The Accidental Pope

The Accidental Pope The former U S Ambassador to the Vatican and the bestselling author of The French Connection join forces to write an unforgettable novel about a humble fisherman who is elected pope
  • Title: The Accidental Pope
  • Author: Raymond Flynn Robin Moore
  • ISBN: 9780312282981
  • Page: 439
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Accidental Pope
    The former U.S Ambassador to the Vatican and the bestselling author of The French Connection join forces to write an unforgettable novel about a humble fisherman who is elected pope.
    The Accidental Pope By Raymond Flynn Robin Moore,
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    Raymond Flynn Robin Moore Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Accidental Pope book, this is one of the most wanted Raymond Flynn Robin Moore author readers around the world.


  • This was a fun vacation read As a Catholic and a diplomat, I was amused by the Vatican hijinks and the humor inherent in the idea of accidentally electing an unusual Pope I appreciated the author s choice to include the working of the Holy Spirit in the process instead of trying to take only a worldly approach For one thing, it acknowledges the mindset of Catholics that so many people try to dismiss today It also helped with the suspense of disbelief at what could otherwise seem to be a contrive [...]

  • Bill Kelly was a Roman Catholic priest for 6 years, who requested and received permission to be released from his vows in order to get married Following his marriage, he took over his family business as a commercial fisherman off the coast at Cape Cod He and his wife Mary raised 4 children After than 17 years of marriage, Mary died as a result of cancer.After the hypothetical death of Pope John Paul II in 2000, the papal conclave to elect his replacement becomes hopelessly deadlocked An unusual [...]

  • I had high hopes for this book The premise was compelling a married, laicized American elected pope on a lark It turned out, though, to be a treatise on Flynn s Catholicism and what he thinks will save the church in modern times I was troubled by both his racism in describing people from Africa, and the overly sexual way he portrayed the women It was a struggle to finish.

  • This book was a random gift I received several years ago, and I ended up liking it well enough It s about the election of a new Pope in the present day, and how the office is bestowed on a humble New England fisherman with five kids Wait, you say, doesn t the Pope have to be a priest The fisherman was ordained as a young man, then left the priesthood honorably because he met and fell in love with his future wife and mother of his children Well, doesn t the Pope have to be celibate The fisherman [...]

  • This book ended up with me, after being given to my mother by a neighbor, who knew that my mother was puzzling out her Catholic family, and that my mother was a reader She was is, but not a reader of this book It was damned with faint praise by the original giver something like it wasn t that great a book, though the premise was interesting It took me a while to find a time to sit down with a not so great book but I finally did, the week after the death of Pope John Paul II I was hoping to get s [...]

  • It was an interesting read and a great idea for a book But the actual meat of the book was pretty boring and just seemed to drag on The way he authors would jump to different scenes from one paragraph to the next was annoying These small one paragraph scenes either should have been elaborated out a lot , or rather just dropped out altogether I felt that these scenes were just fillers Not really adding to the story, just making it longer and a pain to read I also thought the authors did a lot te [...]

  • While I was reading this book I did not know if I liked it The beginning was interesting and a good read but about half way through I became unmotivated I felt like it was really dragging at some parts The authors choose to call the characters by different names so there were times I was unsure who they were talking about That being said, it was an overall enjoyable book The idea that a layman could become pope is thought provoking Even though I know what had to happen in order to end the book, [...]

  • I happened upon this book while picking up others at the library this past week I found the book interesting, with good character development, etc Yes, a little far fetched in one sense former priest who had been laicized, married, and had four children, but whose wife was now dead is selected as the new pope It gives a little insight to the problems facing the Christian Church not just the Roman Catholic Church , from new morality, epidemic disease in many African countries, political intrigue, [...]

  • This book is a bit unusual in that the man who becomes elected Pope is American How he goes from humble fisherman to the Vatican is well worth the read the book is full of surprises and cool ideas It also takes a look at the Pope dom and Christianity Catholocism from a fresh, 21st century viewpoint Lively and thought provoking, this has been one of my favorite books to read over the past few years.

  • As a Catholic, I was interested in the politics of the Vatican and how things work there It was quite revealing, but as a book, it isn t that good Starting from the unlikely election of Pope Peter II to contrived events that lead to the book s unsatisfying ending, there isn t much there there The characterization of the politics within the state department is probably accurate, but again, it bears little impact on the book s plot Still, I enjoyed it.

  • Characters are black and white, and unrealistically earnest, all the time, adding to the tediousness of the plot The plot is also fanciful and almost reads like the wishful thinking of the authors I am not Catholic so I do not know if the idea of the plot has any special meaning to the believer, but to a secular reader like me it is too naive to make any favorable impression.

  • With the recent papal conclave, someone reminded me of this book I already had on my shelf so I decided to read it.Billy Kelly, an American widower, who is also an ex priest is elected pope by mistake I liked the concept but it all seemed a little too unreal A lot focused on the third prophesy of Fatima too, which I wasn t expecting.

  • This is a very interesting premise I especially like the idea of the new pope having a family and challenging the traditional ways of doing things in favor of truly helping the people of the church The characters are all likable and well developed Reading this in the time of the well respected and controversial Pope Francis offered a great perspective as well.

  • I found the first half of this book to be very interesting but it lost my interest about 2 3rds of the way through Things just got to be too unrealistic at one point obviously the plot is completely hypothetical in a LOT of ways but as I was reading I kept thinking about how no normal teenager acts as the kids in the book do.

  • I liked this book Perhaps it gives you some of the flavor of how the next pope is chosen It does show how the current Vatican is run on the personality of the present pope regardless of the predecessors The fun of this book is how one new man is trying to move an institution to be flexible and responsive and speaks of his trials and tribulations I finished the book with tears.

  • Former Boston mayor and U.S.Ambassador to the Vatican, Raymond Flynn, teams with author Robin Moore to produce a novel about a vote for a new pope resulting in the election of an ex priest, now widowed Cape Cod commercial fisherman, Bill Kelly.

  • Awesome, awesome premise and fantastic book for about a third of it, I was thinking five stars But then once the accidental pope part is done, the book becomes very dull I ve tried to finish it a few times but there just is nothing engaging about it This would be a great one for a re write.

  • Wasn t sure what to expect but certainly an interesting read especially for anyone who finds church politics and effectiveness an interesting tale.

  • Wasn t sure I d like this, but I did Found it at a yard sale and enjoyed this normal guy struggle with world issues and religion,

  • Decent story, although somehow I feel like I read this many years ago Copyright is 2000, so I must be mistaken.

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