On My Own at 107: Reflections on Life Without Bessie

On My Own at Reflections on Life Without Bessie On My Own at is Sarah Sadie Delaney s tribute to Bessie her beloved younger sister and century long companion who died on September at age Just four years earlier Bessie and Sadie
  • Title: On My Own at 107: Reflections on Life Without Bessie
  • Author: Sarah L. Delany Amy Hill Hearth
  • ISBN: 9780062514868
  • Page: 256
  • Format: Paperback
  • On My Own at 107: Reflections on Life Without Bessie
    On My Own at 107 is Sarah Sadie Delaney s tribute to Bessie, her beloved younger sister and century long companion, who died on September 25, 1995, at age 104 Just four years earlier, Bessie and Sadie, along with former New York Times reporter Amy Hill Hearth, co wrote the bestselling Having Our Say, which told the story of the sisters remarkable lives as witness On My Own at 107 is Sarah Sadie Delaney s tribute to Bessie, her beloved younger sister and century long companion, who died on September 25, 1995, at age 104 Just four years earlier, Bessie and Sadie, along with former New York Times reporter Amy Hill Hearth, co wrote the bestselling Having Our Say, which told the story of the sisters remarkable lives as witnesses to a century Here, Sadie reflects on the first year following Bessie s death Kirkus Reviews called the book a bracing reminder that life, a rare gift, must be savored in the living.
    On My Own at 107: Reflections on Life Without Bessie By Sarah L. Delany Amy Hill Hearth,

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      256 Sarah L. Delany Amy Hill Hearth

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  • Sarah L. Delany Amy Hill Hearth

    Sarah Louise Sadie Delany September 19, 1889 January 25, 1999 was an African American educator and civil rights pioneer who was the subject, along with her younger sister Elizabeth Bessie Delany, of the New York Times bestselling oral history, Having Our Say, by journalist Amy Hill Hearth Sadie was the first Black person permitted to teach domestic science at the high school level in the New York public schools, and became famous, with the publication of the book, at the age of 103.


  • Wow, while reading the book I could see how God was working with Sarah and helping to heal her heart after the passing of her Beloved sister, Bessie I love Sadie s determination, genuiness, and child like innocence A must read.

  • Once in a very great while a book comes along that lifts you higher and inspires you than you have EVER been lifted or inspired before AND that is this book.If I could live my life over, I would live it with the grace, and humor and courage of conviction as the Delaney Sisters.

  • This book will warm the cockles of your heart and I think that we ALL can use a little cockle warming right about now Highly recommended.

  • This sister went on and was able to survive after being with her sister for 104 years Heartbreaking for her but she did it This book helped me so much after losing my best friend of 24 years.

  • Not quite as interesting as the first installment, but interesting none the less When you re interested in a book it s always gratifying to read a little .

  • The Delaney Sisters were thrown into the spotlight in the previous book Having Our Say when Sadie was 100 and her sister Bessie was 102 When the book was published 2 years later the ladies were 102 and 104 respectively When the younger sister Bessie dies in 1995, Sadie then 106 is left on her own for the time in her life Imagine living with someone for 102 years of your life These sisters were separated for only one year when die left for New York to attend college and a few days when each was h [...]

  • This very slim volume is like a last chapter for the memoir HAVING OUR SAY in which the reader meets two sisters Sarah and Bessie each over a hundred years old who tell their stories From the title of this one alone, it is clear that one of the sisters outlives the other and at the age of 107 tells us about that What happened when the older sister Sarah the former teacher , contrary to ALL her expectations, loses the younger one Bessie the former dentist How does she feel Is it what she expecte [...]

  • This book can t hold a candle to the wonderful Having Our Say, but it is well worth the hour or so it takes to read it It is a letter conversation from 107 year old Sadie Delaney to her sister Bessie, who died just months earlier The two had lived together for 104 years It s a very slim little book which the publisher fattened up with illustrations of Bessie s favorite flowers and several completely unnecessary and annoying chapter introductions by the Delaney sisters co author the as told to pa [...]

  • so sweet randomly came across it and found the title compelling sadie writes the book as though they were letters to her sister, who she shared over 100 years of her life with hopeful, albeit a tad cliche i did really enjoy the metaphors of the seasons and the watercolors of flowers from the garden what a tribute what amazing people quite touching warmed my heart never would have thought i would read a book like this, but glad i read it.

  • I truly enjoyed this little, quick read book Sarah Delaney, age 107, discovers that life goes on, after her younger sister, Bessie dies at age 105 A good read for anyone looking for inspiration, especially after loosing someone you love, or if you re entering, or are already in those golden years Sarah believes its up to each person to make the best of life, to keep trying no matter what A lot of it is how you look at it A lot of it is attitude And at 107, she still has plans

  • I loved the Delany sisters book, Having Our Say, and was delighted to find this second book by the surviving sister, Sadie Imagine living over 100 years The two sisters lived together for 104 years until the younger sister passed away This book, written by Sadie is a tribute to her beloved sister Sadie speaks to the departed Bessie in what she calls graveyard talk She reminisces about events in their lives, times shared It is a year long journey for Sadie, from despair to hope.

  • How I loved Having our Say How sorry I was to hear about Bessie s passing but how happy to see that Sadie had written another book The Delaney Sisters teach us that we can do anything achieve our goals, overcome prejudice and adversity that education and love of God is most important That we can live a rich full life by focusing on the many blessings God has given us and passing his love and respect on to others who share our journey.

  • Amazing Sarah Delany talks about living on her own at age 107 after living with her sister for over 100 years She talks about her grief, some funny times, and moving on with her life, which took quite a while Sarah called Sadie also co wrote with her sister Bessie Having our Say, which was a wonderful but a disturbing book about growing up as former slaves and all of the bigotry that existed, but from a personal perspective I highly recommend both books.

  • I read Having Our Say immediately went looking for books by these amazing women I found that Bessie had died at the age of 104, but Sadie had written another book or at least Amy Hearth Sadie had again collaborated I really liked the way this book was laid out I read parts of it aloud to my mother.

  • A very insteresting and inspiring story of two sisters who lived together.Both sisters lived to be over 100 years old When the youngest of the two passes away the older sister writes and reflects on their lives together, old age, faith, death , acceptance and adjustments to living alone.

  • Sarah writes about what her life has been like since the publication of Having Our Say, and since the loss of her beloved sister, Bessie A slim volume, but a lovely one, and well worth the brief time it takes to read.

  • This book is dear to my heart When I am reading it, I feel as if I am among old dear friends Saddie, was wise, witty and courageous with her life journey Bessie and Saddie will inspire you as well as make you laugh out loud while reading this book.

  • Although the book was not as uplifting as the previous because of the loss of her sister, Bessie, Sarah Delany still does not disappoint She is clearly an absolutely amazing woman who I wish that I could know personally.

  • The follow up to The Delany Sisters after one sister dies Good advice for anyone is given in this book We can learn so much from those who have lived it And yet so often we push them aside as useless.

  • This book follows sister Sadie for the first year after sister Bessie dies It is basically thoughts and or letters to Bessie from Sadie A lot of the same stories are in Having Our Say, so it was repetitive, and it was a little too personal for me.

  • I read this book many years ago courtesy of my mother and Oprah It is a beautiful book and a great read I had read the first book, which I also highly recommend, and which I would suggest be read first, although it s not essential.

  • I didn t like this one quite as much as the first, but it was still uplifting and gave me great insight into what it feels like to grow old Sarah Delany has quite a personality

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