The Whisper

The Whisper Listen can you hear it The explosive sequel to THE ROAR From a whisper a scream Telepathic twins Mika and Ellie at last are reunited But if they re ever to free the brainwashed microchipped child sol
  • Title: The Whisper
  • Author: Emma Clayton
  • ISBN: 9781905294893
  • Page: 209
  • Format: ebook
  • The Whisper
    Listen can you hear it The explosive sequel to THE ROAR From a whisper a scream Telepathic twins Mika and Ellie at last are reunited But if they re ever to free the brainwashed, microchipped child soldiers, they must pretend to play along with the tyrant Mal Gorman s maniacal plan, even as they mind read his every evil thought Members of an elite squadron of mutListen can you hear it The explosive sequel to THE ROAR From a whisper a scream Telepathic twins Mika and Ellie at last are reunited But if they re ever to free the brainwashed, microchipped child soldiers, they must pretend to play along with the tyrant Mal Gorman s maniacal plan, even as they mind read his every evil thought Members of an elite squadron of mutants, the brother and sister have specialized skills that will enable them to steal the top secret formula for an age reversing drug developed by rebel scientists on the wild side of The Wall Juiced by these potent pills, the cadaver like Gorman foresees a future in which he ll be forever young released from the machinery that now supports him.Unless, that is, Ellie and Mika have a master plan of their own to bring the all powerful Gorman to his knees, and face to face with his greatest fear.
    The Whisper By Emma Clayton,

    The Whispers The Whispers TV Series Jun , The Whispers is an American television science fiction drama series created and co executive produced by Soo Hugh with executive producers Steven Spielberg, Justin Falvey, Darryl Frank and Dawn Olmstead for ABC Studios A series of accidents occurs around children, who all communicate with the same invisible and seemingly imaginary friend called Drill They secretly play his games in The Whispers music, videos, stats, and photos Last rowsThe Whispers is an RB dance vocal group formed in in Los Angeles, California. Whisper May , Whisper gives you that feeling for pretty much its entire running time, and nobody listens here either Doesn t change the fact that it s quite entertaining though, because the scares are very well done despite the overuse of dream sequences and the finale gives you everything you could want from this kind of B movie. The Whisper Destinypedia, the Destiny wiki The Whisper is a secret quest found on Io A completion of this Quest rewards the player with the Whisper of the Worm Exotic Sniper Rifle The quest can be triggered during any Public Event in Destiny guide How to get the Whisper of the Worm exotic Jul , What s the Whisper of the Worm The Whisper of the Worm is an Exotic sniper rifle with some very desirable perks The intrinsic perk, White Nail, causes precision hits Destiny Whisper quest How to unlock Whisper of the Worm Jan , Destiny Whisper quest is a bonus mission quietly added to the game as part of the July update Somewhat of a remake of the famed Black The Whisper Man by Alex North Jun , It drips with atmosphere, a disturbing story of The Whisper Man, who over years ago kidnapped and murdered local boys in the small town of Featherbank Frank Carter is the Whisper Man, incarcerated in prison, reveling in his notoriety and reputation, playing mind games with year old DI Pete Willis, the man who caught him.

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    Emma Clayton spent her teens playing in indie bands and doodling with comic artists In her twenties she studied screen writing and became an author The Roar and The Whisper were inspired by her love of film, particularly those of Steven Spielberg she watched as a child In 2013, Emma took a road trip through the western states of America, and is working on a children s novel inspired by that journey In her spare time she enjoys hiking up England s mistier mountains, driving her leaky Land Rover and eating Reese s peanut butter cups.


  • The Whisper is the sequel to The Roar, and I decided to read this book because I really enjoyed reading The Roar They are both science fiction books with an interesting plot and a lot of action.This book is set in a futuristic dystopian world where there are some children that have small mutations that allow them to have special powers Most of the people mentioned in the book live in a forgotten area called The Shadows, which was built in the darkness, underneath all the people living normally T [...]

  • Roar had flaws but the overall talent and creativity overcame them Whispers flaws were just toooo annoying All the 12 year olds except for Ruebin are perfect, with only the best of intentions and never at all concerned with self And all 27,000 of them are in total agreement on how to save the world That s lovely but has Ms Clayton ever met a 12 year old All of the people in power ALL of them are uniformly corrupt It becomes tedious And it turns out to be not just power hungry, greedy adults, but [...]

  • The WhisperBy Emma ClaytonScience Fiction309 pagesFinished 8 9 12The Whisper is the story of a struggle between 2 governments and mutants who are trying to stop the fighting The governments are seperated by The Wall Mika, Ellie and other mutants are taken captive by the government behind The Wall The government has taken all 12 year old children except the mutants and Kobi and given them microchips so they will do whatever the government wants them to do Mika, Ellie and all the other mutants are [...]

  • The Whisper by Emma Clayton is the sequel that fans of The Roar have long awaited And really, the books need to be read together The Whisper finishes the adventure that began in The Roar, when Mika learned that his sister, Ellie, was still alive Stolen by a corrupt government official, she had been trained and experimented on in a quest to control the world.This is a future world where most of the population has been sequestered in the north behind walls They stay there willingly because they ha [...]

  • The whisper by Emma Clayton is the second book to The Roar and it goes further into detail about the plague, the army of children, and the two special twins But there is a problem they are stuck in a secret base a phych ward kind of base and the children have all been inplanted with a chip in there brain to listen to whatever they are told The twins however are playing along and have refused to have brain implants till they decide they are tired of listening to the guy who has been forcin them a [...]

  • I was drawn back for the conclusion of this duology by Emma Clayton s writing, which can be spectacular The way she sets a scene or mood, or pits two or characters against each other in a battle of iron wills, gets readers into the story with an easy talent that must be the envy of most authors By trapping twelve year old twins Mika and Ellie in a dystopian world where they re closely monitored and kept under the thumb of powerful men, yet endowing them with psychokinetic abilities that are th [...]

  • The Whisper by Emma ClaytonReview by Demetre DohertyThe book I read was The Whisper by Emma Clayton I would recommend this book because it has a lot of action, it is unpredictable, and it keeps you engaged I would give this book 3 out of 5 stars because although I liked the action there were some parts of the book that were kind of boring The first reason why I liked this book was because it had a lot of action and some of the great action was on page 204 and it says, The Pod fighters pulled up [...]

  • I just finished the book, and ill tell you about the part at the end When the boy gets into a room with filled with metal and with beds The bot starts looking around the room until he heard giant foot step entering the room he quickly ran behind a bed and hid there He saw a alien with a gun The alien searched around the room if there was anything but he saw nothing in the room So when he was exiting the room the boy ran out of the room and the alien heard him so he chased the boy, the boy was so [...]

  • I quite enjoyed the first of this series The Roar but this one didn t do it for me My main issue is that it felt too preachy I liked the story line and concept of the books, and I thought the author was creative with children being born with animal mutations to draw them back to the earth and nature that they were disconnected from The action and story parts of the book were interesting But every time the story talked about what and why the wall had been built the feel of the writing changed lik [...]

  • I was excited to read this when I borrowed it from the library, but I think compared to The Roar, it was a bit of a disappointment Whereas the Roar had its own sub conflict that being that Mika was sure his sister wasn t dead, etc , The whisper didn t really have one, it had too many, and they didn t really seem all that related or all that important When a book is a part of a series, there has to be a main conflict, and the book itself has to have a separate main conflict Sometimes the author a [...]

  • Mika finally reunites with his sister which was what he first wanted Now he wanted to stop the war that was going to happen between the north and the south of the world They were divided with a wall The only thing that was stopping Mika and Ellie was the fact that they couldn t control the adults The South had forests and a lot of space, while the North was cramped, and had no living things apart from humans The North wanted to share land with South, but they didn t To stop the war, they used th [...]

  • The Roar was a REALLY good book, but sadly, The Whisper was not The Whisper lacked a good plot, and the plot that it had was boring, and obvious, if you haven t, read The Whisper, you could probably predict the resolution The main conflict in the story was so easy to resolve, and the main characters didn t have any problems while trying to resolve the main conflict In my opinion, the theme of this story was kind of childish, and not meant for YA readers.The Roar was so much better than the whisp [...]

  • Mika, Ellie, and all the children of the North have staged a rebellion against their parents to stop Mal Gorman from starting a war with the South that he could never win The mighty youngsters use their telekinetic powers to get out of any possible pickle They deactivate all weapons of the South and depose the Northern government, but the leader of the South still won t listen They travel to him by fighter jet and tell him to his face that they are powerful than he could ever be Will Earth be e [...]

  • In the second book of the series, Ellie and Mika reunite to bring down Mal Gorman and everyone and everything around him There s only one hitch to this plan, however They have to along with his crazy plan, pretending to know nothing, while they can delve into his very thoughts at will So when the adults finally find out about The Secret, nobody is safe On either side of the wall The Whisper is a book about Knowing Your Limits, Misdirection, and Revolution.

  • Book one blew me away, book two was a flop The plot had large black holes, there was no character development, the dialogue came across as emotionless statements I will not read from this author again.

  • This book was just as good as the first There was a lot of action and this book is definitely recommended to everyone Amazing Book

  • The Whisper is the sequel to The Roar, both books by Emma Clayton These books are set some time in the future, after an Animal Plague sweeps across the animals around the world, causing them to go on a killing rampage This forced the citizens of the whole world to live in Europe, where a massive wall was built around the whole continent on the shore of the sea and the land Everyone believed this, and most lived horrible lives, or so they thought Most believe the Animal Plague was real That is wh [...]

  • This book is set in a futuristic dystopian world where there are some children that have small mutations that allow them to have special powers Most of the people mentioned in the book live in a forgotten area called The Shadows, which was built in the darkness, underneath all the people living normally The people that live in The Shadows are fed a barely edible version of mold and get hardly enough space to live The main characters are two siblings named Ellie and Mika Smith, who are the most p [...]

  • Let me first say that I enjoyed The Roar very much and I highly anticipated The Whisper and bought it when it first came out But, it was a little bit disappointing I m not saying it was a complete piece of garbage, far from it, but the book just didn t have that same sort of suspense that the first one had And it also is far slower paced than its predecessor Out of 307 or so pages, it takes around 200 for the action to start Most of those 200 pages aren t even used for very much exposition, whic [...]

  • Whisper is the sequel to Roar I read this book because I really liked Roar The Whisper is an exciting book Mika and his sister, Ellie finally are united again Gorman finally gets his army of youth ready for battle but, Mika finds out what the war is about Gorman wants to drop nuclear weapons on other side of the wall They are not ready to let what he wants happen The Whisper is a telepathic connection between all of the youth of the North with Mika and Ellie at the head of it When the adults fin [...]

  • This book is a sequel to the roar I enjoyed the roar, so i decided to read the next book I enjoyed it, there was an understandable plot, good attention to detail, and a lot of action.Mika and Ellie are twins, who live behind a large concrete wall There is no going out of the wall because of the animal plague The twins were separated when they were young Their parents thought Ellie was dead, but Mikka thought she was alive Later in the story they reunite The twins find out there ar forests and an [...]

  • This book was the sequel to the book The Roar While sometimes during The Roar the action sometimes dragged, The Whisper was always exciting with action The Whisper has a plot which is that 2 corrupt governments to take control of the others land, the southern government has trees and flourishes while the north has no room for trees The two sections are separated with a wall that has a defense mechanism that only the southern government can control Long story short, Mika and Ellie find many new f [...]

  • Best een leuke serie, maar ik zal m niet nog eens lezen Het is duidelijk geschreven voor kinderen, en laat qua geloofwaardigheid nogal wat te wensen over hier en daar Desalniettemin leuk om te lezen.dit deel gaat verder waar het vorige afliep De implant kinderen ontsnappen uit het fort, om er vervolgens weer naar terug te gaan op orders van Mika Hij heeft een plan.Hij wil met het hele kinderleger de oorlog stoppen en winnen En alle volwassenen laten luisteren En dit lukt ook, met behulp van the [...]

  • The Whisper, by Emma Clayton The Whisper, is the sequel to The Roar Both of these novels are science fiction with a dystopian feel Obviously, this book picks up at the end of The Roar Here, the main character, Mika, has reunited with his sister, and has joined the organization that has taken his sister Mika, his sister, and a group of other children are what are referred to as mutants, children with special altercations and powers they were born with This organization has taken these children as [...]

  • Mika and Ellie are assigned by Mal Gorman to steal an age reversing drug from the leader of the elite group of people who pushed the whole population into the north, Raphael Mose They are planning to betray Gorman because they know something he doesn t All of the children share telepathic messages known as the Whisper They will use this to try and work together and take back the south I gave this book a four star rating because it was a great story plot and was very intriguing I didn t give it a [...]

  • The book The Whisper is one of the best sequels of a series that I have ever read cover to cover Emma Clayton wrote this book so that it goes along with a fast pace and really keeps the reader s attention I would definitely rate this book five stars Anyone who likes action, with good meaning and messages, this is the book for you Small amounts of romance, but nothing really mushy It was slow to start, but by the end I could not put the book down.

  • I think the first book is WAY better than this one This one just seems unbelievable It creates strong visuals, but lacks substance Many characters seem to lack a firm personality They seem like something not really solid, and fluid in their actions that lack Normal human personality The plot was kindaweird It just seemed really unbelievable, and it seemed like too much for just one book I think the first book should have a sequel, but this is not the way I would have wanted it.

  • My 100th review sparkles Sad it has to be on this thing I really, really liked the first book, alright Like sure, I was nostalgic, but it was also very interesting I liked the characters, I liked that Ellie and Mika weren t prefect twins that got along all the time, I liked the feeling of helplessness that followed them The world, even if it was kind of over the top with the Wall idea, was still grounded with simple realistic conflict like Mika s house getting destroyed and a competition for awe [...]

  • This is an 8th grader choice.Whispers is the sequel to Roar I can see why an 8th grader would like this book It is very futuristic, with most of the population of each put in very small spaces Teenagers become the hero and open up of the world for all.

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