Nova These are at least some of the ways you can read NOVA as a fast action farflung interstellar adventure as archetypal mystical mythical allegory in which the Tarot and the Grail both figure prominently
  • Title: Nova
  • Author: Samuel R. Delany
  • ISBN: 9780375706707
  • Page: 442
  • Format: Paperback
  • Nova
    These are at least some of the ways you can read NOVA as a fast action farflung interstellar adventure as archetypal mystical mythical allegory in which the Tarot and the Grail both figure prominently as modern myth told in the S F idiom the reader observes, recollects, or participates in a range of personal experience including violent pain and disfigurement, seThese are at least some of the ways you can read NOVA as a fast action farflung interstellar adventure as archetypal mystical mythical allegory in which the Tarot and the Grail both figure prominently as modern myth told in the S F idiom the reader observes, recollects, or participates in a range of personal experience including violent pain and disfigurement, sensory deprivation and overload, man machine communion, the drug experience, the creative experience and inter personal relationships which include incest and assassination, father son, leader follower, human pet, and lots The balance of galactic power in the 31st century revolves around Illyrion, the most precious energy source in the universe The varied and exotic crew who sign up with Captain Lorq van Ray know their mission is dangerous, and they soon learn that they are involved in a deadly race with the charismatic but vicious leader of an opposing space federation But they have no idea of Lorq s secret obsession to gather Illyrion at the source by flying through the very heart of an imploding star.
    Nova By Samuel R. Delany,

    Home NOVA PBS The offical website for NOVA NOVA is the most watched prime time science series on American television, reaching an average of five million viewers weekly. NOVA PBS NOVA brings you stories from the frontlines of science and engineering, answering the big questions of today and tomorrow, from how our ancestors lived, to whether parallel universes exist, to how Nova Nova Definition of Nova by Merriam Webster borrowed from New Latin, newly visible star or nebula probably originally as ellipsis of nebula nova, later taken as ellipsis of stella nova new star , from feminine of Latin novus new at new entry Noun short for Nova Scotia salmon Nova Southeastern University NSU Florida Private Nova Southeastern University offers undergraduate, graduate, and professional degree programs for students looking to gain a competitive edge in their field NSU Florida students don t just get an education, they prepare for real careers, real contributions and real life.

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    Samuel Ray Delany, also known as Chip, is an award winning American science fiction author He was born to a prominent black family on April 1, 1942, and raised in Harlem His mother, Margaret Carey Boyd Delany, was a library clerk in the New York Public Library system His father, Samuel Ray Delany, Senior, ran a successful Harlem undertaking establishment, Levy Delany Funeral Home, on 7th Avenue, between 1938 and his death in 1960 The family lived in the top two floors of the three story private house between five and six story Harlem apartment buildings Delany s aunts were Sadie and Bessie Delany Delany used some of their adventures as the basis for the adventures of his characters Elsie and Corry in the opening novella Atlantis Model 1924 in his book of largely autobiographical stories Atlantis Three Tales.Delany attended the Dalton School and the Bronx High School of Science, during which he was selected to attend Camp Rising Sun, the Louis August Jonas Foundation s international summer scholarship program Delany and poet Marilyn Hacker met in high school, and were married in 1961 Their marriage lasted nineteen years They had a daughter, Iva Hacker Delany b 1974 , who spent a decade working in theater in New York City.Delany was a published science fiction author by the age of 20 He published nine well regarded science fiction novels between 1962 and 1968, as well as several prize winning short stories collected in Driftglass 1971 and recently in Aye, and Gomorrah, and other stories 2002 His eleventh and most popular novel, Dhalgren, was published in 1975 His main literary project through the late 1970s and 1980s was the Return to Nev r on series, the overall title of the four volumes and also the title of the fourth and final book.Delany has published several autobiographical semi autobiographical accounts of his life as a black, gay, and highly dyslexic writer, including his Hugo award winning autobiography, The Motion of Light in Water.Since 1988, Delany has been a professor at several universities This includes eleven years as a professor of comparative literature at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, a year and a half as an English professor at the University at Buffalo He then moved to the English Department of Temple University in 2001, where he has been teaching since He has had several visiting guest professorships before and during these same years He has also published several books of criticism, interviews, and essays In one of his non fiction books, Times Square Red, Times Square Blue 1999 , he draws on personal experience to examine the relationship between the effort to redevelop Times Square and the public sex lives of working class men, gay and straight, in New York City.In 2007, Delany was the subject of a documentary film, The Polymath, or, The Life and Opinions of Samuel R Delany, Gentleman The film debuted on April 25 at the 2007 Tribeca Film Festival.


  • NOVA Queen sings Ahhh Ahhhh Reading this, I could not help thinking about the 1980 Mike Hodges film Flash Gordon starring Max von Sydow and Sam Jones Many critics and reviewers have used the term space opera to label and describe Samuel Delaney s imaginative Hugo nominated 1968 science fiction novel, and I think I will join those ranks defines space opera as follows Space opera is a sub genre of science fiction that often emphasizes romantic, often melodramatic adventure, set mainly or entirely [...]

  • flawed but heroic space captain, on a mission that is part vengeance and part noble quest, assembles a disparate crew to fly through a nova this is Samuel R Delany so that synopsis just barely scratches the surface.I m going to copy paste a post regarding this book that I just made in a group I moderate hopefully the pasted post will eventually turn out to be notes for an actual review, but who knows, I m whimsical and lazy Delany s prose reminds me of a couple musicians I like, John Cage and Jo [...]

  • Nova A New Wave Grail Quest space opera from the 1960sOriginally posted at Fantasy LiteratureNova is Samuel Chip Delany s 1968 space opera with mythic Grail Quest overtones It is packed with different themes, subtexts, allegorical and cultural references, and literary experiments, and the young author just 25 years old is clearly a very talented, intelligent, and passionate writer.But I didn t enjoy it, sadly While I thought Babel 17 was a very fast paced, vivid and engaging space opera that cen [...]

  • Ah, classic space opera futuristic setting, oddball characters with oddball philosophies, and ships and science well beyond what we ken Unlike a good deal of space opera, Nova is not a doorstopper It is modest in length and in focus, though not in scope The cast of characters is small, but the events have large repercussion Captain Lorq von Ray certainly has much in common with Captain Ahab, and obsession is an important motif in Nova I hesitate to compare it to Moby Dick not because I think su [...]

  • For those of you unfamiliar with Delany, let me explain to you what it s like reading one of his novels And Delany is a clever PLUS, so I think there should be way raving about him than there is I don t quite hear enough Here s the blurb they give you The balance of galactic power in the 31st century revolves around Illyrion, the most precious energy source in the universe The varied and exotic crew who sign up with Captain Lorq van Ray know their mission is dangerous, and they soon learn that [...]

  • Finished a reread of Samuel R Delany s Nova for my reading group I ll post a longer review later, but for nowNova is considered by some critics as the last of Delany s early period, lesser novels I think it is the first of his masterpieces insofar as he fully embraces what will become a trademark in the next several Dhalgren, Trouble On Triton, and all the Neveryon books, ending with Stars In My Pocket Like Grains Of Sand, namely the full use of metafiction Many mainstream literary novelists emp [...]

  • O poveste care se cite te u or, n ciuda pasajelor cu ordinea cuvintelor inversat O idee interesant , cea cu c l toria n interiorul novelor pentru extragerea illyrionului, p cat c este l sat cam deoparte p n spre final, pun ndu se n schimb accentul pe conflictul celor dou familii rivale care conduc practic ntreaga galaxie Ce m a nemul umit cam pu in parc a evoluat lumea din anul 1968, c nd a ap rut cartea lui Samuel R Delany, i anul 3172, c nd se petrece ac iunea Acuma, eu n eleg c autorul nu a g [...]

  • This novel might be off putting to readers of current SF or fantasy novels Its approach to prose and plot is very different from contemporary works, and I note that SF novels of the 50s and 60s often approached plot as an exploration of ideas It s not that they weren t often entertaining and well structured But novels by Delaney, Spinrad, Dick, LeGuin and many others seemed to develop their characters and setting and plots in the service of theme, developing and testing ideas, and extrapolating [...]

  • Nova does not cease telling you how clever it is It does this with plenty of the goobledigook that can mar any narrative, sci fi or not First the neologisms meant to indicate that the writer really thought through his futuristic world sensory syrynx and psychorama are among the plenty These are meant to broadcast the legitimacy of his imagined world and that, yes, he took care to note that language evolves with the times Yet the dialogue and language otherwise has timeless problems stilted expos [...]

  • wow a very charismatic space captain somehow gets a crew to take on a near suicide type mission that s both greed and vengeance orientedd it is so believable you will think its possible to fly into a nova I find it so awe inspiring that Delany stuffed all this into a 200 page book, but there you are The most content per word book ever

  • When reading reviewing this novel, you need to ignore the science parts of science fiction, as this was published in 1968, before the moon landing, let alone feasible space mining or colonization Yet, Delany s ideas are not so out there to be considered improbable or at least distracting to the story Illyrion is quite properly described not as a substance, but as a superheavy material that is, something akin to particles than something you can hold in your hand worst explanation ever, but you g [...]

  • Recenzia complet bit 2gw0k8c Presupun c singura modalitate de a m proteja de blesteme ar fi s abandonez cartea nainte de scrierea ultimului capitol n 1968, Samuel R Delany publica romanul Nova n 2017, eu m plimbam cu un geamantan i cu o list kilometric la Bookfest, u or ame it din pricina miilor de c r i care i scuturau copertele c nd mi surprindeau privirea, doar doar aveam s le iau cu mine acas mi amintesc cum turnul de romane primit de la Grupul Editorial Art amenin a s se pr bu easc , ns ast [...]

  • SF Space miners Space ships Weird syntax Sadly, it s the weird syntax that stuck with me after reading this.Most of the action is set in the year 3172, in a universe where most of the galaxy is colonized by humans In the Pleiades Federation, natives speak a dialect that always puts the verb at the end of the sentence It gave us a lot of dialogue like I if his advisory meeting over is will see The entire time I was reading I was wondering what kind of a culture puts its verbs last, and I m disapp [...]

  • 2.5 3 stele mi doream mult s mi plac pentru c auzisem multe despre acest space opera, precursor al curentului cyberpunk ns lectura a dezv luit un Delany incapabil s n eleag viitorul Suntem undeva n secolul 32, 3172 mai precis, de i ac iunea prinde c teva momente diferite n timp, i civiliza ia uman s a r sp ndit n spa iu Coloniile externe, evindent, sunt n competi ie cu sistemul de alian e tradi ionale, care in de planeta mam P m ntul Illyrionul, substan a care permite deplasarea ntre diverse pla [...]

  • Bizarre psychedelic jewel of novel that sometimes reads like prose poetry Allusions to Bester, Holy Grail, Moby Dick, tarot, City of the Dreadful Night add to the enjoyment all with interesting thoughts on film and music, the future of the novel, humanity and technology, work and other weird thoughts.This book has an especially chilling finale alleviated by the humurous last line and an unsuspected conclusion First Delaney I ve made it through but maybe this will give the urge to tackle I faile [...]

  • Nutshell always already dashing petit bourgeois outsider seeks to break interstellar monopoly of Old Money aristocrat via innovative stellar semiotics.Text is kickass in its presentation of celestial objects and outer space, where night means forever and morning s a recollection 18 Space itself the vermillion rush, in which hung the charred stars 90 Each star is similarly a furnace where the very worlds of empire are smelted 86 One planet s inhabitants speak with a dicked up Yodaesque syntax, wh [...]

  • If I had to pick a favourite I would probably pick Babel 17, simply because the subject appealed to me Nova is a superb example of what the new wave accomplished in the genre however It s a story that on the surface connects with much of what has gone before in the genre If you look under the surface however, new ideas, elements and themes enter into the narrative Add to that Delany s distinct voice and you have a novel that is bound to attract attention It s easy to see how this novel became a [...]

  • I first read Nova when I was a teenager I just decided to start reading it again, almost 40 years later Unlike many vintage Sci fi books, nothing feels dated it reads as fresh and original as it did decades ago I rated it amazing because it amazed me To not have forgotten it after one read for 4 decades says it all.

  • This is Delany at the height of his genre writing game, after he momentarily returned from his obfuscatory break out with the very strange The Einstein Intersection This is a fun read, truly a space opera of interfamilial feuds and political power in a proto cyberpunk cyborgish future Other reviewers seem to find the dialogue stilted it s genre, so it is largely expository this isn t Gaddis, and the people complaining wouldn t like it even if it were , but it works fine for me Is it campy Yes, b [...]

  • Nova O poveste n care o c l torie interstelar pornit pentru a g si illyrion, singura substan capabil s genereze suficient energie pentru a permite deplasarea navelor prin Univers, se transform ntr o c utare alegoric a Graalului Printre instrumente muzicale senzoriale, c r i de Tarot, modele arhetipale, mituri, galaxii i stele care mor, se z resc personaje neobi nuite i nt mpl ri luminate de puterea stelei care amenin s explodeze ntr o nov.

  • I ve meant to read this for so long, because it s a total classic and everyone seemed to expect me to love Delany s work Although the writing is clever, the way some of the characters speak verb last just got infuriating, and I don t think any of the characters are really there to be liked As for the grail story narrative that s supposed to be there, well knowing the grail story as well as I do clue very well, thanks to Cardiff University s medieval lit tutors it didn t really feel like a grail [...]

  • it s astounding how time has changed this book this is the last of Delany s early science fiction novels, and in a lot of ways it s as striking and intelligent as I remember though in others, I think it s transparent why he abandoned this kind of SF, and it s almost odd how apparent elements of the transition are in the book but yeah shouldn t say for now huge discussion piece on this book should be coming at Entropy within the next few months

  • An interesting picture of an interstellar society, Samuel R Delaney s Nova has its moments At times, it is difficult to follow who is saying what but it eventually comes together at the end Captain Lorq Von Ray is engaged in a rivalry to the death with Prince and Ruby Red over a slight that goes back to childhood Von Ray is attempting to sail his ship into a supernova to pick up a seven tons of a substance called Illyrion, only a few grams of which is enough to power a starship.At times, it is d [...]

  • TL DR Review A wonderfully satisfying read, Nova rewards any and all effort expended to read it Science fiction that is truly literature though not without a few weak points Recommended.The rest of it Nova is a master s piece that consciously strives to be literature As such, when reviewing, I m mentally holding it to the same standards set by Tolstoy, Dickens, and the like I m comparing it to The nebulous Canon.To best understand it, I recommend a previous and close reading of Moby Dick or at l [...]

  • This is probably my least favorite novel by Samuel R Delany, which is to say that it s excellent, but not perfect It s actually ambitious than The Fall of the Towers, but, perhaps because of that, winds up not having as many interesting digressions or memorable characters On the whole, it is classic Galactic Space Opera, though it tries at times to be something .The central story wants to be a kind of Grail Quest, but it s actually of a Moby Dick revenge tale We have the driven, disfigured cap [...]

  • I ve enjoyed some of Delany s later, experimental books such as Dhalgren and Triton , but I had yet to read one of his earlier works Nova s greatness lies in the fact that you can see Delany s literary genius at work, but you also get a conventional plot that sits within and yet expands many space opera tropes It s all the impressive that Delany wrote this in his mid 20 s.There s an eccentric star ship captain, Lorq, with grudge and a plan as well as his rag tag crew of misfits my favorites a [...]

  • Nova e un roman care ncearc s fie grandios O space opera care se ntinde peste galaxii, ale c rei personaje sunt surprinz tor de excentrice pentru o lume n care c l toria pe distan e extrem de mari e la fel de comun ca naveta ntre Bucure ti i Constan a.Ar putea s fie un exemplu perfect de hard sci fi Dar nu e E poetic sci fi Eroic sci fi E, dac vre i, cu riscul unei compara ii limitate, mai degrab Star Wars dec t Star Trek, plus o component filosofic mult mai explicit dec t nt lne ti de obicei n [...]

  • This book was a little too cozy for me It was all buildup and no climax The universe is richly imagined, but mostly it served for background color It reminded me of an RPG anime, specifically Xenogears the only anime RPG I ve played, actually Allusions and references are fine, but when they don t lead anywhere, when they are just there to be allusions and references and background decor, I find the work to be very self serving and archaic for archaic s sake, like an episode of Lost Very rarely w [...]

  • This was fun Samuel R Delany is a talented writer with a lot of ideas and a good sense of character and social context He s certainly not reaching here like he did in his masterpiece, Dhalgren, and a lot of this boils down to a drama cast in archetypes bold, vaguely Ahab esque captain, back from previous failed expedition plans next Semi amoral rival with a beautiful sister Street smart orphan who tries to live in the present without introspection Etc Except Delaney manages to make most of these [...]

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