A Red Herring Without Mustard

A Red Herring Without Mustard Award winning author Alan Bradley returns with another beguiling novel starring the insidiously clever and unflappable eleven year old sleuth Flavia de Luce The precocious chemist with a passion for p
  • Title: A Red Herring Without Mustard
  • Author: Alan Bradley
  • ISBN: 9780385342322
  • Page: 224
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A Red Herring Without Mustard
    Award winning author Alan Bradley returns with another beguiling novel starring the insidiously clever and unflappable eleven year old sleuth Flavia de Luce The precocious chemist with a passion for poisons uncovers a fresh slew of misdeeds in the hamlet of Bishop s Lacey mysteries involving a missing tot, a fortune teller, and a corpse in Flavia s own backyard.Flavia haAward winning author Alan Bradley returns with another beguiling novel starring the insidiously clever and unflappable eleven year old sleuth Flavia de Luce The precocious chemist with a passion for poisons uncovers a fresh slew of misdeeds in the hamlet of Bishop s Lacey mysteries involving a missing tot, a fortune teller, and a corpse in Flavia s own backyard.Flavia had asked the old Gypsy woman to tell her fortune, but never expected to stumble across the poor soul, bludgeoned in the wee hours in her own caravan Was this an act of retribution by those convinced that the soothsayer had abducted a local child years ago Certainly Flavia understands the bliss of settling scores revenge is a delightful pastime when one has two odious older sisters But how could this crime be connected to the missing baby Had it something to do with the weird sect who met at the river to practice their secret rites While still pondering the possibilities, Flavia stumbles upon another corpse that of a notorious layabout who had been caught prowling about the de Luce s drawing room.Pedaling Gladys, her faithful bicycle, across the countryside in search of clues to both crimes, Flavia uncovers some odd new twists Most intriguing is her introduction to an elegant artist with a very special object in her possession a portrait that sheds light on the biggest mystery of all Who is Flavia As the red herrings pile up, Flavia must so
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    Librarian Note There is than one author in the database with this name With an education in electronic engineering, Alan worked at numerous radio and television stations in Ontario, and at Ryerson Polytechnical Institute now Ryerson University in Toronto, before becoming Director of Television Engineering in the media centre at the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon, where he remained for 25 years before taking early retirement to write in 1994.He became the first President of the Saskatoon Writers, and a founding member of the Saskatchewan Writers Guild His children s stories were published in The Canadian Children s Annual, and his short story, Meet Miss Mullen, was the first recipient of the Saskatchewan Writers Guild Award for Children s Literature.For a number of years, he regularly taught Script Writing and Television Production courses at the University of Saskatchewan Extension Division at both beginner and advanced levels.His fiction has been published in literary journals and he has given many public readings in schools and galleries His short stories have been broadcast by CBC Radio.He was a founding member of The Casebook of Saskatoon, a society devoted to the study of Sherlock Holmes and Sherlockian writings Here, he met the late Dr William A.S Sarjeant, with whom he collaborated on their classic book, Ms Holmes of Baker Street This work put forth the startling theory that the Great Detective was a woman, and was greeted upon publication with what has been described as a firestorm of controversy.The release of Ms Holmes resulted in national media coverage, with the authors embarking upon an extensive series of interviews, radio and television appearances, and a public debate at Toronto s Harbourfront His lifestyle and humorous pieces have appeared in The Globe and Mail and The National Post.His book The Shoebox Bible McClelland and Stewart, 2006 has been compared with Tuesdays With Morrie and Mr God, This is Anna In July of 2007 he won the Debut Dagger Award of the British Crimewriter s Association for his novel The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie, the first of a series featuring eleven year old Flavia de Luce, which has since won the 2009 Agatha Award for Best First Novel,the 2010 Dilys Award,the Spotted Owl Award, and the 2010 Arthur Ellis Award for Best First Novel.The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie has also been nominated for the Macavity, the Barry, and the Arthur Awards.Alan Bradley lives in Malta with his wife Shirley and two calculating cats.


  • ALONE AT LAST Whenever I m with other people, part of me shrinks a little Only when I am alone can I fully enjoy my own company Flavia de LuceFlavia de Luce spends a lot of time by herself somewhat by choice and somewhat by her incompatibility with the rest of the household She is the youngest of three daughters and is most decidedly lacking from any constructive supervision Her father is a philatelist and spends most of his time intently examining stamps with a magnifying glass for those hairli [...]

  • Full Disclosure I m in love with Flavia de Luce, the 11 year old who is deeply devoted to the study of chemistry, with a special interest in poisons, and an amateur sleuth Flavia spends her time humoring her widowed father, who spends most of his time engrossed in stamp collecting, and bedeviling and avoiding her two older sisters 17 year old Ophelia whose passion is music and 13 year old Daphne whose passion is reading In this third in the Flavia de Luce series, beginning with The Sweetness at [...]

  • As always, a delight One sentence summary Flavia de Luce returns in her third mystery, investigating a long ago missing child, the brutal attack on a gypsy fortune teller, and a murdered local thug I feel like I ve already said everything I need to about this series in my short reviews of the other two books This one isn t any different it s delightful, charming, and funny, but it has dark undertones her sisters treatment of Flavia, which seems to be worse in this book her father s absent minded [...]

  • If you are contemplating reading A Red Herring Without Mustard you probably already adore Flavia de Luce, a precocious 12 year old amateur sleuth If you feel wishy washy about the girl, don t expect her to undergo a major personality transformation in this book, Flavia remains the same smart, naive, sneaky, lying chemist detective as she was in The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie and The Weed that Strings the Hangman s Bag And I wouldn t have her any other way As such series go, whenever a sl [...]

  • I loved the first book in this series, and was not disappointed in the followup, although there seemed to be a lot sadness in the life of the precocious 11 year old Flavia this time She is still an intrepid detective, and her fights with her sisters have some of the funniest lines I ve read in years, but the dysfunction in the family had a very lonely edge to it that made it hard to have as much FUN The depth of it, however, was really fascinating The mystery in this installment was very fun in [...]

  • In this third book in this charming and entertaining series, Flavia invites a gypsy and her caravan to stay on the family estate after accidently burning down her tent at a fair , only to find the woman beaten nearly to death the following morning She later finds a dead body in the grounds of her house, a man who she earlier caught prowling inside the house up to something fishy and is determined to find out what he was up to.It s always delightful to spend a few hours with Flavia deLuce Younges [...]

  • I absolutely love Flavia, this precocious yet not obnoxious child sleuth has won over my heart, and I absolutely love her Which is why I totally love this book, because it shows us a little about Flavia Behind the lab glasses and witty remarks, lies the heart of a small kid, who misses his mother, and is hurt by her sister s hatred towards her Some scenes were very very touching, and although really emotional scenes sometimes fail to move me, Flavia with her simple emotions almost made me cry T [...]

  • Perhaps I took too long to read A Red Herring Without Mustard If I d zipped through it on sunny Sunday afternoon, the rambling plot would have been a trifle to be indulged instead of endured About two thirds of the way in, brakes were put on the pace and the exposition became redundant There were heaps of elements that I did love, namely Flavia and her irascible, invincible spirit Bradley loves this little girl and taking care to round out her precociousness with vulnerability Flavia is taking o [...]

  • Warning I am going to gush I adore Flavia DeLuce Honestly this 11 year old precocious chemist is someone I wish were a friend or maybe I could be her brilliant uncleybe my favorite character in any fiction In a word, delightful A couple of my favorite quotes Anyone who knew the word slattern was worth cultivating as a friend Tell them we may not be praying with them, Father told the Vicar, but we are at least not actively praying against them It is not unknown for fathers with a brace of daughte [...]

  • This was a wonderful book choice to transition me from 2011 to 2012.Flavia is so much fun She s a hoot But, with each book, I also find her endearing And she really makes me appreciate chemistry.For the first time I m enjoying Gladys as her own character, not just as an accoutrement of Flavia s.I would have preferred Roma to Gypsy, though this is historical fiction and I m sure the term is correctly used for this time and place But then right away the word for horse was given in the Romany la [...]

  • Review from BadelyngeThis third outing of Alan Bradley s irrepressible Flavia De Luce gets the series back up to top form Flavia saves the life of an old Gypsy fortune teller who has been beaten and left for dead Ok our young heroine had almost managed to burn her to a crisp the previous evening but the less said about such details the better Flavia sets out to track down the assailant, trampling over several crime scenes in the process, bamboozling the local constabulary and driving her family [...]

  • I m telling you I love these books so much I m afraid to share them I would be sad to hear anyone say anything negative about my girl Flavia These are the Agatha Christie books for the young at heart I absolutely adore them, and each is even better than the last.

  • I absolutely adore Flavia de Luce, a precocious 11 year old who tries to solve the murders that seem to be occuring quite frequently in the town of Bishop s Lacy I listen to audio, so forgive me if I spell things wrong Quite frankly, the little village has so many murders, I would think one would be safer living in South Los Angeles Reading A Red Herring Without Mustard, I realized what makes the character of Flavia so appealing She is extremely intelligent, perhaps too much for her own good How [...]

  • Review 53 of seventy fiveTitle A RED HERRING WITHOUT MUSTARD Authors ALAN BRADLEY Rating 4.125 of fiveThe Book Report Flavia de Luce of Buckshaw, Bishop s Lacey, is in it up to her neck again in this third outing of Alan Bradley s wildly popular series This time she burns down a gypsy woman s fortune telling tent, takes the woman home over her father s presumed objections, and then finds the lady bludgeoned almost to death in her caravan.Next up is a meeting with the gypsy s semi estanged grandd [...]

  • I m somewhat torn on the subject of Flavia de Luce I find the books fun to read, but the hail fellow well met Englishness as portrayed by a Canadian writer who never went to England prior to starting on the first book It s just a total fantasy, and I can never tell how seriously people are taking it.As for the mystery in this particular installment, I figured it out relatively quickly, but it s still fun to follow along, and I love that the main character is a young girl who is fascinated with s [...]

  • I ve read this book in one sitting and oh my dear Flavia, you are the most adorable 11 year old girl I ve ever known

  • Loved the latest escapades of Flavia s life This one is just as great as the previous two It s chalked full of murder, mystery, mayhem and sister drama Cant wait to read the next one.

  • I am not sure if it is the personality of Flavia or the voice given to her by the narrator of this audiobook that annoys me so much At any rate, 10 hours and 45 minutes of this story was about 3 hours too long I finally ended with a marathon listening session simply to avoid having to hear that voice again tomorrow Not to mention, also, that there are too many in my opinion educational diversions and unnecessary, long winded explanations Stick to the story, please The many tentacles of the myste [...]

  • Another solid story in this YA mystery series The adorably psychopathic little chemist is again at the center of a series of attacks and deaths, riding all over the countryside on her anthropomorphized bicycle Gladyce, and driving the local law enforcement to distraction with her meddling and exasperatingly smug genius Audiobook, purchased via Audible Jayne Entwistle again brings Flavia s outsized personality to life.

  • Hopeisen hummerihaarukan tapaus on Alan Bradleyn kolmas 11 vuotiaasta yksityisetsiv st , Flavia de Lucesta kertova teos Agatha Christien salapoliisitarinoiden jalanj ljiss kulkevan Flavian tutkimuksia on aina ilo lukea, ja jopa yli 400 sivum r tuntuu lyhyelt jouhevan tekstinkuljetuksen ansiosta Monen ik iset lukijat saavat n ist teoksista paljon irti, eik kerronta oli murhista huolimatta ole liian verist , siksi voisin suositella Flavia sarjaa jo yl koululaisillekin.Bradley on luonut Flaviasta i [...]

  • 4.5 rating Another wonderful installment to this series written by one of the BEST storytellers I ve come across

  • 3,5 SterneAlso die Cover sind wirklich toll gemacht Ich liebe ja Scherenschnitte und die Stimmung der B cher wird da wunderbar transportiert leicht morbide und mit einer guten Portion trockenem Humor Der Autor ist sich auch im dritten Band seinem Schema gleichgeblieben Der Schreibstil ist wirklich was besonderes und aus der Sicht von Flavia eine erfrischende Abwechslung Nur wenige Monate nach dem Mord an dem Puppenspieler stolpert die 11j hrige Flavia wieder ber eine Leiche Dieses Mal h lt sie a [...]

  • Since I was still half expecting a dagger to be plunged between my shoulder blades, I m afraid I did not return her hug, which I received in stiff silence, rather like one of the sentries at Buckingham Palace pretending he doesn t notice the liberties being taken by an excessively affectionate tourist.To say I m a fan of this series would be an understatement.Flavia de Luce is one of my favourite protagonists around An 11 year old girl with a flair for chemistry and sleuthing, she possesses the [...]

  • Flavia continues to my favorite heroine, her extraordinary intelligence pitted against her eleven year old naivety often makes for laugh out loud situations The chemistry abilities she uses to solve her cases and torture her older sisters also add to the fun The rest of the cast of characters with her father, faithful servant and friend Dogger and even the cook is rounded out in this third volume of the series Highly recommended Character List view spoiler A Red Herring Without Mustard Flavia d [...]

  • Fearing that the first word that comes to mind for this review is inadequate, I hesitate to use the word delightful in describing the character of Flavia de Luce and the books in which she stars, but delightful she is and they are I am simply smitten with this enchanting series from Alan Bradley He doesn t miss a beat with this latest addition to the tale of an eleven year old precocious girl who has her own chemistry lab and an uncanny knack for uncovering puzzling clues and solving mysteries F [...]

  • Oh Flavia, you poor, silly child.I just love Flavia, with her I m so clever attitude, and her youthful misinterpretation of all the adults around her Bradley does a wonderful job, as usual, of portraying Flavia as an obnoxious, precocious and neglected little girl, who thinks she knows all sees all, but is still just a child There s still a mystery concerning her mother, I suppose Bradley isn t going to hand us that one anytime soon In the meantime, he gives us another dead body, chemicals, tr [...]

  • I only picked this book up as it was a winner in the 2011 Choice Awards and I m doing a challenge based on that list I think I might have enjoyed this when I was a teenager At this stage of my life, I found it rather childish and unbelievable The heroine is an 11 year old girl after all There was so much miscellaneous information Flavia is a self proclaimed know it all that I totally lost track of the mystery and had difficultly keeping in mind who what why she was chasing clues anyway.

  • I thoroughly enjoyed the first two books of this series This one is not as good as the first two ones where the mystery is concerned but then I don t read it for the mystery Flavia, the precocious 11 year old chemistry enthusiast and her antics are what keeps drawing me to the series We have a gypsy, an attempt to murder, a murder, a few creepy people and Flavia roaming around the country side on Gladys and pulling one over the policemen In this book we get to know Flavia a bit , her loneliness, [...]

  • Audible version This series is so much fun Flavia is such a smart, cheeky little thing and she and her sisters have some of the most entertaining name calling exchanges Oh, there you are, you odious little prawn How dare you call me a prawn, you stupid sausage My sister could be a most unpleasant porpoise when she felt like it And the imagery, metaphors, and similes I had long ago discovered that when a word or formula refused to come to mind the best thing for it was to think of something else [...]

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