The Night Journal

The Night Journal The Night Journal
  • Title: The Night Journal
  • Author: Elizabeth Crook
  • ISBN: 9780143038573
  • Page: 401
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Night Journal
    The Night Journal
    The Night Journal By Elizabeth Crook,
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      401 Elizabeth Crook
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  • Elizabeth Crook

    I grew up mostly in San Marcos, Texas, with a brief time away in Washington D.C and Australia graduated from San Marcos High School, attended Baylor and Rice, moved for a while to New Braunfels, Texas, and now live in Austin with my husband and kids Joseph and Lizzie One of the great blessings of my childhood was having a mother who read to my brother and sister and me for hours every night, long after we could read for ourselves Those nights of listening transported us to foreign places and other centuries and allowed us to connect with characters living lives in stark contrast to our own This was a great gift my mother gave us.I ve written five novels The Raven s Bride, Promised Lands, The Night Journal, Monday, Monday, and The Which Way Tree I m a slow, slow reader one of those people you see in the airport staring at pages and moving their lips, and I ll be giving most books a rating of four or five stars because that many hours spent together creates a certain loyalty If a book doesn t capture me I usually set it aside mostly what you ll see here are books I ve loved.


  • Reading the Diary within the book that was alleged to be famous for it s historical significance was stunning to me There was no real history in it It was a twisted and mangled tale of a woman s love life I was vastly disappointed in the history that other readers seem to be so fond of Harvey Girls perhaps but the Pecos history completely ignored the Publeo Indians The book also came down really hard on Mormons Since it was a recurring subject in the book I am wondering if I should view it as pe [...]

  • A very good read if not a bit slow meandering at times, especially towards the first half of the story The tale takes a while to tell, as a lot of set up is given to establish Meg, Bassie, Hannah s history and they all relate to each other In my opinion, the journal parts of the book are the most intriguing, as they put the reader directly in line with those experiencing history Hannah and Elliott The book, and perhaps larger Western drama, attempts to present a reasonably accurate depiction of [...]

  • Claudia Bass is domineering and cantankerous When she learns that the visitor scenter at Pecos, New Mexico is going to be expanded, she flies into a fit.Her childhood dogs have been buried on Dog Hill and she doesn t want theirbones to be disturbed She is determined to stop the building project So begins a road trip from Texas to New Mexico I have to admit that I thought, Dog bones This woman is worked up over dog bones Then I remembered the little pet cemetery in our backyard and I understood.C [...]

  • Historical novel with way too many details of turn of the century life in New Mexico added just so we can see how good the author was at reading her microfiche newspapers I stopped reading halfway through, but then skimmed the rest to assauge my curiosity.

  • I read this book because it was a book club selection I know that the leader of the club who makes the selection each month liked this book because she has already made that known to me and historically the others in the club usually agree with her So I imagine that I will be in the minority but I cannot say that I really enjoyed reading it The problem for me is to decide what is was about the book that turned me off I found another reviewer that said the book was depressing because every single [...]

  • Unless a book is overwhelmingly painful to read, I usually give it 3 chapters or 60 pages to grab my attention before giving up, whichever comes first After 3 chapters of what felt like by rote narration of Meg Mabry s life, I had to call it quits Literally, Crook narrates every aspect of Meg s day, with all of the enthusiasm of someone reading an encyclopedia aloud As an example She turned to look out of the plate glass windows down Twelfth Street to the capitol building, the familiar dome lit [...]

  • The two main characters were Hannah living in the 1890 s and Meg living in the present Hannah is Meg s great grandmother The setting is Las Vegas, NV.Hannah was a Harvey Girl Fred Harvey owned a chain of upscale hotels along the railroads He hired Harvey Girls from around the US to be the maids, waitresses, etc These girls were strictly chaperoned An adventurous girl would snap at this job Not only would she be paid, but she would be able to travel and reside in another part of the country witho [...]

  • Maybe my rating is a bit unfair because I read this book in the few weeks ebfore my wedding and it was hard to concentrate on anything other than wedding preparations However, I thought the first half of the book really dragged and found myself pretty bored IT picked up quite a bit during the second half, but I still just didn t love it.

  • I loved all the twists an turns in the plot The beginning is a bit slow as the characters are defined but the historical part of this fiction is spot on and blends in well with the story line The book may be a little too female relationship oriented for the male reader but the mystery may just pull the men in I loved the book and I intend to pass it along to all my friends.

  • Slow moving, boring book, with no interesting historical aspect that might redeem it The characters, hung up on the past, never learn to appreciate much that the present or future might hold for them.

  • This book was so interesting I learned much about late 19th century Northern NM Good mystery too.Book was pretty hard on the Mormons, so those parts were kind of hard for me to read.

  • This story surprised me I liked it than I had expected You could say this is a story of love, relationships, and betrayal set in late 19th Century modern New Mexico It s , though, a story of people dealing with history and the results of keeping secrets from the past The important event for this story is the Mormon s Mountain Meadow Massacre I enjoyed the way living in late 19th Century New Mexico is covered by the journal that tells the story within the story I marvel at the ability of the aut [...]

  • This book started with such potential There were strong female characters, a family history quest of sorts, regional history, and even a love story Crook writes quite beautifully Still, I knew almost from the beginning how part of the story would end and I was bored and frustrated with the sub plot love story, and the only character I really even liked was Argus, a dog I found the history very interesting though, it was rich and worth reading about Overall, I would give this one two stars it s o [...]

  • I d give it 2.5 stars, if I could The book was twice as long as it needed to be, and didn t hold my interest until the last 1 3rd I love NM, so enjoyed reading about places I ve been and the beginning of the tourist industry, but the secrets and mysteries can be figured out pretty quickly The writing was just not engaging enough, and by the middle of the book it was hard for me to care about any of the characters or what happens to them.

  • The Night Journal is a grippinghistorical mystery in which the sins of the fathers and mothers are visited upon the sons and daughters A family whose past is marred by horrific violence, its present defined by journals written over a hundred years ago, and its future to be determined by the contents of a shallow grave Fascinating characters stalk the pages of The Night Journal which doesn t give up its secrets until the very end.

  • A modern day woman travels to New Mexico with her grandmother She connects with her family history by way of her great grandmother s journals and her visit to the scene This is set mostly in Las Vegas and Pecos, New Mexico, and included some history of the Harvey houses there, so I enjoyed the story and the setting.

  • I really liked so much of the journey this book took me on The journal Hannah story was a bit slow sometimes, but the Meg Bassie story was interesting I loved the NM setting, and especially as a generational Mormon I found the Mountain Meadows connection super interesting too.I have to be honest though the ending didn t sit well with me And unfortunately that has tainted the book for me.

  • Great story but I didn t like the characters much so it was hard to get into this one The last several chapters flew by.

  • Elizabeth Crook is high up on my list of favorite authors She does it all creates complex characters that I want to know, gives them realistic dialogue and sets them in interesting places that become another character of the story Having been to Pecos and having stayed in Las Vegas at the Plaza hotel myself, probably enhanced my experience somewhat, but if I hadn t already been, this story would certainly have piqued my curiosity to see if it is anything like the author described It is Now I jus [...]

  • 3 stars, teetering on 2.5 Which means I really wouldn t recommend it unless you are incredibly drawn to the subject matter The premise is a good one the uncovering of secrets in the past of your great grandmother Learning her strengths and weaknesses and literally peeking into her life through the detailed writing of her journals I love the parallel tales of present meets past as family secrets are uncovered Kate Morton is a genius in this regard , but this book struggles to make it happen Cons [...]

  • Night Journal is like a Greek tragedy every single character is unhappily mired in his her past, plagued by tragedies that they simply refuse to overcome The two main characters Meg and her grandmother Bassie have been fighting with one another for 30 years, and both are about as disagreeable as people come So, I began with misgivings and an immediate dislike of the characters Several times, I nearly gave up on the book, the story was so depressing and there wasn t much to like about the plot By [...]

  • I loved it is a part of the country I know a bit and could relate to d simply put, it just grabbed me The theme of thru the generations is one I like often and this is well done Meg Mabry has spent her life with her back turned to her legendary family legacy In the 1890s her great grandmother Hannah Bass composed starkly revealing diaries of her life on the southwestern frontier, first as a Harvey Girl at the glamorous Montezuma Resort in New Mexico and later as the wife of brilliant, and often [...]

  • What did I think Books like this should not be published It takes a very skilled writer, A.S Byatt comes to mind, to employ a narrative device of connecting a contemporary protagonist with one from the past through a series of letters, journals, painting, etc Crook doesn t come close to being able to understand this technique or use it effectively.The novel has incredibly interesting historical themes that would have been better off explored as stand alone story instead of the story within the s [...]

  • Days after finishing, I m still not sure how I felt about this book It bored and fascinated me at the same time It is essentially two different stories being told simultaneously Meg Mabry accompanies her grandmother to New Mexico to an excavation of the historical site where her grandmother was born and her great grandmother Hannah the author of famous journals detailing the history of New Mexico in the early 1900s lived, was married, and died tragically The book give the reader excerpts from Ha [...]

  • If I could give this book 3.5 stars I would I f I could divide it in sections, I d give the present day portion 2 stars, and the past 4 Crook attempts to create a story wherein a grand daughter looks back upon the life of her grandmother great grandmother, whose famous journals of New Mexico dominated the life of her grandmother, and by doing so, affected deeply the relationships she had with practically everyone.The surprising part of the grandmother s story for me was the deep connection of he [...]

  • An amazing and under appreciated book.At age 37, Meg Mabry, a single, overworked medical engineer, still hasn t found her place in the world, a predicament due in part to her rejection of her heritage She s the great granddaughter of Hannah Bass, a woman whose journals about frontier life in New Mexico dating 1891 to 1902 have become famous thanks to Meg s grandmother Claudia Bass Bassie , a historian who built her career promoting the diaries But Meg resents the domineering Bassie who raised he [...]

  • I had to read about 200 pages into this book before I started liking it and felt committed to finishing it From the very start, I enjoyed the story of the main character s great grandmother s life in the early 20th century, told through her journals For the first half of the book, I wished the entire story was told through the journals I didn t much like the modern circa late 1980s characters The granddaughter main character was too weak and whiny albeit silently , the grandmother too bossy and [...]

  • The Night Journal spans several generations and takes place in two different eras Meg is an insecure young woman whose life has been overshadowed by her overbearing, pushy grandmother, a historian made famous when she published the diaries written by her own strong, opinionated mother in the 1890s Meg has refused to read the diaries, but when her grandmother drags her to New Mexico to literally dig up a mystery from her past, Meg finds herself drawn to the diaries and finally begins to read them [...]

  • Night Journal is the story of parent child relationships Almost every character in this book of four generations of women, lost one or parent Grandma Bass, as a very young child, lost her mother, Hannah, to tuberculosis, and her father, Elliot, disappeared about the same time Both Hannah and Elliot s parents died early Daughter Nina s father died in the war and granddaughter Meg s father was not interested in her after his divorce.The story takes place in the New Mexico, beginning with the furt [...]

  • This was an audiobook I happened to pull off the shelf at the library, not knowing anything about the book or the author and I was pleasantly surprised by it It s categorized as historical fiction at our library, but I m putting it on my mystery shelf Despite the fact that I saw some of the plot twists coming several miles away, I still wanted to see what happened to all the characters in the end Some of the characters were annoying, but they were well rounded in their annoyingness, and when I g [...]

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