The Honeybee Man

The Honeybee Man Eccentric and unusual with an appealing gentle charm raves Kirkus Reviews in a starred review Every morning Fred climbs three flights of stairs up to his rooftop in Brooklyn New York and greets t
  • Title: The Honeybee Man
  • Author: Lela Nargi Kyrsten Brooker
  • ISBN: 9780375849800
  • Page: 403
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Honeybee Man
    Eccentric and unusual with an appealing, gentle charm, raves Kirkus Reviews, in a starred review.Every morning, Fred climbs three flights of stairs up to his rooftop in Brooklyn, New York and greets the members of his enormous family Good morning, my bees, my darlings His honeybee workers are busy they tend the hive, feed babies, and make wax rooms They also forage Eccentric and unusual with an appealing, gentle charm, raves Kirkus Reviews, in a starred review.Every morning, Fred climbs three flights of stairs up to his rooftop in Brooklyn, New York and greets the members of his enormous family Good morning, my bees, my darlings His honeybee workers are busy they tend the hive, feed babies, and make wax rooms They also forage in flowers abloom across Brooklyn so that, one day, Fred can make his famous honey, something the entire neighborhood looks forward to tasting Lela Nargi s beautifully written story accompanied by Kyrsten Brooker s collage style illustrations offers an inside look at the life of an endearing beekeeper and the honey making process.A Junior Library Guild Selection, a Bank Street College of Education Best Book of the Year, a Cook Prize Honor Book, and a NSTA CBC Outstanding Science Trade Book.
    The Honeybee Man By Lela Nargi Kyrsten Brooker,

    The Honeybee Man Printables, Classroom Activities, Teacher Aug , The Honeybee Man Written by Lela Nargi and Illustrated by Krysten Brooker In the morning Fred greets his dog and his cat, then travels to the top of his brownstone in Brooklyn to greet the honeybee hives he keeps on the roof From his roof top Fred can see all the places his bees go. Honey Bee Man LIVE bee removal, rescue, and relocation service to provide an alternative to harming honey bees and our environment Save Bees instead of killing and polluting with toxins and pesticides. The Honeybee Man The Honeybee Man With a passion for honeybees and a love for sharing our expertise with the community, The Honeybee Man welcomes you to join our journey in The Bee Man Photos Reviews Pest Control The Bee Man provides the following services Certified experts in handling of the Africanized Bee Honeybee swarms and honeybee hives relocated or removed Poison Free Stinging Insect Removal by Dan The Bee Man Dan The Bee Man specializes in the removal of stinging insects and their nests from around your home or business without the use of any poisons. The Green, Environmentally Friendly alternative Dan The Bee Man provides Wasp Removal Yellow Jacket Removal Hornet Removal Bumble Bee Removal

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  • Lela Nargi Kyrsten Brooker

    I m a writer of books for adults and children living in a leafy corner of Brooklyn, NY with my daughter, my husband and my dog.


  • You don t often think of the writing in picture books as being beautiful or even noteworthy More often than not, it s the story itself or the lesson, or the beautiful, humorous, or moody illustrations that stand out to readers In this lovely picture book by Lela Nargi and Kyrsten Brooker, however, the writing is the standout It is full of such lush, sensory details, that you can hear the bees buzzing, see them collecting nectar, and then you can taste the sweet honey.This would be a perfect ment [...]

  • Best book ever p.s.I m going bees Perfect for an 8 year old apiaristOur family is getting 2 packs of bees This book has taught this a lot about how honey bee hives go together

  • The Honeybee Man is a fun non fiction book all about Bees This book is written by Lela Nargi and Kyrsten Brooder You can purchase this book through for 13.96 The book describes the ancient art of beekeeping in Brooklyn, New York Fred is very dedicated to his bees and spends time with them each morning on his rooftop There are three hives there each containing its own colony Fred has named the queen in each of the colonies Their names are Queen Mab, Queen Boadicea and Queen Nefertiti Fred names h [...]

  • On a quiet summer morning, Fred heads to the roof of his home in Brooklyn where his bee hives are With his cup of tea, he spends time with the bees, thinking about the honey they will make for him He imagines flying like a bee and looking for nectar He encourages the young bees to have courage on their first flights He celebrates the older bees as they throw themselves into the air, some stopping to land on his sleeves first to greet him He knows they will return full of nectar that then will be [...]

  • CALDECOTT AWARD NOMINEE SELECTIONI chose The Honeybee Man by Lela Nargi, illustrated by Kyrsten Brooker for the Caldecott 2012 nominee This cute story about a man who makes his own honey from his own bees is a great way to educate little kids on how pees pollinate Focusing on the Caldecott award, I felt this book was a possible nominee obviously due to its illustrations The illustrations appeared to be I think water colored, which is one of the best illustrations, in my opinion Also, the illustr [...]

  • The Honeybee Man, written by Lela Nargi, is a story about a man named Fred, who has a bee farm on the top of his apartment building He refers to his bees as humans by calling them his little darlings Although this has not been one of my favorite stories, the book teaches a great lesson about how honey is made to younger children In the book Fred makes and sells his honey to the people of Brooklyn, New York, and the people love it The illustrations in this book are colored with pastels Some of th [...]

  • May in Castro Valley means the start of the farmer s market And that means fresh honey Castro Valley is a mixture of urban and rural but honey can be produced anywhere there are flowers The Honeybee Man by Lela Nargi is about a man who keeps bees in Brooklyn, New York.Two and a half million people live in Brooklyn, Kings County It s part of the massive urban area that is New York City, a city containing five boroughs It s not a likely place for a beehive large enough to produce honey, but that s [...]

  • Even though this book is a fiction book, it contians many facts about honeybees and what they do This story talks about a man named Fred who has three honeybee colonies on his roof Every day he goes up to his roof to examine and admire his honeybees Throughout the book, Fred talks about his observations of each honeybee, explaining each and every movement they do This book is high in nonfiction facts that would be beneficial for kids to know about Instead of being scared of bees and wanting to s [...]

  • Here s a sweet no pun intended and lovely blend of fiction and informational text Fred s a New Yorker who resides in Brooklyn AND he s also a beekeeper If you ve never considered the possibility of bees performing their magic in an urban environment, pick up this book for an engaging, enlightening read Fred s bees zip around their city neighborhood and beyond, sampling the nectar of diverse plants, helping to pollinate and gathering up the different flavors that make a perfect blend of honey The [...]

  • Fred the Brooklyn beekeeper loves his bees He climbs up to his rooftop apiaries every morning to greet his colonies with a Good morning, my bees, my darlings And addresses an individual greeting to each of his bee queens Mab, Nefertiti, and Boadicea This is an excellent, accessible introduction for younger children to what bees and their keepers do It also shows that bees can be kept successfully in big cities kids may associate bees and beekeeping with farms or forests For the bee curious, ther [...]

  • A sweet as honey story about a man and his bees Every sunny morning Fred greets his dog and his cat, then travels to the top of his brownstone in Brooklyn to greet the honeybee hives he keeps and maintains up there From his perch above the neighborhood Fred can see all the places his bees go, and when it s time to harvest the honey for himself he makes sure to give jars to all his neighbors so that they too can enjoy the sweetest taste of their own neighborhood Lovely pictures and an information [...]

  • Frank has a large family There is his cat and dog, but the rest of his family lives on the roof Frank is a beekeeper, who dearly loves his family of bees Nargi takes children into the imagination of Frank who imagines what it would be like to be a bee She briefly explains how bees collect and store the honey, and what Frank intends to do with the honey when the time is right What makes this a special story is not how the bees locate flowers, but where the bees locate pollen for their honey.The i [...]

  • A summer story of Fred and his Brooklyn bees I love a picture book that reads like a story, but also teaches me some new things It had me looking up what a Brooklyn brownstone building and a linden tree look like, and who the queens Mab, Nefertiti and Boadicea, the namesakes of his bee queens, were There is also lot of honeybee information even though there is minimal text I am forever wondering if I can taste the particular flowers in the honey Other themes of the book are the interconnectednes [...]

  • This book, Honeybee Man by Lela Nargi was fascinating Imagine a beekeeper in the middle of the New York City As the author describes where the bees find their nectar, you tour the real city where people live, work and play The end pages have diagrams of a honeybee, flower, and beehive sectional The author notes add several facts about honey bees and beekeepers This book is an excellent way to introduce beekeeping to students and maybe invite a local beekeeper in to compare and contrast Pictures [...]

  • Inspired by real beekeepers, the author and illustrator tell the story of Fred who keeps beehives on the rooftop of his apartment building in Brooklyn The text and illustrations accurately portray the work of a beekeeper and the flight of the bees to different sources of nectar The author s note with additional facts about honeybees could easily be read aloud to young students and there are detailed illustrations on the book s end papers which extend the learning further.This would be a good rea [...]

  • Oh, come on, how could I not love this one We keep bees, so of course I picked this one up It follows the day in the life of a man living in Brooklyn, NY who keeps bees on the roof of his building It s a slow, sweet tale, much like honey itself, following Fred as he imagines flying with his bees, discovering the different flowers that will flavor their honey Peppered with bee and beekeeping facts, it portrays bees as they really are hardworking friends to honey loving humans, as opposed to the o [...]

  • A very informative book about beekeeping Fred is a beekeeper in Brooklyn and the story explains how he cares for his bees and collects honey Along the way, we learn a bit about bees and beehives Students who have learned about pollinators and bees already will be able to make a lot of connections to this part of the story I especially liked the urban, bee husbandry element to this story A great addition to any elementary school collection I would read this to my 4th graders because they learn ab [...]

  • Age of readership Ages 4 8Genre Picture BookDiversity Beekeeper Life in BrooklynIllustrations Pastel crayon watercolorsMy response to the book Description of a daydreaming beekeeper and his work on the roof of the building in which he lives in Brooklyn NY The book ends with a factsheet about honey, bees and their keepers The inside front and back facing pages include sepia tone scientific drawings of bees, flowers and hives.Curricular Programming connections Use in a unit exploring different car [...]

  • Loved the colorful art and the unusual description of a beekeeper in Brooklyn, but the text itself felt a bit cliched The endpages have some nice imagery of the different parts of bees and their artificial hives Will probably appeal to slightly older kids who can read it themselves as opposed to being read aloud feels like a Discover It Yourself sort of thing rather than a good read aloud.

  • I loved this story With the books under this category you didn t really see a fictional story along with facts of science in it, except this book Children will love to read a story about a man who interacts with bees to get honey, and it won t seem like they re reading a science book They ll just think it s a fictional story but come away with knowledge about bees afterwards The pictures in this book are fantastic as well Very vibrant and excting.

  • Fred takes care of his bees in Brooklyn This little picture book is filled with facts about those who care for honeybees and honeybees themselves A nice introduction to the world of the urban beekeeper Fred closes his eyes and lets his mind wander Will Queen Mab s daughters find mint flowers as they did last year Will Queen Boadicea s honey be dark like molasses or light and clear like amber

  • Fred, a beekeeper in Brooklyn, greets his bee family each day and sees them on their way as they go about their job of making honey The illustrations are a combination of full page and small pictures on white pages Within the story, are facts about bees, which help the reader understand the process of making honey This book would be great paired with a nonfiction text on honeybees.

  • This story was inspired by two apiarists, or beekeepers, who live in Brooklyn, New York Fred is an older retired man who raises three bee colonies on the roof of his New York City apartment building The story is both both entertaining and very informative about how bees and beekeepers do what they do.

  • A new favorite I love the mixture of bee information into the story of this city dweller who keeps bees on his roof Fred really loves his bees, and it shows Wish I had him as my neighbor He likes to hand out honey while sitting on his front stoop.This book reminds me of another favorite, Maple Syrup Season, illustrated by Jill Weber.

  • This was a stand out for me today in the pile that I was reading The end notes provide the reader with great facts about bees and honey making I liked how the facts about bees and honey making are woven into a story which you discover at the end is based on a true story of a man living in New York with several bee hives and makes honey for friends Illustrations support the text.

  • This was a sweet, informative book about an older man who is a beekeeper in the city He keeps his hives on the roof of his building.My grandsons and I read this book in conjunction with the Magic School Bus Inside a Beehive book We all learned much about the activities and behaviors of honeybees What marvelous creatures they are

  • A good blend of nonfiction information in a picture book Fred s love for his bees and his neighborhood comes through loud and clear The explanations for what is going on in the beehive is simple and accurate and the illustrations are urban and weathered They give a sense of how Fred lives, not too polished, but full of heart.

  • I liked the character His tenderness for the bee s and endearing I loved his names for them and how nicely he treated them and how careful he was There is a lot of respect between him and the bee s I enjoyed them talking about the different tastes that honey can have depending on what the bees use I ve had blueberry honey before and it is amazing.

  • Ages 4 and up The Honeybee Man discusses the process that his bees take to make honey on a roof in Brooklyn, New York This would be a good book to read to kids to discuss how some things that might think are scary, like bees, do a lot of good for the world including pollination and making honey.

  • The love and respect from Fred for the honeybees is quite evident in this sweet picture book written by Lela Nargi, illustrated by Kyrsten Brooker and published by Schwartz Wade Books honey honeybees Brooklyn PB

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