Moving On

Moving On Gay Romance Fiction with a light D s themeA visit to a Sunday morning car boot sale has unhappy repercussions for Andrew He comes face to face with an object from his past something he never thought
  • Title: Moving On
  • Author: Fabian Black
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  • Page: 352
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Moving On
    Gay Romance Fiction with a light D s themeA visit to a Sunday morning car boot sale has unhappy repercussions for Andrew He comes face to face with an object from his past, something he never thought he d see again Bad memories begin to resurface with a vengeance Driven by guilt and self loathing he leaves his authoritarian partner Thomas and takes flight in order to avGay Romance Fiction with a light D s themeA visit to a Sunday morning car boot sale has unhappy repercussions for Andrew He comes face to face with an object from his past, something he never thought he d see again Bad memories begin to resurface with a vengeance Driven by guilt and self loathing he leaves his authoritarian partner Thomas and takes flight in order to avoid confronting his fears Thomas isn t the kind of man to just quietly accept his young lover s disappearance He sets out to find Andrew and make him face up to his demons A poignant story of a young man s struggle to come to terms with the past.
    Moving On By Fabian Black,
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    My pseudonyms Cat, Fabian Black, Tarn Swan, Gumbie Tales, Nowell Cowardice, Mystic Mog, Skoda.Fabian Black writes D s fiction, but with her own unique stamp There are no dungeons and chains here or any of the usual leather and whip scenarios associated with power exchange fiction She shows another aspect of the Dom sub dynamic, weaving beautiful warm hearted, sensitive stories full of emotion, wit and romance all spiced with a little spanking Stories that will engage, entertain and sometimes surprise you Have tissues on stand by.For the record she is a female author located in the UK She is a keen advocate of GLBT rights and gay marriage.


  • In turns heartbreaking, amusing, harrowing and beautiful This story of a troubled young man who is saved from himself through a D s relationship with an older man was compelling and emotional I laughed and cried, found both characters frustrating and yet very sympathetic and realistic Highly recommended.

  • I found this domestic discipline story beautifully melancholic and haunting I love the notion of two imperfect and ordinary people each finding what they need in the other The fourth section dragged a tiny bit in the middle, but the story still had me dabbing tears from my eyes.3.56 stars, rounded up.

  • I actually like this book than my star rating shows I like everything else in it except a few places in part three where Thomas actions feel wrong to me If you write a domestic discipline book it s crucial that the actions of the Dom are right, always right, he must be trustworthy Unless you deliberately write something where the Dom makes a mistake and that is then dealt with But that was not the case here Here, I think the writer just wrote something I couldn t understand, not even during my [...]

  • Andrew is a haunted young man from his past that follows him into the present He s always drifting to escape it but no matter where he went that harrowing past, or in this case his form of guilt always went with him That s until he meets Thomas that basically saves him not just from that but from himself with his strict rules and a firm hand Many times throughout the book it hit me that Thomas being the Dom must have a spanking fetish because he sure used this method a lot in his punishments, bu [...]

  • I bought this book some months ago, with another one from the same author, since I like to try test new authors I haven t read it soon since I was overwhelmed by books and since it was listed as a BDSM story and while sometime I like them, this theme is not really my cup of tea I m now regretting of not having read this story sooner since I enjoyed it a lot and I can recommend the novel to a wider target, BDSM fans and not First of all I would like to highlight something that usually is not one [...]

  • Andrew really isn t someone I like, or could like And Thomas does seem like a nice man, but I m just not feeling him Overall, this book is like a collection of irrational tantrums that serve no purpose whatsoever, and inadequate solutions that never turn into anything other than spankings Their relationship is just something I do not understand and on that note I could not connect to the story at all I realize that RL relationships aren t all sugar and sweets, but even with the dose of reality b [...]

  • I thought this book could be so much than it was I loved the premise of the story, and the book description seemed promising Overall, the writing was pretty good, and the writing style, if a bit old fashioned or stiff, seemed well matched for the story, or specifically, for Thomas.In the end though, the book failed to draw me in as much as it could should have Given the emotional nature of the plot line, I should have felt invested in the characters I believe this occurred for two reasons too [...]

  • Very powerful story that packed quite a punch in not many pages Andrew is haunted by his past and can t seem to find happiness in his life He keeps trying to run, but he finds he can t outrun his pastor his Dom Thomas.

  • This is only the second m m domestic discipline book I have read and I really enjoyed this story I laughed at Andrew s witty and over the top dialogue Andrew was such a tormented soul and it was easy to feel his pain Thomas was that solid strength for him keeping him on track and getting him to face his demons It also warmed me that Thomas had his own, real insecurities that Andrew eased for him The domestic discipline was some extra bit of hotness and made sense for this couple 4.5 stars Would [...]

  • This seemed like it had a lot of potential, in terms of the storyline I liked how it took a while for the reason behind Andy s need to move on slowly unraveled What didn t work for me was the spanking I m not sure but I don t think there was any sex, just punishment spanking And a lot of it The love between the two men Their relationship seemed symbiotic, and I think each was what the other needed.

  • loved the story a lot of emotions and i also found myself laughing at times however the spanking and the paddling isn t my cup of tea i still have 2 books to read from Fabian and i m sooo looking forward to it

  • Very good m m romance about a young man who s been escaping from his past via alcohol and staying on the move until a dominant older man gives him a ride.

  • 2.5 stars This is the second Fabian Black book I ve read and while it s ok I m not sure I was invested enough in the characters to care Additionally this book feels so incredibly close to the other Black book The Jack and Danny Chronicles that I worry this author s books will all be very similar There seems to be a familiar pattern with older men and incredibly bratty, immature younger men that are involved in a punishment spanking relationship There is no on page sex and the chemistry is often [...]

  • Andrew is a young man haunted by his past who keeps on the move when it catches up with him However he hooked up with Thomas, an older man who dominates him and things are going pretty well for them as Andrew thrives with the rules However the past leaps up and he runs When Thomas finally finds him a month later he forces the issue and they have to deal with his past and Andrew s propensity to escape into alcohol or run whenever the memories get too great It s all told from Andrew s point of vie [...]

  • I wanted to like this story a lot than I actually did I loved the main characters, their cat and the main points of the story, what I didnt like about it was all the jumping around the story did without giving the reader any way of knowing when or where the story was at I was confused for a lot of the beginning of this story Flashback would ve been fine for Andy s past and issues as long as there was some way of showing it that this part of the text is a flashback or memory, but making the begi [...]

  • Love it The story need editing and some scene were a little bizarre but what make the book s the relation between Andrew and Thomas Well done After reading some of the other reviews I noted that some people didn t knew what this story was about before reading it and did not seems to understand what s a Domestic Discipline dynamic Funny to read the reaction people had at the reading of a spanking scene without sex.

  • I m just not feeling this book This has the same set up as other books by this author with an over the top brat and a Dom that lets it get to far Usually this has mixed results for me This book adds a problem with I m assuming the past but in the beginning tries to be mysterious The heavy handed vagueness is irritating me along with the Dom that doesn t put his foot down soon enough with his brat.

  • I almost did not finish this book and I almost always finish books I start The constant spanking and spouting of parables really became annoying I was mollified by the fact the main character finally was able to overcome his self destructive behaviours and finally able to aknowledge that love was his due I won t be reading the book again, but I am relieved it did not turn out to be a total disaster.

  • This book has mixed reviews from my friends but it is 50% off right now at smashwords and ARe 7 9 13

  • I enjoyed some parts of the book although I didn t like all the spanking.Andrew s story is sad and over all it is a heartfelt story with love, lust and hope I love bobby the cat.

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