100 Bullets, Vol. 3: Hang Up on the Hang Low

Bullets Vol Hang Up on the Hang Low The shadowy and dangerous world of Bullets pulls another life into its web of intrigue The Eisner Award winning third Bullets trade paperback returns to the gritty streets of the inner city w
  • Title: 100 Bullets, Vol. 3: Hang Up on the Hang Low
  • Author: Brian Azzarello Eduardo Risso
  • ISBN: 9781563898556
  • Page: 429
  • Format: Paperback
  • 100 Bullets, Vol. 3: Hang Up on the Hang Low
    The shadowy and dangerous world of 100 Bullets pulls another life into its web of intrigue The Eisner Award winning third 100 Bullets trade paperback returns to the gritty streets of the inner city, where a mysterious Agent Graves hands a young man named Loop one of his special briefcases Taking the information, handgun, and 100 rounds of ammunition contained in thThe shadowy and dangerous world of 100 Bullets pulls another life into its web of intrigue The Eisner Award winning third 100 Bullets trade paperback returns to the gritty streets of the inner city, where a mysterious Agent Graves hands a young man named Loop one of his special briefcases Taking the information, handgun, and 100 rounds of ammunition contained in the case, Loop tracks down his father who deserted him Loop, through his father, is introduced to the world of mob enforcement In the violence that inevitably follows Agent Graves s generosity, of the Trust s conspiracy is revealed while even questions are raised.
    100 Bullets, Vol. 3: Hang Up on the Hang Low By Brian Azzarello Eduardo Risso,

    Bullets Vol First Shot, Last Call Bullets Vol Hang Up on the Hang Low by Brian Azzarello Paperback . Only left in stock order soon Ships from and sold by Mockingbird Used Books. Bullets Vol Split Second Chance Dec , Bullets, Split Second Chance marks the second volume in the ongoing series It takes issues through and adds mythology to the world Azzarello and Risso have built with the first volume It s a thicker volume than First Shot, Last Call, but reads just as fast. Bullets Vol Once Upon a Crime Bullets is a crime fiction masterpiece The art by Eduardo Risso works like a top film director His art brings all the characters, the locations, mood of the story and the visual narrative to life This being a graphic novel, as is in film, the visuals are the main element for carrying the story. Bullets Bullets Vol Strychnine Lives Apr , Bullets Vol The Hard Way by Brian Azzarello Paperback . Only left in stock order soon Sold by Elegants Store and ships from Fulfillment. Bullets Vol A Foregone Tomorrow Brian Azzarello Jul , Bullets, Azzarello s take on noir, offers its fourth incarnation up before us The bulk of the book continues on with the Trust storyline, which is decent What s really going to blow you away and set you up for volume five is one story It s short, but it s worth the price of admission on its own. Bullets, Vol Dirty by Brian Azzarello Bullets, Vol book Read reviews from the world s largest community for readers This dark and intriguing Eisner Award winning series features Bullets Vol DC Database Fandom Joker

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    Brian Azzarello born in Cleveland, Ohio is an American comic book writer He came to prominence with 100 Bullets, published by DC Comics mature audience imprint Vertigo He and Argentine artist Eduardo Risso, with whom Azzarello first worked on Jonny Double, won the 2001 Eisner Award for Best Serialized Story for 100 Bullets 15 18 Hang Up on the Hang Low.Azzarello has written for Batman Broken City , art by Risso Batman Deathblow After the Fire , art by Lee Bermejo, Tim Bradstreet, Mick Gray and Superman For Tomorrow , art by Jim Lee.In 2005, Azzarello began a new creator owned series, the western Loveless, with artist Marcelo Frusin.As of 2007, Azzarello is married to fellow comic book writer and illustrator Jill Thompsonformation taken from enpedia wiki Brian_Az


  • Yes I have missed out number 2 only because I got given this one for free This is sooooo much better than the first one The story is really good and it is tied up so much neater I really enjoyed it, gore and all

  • I can t say that I loved the entire story arc, but I am still interested in seeing where this goes I do like the increasingly complex way the story is plotted, and I like the way Azzarello gives out just enough hints to keep me interested in the greater story I also love how the artist, Eduardo Risso, uses shadow and empty spaces on his pages The book has great atmosphere, in spades.

  • I can understand why this volume won an Eisner award The plot was intricate, the complex weaving of crime noir with special agents and operatives and a father and son reunion in back alleys among gangsters was surprising Took many twists and turns that I did not foresee.

  • This was a great story arc in a superior series Great writing and dynamic artwork Agent Graves steps into and manipulates a world with little hope These people have largely given up This is a world where people just want to get by Taking the easy score when it presents itself Most mistake apathy for courage and street smarts Once again Agent Graves doles out opportunity Or is it That s one of the interesting aspects of 100 Bullets Characters have the opportunity to get what they want Whether tha [...]

  • This series never disappoints Azzarello and Risso have crafted another ripping yarn filled with broads, bullets and the seediest characters ever seen in fiction the least of them makes Whitey Bulger look like a saint Highly recommended.

  • A near perfect set piece The two previous volumes help readers understand a few details, but you could easily start here There is a hint of nudity, plenty of f words, drinking, pool playing and violence aplenty, but certainly nothing than most 14 year olds have already encountered on Netflix and YouTube.Unlike the previous, longer 100 Bullets, Vol 2 Split Second Chance, this has a central story of a father and estranged son to tie the book together A person could pick this up on its own and sta [...]

  • Although I had enjoyed the first two trades of 100 Bullets, I d been unsure if I d continue reading the series I picked up this trade on a whim, and I m glad that I did Altogether, I think that this is my favorite story arc of 100 Bullets so far In this trade, a young man Loop is given the gun with untraceable bullets and all of the information he needs to find his deadbeat father, whose absence has severely affected Loop s life Of course, nothing is as straightforward as it seems, and the story [...]

  • Loop is a young man whose encounter with Agent Graves draws him into a world of criminality not that he needed much coaxing This is south central style noir, with some dark currents running through it Crime operates at different levels and a young novice like Loop needs to learn to be clever if he is to outmanoeuvre seasoned criminals.Agent Graves is less like the agent of justice in this instalment and of a morally murky character Intriguing in that I found myself routing for the immoral Loop [...]

  • Volume 3 of 100 Bullets is the best volume of the series so far The stories are starting to connect and this volume covers one arc and follows a young man from Philadelphia, Loop, who used Agent Graves information to track down his father who deserted him Loop becomes entangled with the mov and we get a lot background on Agent Graves and some other characters who previously appeared in the series I think this volume won an Eisner Not sure what year this was published, but this is the best of t [...]

  • It was a very interesting volume with an unexpected ending.I think the story is moving forward nicely.The writing is great I don not like the artwork but it is bearable.I think it is better than the previous two volumes.And so to the next one

  • I was so lukewarm on the first volume of this that I wasn t even sure I wanted to continue with it Now, it s like the best thing I ve ever read.

  • And so the plot thickens yet again.100 Bullets, Vol 3 Hang Up on the Hang Low, the third volume in writer Brian Azzarello and artist Eduardo Risso s 100 Bullets series of noir graphic novels, is easily the best volume so far in the series There s apparently a reason this arc won the Eisner award for best serialized story in 2001 If there is one okay, two overarching theme s in this series that Hang Up on the Hang Low exemplifies, it they would be family and connectivity.The basic plot concerns P [...]

  • The third volume of the 100 Bullets series focuses on a young man named Loop as the mysterious Agent Graves reunites him with his estranged father Curtis Hughes Loop and Curtis discover what they do and do not have in common and learn what a father son relationship could be but their lives of crime get in the way There s plenty of twists and turns and double crosses along the way and some final bumps in the road that threaten to derail everything Loop builds.This is the first long story arc four [...]

  • In this third volume of the Harvey and Eisner winning series 100 Bullets, Azzarello continues many of the plot lines that have been developing since the earlier volumes What is becoming apparent are the two opposing forces or camps at work in this deliciously intriguing crime noir universe Or specifically, Mr Shepherd versus Agent Graves A duality that reminds me of what I love best about Lost and, a long time ago, Twin Peaks With Hang Up on the Down Low, Azzarello and Risso won their first Ei [...]

  • This is like 2.5 stars for me, but as I might ve mentioned in other reviews of mine, this book and otherwould be rated on than one category for me The storytelling is very rapid and well played out, but somehow I felt dissatisfied I think it had to do with the some of the violence both domestic and otherwise visited on women in this volume Yes, I understand it was about a harsh way of life and everyone s got an axe to grind including a wipe rapists like the man in the epilogue to the arc but t [...]

  • This is a very tough graphic novel, it involves ruthless gangsters, a young man reunited with the father that abandoned his family and is not the best role model and a battle for control of the marketing of illegal substances.Loop is an African American man that drives a truck in a dangerous part of town Agent Graves is a shadowy figure that offers Loop a bargain with an uncertain return He gives Loop a gun loaded with untraceable bullets as well as a way to contact his father that he knows litt [...]

  • Third volume done It s far brutal and grimy than the first two, and we re shown a bit of Agent Graves, alongside his colleagues and enemies Again, questions arise than are answered and the plot twists almost irrevocably.Unlike previous volumes, only one character is presented with the gun in this installment Loop finds a picture of his absentee father, and the plot weaves around this point Azzarello manages to keep up the potency of the plot without giving too much away.Graves layers are slow [...]

  • Earlier this summer, I read the first two volumes First Shot, Last Call and Split Second Chance of Brian Azzerello and Eduardo Risso s impressive comic 100 Bullets, and fairly swiftly followed them up with this third volume, which collects issues 15 19.The series premise, the mysterious Agent Graves visiting people in somewhat desperate situations with an opportunity an untraceable gun with one hundred rounds of likewise untraceable ammunition with an option to redress a wrong done them without [...]

  • I got this for Christmas this year, and read it the very night I got it Azarello has a knack for the crime stories I won t even bother you w a long review of this, as there s only 1 thing that kept this from a 5 star review I don t like some of the language Maybe it s naive of me, or maybe it s a limitation of the medium, but a lot of the characters are black and latino, and a lot of the language is spelled out phoenetically for those characters specifically And it makes them weaker for it Grant [...]

  • This is the one volume of the series that doesn t have a number related pun in the title, which annoys me deeply on some meaningless level But the award winning story is very good I think what I like best about it is how subtly unexpected it is, specifically in regards to its portrayal of race It would have been easy to present Loop as the stereotypical gangbanger, but he s actually a surprisingly thoughtful kid, who completely transcends that image And I especially liked that he and his father [...]

  • This is one of the straight forward story arcs in the series but it is quite a touching one It s basically about a wayward young man discovering his estranged dad who essentially collects on people s debts to a local loan shark Obviously there is the fact that Agent Graves hands the young man the attache case with 100 bullets in it and this entire story becomes important as the overarcing plot unfolds.There is also an interesting sub clause in the 100 bullets rules revealed in this arc.Risso s [...]

  • A quick read but Risso definitely stepped up his art in this volume, it is a beautiful comic Not only is it beautiful but it is also extremely well written, the themes of Father and son and what that means when dealing with crime and growing up This has definitely been one of the powerful stories of 100 bullets Another thing this volume does well, is make you even curious of Agent Graves, he seems to act differently in this volume, we will see how that turns out I am in love with 100 bullets a [...]

  • There s a beautiful moment of humanity between father and son for the first part and then I realized I m not only reading a crime novel I m reading a horror story where the squishy humans are crushed by forces beyond their understanding With a horror story, the individual characters may have a single vice or fault being annoying the most frequent that makes it OK for them to die But here, the crime story means that they were bad and they played with fire so it s even OK for them to die.

  • More than any other of the books in this series, this one features characters that I not only sympathize with but actually like And it is all the powerful for that The story is dark and gritty, and as usual the art is flawless Risso s lines describe not only the form but their 3 dimensionality, and his flair for dynamic and thrilling composition is truly his own Azzarello and Risso are a match made in heaven.

  • Great story and finally a chapter that serves the overall arc of the series Mr Graves is mysterious but I m beginning to learn what his characters motives are The story of the chapter carries a quick story that has a solid three act structure It s one of those basic stories with nods to the overall mythology to the series, much like TV shows I m finally understanding the fandom for this series

  • This is one of the best story arcs in the series so far It takes some very good twists, and it goes a bit deeper into Agent Graves and whatever group he may be working for In this story Agent Graves gives a young ghetto kid the famous suitcase and the chance to meet the father he never really knew Take it from there This is definitely a series to continue reading, and it is becoming one of my all time favorites Now I need go find the next volume.

  • The only reason I gave this volume of Brian Azzarello s 100 Bullets series is the artwork I m not sure why myself, but I didn t like the drawings in this volume as much as in the previous ones Others than that, Azzarello s continuing his story about the mysterious Agent Graves on the same high level We get some hints here and there about who Graves might be and what the whole thing s all about, but everything s still in the dark And I can t wait to get to read the next volume

  • Unlike the two previous volumes, there s only one main story here A young man gets reunited with his father via agent Graves and his briefcase It s dirty and gritty like all the other volumes, but despite that this storyline was a bit happy than the others In a depressing kind of way With a bad ending anyways Uh, but the middle was kind of sweet In a steal cars with your son sort of way.

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