who has a [...]

  • This is not just because the narrator talks too fast and is really hard to understand, it s also because I m just too old for this book In my idealistic youth I would have found the ramblings of these people inspiring but now I m bored They go on and on about how the world is awful and I just had enough and can t finish it.

  • I hate Lawrence After reading the first 90 pages, I left this book in a youth hostel in Norway to think about how bad it was I hope it froze.

  • It is seemingly impossible to summarize a book such as Women in Love The book innocuously begins with sisters Gudrun and Ursula Brangwen discussing marriage Gudrun is an artist and Ursula is a school teacher, and their middle class status is key in their ostracism from the high society to which their lovers Gerald the industrialist and Rupert the disillusioned intellectual Although these relationships would seem to be key, the complex relationship between Rupert modeled after author D.H Lawrence [...]

  • We are now in a period of crisis Every man who is acutely alive is acutely wrestling with his own soul Lawrence s belief was that the essence of art is, after all,its ability to convey the emotions of one man to his fellows a form of sympathy , a form of religious experience Why is it art It conveys a complete truth, it contains the whole truth of that state, whatever you feel about it But you can t call it high art High There are centuries and hundreds of centuries of development in a straight [...]

  • This book is like an Expressionist painting you look at it once, and return and see something different The writing is lush, and almost poetic at times Lawrence uses the idea of the two sisters, Gudrun and Ursula, as his canvas to explore ideas about men and women, marriage and fidelity, and whatever else runs through his mind and on to the page In this high speed, instant world, we are losing the art of leisurely contemplation D.H Lawrence needs to be taken up, and put down, and taken up again [...]

  • Ugh this book was no fun for me There were some lovely moments and prose that I copied into my quote journal, and that s about all that kept me going The introduction advised that one should not begin one s study of Lawrence with Women in Love , and man, I guess that s right I really can t stand purposefully obscure language, or a supposedly realist novel that s full of dialogue and emotional reactions that make no sense and bear no resemblance to how people actually talk or think Maybe I m just [...]

  • Superb D.H Lawrence at his best Each character is utterly individual and nuanced but cannot stand alone, being fully realized only in relationship and response to each other Having read the work one sees these people around one every day, and of course one also sees aspects of oneself in each of them as well A terrific novel

  • If there is anything like a truth to sexual relations, I d say that Lawrence s account here comes pretty close to capturing at least one fold of the central knot of it He weaves his narrative around four centers of consciousness, two male, and two female, in an effort to capture the essential meaning of their relations to themselves, to one another, and to the nothingness from which their consciousness springs, from moment to moment He movingly captures the shimmering movement of their conscious [...]

  • I m sorry, I just don t get DH Lawrence I think he is the most over rated novelist I ve ever read And I have tried I m sure he broke the boundaries of what was permitted to be discussed in the novel BUT, besides the chapter involving the boating trip and resulting accident, nothing impressed me or remains with me from the book other than intense irritation with all of the characters The women are unrealistic and the men, arrogant and dull I wanted to slap the lot of them and tell them to get a l [...]

  • QUALCUNO MI RIDIA IL TEMPO CHE HO SPRECATO LEGGENDO QUESTO LIBRO.Vi prego Esister qualcosa tipo un soddisfatti o rimborsati, che ne so Un sindacato dei lettori Ok, respira a fondo Cerchiamo di calmarci e di mettere gi il libro, invece di continuare ad agitarlo pericolosamente cos Su, spostati dalla finestra Da brava, cos Donne innamorate uno di quei libri che quando lo finisci di leggere, quando compi quel magnifico e agognato gesto di chiudere l ultima pagina, fa nascere in te delle domande esi [...]

  • Pah l amour Lo detesto L amour, l a, die Liebe lo detesto in ogni lingua Donne e a, non c tedio pi grande esclam Lei se ne sent un po offesa E tuttavia era la sua stessa, elementare sensazione Uomini e a, non c era tedio pi grande.Non c cosa pi irritante, io credo, che sentirsi troppo stupidi per capire un romanzo Non c cosa pi irritante che sentire che la distanza che ti separa dallo scrittore, in termini di complessit ideologica, di esperienze di vita e di abilit linguistica, non una piccola c [...]

  • After 170 pages I had to give up I couldn t relate to these upper class snobs who just whined endlessly about how dreadful life is Go get a job I say change some diapers , cook a dinner , Have a glass of wine Do something It s repetitive with misanthropic conversations like Page 140 my book There was silence, wherein she wanted to cry She reached for another bit of chocolate paper, and began to fold another boat And why is it, she asked at length, that there is no flowering, no dignity of human [...]

  • Well, I m proud of myself that I finished it It wasn t horrible but I did push myself through it I kept reminding myself that this classic novel is magnificient and that the characters clash in thought, passion and belief, and the reader is gripped by deeply held convictions about love and modern society or so they say There are some passages written so beautifully, and definitely some thoughts on our existence that you can t help but think about but it was the characters that I found so difficu [...]

  • It is Lawrence s most complete statement He argues with himself all through it struggling to find a way to define what he wants to know about the individual and others The characters are intense, fierce, intelligent, combative They clash they pound into each other Lawrence explores ideas through the fist tight dialogue and the bold imagery And he quests for answers in his insistent narrative too Ursula remains the real centre of the book, but Birkin, Gudrun and Gerald all get close up focus too [...]

  • I was close to giving this a five, but with the profusion of loins, shanks and limbs scattered around the pretty prose which at times read like straight up harlequin romance i had to pull back the final star also, despite my having in agreement with some of the thoughts ideas expressed in this novel, it shared the flaw of that work which i share far less intellectual common ground with atlas shrugged in both works characters can at times feel like lifeless mouthpieces for the authors philosophy [...]

  • Holy crap what a miserable book If your Emo or wannabe Emo this is the book for you You hear people complain that Tolkien will write about a tree for 3 pages, well in this book the author will describe the same thought for 3 pages and then goes absolutely no where with it My wife explained it best There is no one in this book to root for You just end up wishing all the characters would hold hands and jump off a bridgee author is obviously trying to make you think about sacrifice and love but end [...]

  • Over the top with urgency and metaphysical wrestling Language that is physical and morbid, often vulgar Wonderful stuff I found it undeniable this time around.

  • I detest what I am, outwardly I loathe myself as a human being Humanity is a huge aggregate lie, and a huge lie is less than a small truth Humanity is less, far less than the individual, because the individual may sometimes be capable of truth, and humanity is a tree of lies Novels by D.H Lawrence possess the absolutely unique psychological climate and Women in Love is definitely his best one.Women in Love and Point Counter Point by Aldous Huxley constitute an exhaustive portrayal of the era at [...]

  • I found the book dreamy I m a sucker for beautiful language and Lawrence is a master at it his unexpected vocabulary kept me hooked right throughout The first half I adored, but the second half just seemed a bit of a drag was it really necessary to have all those meaningless conversations Likewise the philosophy in the first half was thought provoking and lovely, but by the second half it had slipped to something of a showing off Lawrence seemed to be questioning everything thoughtlessly and sti [...]

  • Nothing wearisome than reviewing an already over reviewed book It s a different sort of BURIAL, eh The century, or just my past decade, has not been favorable to Lawrence Where he ties himself in knots seems to me not worth the effort to unravel the parallel movements of literature and philosophy have done much to expose these as symptomatic crotchets of self obsession So much of the overwrought atmospherics are little than histrionic idiosyncrasies, and the Lawrentian ideological universe blu [...]

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