John Coltrane's Giant Steps

John Coltrane s Giant Steps You may be surprised at the tricky music a box a snowflake some raindrops and a kitten can make Right before your eyes And on the pages of this book There is someone backstage watching encouraging
  • Title: John Coltrane's Giant Steps
  • Author: Chris Raschka
  • ISBN: 9780689845987
  • Page: 154
  • Format: Hardcover
  • John Coltrane's Giant Steps
    You may be surprised at the tricky music a box, a snowflake, some raindrops, and a kitten can make Right before your eyes And on the pages of this book There is someone backstage watching, encouraging our performers but keeping them under control Why not listen along
    John Coltrane's Giant Steps By Chris Raschka,
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      154 Chris Raschka
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    I always try to treat the book itself as the artwork, Chris Raschka says I don t want you to stop while you re reading one of my books and say, Oh What a gorgeous illustration I want you to stop at the end of the book and say, This is a good book Chris Raschka is one of those people who knew from an early age what he wanted to be when he grew up It was never a question in my mind, he says As long as I can remember, I always knew what I would do I would become a biologist Somewhere along the line, however, after having to kill a mouse with his bare hands, Chris Raschka began to change his mind I understood it intellectually, he says, but I just wasn t cut out to do that Fortunately, Chris Raschka s squeamishness turned into a boon for the realm of children s books He decided to shift his focus to painting and drawing, and has since produced a range of outstanding books that has PUBLISHERS WEEKLY calling him one of the most original illustrators at work today Chris Raschka illustrated A POKE IN THE I A COLLECTION OF CONCRETE POEMS, a critically acclaimed anthology that was both a NEW YORK TIMES BOOK REVIEW Best Illustrated Children s Book and a PUBLISHERS WEEKLY Best Book of the Year I approached it with a version of the Hippocratic oath, Chris Raschka says of the playful volume That was my goal do no harm to these poems, which are all beautiful I wanted my illustrations to be little welcoming introductions a way in And most recently, Chris Raschka has once again teamed up with his A POKE IN THE I partner Paul B Janeczko to bring an equally lauded creation to poets everywhere A KICK IN THE HEAD AN EVERYDAY GUIDE TO POETIC FORMS teaches readers the excitement and challenge that can be found in playing by the rules of poetry Receiving starred reviews from PUBLISHERS WEEKLY, KIRKUS REVIEWS, SCHOOL LIBRARY JOURNAL, and BOOKLIST, the title seamlessly unites text and art Chris Raschka s whimsical torn paper artwork lends thoughtful details to essence of the book that poetry is fun.Previously, Chris Raschka turned his talents to Dylan Thomas s timeless prose poem A CHILD S CHRISTMAS IN WALES, creating fluid illustrations that honor the poet s words, evoking their musical cadences and bringing a fresh appreciation for this most lyric work Named a NEW YORK TIMES BOOK REVIEW Best Illustrated Children s Book, this beautiful edition should bring Dylan Thomas s work to a new generation of children, says President Jimmy Carter The illustrator was also a force behind I PLEDGE ALLEGIANCE, a picture book cowritten by legendary children s book author Bill Martin Jr and fellow literacy expert Michael Sampson My parents have always respectfully refused to recite the Pledge of Allegiance, Chris Raschka says That s why I was drawn to this project in America, we each have the freedom to choose, including the freedom to choose whether or not to say the pledge His aim was that his quirky images, with their simple, stylized line drawings, would bring a sense of inclusion That is my hope, for everyone to make the Pledge come alive A different sort of collaboration went into the tongue in cheek TABLE MANNERS, a hilarious picture book that Chris Raschka wrote and illustrated together with artist Vladimir Radunsky, a long time friend Chris Raschka grew up in suburban Chicago, but then fled to New York, where he now lives with his wife, son, and a variety of pets When not working on books, the artist likes to walk around the city, knit sweaters without a pattern, go to the opera, practice yoga, and surf, a pastime that once cost him a tooth.


  • Originally posted on my blog, A Lovely Bookshelf on the Wall John Coltrane s Giant Steps was one of our library finds It offered so much than I expected in a children s book The CD included with the book is a must this is really meant to be experienced as an entire package The CD offers two tracks one with page turn cues, one without.The story s performers are some raindrops on drums, a box playing string bass, a snowflake on piano, and an adorable kitten on tenor sax Get it Raindrops Snowflake [...]

  • What a heady book, man It could be interesting to read this book to kids and have them listen Giant Steps, and then read the book again to see if kids felt differently Or I would be really curious to see this in an ASL Storytime setting Also if Wynton Marsalis could read this I would appreciate that.

  • I have never read another book like this He uses symbols to play music all over the pages Very unique Raschka uses great creativity in composing the music in this book It would be fun to either create music or use the song Coltrane when reading this book Or, students could make their own art to music It could be an anticipatory set to learning about jazz.

  • Jazz represented on the page and broken down for very young readers I read the book without the original accompanying CD of the Coltrane composition Giant Steps , but it was still fresh and engaging.

  • As one of my students said, this books makes no sense I get the whole trying to be artsy fartsy and write and illustrate a book about jazz, but seriously I like jazz and don t see the connection to the ending of this picture book.

  • Review found on The Lemon Librarian.Score out 5 lemonsThis picture book may be lost on me.Chris Raschka s lively illustrations bring John Coltrane s unique jazz style to life using a box, a snowflake, some snowflakes, and a kitten Each character represents a specific element of music, such as the tempo and melody These elements animate music as a visual experience for children As the musical sequence progresses, the characters change color to reflect the movement of music What s fun is that the [...]

  • John Coltrane s Giant Steps by Chris Raschka is unlike any book I have read before The book is pretty much creating a song but through the words on pages, allowing for so much imagination and thought from the students I liked how there was an attempt to show sounds in picture form, even though they may seem kind of random this allows for students to make a correlation between sounds and how it would be viewed if you could write it This book captivated me from the start because I did not know wha [...]

  • I spent an hour and a half shelf straightening in our kids lit section, and came up with this irresistible picture book The author credit, remixed by chris raschka, sealed the deal Raschka basically breaks down the basic components of music and gives each tempo, beat, harmony, and melody a visual tag that is easily recognizable when they appear on the following pages In the style of a laidback conductor, the book s narrator calls forth the music and makes them combine on the page Interestingly, [...]

  • Interestingly, the author illustrator tries to visually create John Coltrane s Giant Steps with some help from a box, a snowflake, raindrops, and a kitten With the raindrops representing tempo, the box representing sound foundation, the snowflake representing the harmony, and the kitten representing the melody, readers are taken on a visual tour of an auditory experience When things go wrong, the author or conductor interrupts the music with suggestions about how to improve The watercolor and in [...]

  • Pretty lame The pictures themselves are OK, but the concept is weak Any Coltrane connection is tenuous at best Seems to me like just hipster name dropping One could probably insert any name and it wouldn t make much difference The historical text is not accurate Coltrane did not himself refer to what he did as sheets of sound and Giant Steps is not an example of the sheets of sound approach So we are on shaky ground to begin with.Also, why is the word base used instead of bass if the snowflake i [...]

  • I loved Raschka s newest, The Cosmobiography of Sun Ra The Sound of Joy Is Enlightening, but this one didn t do it for me I know Coltrane and Giant Steps quite well, but I couldn t see how the illustrations and text here as cute as they are add anything, or how they could realistically help a new listener to better understand the piece Nice effort though, and it clearly led to even stronger works.

  • This interesting book seeks to recreate Coltrane s composition Giant Steps entirely with visual art It s an interesting concept, but I think young readers will be completely lost without the actual music to give the book some context I presented the book in a Children s Lit class and experimented a bit First I read through the opening pages, and then I played the Giant Steps CD while quickly flipping through the pages My classmates definitely got the book with the CD playing, and I think childre [...]

  • I chuckled when I first saw Raschka s book at a local kids bookstore I never thought of Coltrane s piece that way until I read the book If only I were a kid again and someone hand me a recording of Giant Steps along with this book, it would ve made me the happiest kid on earth In hindsight, I should have gotten a copy of this book for myself.This is definitely recommended for young musicians to be, or young music audiences to learn about jazz

  • This book is just weird But it would be weird in a good way if it could be read to students by an enthusiastic music teacher who loves jazz and could convey the message of the book While I consider myself rather musically adept, I m not very knowledgeable about jazz and so the abstractness of this book left me scratching my head a bit I think it has a cool concept, my brain just hasn t figured out what it all means yet.

  • John Coltrane s Giant Steps is an excellent song regardless of how well one understands the complexities of his music However, this lovely remix my Chris Raschaka paints the song out and exposes some of it s hidden details It s a simple idea and a fun to read book, and after it you can listen to Giant Steps and realize that now you have a better understanding of the song without having to attend some sort of Understanding Jazz class.

  • John Coltrane s Giant Steps was a decent book, it had a lot of details with the illustrations along with the story as well It was neat when Chris Raschka had objects represent the music instrument, but at times it seemed a little busy Along with that at times it was hard to follow and not a whole lot interning to me Overall it was a decent book , but I would read it to upper level elementary students.

  • I love what this book did to illustrate music.It can also be easily adapted to create a lesson for children.I ve used the book to show the children what can be seen when listening to a song, then we listened to the piece and discussed how the pictures matched what the sounds were.You can then steal this idea to use with other pieces of music.

  • I was glad to see Coltrane make it into a children s book, but the concept worked better for me than the execution Nonetheless, Raschka s illustrations are strong and full of energy like the music that inspired it, with the layering of symbols images to parallel the tempo, beat, harmony and melody Cool cat First read May 2012

  • This book might take some analyzing from students I don t think they will get it right away It might help to play the song too and discuss how each instrument works together to form a song like the box, snowflake, kitten, and raindrop

  • Age Grades 9 YAGenre Picture book poetry.Diversity African American jazz.Illustrations drawings Personal response Great mix of music, poetry and pictures Curricular or programming connections Not sure.

  • I picked up this book yesterday at the Joslyn Art Museum store It is a beautiful, visual exploration of the music of John Coltrane, particularly his rhythm I think it would be a great book to use in teaching a child about jazz and improvisation.

  • Can be a very confusing book for children, but it can be introduced in a classroom or music room as a whole group to be explained Mainly for music literature, this picture book shows the reader how to picture beat temp melody Very interesting

  • Hmmmm I m not a fan I m also not really a visual person Had the shapes stayed the same color I might have been able to follow this a bit better I see some reviewers have mentioned a CD coming with the book my library copy did not have that, and I bet it would have helped.

  • Absolutely fabulous for music lovers It s beautiful even if you don t know anything about music, but there is a lot of musical jargon, so I really don t know how it would appeal to those who don t know it.

  • If I was rating this for personal enjoyment it would be four stars I like it But I ve had 8 years of music performance experience I don t think I would have gotten the book without that Kids will be confused by it probably not excited about listening to Coltrane.

  • A conceptual book that gives a visual element to John Coltrane s music Giant Steps in a 60 s style graphics I found it charming reading to my son and imagining the music that would go with the images I definitely would enjoy doing this for kinder or first graders with the music.

  • While fresh and engaging, including the jazz scene in a children s book, I found this book confusing, boring, and lacking any real direction It didn t do much in the way of moving a child in his or her reading, and that was a real disappointment.

  • I did not like this one I did however like how he includes the readser in the book Tells you what they are going to do and how each thing has its own job I did like that, but other than that I did not like the book.

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