Free to Choose: A Personal Statement

Free to Choose A Personal Statement The international bestseller on the extent to which personal freedom has been eroded by government regulations and agencies while personal prosperity has been undermined by government spending and eco
  • Title: Free to Choose: A Personal Statement
  • Author: Milton Friedman Rose D. Friedman
  • ISBN: 9780156334600
  • Page: 318
  • Format: Paperback
  • Free to Choose: A Personal Statement
    The international bestseller on the extent to which personal freedom has been eroded by government regulations and agencies while personal prosperity has been undermined by government spending and economic controls New Foreword by the Authors Index.
    Free to Choose: A Personal Statement By Milton Friedman Rose D. Friedman,

    Free To Choose Network Free To Choose Free To Choose is about freedom, the interrelationship of personal, political, and economic freedom Free To Choose is about the ideas of Milton and Rose Friedman, ideas that still dominate public policy debates decades after they were first proposed Free To Choose is about those who refined and continue to extend these ideas. Free to Choose TV Series With Milton Friedman, Robert McKenzie, Peter Jay, Thomas Sowell This was originally a book, made into a ten part television series broadcast on PBS by economists Milton and Rose Friedman that advocates free market principles The thrust of the series is that the free market works best for all members of society It provides examples of how the free market engenders prosperity and maintains Free to Choose Free to Choose A Personal Statement by Milton Friedman Up to sh backNov , Free to Choose A Personal Statement by Milton Friedman, Rose Friedman Paperback First Edition . . Save % Current price is Original price is . You Save % Paperback . NOOK Book . View All Available Formats Editions. Free to Choose A Personal Statement by Milton Friedman Free to Choose posits the efficacy of subduing government intervention in a free enterprise market economy by rendering theoretical remedies that would alleviate government failures through competition and personal freedom ultimately, it would eliminate gratuitous taxes. Free To Choose Network Home FREE TO CHOOSE IN UNDER MINUTES Each episode of the original Free To Choose has been revised into a timeless, minute video to introduce citizens to the philosophy and ideas of Milton Friedman We invite you to watch and share these Free To Choose Under and help us advance the ideas of personal and economic freedom to a new audience. Free to Choose A Personal Statement years old and still up to date It is interesting to read older Economics books like Free to Choose to see how accurate they have been in predicting outcomes of policy It is easy to write a book with hindsight as we often see today by experts blaming this or that well after the fact Milton Freeman had incredible foresight. Free To Choose The Complete Television Series Free To Choose is a landmark television series about the interrelationship of personal, political and economic freedom ideas that still dominate public policy debates decades after they were first proposed These are the ideas of Nobel winning economist Milton Friedman and Free to Choose Ronald A Rasband BYU Speeches Jan , Lehi taught his son Jacob, For it must needs be, that there is an opposition in all things We are free to choose liberty and eternal life or to choose captivity and death Our everlasting welfare is dependent on living the laws of God His commandments are fixed they do not change except as directed by revelation.

    • Unlimited Free to Choose: A Personal Statement - by Milton Friedman Rose D. Friedman
      318 Milton Friedman Rose D. Friedman

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  • Milton Friedman Rose D. Friedman

    Milton Friedman was an American Nobel Laureate economist and public intellectual He made major contributions to the fields of economics and statistics In 1976, he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Economics for his achievements in the fields of consumption analysis, monetary history and theory, and for his demonstration of the complexity of stabilization policy He was an advocate of economic freedom.According to The Economist, Friedman was the most influential economist of the second half of the 20th centurypossibly of all of it Former Federal Reserve Board chairman Alan Greenspan stated, There are very few people over the generations who have ideas that are sufficiently original to materially alter the direction of civilization Milton is one of those very few people Source


  • It s very frustrating to read a decades old book on socioeconomic problems and realize that those problems have only gotten worse in the interim Especially when that book predicted the consequences of continuing along the current path and presented solutions to dig ourselves out of the worst of the results.Milton Friedman is a giant in economics and it is our great tragedy that we have ignored his advice Just as a man who denies law of gravity demonstrates it when he jumps off a cliff, the weste [...]

  • Written in 1979, one of the libertarian economist s Friedmans most accessible works, the clear written and thought provoking work does not require the reader to agree with Mr Friedman s assertions to enjoy it Rather, it requires the reader to ferociously wrack their brain for a counter argument or alternative solution to their assertions that governmental controls over economic freedoms by regulation, price and wage controls, nationalization of industries, printing money, adding programs, bowing [...]

  • I really enjoyed this book, and it confirmed some of my fears that I am really a libertarian at heart.The basic premise is that people should be free to make their own choices whenever possible, and that government s role is to protect us from each other, and not to protect us from ourselves.The Friedmans argue from a pragmatic standpoint than from a philosophical standpoint Generally, government does a poor job with what it touches We have this idea in our head that government is a sort of nan [...]

  • Wow It took me a month to read this book I suppose it does take longer to read a book for learning and not enjoyment reasons Funny thing is, I actually enjoyed reading this book too There are even occasional bits of humor that sneak up on you This is illustrated by a reference to Cognac during an explanation on historical forms of currency Literally, every page of this book had a quote you d want to slap on Facebook It was that good There were things I d thought about for a long time yet could n [...]

  • Although this book was written in 1979, it is still one of the best books anyone can read and the information is still completely relevant to what is going on today in our country If you hate big government you will love it as it will support many of your beliefs If you love big government you should read it regardless because many of your pre held ideas can be dispelled as what is often blamed on the free market is, in reality, the fault of misleading big government policies.The inefficiencies [...]

  • This book was assigned for Capitalism, Democracy, Socialism taught at Loyola University Chicago during the first semester of 1981 82 by David Schweickart It infuriated me at the time, appearing to be an intellectually dishonest apologetic for the existing class divisions in the United States I was impressed by the author during a subsequent reading of his Capitalism and Freedom.

  • Really a good book, which gives the insight of economy, free market, trade unions, education, bureaucracy, policies etcAlso gives us the idea why we require above subjects into consideration.

  • Free to Choose posits the efficacy of subduing government intervention in a free enterprise market economy by rendering theoretical remedies that would alleviate government failures through competition and personal freedom ultimately, it would eliminate gratuitous taxes.Freidman addresses some of the most problematic issues facing our nation that are unfortunately still prevalent today such as inflation, bad school systems, Social Security, economic equity, and consumer and worker protection Ev [...]

  • While some of his arguments could be stronger, this book is important because there aren t enough books that make those arguments that free markets and capitalism have value Many people look at equality and fairness as one of two things as an outcome, or as a process Both equality of outcome and equality of process cannot be simultaneously achieved That is an unrealizable and utopian vision Equality of outcome and equality of process are in fact mutually exclusive something few people realize To [...]

  • Even though I am not completely convinced that Mr Friedman is correct in all of his assertions, I must give this book four stars as work of literature.First the positives Milton Friedman once again proves his skill with words and logic in this brilliantly articulated book It is hard to read through his arguments and not become all but convinced that he is correct in almost every subject He carefully lays out the often unforeseen chains of events that follow from particular actions of individuals [...]

  • I bought this book back in the good old days when you could purchase a hardcover book for less than ten dollars Due to the inflationary policies that Milton Friedman warns about, and that he provides a cure for, a comparable book today carries a price tag than double the price of the book I purchased It was a good investment In the book, Milton Friedman and his wife discuss the principles of the Free Market It is this discussion, based on the foundation laid earlier in Capitalism and Freedom, t [...]

  • It can be disconcerting to find that you have finished a book but can t really explain what it was about much That is how I feel about Free to Choose Yes, this is an economics book, so I can say that it is about economics I can tell you that the main point here seemed to be that the free market is good, but America is was, it was written in 1980 at a turning point and will soon have to make a decision about which economic policy it should adopt I actually read the whole book, cover to cover, I t [...]

  • I love the way Milton Friedman argues He stakes his position and charmingly disposes of opposing views You can get a sense of his intellect and charm by watching some of his debates on YouTube This book goes over several issues like welfare, minimum wage, and education where he prescribes the correct policy based on free market fundamentals hence the title of the book Free to Choose Some of the issues seem outdated and I would not be surprised to know that even many main stream economists may di [...]

  • Common sense This book makes a clear, rational case for the free market Friedman dedicates a chapter to each of the major issues facing our country, including education, energy, taxes, and the environmental movement the book was written in 1979 but the arguments on both sides of the issues still resonate today Similar to Thomas Sowell, Ayn Rand, or Thomas Dilorenzo, Friedman champions the individual over the group, arguing that when people have the opportunity to choose for themselves, society b [...]

  • El nobel de econom a del 76, deja al descubierto que los mercados competitivos generan mayore desarrollo y crecimiento de la econom a de un pa s sin la intervenci n del estado Los chicago boys, generaron a trav s de los tiempos las medidas fiscales y en alg n momento las monetarias m s r gidas sobrepasando la dignidad del ser humano, el caso de la dictadura de Pinochet con recomendaciones de los chicago mejor su econom a pero a costa de qui nes y por qu Llama la atenci n, el constante llamado a [...]

  • A bit dry but an absolute necessity for understanding Libertarian thought and recommendations A little out of date as well, though a lot of the concepts have been either been seriously considered on a national level or are still being discussed today While I don t agree with everything the Friedman s posit, I do understand how their belief in the market model leads them to believe in the power of the rational individual if such a thing exists over the ever growing behemoth that is the national g [...]

  • This is such a seminal work on free market economics that you will be surprised to hear examples and stories that you already know in other literature Friedman s example of how many strangers it takes to make a pencil and how no one person can make it on his own is a classic His proposal of the negative income tax is also the basis of much later study and theory If the only thing you took from this book is the government s role in inflation it would be worth your time too If you had to put a boo [...]

  • This book taught me quite a bit about economics and how the free market is capable of working things out better than any other system There were some things I disagreed with, but for the most part, I agreed with this book and enjoyed reading it It was eye opening, the explanations were comprehensive, and the data was sufficient to convince me This book embraces the values of freedom and the right to pursue our own destiny that America holds so dear, all the while showing that those values form t [...]

  • Very good book, but not great Excellent companion to the TV series of the same name that exposed Milton and free market ideas mostly to many, many people.I read this shortly after the TV series came out in 1980.Read Ludwig von Mises or Murray Rothbard to compare and contrast the Chicagoan monetarist positivist Friedman vs the Austrian consistently free market ideas.

  • So far really getting a lot out of this book It is very clear and opens up a lot of arguments I have not read For example, I thought the images of the government as umpire vs parent on page 5 was a good debate I would lean toward umpire, but have to think that the deregulation and problems in the financial industries, drug industries and for profit schools and prisons are an example where the umpire is failing to call foul Then in chapter one we jump into the concept of central command command p [...]

  • A very effective conveyance of the meaning of free market economics and its value to the consumer The opening quote is from Justice Louis Brandeis opinion in Olmstead v United States Experience should teach us to be most on our guard to protect liberty when the government s purposes are beneficial Men born to freedom are naturally alert to repel invasion of their liberty by evil minded rulers The greater dangers to liberty lurk in insidious encroachment by men of zeal, well meaning but without u [...]

  • This book is one of the most well written and impassioned argument for laissez faire The Friedmans demonstrate how government interference can create inefficiencies in the market that can be exploited by special interest groups They discuss how government spending, however well meaning, can degenerate into huge bureaucracies that fail to achieve their objectives, but keep requiring huge budgets.The basic problem with a book like Free to Choose is that it turns into a propaganda book which explai [...]

  • The say, The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off Friedman s 1980 work is able to do just that Milton won the Noble Memorial Prize in Economics in 1978 Free to Choose highlights free market economics and the forces that destroy them So much good and relevant data in here that it is hard to believe it was written almost 40 years ago.The part that rings true is that almost every instance of free market being cited as the reason for some decline think great depression, mortgage c [...]

  • This is arguably viewed as the best work of the two legendary free market economists from the University of Chicago Chicago School of economic theory, Milton and Rose Friedman The so called freshwater approach to economics has been contrasted with the saltwater views of Stanford, Harvard and MIT.Ok, so it was written and published in 1980 But the free market approach to managing the economy is even relevant today as we watch the failed Keynesian experiment being carried out in both the Executiv [...]

  • A fervent believer of Adam Smith s ideologies, Milton Friedman portrayed a compelling argument, from both a economic moral standpoint for free enterprise Further, he breaks down his argument to show how intervention has negatively impacted different aspects of the economy and society However, the picture that he painted, in my opinion, is far too perfect I do not believe that the free markets are perfect It MAY be the best solution as of yet, but definitely far from perfect Perhaps there is no l [...]

  • Synopsis Milton and Rose Friedman published this personal statement back in 1979 and many of their beliefs still ring true today The Miltons advocate for a free market and smaller government i.e fewer regulations and support their arguments with stories and examples.My Review To be honest, it has been a few months since I finished this book and I don t remember a whole lot about it What I do remember is that the book is very readable and accessible to the economic layman such as myself , but tha [...]

  • This is a crisply written description of libertarian economic thinking The arguments are mostly very compelling, except perhaps when the authors oversimplify, confuse causes and effects, base their arguments solely on biased anecdotes ignoring obvious counter anecdotes , or take their rationale a step or two too far The subsequent 36 years of history have also been unkind to certain of those arguments e.g tax increases do not automatically kill economic growth, and thinking that Adam Smith s inv [...]

  • This is a very fascinating political economy book from a Nobel laureate and one of the major economists in the last century The book presents the argument for free markets and libertarianism The book argues for free markets by tacking several of the major economic issues in our world such as union, tariffs, social security, and consumer protection I highly encourage anyone with an interest in politics or economics to read this book regardless of whether you agree or disagree with it Friedman in [...]

  • Found most of the information in this book to be painstakingly obvious, or strange If you ve taken an Econ class or two and paid attention, you probably already know what s going to be said especially if you had a conservative professor The only surprising things said in the book seem to be a bit off For example, his claims about monopolies being practically non existent in early US history do not seem to match up with what really happened uh, they existed Further, his general deregulation answe [...]

  • Great book Lays out a dozen basic macroeconomic truths with data and examples and reasoning so that even the non economist can understand Although written in 1980, the chapters on minimum wage, growth of government, and bureaucracy remain dead on.The book covers much of the same material as Capitalism and Freedom, but here it is better written, sharply defined, and brought down a notch or two in terms of technical detail, making it easier for the non economist to enjoy.My only criticism of the [...]

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