Tempted DEMETRIUS He s the hulking brooding warrior his fellow Guardians avoid Too dark Too damaged And given his heritage he knows it s best to keep everyone at arm s length Isadora is missing The words po
  • Title: Tempted
  • Author: Elisabeth Naughton
  • ISBN: 9780505528735
  • Page: 415
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Tempted
    DEMETRIUS He s the hulking, brooding warrior his fellow Guardians avoid Too dark Too damaged And given his heritage, he knows it s best to keep everyone at arm s length.Isadora is missing The words pound through his head like a frantic drumbeat For her own protection, Demetrius did all he could to avoid the fragile princess, his soul mate And now she s gone kidnappedDEMETRIUS He s the hulking, brooding warrior his fellow Guardians avoid Too dark Too damaged And given his heritage, he knows it s best to keep everyone at arm s length.Isadora is missing The words pound through his head like a frantic drumbeat For her own protection, Demetrius did all he could to avoid the fragile princess, his soul mate And now she s gone kidnapped To get her back, he ll have to go to the black place in his soul he s always shunned.As daemons ravage the human realm and his loyalty to the Guardians is put to the ultimate test, Demetrius realizes that Isadora is stronger than anyone thought And finally letting her into his heart may be the only way to save them both.
    Tempted By Elisabeth Naughton,

    Tempted definition of tempted by The Free Dictionary Define tempted tempted synonyms, tempted pronunciation, tempted translation, English dictionary definition of tempted v tempted , tempting , tempts v tr To try to get to do wrong, especially by a promise of reward See Synonyms at lure To be inviting or Tempt Definition of Tempt by Merriam Webster Tempt definition is to entice to do wrong by promise of pleasure or gain How to use tempt in a sentence Synonym Discussion of tempt. Tempted Aug , A deadly thriller set in New Orleans, about a wealthy businessman, Charlie Le Blanc, who discovers that he only has a short time to live As he prepares to will his fortune to his beautiful, adoring young wife, Lilly, he begins to wonder if she really deserves it. Tempt Definition of Tempt at Dictionary To tempt is to attract by holding out the probability of gratification or advantage, often in the direction of that which is wrong or unwise to tempt a man with a bribe.

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    Before topping multiple bestseller lists including those of the New York Times, USA Today, and the Wall Street Journal award winning author Elisabeth Naughton taught middle school science A voracious reader, she soon discovered she had a knack for creating stories with a chemistry of their own The spark turned into a flame, and Elisabeth now writes full time.Though primarily known for her romantic suspense work, Elisabeth has penned over thirty books and continues to write in multiple genres, including paranormal romance and contemporary romance Her books have been translated into numerous languages and have earned several award nominations, including three prestigious RITA nominations from Romance Writers of America In 2017, REPRESSED, the first book in her Deadly Secrets series, won the RITA for best romantic suspense.Elisabeth s work has been praised by the Chicago Tribune as being filled with deadly intrigue, high adrenaline action, and scorchingly hot passion Kirkus calls her a writer talented enough at weaving a yarn to get her readers ensnared in it When not dreaming up new stories, Elisabeth can be found spending time with her husband and three children in their western Oregon home, wrangling two cats, or chasing after one very rambunctious Dalmatian.Learn about Elisabeth and her books at ElisabethNaughton.


  • 3,5 starsElisabeth Naughton s Eternal Guardians series continues in Tempted the 3rd book I love the world that the author is building The previous book, Entwined, ended with a bang in which Isadora, the spoiled and untouched princess of Argolea is kidnapped by witches She is rescued by Demetrius, The dark, dangerous and damaged Argonaut warrior, who has been hiding his love for her because he believes that the secret his heritage makes him unworthy of her love, even though he knows that she s hi [...]

  • Reviewed at Bitten By Paranormal RomanceMs Naughton has taken the Greek Argonaut myth, turned it on its head, and OWNED it In TEMPTED, she includes all the elements of an extraordinary mythological tale gods, goddesses, monsters, witches, and heroes saving the heroines Just to name a few.From the very beginning, I was hooked by the tough and cocky attitude of Demetrius An act he has played for so long to distance himself from Isadora He does everything he possibly can to keep that distance becau [...]

  • I don t think there are any spoilers in here, and if there are, they might be things we found out in the last book I got hooked on the Eternal Guardian s series last year, so I was super excited at the chance to review this book This is Isadora s book, and I ve been waiting not so patiently to see how she handles this.Isadora is a very timid, with a doormat personalityuntil lately She is finally waking up and seeing what she wants And I loved watching her grow She began this book as timid, and e [...]

  • Rating 4.5I became a fan of Elisabeth Naughton after reading her Stolen series and I wasn t that bowled over by the Eternal Guardians but I am glad I never gave up and Tempted, the third in the series is her best effort where we finally see Isadora, the heir finally come onto her own We have seen her weak, making deals with Hades losing her soul and Orpheus to learn magic and when the book begins her hand maiden has betrayed her and cast a fertility spell on her for Atlanta, their enemy.Demetriu [...]

  • Why are scars so SEXY This is my favorite kind of story.Tortured, sexy, scarred, hero.Pure, good, strong, girl.Demetrius That s all I have to say His name alone invokes so much feeling He is in the same category of Zsadist Lover Awakened and Ripper Unbeautifully.Isa She was a different person in the first two books I grew to love her and as she overcame obstacles and became a stronger person In this book, she is the perfect match for Demetrius, exactly what he needs, and he is meant for her in [...]

  • Throughout the first two novels in this series, Eternal Guardians, I was curious as to the reason behind the volatile emotions between Isadora and Demetrius If you haven t read the beginning of the series Isadora is the Argolean princess and heir to the throne In book one, Marked, she starts off being demure and pretty much lets others walk all over her As the series progresses she goes from being a timid princess to a strong future queen But one constant in her life for the last two hundred yea [...]

  • Oh my godI loved this book The characters were amazing, the action was great and the tension between the characters was perfect I cried pretty hard at the end, but thank god it all worked out Another great read

  • Originally posted at Sisters UneditedRecommendation If you enjoyed Zsadist s story from BDB then give this one a try It has the same sort of feel to it If you liked the first two books of the Eternal Guardians series then you will like this as well Demetrius who we are is not a result of where we come from It s the combination of what we do and how we live that determines who we are We dive head first into Isadora s wedding day That s right I believe this was man number 3 that she has to marry s [...]

  • This third book featured the mean guardian Demetrius, the one who relished every opportunity to torment Princess Isadora for reasons unbeknownst to all In fact, his disrespect was so appalling in the last book when the King had ordered him to marry Isadora that he said he would rather be put to death.After Isadora went missing with her hand maiden right before her binding ceremony to Zander, the guardians began looking for her Demetrius was able to find her and rescue her from his mother, but no [...]

  • Could this series get any freakin better Elisabeth Naughton has become one of my new favorite Paranormal Romance authors and once you read this series, you ll understand why She takes Greek mythology, puts a paranormal twist to it, spices it up with smokin hot Argonauts and a steamy romance then gives us non stop suspense action to keep us on the edge of our seat until THE END In my humble opinion, Tempted was the best yet and it quickly made its way to my Favorites of 2011 list Demetrius is the [...]

  • Tempted is one of those books I really REALLY wanted to like It s the third book in the Eternal Guardians series The world has been built, though the author adds enticing tidbits to keep things interesting The hero is one I wanted to know about, and I wanted to see the heroine s true colors Demetrius was the hero I most wanted to know his story, even though the signs pertaining to his relationship with Isadora pointed out the obvious The problem with this book was that it was actually too long, [...]

  • There s just something about this series that keeps me reading, and I ve enjoyed all three books so far I ve been waiting for Isadora s and Demetrius s story, and, really, it didn t disappoint The ending, in particular, is emotional and very, very good Orpheus is up next, and I can t wait

  • Demetrius is now my 1 Favorite Hero This series is about the seven guardians They are the descendants of the original seven Argonauts who journeyed with Jason to find the golden fleece The Argonauts were favored by the Greek Gods and granted a home called Argolea They protect their kingdom and the world of the humans from daimons, who are lead by Atalanta She was an Argonaut not favored by the Gods because she was female so she made a deal with Hades for immortality.The series involves the Argon [...]

  • Tempted4 StarsDescended from Jason and the witch Medea, Demetrius is the darkest and most secretive of the Argonauts As a result of his secrets, Demetrius has built barriers between himself and others, especially Isadora, heiress to the throne of Argolea and his soul mate But now circumstances have thrown Demetrius and Isadora together and they will have to overcome their differences if they are to survive the perils to come After a difficult start, this series is finally making strides and livi [...]

  • Tempted is the exciting third book in Elisabeth Naughton s Eternal Guardians Series and let me just say Third Times the Charm Which is pretty impressive since I have been all but drooling over the first two books Ms Naughton returns us to our Guardians only to find that the Princess Royale is missing A full scale search has been launched and the wonderfully angry Demetrius sets out with Gryphon and Orpheus to find and rescue herFirst off, I would like to say what a wonderful delight trio that wa [...]

  • Yet again a fabulous ride through the argonauts world, these books are exciting and enticing all the way through, but the endings are something else If you loved the bdb books you will love these.Given this 5 stars as characther development, angst, romance, sex, adventure hot argonauts that are are so brooding at times but so hot The heroines are strong and in this book isadora comes to life so strong and sensual too especially around her man.Her hero try s to keep his distance, torments himself [...]

  • 5 starsGoodness can I have my own Demetrius This book was effing fantastic I loved the plot, the main and secondary characters, the side stories, the romance, the combat scenes and the gore Just amazing, really Whilst I was reading, I was surprise Isadora has a lot of admirers Especially the guys, regardless either they re good or evil I counted five who wish for her and of course, Demetrius won her heart And my heart broke for one of them too I hope what he expected was the false one and someda [...]

  • FYI I really stink at writing reviewsThird book in the Eternal Guardian series First I wanted to say how addicting these books are Elisabeth s writing, depth of story, surreal characters claimed me by the first page of Marked, that never waned one iota with Marked, Entwined, and Tempted I was instantly swept away Now I was a little leery going in Tempted only because a friend was not happy with Demetrius s attitude She did not think he redeemed himself enough, did not grovel enough Yes, to put t [...]

  • This was another great book in this series I always like the guardians and the fact that you get a look into the mythology that it is based on The characters are all very tortured in one way or another whether they deserve to be or not, this just makes them seem human The story moves along at the perfect pace allowing for changes in venue and character as they fill us in on what is happening The language never fails to entertain with words that seem to be pulled out of the past I was pulled in [...]

  • I must say that this one was just perfect for me 5 5 stars for Demetrius Isadora when i first met them in book 1, i knew then that they were soul mates and couldnt wait to read their story It just kept me hooked from beginning to end.Ive always loved the tortured hero type Now we all know why demetrius is the way he is with Isa Isa was just perfect for demetrius Ive loved how from being timid she became the confident and strong princess who fought for demetrius She was the perfect heroine for th [...]

  • I have to say I think that this series is getting better as it goes along Tempted focuses on the Guardian Demetrius, his soul mate, and his secret I liked the way Isadora finally came into her own, but Demetrius stole the show One of my favorite type of characters is the brooding damaged male whose game is completely thrown off by a female That is Demetrius all over He is big, strong, dark, and cruel, but in the presence of little ol Isadora he swell maybe not an awkward, blushing teenager, but [...]

  • Ok, I have to admit, I have no sympathy with the Argolean society They are just a bunch of patriarchal sexists This instalment with Isadora and Demetrius feels like Survivor Paranormal Style It was ok but I just don t care enough for the Argolean world and I wasn t sure whether I would continue reading the series.However, I have to say that the ending is giving me some hope about things changing for the better Let s see what Ms Naughton has in store for us in the upcoming books.

  • Al fin ajajajaj mi preferido de los tres libros, pero me da curiosidad qu va a ocurrir con Orfeo y Gryphon y el pobre Nick que le cedi su alma gemela a su mellizo CPs Atlanta eres una perra de las grandes

  • Dark and Dangerous Demetrius and Isadora, wow what a hot combination This is a great series that reminds me a bit like the Lords of the Underworld, just the Dangerous bad boy type males, but the Eternal Guardian world is unique Give it a try

  • I kind of got tired of the never ending obstacles I never really liked Isadora as much as I wanted to as she developed her sense of self.

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