Come on All You Ghosts

Come on All You Ghosts Matthew Zapruder s third book mixes humor and invention with love and loss as when the breath of a lover is compared to a field of titanium gravestones growing warmer in the sun The title poem is an
  • Title: Come on All You Ghosts
  • Author: Matthew Zapruder
  • ISBN: 9781556593222
  • Page: 402
  • Format: Paperback
  • Come on All You Ghosts
    Matthew Zapruder s third book mixes humor and invention with love and loss, as when the breath of a lover is compared to a field of titanium gravestones growing warmer in the sun The title poem is an elegy for the heroes and mentors in the poet s life from David Foster Wallace to the poet s father Zapruder s poems are direct and surprising, and throughout the book heMatthew Zapruder s third book mixes humor and invention with love and loss, as when the breath of a lover is compared to a field of titanium gravestones growing warmer in the sun The title poem is an elegy for the heroes and mentors in the poet s life from David Foster Wallace to the poet s father Zapruder s poems are direct and surprising, and throughout the book he wrestles with the desire to do well, to make art, and to face the vast events of the day.Look out scientists Today the unemployment rateis 9.4 percent I have no idea what that means I triedto think about it harder for a while Thentried standing in an actual stance of mysteryand not knowing towards the world.Which is my job As is staring at the back yardand for one second believing I am actuallyrising away from myself Which is maybewhat I have in common right now with you .
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    MATTHEW ZAPRUDER is the author of four collections of poetry His poetry, essays, and translations have appeared in publications including The New Yorker, The Paris Review, Tin House, and The Believer An associate professor in the Saint Mary s College of California MFA program and English department, he is also editor at large at Wave Books and, from 2016 to 2017, was the editor of the poetry page of the New York Times Magazine He lives in Oakland, California, with his wife and son.


  • from Come on All You Ghosts by Matthew Zapruder Global WarmingIn old black and white documentariessometimes you can seethe young at a concert or demonstrationstaring in a certain way as ifa giant golden banjois somewhere sparklingjust too far off to hear.They really didn t know there was a camera.Cross legged on the lawnthey are patiently listening to speechesor the folk singer hunchedover his little brown guitar.They look as tired as the young today.The calm manner in which their eyesjust like [...]

  • I m so torn about this collection Zapruder reads like a hip John Ashbery with heart, but the same things that often frustrate me about Ashbery frustrate me about Zapruder a near fetishistic need to jarringly juxtapose high and low diction, switch registers and voices seemingly on a whim, and a deliberate attempt to obfuscate, sacrificing heart and clarity for a formal representation of what it means to be alive in post modern America Whereas Ashbery uses erudite allusions to French literature, [...]

  • So much that has been lost in modern poetry is recovered by Matthew Zapruder in Come On All You Ghosts Clearly he has studied the forms of classic poems their cadence, their unique language, their structure and though his own poetry is not properly formal, he has absorbed these elements into his own In other words, this is poetry that sounds like poetry, that is musical and strange without being inaccessible, that ennobles the reader rather than dragging them through the slough of pedestrian obs [...]

  • I wasn t able to get through this collection on my first or second attempts And though, ultimately I believe that Zapruder s IS a bit uneven, I locate the origin of my early difficulties with the book within my own poetic predilections the geography of which are constantly expanding to include and styles and habits , and honestly, to a sense of professional competition and envy Let me be clear I don t KNOW Matthew Zapruder but I picked up his book on the strong recommendation of a friend and b [...]

  • Still rereading and still loving this collection It s discursive some would say disjointed and prosy and at times breaks my friend s rule that poetry should only do those things which only poetry can do, but I can forgive nearly anything when he does this Clearly life is a drag, by which I mean a net that keepspulling the most unsavory and useful boots weeither put on lamenting, or eat with the hooks of somebig idea gripping the sides of our mouths and yanking themupwards in a conceptual grimace [...]

  • Oh, man I needed these poems I m actually in the process of reading this right now, but I ve been feeling so stationary in my writing Basically, stationary in my living as well Zapruder is gently shoving all this sadness and truth in my face I want to tell him thank you.

  • Zapruder is quickly becoming a favorite and an re entry point for something I lost along the way His poems are narrative for me and I find resonance in resemblance.

  • I first picked this up as a sopho in college and just got back to it in my sopho year post grad I used a handful of those early poems in an introductory poetry class I taught because I admired them so much Zapruder uses mostly plain, straightforward language so his poems aren t difficult to follow I love some of these poems a lot Favorites include Schwinn, The Prelude, Poem for Hannah, For You in Full Bloom, and the titular poem Sprinkled throughout the others are stanzas and metaphors that stop [...]

  • woof, this is awful and disjointed, but whatever Here are some thoughts I apparently wrote down at some point On first reading, Matthew Zapruder s Come On All You Ghosts is an impressive collection of poems that form a cohesive narrative of isolation and gradual insight into a seemingly inexplicable world On second reading, however, the poems lose their charm Characteristics that impress on first reading become trite on the second pass, and the lasting impression is of a poet trying too hard for [...]

  • the kind of poetry i would really love to highlight one liners, but zapruder is simply not my style if you want whimsy, vaguely humorous, stream of conscious like poetry, great it s good, just not my favorite.

  • Those poems made me think that I might possibly get poetry a bit, sometimes Either that or Zapruder is just my guy.

  • Favorite poems are The Prelude, Lamp Day, The New Lustration, Never to Return, Minnesota, Frankenstein Love, Screaming Skull, Ceasing to Be, and Fortune.

  • A fun collection I liked the themes of technology, science and death I also liked the direct address of the title poem and the way he described the poem as a machine that anyone with a mind who cared could enter My favorite poems were Burma and Little Voice I also liked the line I will fall in love exactly about a million times and then I will die from You Have Astounding Cosmic News I loved the stanza below from Work I only feelfree when I am working, that is writingthis book about a pair of zo [...]

  • Reading this book was like borrowing the brain of someone who thinks in the exact opposite way that I do not in the ideological sense think of each neural pathway simply running in reverse , yet who is therefore an almost perfect counterpart to me Zapruder is the coolest, most unassuming teacher in his poetry, always stretching your mind out in an almost literal way, the way his frequent enjambments and lack of punctuation demand a substantial and meaningful hold on your attention , making you l [...]

  • Come On All You Ghosts 96 pages Copper Canyon Press 2010 Matthew Zapruder s third collection of poetry, Come On All You Ghosts, fully engages humor, whimsy, and inventiveness in a game of chicken with the existential absurdity of trying to capture or fathom human emotion These poems are like little viral infections of hope and expansiveness, doing work on the psyche akin to being taken out for mystical cocktails, shaken up inside a snow globe, and then left beside a backwoods road with only a di [...]

  • We read this for the bookstore poetry group Going into the discussion, I was lukewarm on the book There were some brilliant poems, but many seem to meander without much purpose Once we began the discussion, it seemed there were beautiful nuggets in almost every piece I m not sure how I can read a book three times through and miss so much After the meeting, one of the guys in the group asked, what happens during a reading Does anyone get anything I can tell you that if I don t have the text in fr [...]

  • Loved this, most of this Some of the poems are a little too random but others make complete sense in their randomness Come On All You Ghosts, the last poem in the volume and the title poem is great, a must read, a little bit of a tribute to the current reader of the poem Zapruder also writes about less serious things, like White Castle Here is a little clip from Never Before Come homethose who love a librarian aspect I am one,for give her time and she will answer any questionno matter how spiral [...]

  • Last year I chose 15 books from the New York Times 100 notable books of 2010 list So far I ve read 5 of them with reactions ranging from absolute hatred to tepid amusement I can resist trying it again though, so this is my list of 15 books from the NYT notable books of 2011 list that I picked to add to my reading list Angel Esmeralda Don DelilloLeftovers Tom PerrottaBuddha In The Attic Julie OtsukaThe Last Werewolf Glen DuncanMr Fox Helen OyeyemiCome On All You Ghosts Matthew ZapruderGhost Light [...]

  • My introduction to Matthew Zapruder, lovely lovely Zapruder is acutely aware of living in a postmodern world, and these poems are a sincere reaching out, a sentimental but necessary call to empathy, even as they the poems problematize the possibility of communication It s probably not for everyone read form lovers but if it resonates, it really resonates I love these lines Zapruder s metaphors are often breathtaking I have always lovedthe loneliness of those midsized citiesstrewn among the plain [...]

  • Overall, I liked it so, a 3 with some 4 and 5 star lines and poems I mean to say that just like when I was thirteenit has been a hidden pleasure but mostly an awful paintalking to you with a voice that pretends to be shyand actually is, always in search of the questionthat might make you ask me one in return AglowI am a beautiful scrollon which the historyof a dynasty has been writtenin a dead languagenot even one lonely scholar knows After Reading Tu Fu It strue I fear my death, but I fearthe d [...]

  • I read and really liked _Pajamist_, and I think I m sort of aware of Zapruder s place in contemporary poetry But I thought this volume was kind of dull the language to me was very discusrive, very flat and prosey in a way that made the book not very interesting to read It felt like a lot of old ideas, brought across without much enthusiasm.I do think the final long poem, as much as it wasn t thematically all that interesting, was the best thing here Which is a real change from the long, Pajamist [...]

  • Second review 2016 Picked this up on and off over the last few months There are definitely some wonderful lines, but overall, it didn t resonate as much as last read Downgrading from 5 to 3 First review Jan 2011 At moments, this book reminded me what I love about poetry Zapruder writes in an easy, prose like style, but his words are deceptively complex He is a master of the line break and sparely uses punctuation with the effect of compounding the meanings of his words, allowing them to not coll [...]

  • Zapruder macht mich gl cklich Seine Gedichte sind sinnlich, bunt mit starker, originellen Metaphern, die nie schwer oder gewollt wirken Er spricht ber gro e Gef hle ohne pathetisch oder kitschig zu werden Er ist auch als hip und jung bezeichnet worden und auch, wenn ich es nicht mag, einen Dichter als hip zu bezeichnen, stimmt es irgendwie Er ist einer der amerikanischen Dichter der Gegenwart die ich besonders bewundere Wer z.B auch Mark Strand mag, wird ihn auch m gen, k nnte ich mir vorstellen [...]

  • Good gracious, this is beautiful Matthew Zapruder is particularly good at capturing a dream like, floating essence in his poems without visibly pinning it down There s a lot of color in his poems, and the work exists very much in a time that is now with its references to Xerox, the Higgs boson, diet Coke, and others I found it interesting that there were a number of poems where Zapruder refers to books he s been reading, it seemed like a running bit.Favorite poems April SnowNever BeforeWorkStarr [...]

  • I think this was like a 3.5 star read for me When Zapruder is at his best, the poems in this collection take readers on small journeys with unexpected destinations This was especially the case for me in the first two sections and in the long title poem at the end Elsewhere, though, the syntax gets a little too soupy and some of the poems seem to lack or to lose focus This is my first time reading Zapruder s work, and I enjoyed this collection enough to search out The Pajamaist.

  • Zapruder s poetry has a melancholy twinge that lends weight and a feeling of significance There are some stellar poems in this book I especially remember the The Prelude , a poem first about Diet Coke which then turns to be about loneliness, wanderlust and despair Zapruder often references other poets, popular culture especially American culture and his own family and heritage I recommend this for people who want to read good modern poetry.

  • I try to read a poem or two a day, and I do so by rotating through a pile of five books of poetry next to my bed For better or worse, I can t help but judge a book based on how I m enjoying the others in my pile I just like my other books right now Other than the title poem, which I would give 4 stars at least, I couldn t find much to which I might return That poem s pretty amazing Meta, moving, and memorable.

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