Turncoat It s and Ensign Marc Edwards of His Majesty s th Regiment of Foot is eager for some adventure and intrigue Unfortunately he s been posted to the colonial backwater of Toronto Upper Canada a
  • Title: Turncoat
  • Author: Don Gutteridge
  • ISBN: 9781439163696
  • Page: 339
  • Format: Paperback
  • Turncoat
    It s 1836 and Ensign Marc Edwards, of His Majesty s 24th Regiment of Foot, is eager for some adventure and intrigue Unfortunately he s been posted to the colonial backwater of Toronto, Upper Canada, and at first glance there doesn t seem to be much chance for that sort of action But Marc soon learns that the local population is openly chafing under British Rule, and theIt s 1836 and Ensign Marc Edwards, of His Majesty s 24th Regiment of Foot, is eager for some adventure and intrigue Unfortunately he s been posted to the colonial backwater of Toronto, Upper Canada, and at first glance there doesn t seem to be much chance for that sort of action But Marc soon learns that the local population is openly chafing under British Rule, and the surrounding countryside turns out to be a seething hotbed of radicals, Reformers, Yankees and smugglers Ensign Edwards is given his very first assignment, to investigate the mysterious death of Crown secret agent Joshua Smallman Marc goes undercover in the small town of Crawford s Corners, wading into rumours of sedition and secret societies He quickly finds another kind of action, seduced by one farmer s wife, and entranced by another who is just a little too close to the murder for comfort, Edwards investigative skills and his loyalty to the Crown are put to the test Fast paced and addictive, Turncoat is the first novel of the Marc Edwards mystery series.
    Turncoat By Don Gutteridge,

    Turncoat Definition of Turncoat by Merriam Webster Examples of turncoat in a Sentence the plot of the story revolved around the gangster s relentless determination to learn the identity of the turncoat Recent Examples on the Web Amy Kennedy, whose father in law is Ted Kennedy, is vying to oust turncoat Rep Turncoat Turncoat Definition of Turncoat at Dictionary noun a person who changes to the opposite party or faction, reverses principles, etc renegade. TURNCOAT definition in the Cambridge English Dictionary turncoat He was convinced the government had set up his dad, forcing him to confess even to his kids that he was a turncoat. Turncoat definition of turncoat by The Free Dictionary turncoat a disloyal person who betrays or deserts his cause or religion or political party or friend etc apostate, deserter, ratter, recreant, renegade quitter a person who gives up too easily Beta Film Sells The Turncoat to Buyers in U.S Multiple Sep , The Turncoat tells the story of the young German soldier Walter, who is posted to a unit in the Polish woods in , surrounded by partisans He is

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    Don Gutteridge was born in Sarnia and raised in the nearby village of Point Edward He taught High School English for seven years, later becoming a Professor in the Faculty of Education at the Western University, where he is now Professor Emeritus He is the author of twenty two novels including the twelve volume Marc Edwards mystery series Don is also an accomplished poet and has published twenty three books of poetry, one of which, Coppermine, was a finalist for the 1973 Governor General s Award In 1970 he won the UWO President s medal for the best periodical poem of that year To listen to interviews with the author, go to thereandthen.podbean Don currently lives in London, Ontario.


  • How this could possibly be rated as high as it is, is the real mystery here.I like to support Canadian writers if at all possible, but this is not one that deserves it at all I sure hope he taught better than he writes in this series anyway I haven t read anything else of his.The mystery plot itself is OK, and might rate a 3 if anything else was any good, but nothing else was.The writing is boring and pedestrian, the voice is all wrong for Victorian times, and the characters and setting are unbe [...]

  • Finished reading this book yesterday July 9, 2017 It was an interesting book to read providing some historical perspective of Upper Canada and the Cobourg area in the mid 1800 s This is the author s first book in a series that highlights Ensign Marc Edwards of His Majesty s 24th Regiment of Foot and the solving of fictional mysteries that touch on real life individuals and their roles in Canadian history this book introduced the reader to the rebel, William Lyon Mackenzie.

  • Turncoat by Don Gutteridge was a book I picked up because of my love for Canadian historical fiction Some historical inaccuracies are to be expected in favour of drama and story However, the book did not fail in making me feel like I was in the right time period I very much liked the main character Ensign Marc Edwards Readers who want a strong hero with lots of character won t really find that with Edwards He can actually be rather dull He certainly doesn t leave the reader wanting to know abou [...]

  • WinWe meet Ensign Marc Edwards of the His Majesty s 24th Regiment of Foot in 1836 who is assigned to newly named Toronto formerly called York in Upper Canada It appears to be quiet and of little adventure But he is assigned to investigate a possible murder in a small town of a Crown agent.He soon realizes that the people are in arms over British Rule as their unrest among the people from radicals, Reformers, Yankees and smugglers Everyone seems to have a hidden agenda and no one can be trusted.E [...]

  • An interesting tale of life in Upper Canada around the time of the rebellion of 1837 Trouble is brewing in both Upper and Lower Canada over governments that are ignoring the will of the elected representatives to line their own pockets A Tory informant is dead and his contact in Toronto suspects murder He sends a young military officer to investigate Marc, soon finds evidence which supports the case for murder, but not the motive As his investigations continue he can see why the farmers have sen [...]

  • Interesting setting of a mystery in Upper Canada, Ontario before Canada got it s independence A newly commissioned ensign is sent to investigate a mysterious death in a small town near Toronto The town is full of different factions supporting the crown, individual rights, independence, or annexation by the United States Time frame 1836 Overall interesting since I know little about Canada s history On the other hand the mystery is a bit tepid and the characters are clumsily drawn I can t say that [...]

  • Probably worth than three stars but I can t put four I liked the history although I tyhtink it could have used a little explanation and the mystery was good but not spell binding Really, what makes it middling for me is the characters Our hero was, well, rather blah Rather two dimensional I ll likely give this series another go because there s promise there.

  • 3 and a half stars set in the Cobourg area of Upper Canada, before the Rebellion of 1837 first of a long mystery series an engaging detective whose sympathies are increasingly with the ordinary people rather than the upper class English class to which he belongs, an exciting time in history, but somehow the book worthy though it is never really takes fire.

  • The historical aspect of this book was enjoyable for me learning about the times the relationship to England and the country to the south and the impact on the political situation The writing was pleasant I wanted to keep reading although it did not grab me the way Dubious Allegiance did.

  • This was an easy read but entertaining It made me curious enough to want to try some in the series when I want something light Hopefully the subsequent books in the series have better editing I found the mistakes annoying.

  • This is the first book in the Marc Edwards mystery series, written by my former Faculty of Education English professor Set in Upper Canada in the early 18th century, Don Gutteridge brings his characters and the period to life Great historical fiction.

  • This is a good Canadian Historical Mystery Gutteridge, an academic who in retirement turned to mystery writing has a very fine had on the times and tenor of pre confederation Upper Canada.

  • Really enjoyed this it s a place and historical period I m interested in, and besides spinning an enjoyable yarn, the author successfully evoked a Canadian winter for me.

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