Holy Bible: New Living Translation

Holy Bible New Living Translation This hardcover plain text Bible offers readers the clear and understandable New Living Translation along with special features such as a page topical verse finder pages of full color maps and a
  • Title: Holy Bible: New Living Translation
  • Author: Anonymous
  • ISBN: 9780842384896
  • Page: 189
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Holy Bible: New Living Translation
    This hardcover plain text Bible offers readers the clear and understandable New Living Translation along with special features such as a 33 page topical verse finder, 8 pages of full color maps, and a presentation page all at an affordable price This edition has a two column layout with generous margins and font size, providing a comfortable reading experience.
    Holy Bible: New Living Translation By Anonymous,
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  • I am always reading this When the year ends, I just begin again God is the most important part of my life Without Him there is nothing.

  • I grew up reading the King James Version KJV of the Bible A few years ago I laughed at modern Bible translations They don t even come close to the historic and poetic language of the KJV, I would argue That was until I actually picked up the New Living Translation NLT and read the whole thing It was refreshing I could actually understand the Bible I especially enjoyed the NLT s thought for thought translation This is important because many phrases used in Hebrew hundreds of years ago don t make [...]

  • Okay, this book will never leave my currently reading list at all This book, the Bible, is a book that I need each day without it I cannot live life It is the breathe of God and bread of my life, without it, I am lost

  • i love the fresh, modern language of this version The Word comes alive for me i m studying the book of philippians at the moment and although short, it is packed from beginning to end with spiritual food my favorite passage today, and one i ve been meditating on is, you are holy and blameless as you stand before God, without a single fault But you must continue to believe this truth and stand firmly in it How many times do we try to earn God s love and favor by our own works and goodness, when a [...]

  • I loved the chronological sorting of the historical accounts As someone who has read through the Bible 10 times or , this approach gave me new insights into the different viewpoints and therefore the writers themselves and, of course, the Author , when there are two or accounts of the same subject matter The Kings of Judah and Israel have often fascinated me and this Bible version will help me immensely on my Excel chart of them yes, I know that s really nerdy The Gospels displayed side by side [...]

  • I am currently using this in the ESV version The layout of this is dated for every day of the year, though not by the year, so it can be used year after year It is broken into Old Testament, New Testament, Psalms, Proverbs, for the reading At the end of the year, one has covered the entire Bible It is extremely fulfilling to use for a daily routine, especially to begin one s day My preferred version is the English Standard Version, as it is quite an accurate translation from the Greek The book h [...]

  • It s funny to think one can write a review on the Bible To me, this is not a normal book It keeps me grounded, reminds me to treat others well, to live a life pleasing to God, and most importantly, reminds me of how very much God loves me even when I am at my worst This is a book that gives me peace No matter what is going on in my life or how chaotic my world seems, I can open this book, spend some time with God, and feel totally refreshed with a calmness that is unexplainable.If you ve ever ha [...]

  • This book isn t completely anonymous It was God s Word, breathed from Him to the disciples, to the followers So while the person is unknown, it is God s Word through them.

  • The Everyday matters Bible for Women has a beautifully designed cover The cheerful, colorful design is sure to be any ladies delight In comparison to the normal black leather Bible we all love and appreciate, it s appearance is sure to be an attraction for many young women.The introduction to each Bible book is informative and well written I personally enjoyed the devotionals I found throughout the Bible Each devotional is well written, with many contributors adding their voice to make this a un [...]

  • This has really been a one year project, starting January, 2011 I feel like I really was inspired and have a true sense of accomplishment This book made it possible for me to read the entire Bible in one year, very easy to read an Old Testament, New Testament, Psalm and Proverb selection for that day every night before going to bed Highly recommend.

  • An accurate and understandable translation of the New Testament This is one of the best translations out there, easy to read and very compelling.

  • I do have to say, the language in this New Living Translation feels a little trying to hard at times The message is the same, but in the translators attempt to be hip it comes off a bit silly in it s wording I d probably have preferred NIV or NAS, but it was a gift and it s still God s word and a great discipline, encouragement and reminder of His truths each day Read it in 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2008, 2009 and again in 2010 Fantastic way to keep daily focus Might try a different translation so [...]

  • I started this in 1998, and haven t stopped How can I when its mercies are new every morning Each consecutive reading, I see something that I wasn t mature enough to understand the year before I recommend this as the start of your day with an empty journal and enough ink to respond It will change your life

  • Enjoying the NLT as a fresh, easy to read translation a little bit less interpreted for me than The Message Because it s a dynamic equivalence rather than word for word translation, it isn t so good for detailed study of individual verses.

  • Some of the ugliest prose I ve ever seen the Bible rendered in Look I understand the function of the NLT it s accessible, it s wholly for religious use, etc but this excuse is absolute nonsense when the New International Version has been out and popularly accepted for decades, doing exactly what it is the NLT purports to do Sure, the NIV is not the KJV, heavens no, nothing is, but it s perhaps passable It still occasionally retains some of the poetic beauty, though is still imo an overall awkwa [...]

  • There are bibles and there is bibles that are different from the rest.If you like devotionals as I do but like the two in one kind Then In His Image devotional bible is the answer.Tyndale is best known for their bibles and devotionals I have two of the ONE YEAR devotionals Each new bible that this book publisher comes out tends to be always unique, there are specialty bibles meant for kids, teenagers, for Moms, for busy dads.So what is this bible for, what sets it apart from the other bibles out [...]

  • This Bible is written in the New Living Translation NLT which makes it very simple to understand There are also footnotes at the bottom of the pages to help clarify passages even Also within the books and chapters, you will find articles to help us understand how these stories still apply to us today For me this not only helps in understanding the message but also allows the stories to become real and help me achieve the connection I am looking for.Everyday Matters Bible for Women is also desi [...]

  • Though I am continually studying the Bible, I have read through it actually twice, both times it was with this translation First time was when the first edition came out and the second time was with the current or second edition This is not paraphrased but an English translation from Hebrew and Greek texts This translation is contemporary, stylish and acutely accurate Elements such as weights and measures, money, dates and times etc are described in modern terms, Some phrases are translated into [...]

  • I got this book in the Kindle version This worked perfectly for me as I was able to finish reading through the entire Bible, in Chronological order, in a year The NLT is a good compromise between being easy to read, but still accurate Reading the Bible in chronological order was very helpful at times, for example when David sinned, the reader then can immediately read his Psalm about his repentance.

  • Once again, I am attempting to read the Bible through in one year Hoping that this way will allow me to be successful than in past years where I just started in Genesis and went straight forward, winding down in Numbers and quitting.

  • Reading it on my iBooks for my quiet time and family readings Refreshing for my soul, food for thought fresh every day.

  • 4 Finally read the bible cover to cover It was fascinating and incredibly boring at the same time Boring because it is incredibly repetitive God makes an insanely long and complex list of rules for his chosen people, chosen people break the rules and get killed enslaved, chosen people apologize and start following the rules again, god kills the enemy of the chosen people It is fascinating because this is a book that has had an immense impact on human history, yet it is disjointed, boring, occass [...]

  • The Holy Bible Mosaic NLT, recently released by the folks at Tyndale, is unlike any other Bible I ve seen It s not a study bible There are no notes in the text of the scriptures aside from footnotes and cross references to accompany the New Living Translation text on that in a minute In fact, they went so far as to completely separate the scriptures out from the Meditations material, even using different types of paper to distinguish them further I really appreciate this approach, as what you b [...]

  • Christmas reading the accounts of the birth stories of JesusI review for Tyndale Rewards Discover Your Rewards by clicking HERE It s hard to put on a read shelf when it s in constant use But for the sake of the review, I am posting whilst reading.What a fantastic Bible I have come to love this Mosaic NLT Holy Bible s life contribution to my journey with God Totally attractive artistic mosaic covers the Cross fronting, the Creed backing ideally placed for reminders and use in the daily office.The [...]

  • Isn t this a beauty While God s Word doesn t have to be covered in a pretty wrapping it sure makes picking it up and reading enjoyable especially when one thinks that God s Word is wrapped up just for you I m normally a KJV type of girl but seeing as how this was in my favorite color and I ve never had a Bible formatted for just women I jumped on the CWA Crew to review this NLT version Everyday Matters Bible for Women is designed for women to grow in their spiritual walk with the Lord with feat [...]

  • Tyndale House Publishers took a nostalgic, creative step in March 2012 to release their new Bible, The Way Originally published in the 70s Tyndale s editors decided to revive the coolness, updated for today s culture.Using new writing via the New Living Translation, incorporating first hand, life reality stories with relevant b w photos, they followed in the radical steps of the original moving from from text only to text illustrated with graphics and commentary Reflections on what it means to l [...]

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