Lord of the Shadows

Lord of the Shadows Book of The Saga Of Darren Shan Darren s going home Back to where everything started The town s changed a lot in the years that he s been away but then so has Darren Plagued by nightmares of what
  • Title: Lord of the Shadows
  • Author: Darren Shan
  • ISBN: 9780316156288
  • Page: 385
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Lord of the Shadows
    Book 11 of The Saga Of Darren Shan Darren s going home Back to where everything started The town s changed a lot in the years that he s been away but then, so has Darren.Plagued by nightmares of what the future seems to hold, Darren feels uneasy revisiting the place where he was re born as a child of the night, as though the universe as though destiny is plotting tBook 11 of The Saga Of Darren Shan Darren s going home Back to where everything started The town s changed a lot in the years that he s been away but then, so has Darren.Plagued by nightmares of what the future seems to hold, Darren feels uneasy revisiting the place where he was re born as a child of the night, as though the universe as though destiny is plotting to throw something very nasty at him on the streets of his old home.
    Lord of the Shadows By Darren Shan,

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    Librarian s note Also writes books for adults under the name Darren Dash And in the past he has released books for adults under the names D.B Shan and Darren O Shaughnessy.Darren Shan born July 2, 1972 in London, England is the pen name of the Irish author Darren O Shaughnessy, as well as the name of the protagonist of his book series The Saga of Darren Shan, also known as The Cirque Du Freak Series in the United States He is the author of the series The Demonata, The Saga of Larten Crepsley, and Zom B He has also released the stand alone novel, The Thin Executioner, and the stand alone short novels, Koyasan, and Hagurosan Plus, for adults, he released The City Trilogy originally under the name of D.B Shan , and Lady of the Shades


  • This series is just full of twists and shocking and tragic circumstances In this book, Darren and Harkat are traveling with the Cirque du Freak when the Cirque ends up back in Darren s hometown Of course, he wants to see how the town has changed and how his family and friends are doing, but he is unsure of how involved with them he should be SPOILERSOf course, Steve manages to show up in this book, and it is revealed that he has a son I was not surprised to learn who the boy s mother was Annie , [...]

  • Drawing close to the ending of an amazing series, numerous questions are answered in this book.Back in his home town Darren is faced with old friends and old enemies alike With twists and turns added into this book it is next to impossible to put down, leaving you to read on to the final instalment instantly Whilst a lot of things come out in the open there are still those unanswered questions which can only be found out through finishing the series.

  • Two years later, and the War of Scars is still going on, yet Darren hasn t been attending to his princely duties While still travelling with the Cirque du Freak, Darren and the circus travel to Darren s original home town where he d still lived as a vampire But something sinister is afoot Darren and Harkat can feel it There s Steve and the vampaneze to worry about, and now Darren has to worry about this mysterious future Lord of the Shadows, who may very well be him PlotThe end is near with this [...]

  • Originally posted at Fantasy Literature.Lord of the Shadows is the penultimate book in Darren Shan s CIRQUE DU FREAK series If you haven t read the previous books, but plan to, I recommend that you don t read this review until you ve read them, for I will certainly spoil the plot for you.Darren Shan s adventures in the vampire world began when he made a series of bad mistakes First he stole money from his parents and snuck out of the house to visit the Cirque du Freak, an illegal traveling circu [...]

  • Warning The summary for this book contains spoilers for those who have not read its prior counterparts In other words, there are no spoilers for this particular book, just the ones before it The review itself is, for the most part, spoiler free, however.About the Book Darren returns to his home town, ready for the ultimate showdown with Steve Leonard, the Vampaneze Lord Meanwhile, Darren is worrying about the prediction Evanna told him In The Lake of Souls, Darren and Harkat find out that the wo [...]

  • This is the 11th book of 12 in the saga of vampires and how Darren lives his daily life as one In this book, old friends are back for revenge, when Darren vowed to be a half vampire, he also had to leave behind his family, his friends, his town, everything Darren soon adapted to this life style by meeting vampires like himself and others much older than him One of his friends, Steve, is back for revenge Darren was a traitor to Steve and went with Mr Crepsley, his mentor, than go with Steve and c [...]

  • Lord of the Shadowsby Darren Shan In this fantasy book, it is really interesting They have a different aspect of the vampires Unlike many other vampire books, it was vampires that were evil and they seek blood, and they kill their victims But in this series, they have a new race of vampires It wasn t the vampires who have been killing their victims when they drink blood from them, it was the vampaneze who drain blood dry from their victims I love this book because it is different from other vamp [...]

  • After his bizarre trip with Harkat into the land of the Lake of Souls, Darren returns to the Cirque du Freak a place with such history for him but without his mentor, Mr Crepsley, he travels around with the circus, headed by Mr Tiny When the Cirque arrives in his old hometown, he wishes for reunion with those who think he s dead, but the possibility of leading the vampaneze to his loved ones makes this too risky But there is one reunion he won t be able to avoid a clash between him and his child [...]

  • Lord of the Shadows by Darren Shan is the 11th book out of 12 books in the series This book made me want to finish the series It really made up for the 10th book, which wasn t as great, and gave excitement There was also action and unexpected things that could suprise the reader Darren Shan s way of writing, leaving you in a cliffhanger throughout the book, would make someone keep on reading until the end of the series and could even persuade you to read other books by him This book is based off [...]

  • Darren Shan is approaching his final showdown with the Vampaneze Lord The hunters will be pit against the Lord and his most loyal servants Only one side will remain unscthaed, and the victor will become a horror Lord of the Shadows is the second to last book in the Cirque du Freak series, and begins to wrap up the story There is lot s to enjoy The book successfully takes elements from the previous books and touches on them, which wasn t something some of the previous books did well The book take [...]

  • When I finished this book I was biting my nails to get the next one I was constantly devouring Darren Shan s words every waking moment when I bought this series Not only is he a brilliant writer he is a master of terror The book starts off a little slow compared to the Lake of Souls, Book 10, did Also I had gotten confused for a minute because I was also reading Shan s Wolf Island in the Demonata series excellent as well I m honestly living some of the situation Darren does Coming back to the to [...]

  • Do you trust your friends Well Darren docent after Steve his best friend try s to kill him Evanna is a witch that can see the future and is warning him that he is to become an evil monster that will destroy the earth Darren is set of to find a loop hole Sometimes I feel like a monster ready to destroy the earth, but that s just me Darren has come across Steve and is trying to rule the world and once again Darren is stuck in the middle.Book By Darren Shan

  • lets have a moment of silence for evra von s son that died.ok this book is just wrong im gonna go cry again steve is getting on my last freekin nevers sorry for my bad reviews

  • Me siento en estado zombie despu s de terminar este libro, casi nada para ser una carnicer a.First Mr Crepsley and now Mr Tall , why Oh my dear Shancus

  • nah lebih seru nih.ternyata Annie adiknya Darren nikah sama Steven Leopard dan punya anak Ini yang diharapkan dari dulu, kejadian di masa lalu masih akan terus di amsa datangOk

  • Aunque sospechaba lo que se revela al final, como quiera me sorprendi Sin duda, este libro es uno de mis favoritos de la saga

  • So, that happened Series getting crazier it seems but you can t help but what to know what happens Guess we have one book left then Sad to see it end.

  • I m on the verge of self destruction.But I won t go down aloneThe first entry in the series to break the 5 5 run Lord of the Shadows doesn t quite match up to its predecessors, but it s still a damn fine instalment The mini trilogies within the series so far have been cohesive, but this set feels a little off The things it gets right Fantastic The things it doesn t Leaves the reader a little conflicted Overall, though, it adequately sets up what s to be a fitting finale The cliffhanger we re lef [...]

  • I d become a savage animal set on taking a young boy s life Will you take his life The choice is yours He is out to kill and destroy the vampire clan You know he is evil inside, but he is just a little kid You raise your knife up to his throat, this is it You ve made your decision You ve nicked the kid s neck with the sharp blade Soon he ll be drowning in his own blood, but for right now it is trickling down his neck and chest You re out of control, you can t stop yourself Then you bring the kni [...]

  • so just finished this bitch today you know mei wont spoil anything but OH MY G one part of me was thinking, i wander what i should read next, as i added a bunch of new books to listen to and there are some brilliant titlese other part of me saidNOOOO im finishing this series now So as of November 2nd there wont be any Saga of Darren Shan, ill have finished the series and finally be able to rest knowing how it ends Steve Leonard, you are going down SUCKA for those fans of this series and have re [...]

  • Monsters are not born fully developed They grow, they mature, they become As I wrote before, I took this series as a coming of age than anything else Darren s character development is brutal And the relationship between him and Steve reminded me of X 1999 s Kamui and Fuma in a good way Final one to go No, it didn t gutted, wrenched my heart out torn to pieces, and battered it while I was watching like ASOIAF did But I started screaming half an hour before I reach the end view spoiler STEVE LEONA [...]

  • OMG I HATE THIS BOOK I mean I love it but I hate it at the same time I was so sad at the end when Shancus was killed Like why the hell would you kill a child You sick twisted bastard D T T And Darren almost did the same thing to his own nephew which he didn t even know until the last second Damn you Steve Leopald shakes fist And they killed off Mr Tall too WHHHHYYYY T T This book was so good but so twisted, dark and sad

  • This was brilliant It made up for the little bits of book 10 that weren t very good This felt like such a good installment and everything about it screamed AMAZING The action and plot twists in this book showed the despicable side of Steve The return of Darren s past really made for an emotional ride and it set up the finale so perfectly.

  • Akhir cerita di depan mata Aku ingin cepat cepat menamatkan tragedi ini Mengapa harus ada perang padahal semua itu tidak perlu ada Kadang kita tidak tahu mana yang harus dilakukan dan mana yang tidak perlu Kita hanya mengikuti apa kata takdir Benarkah begitu Orang sinting, rakus harta, dan berhati keji sangat mudah ditemukan Orang jujur, prihatin, dan rela berkorban jauh lebih susah ditemukan Halaman 111

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