Dorothy And the Wizard in Oz

Dorothy And the Wizard in Oz When Dorothy recovered her senses they were still falling but not so fast The top of the buggy caught the air like a parachute or an umbrella filled with wind and held them back so that they floated
  • Title: Dorothy And the Wizard in Oz
  • Author: L. Frank Baum
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  • Page: 335
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Dorothy And the Wizard in Oz
    When Dorothy recovered her senses they were still falling, but not so fast The top of the buggy caught the air like a parachute or an umbrella filled with wind, and held them back so that they floated downward with a gentle motion that was not so very disagreeable to bear The worst thing was their terror of reaching the bottom of this great crack in the earth, and the naWhen Dorothy recovered her senses they were still falling, but not so fast The top of the buggy caught the air like a parachute or an umbrella filled with wind, and held them back so that they floated downward with a gentle motion that was not so very disagreeable to bear The worst thing was their terror of reaching the bottom of this great crack in the earth, and the natural fear that sudden death was about to overtake them at any moment.
    Dorothy And the Wizard in Oz By L. Frank Baum,
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    also wrote under the name Edith Van Dyne, Floyd AkersLyman Frank Baum was an American author, actor, and independent filmmaker best known as the creator, along with illustrator W W Denslow, of one of the most popular books in American children s literature, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, better known today as simply The Wizard of Oz He wrote thirteen sequels, nine other fantasy novels, and a plethora of other works 55 novels in total, 82 short stories, over 200 poems, an unknown number of scripts, and many miscellaneous writings , and made numerous attempts to bring his works to the stage and screen.


  • Would I spoil things if I mention something that implied in the title Yes, Dorothy got to Oz eventually, but it took her about two thirds of the book to finally arrive there This time she was minding her own business riding from a train station to a Californian ranch where her uncle was waiting for her when she fell into a deep crack appearing as a result of an earthquake She was shortly joined none other than the former Wizard of Oz himself Trying to get to the surface they met a lot of fascina [...]

  • Not my favorite Oz book It just reads as a series of unrelated episodes as Dorothy and her companions stumble along under the earth trying to find their way to the surface again There s the land of vegetable people and the land of creatures made out of wood and the land of invisible people, etc None of the lands yielded any characters with real staying power.And the inconsistencies make me wonder if Mr Baum ever re read his own books In Ozma of Oz, Dorothy and Ozma arranged that Ozma would look [...]

  • Dorothy is supposed to be meeting up with her uncle in California to visit family She meets Zeb instead her cousin , and the two of them, along with their pets a horse and a cat , go for an adventure together because there is an earthquake and they fall through the earth Mangaboos vegetable people , self growing glass cities, lack of gravity, invisible people, cloud fairies, wooden gargoyles, dragons, etc Old friends are in this one too, and many new characters.There is some reverse psychology g [...]

  • Please note that this book will spoil events from books one through three So if you haven t read those books, skip over this review My general feeling once I finished this book was eh.I feel bad for saying this, but the charm of the first two Oz books has worn off of me I had issues with book three but this one really did not gel for me at all Maybe it s because two new characters sucked A lot And I was glad to be rid of them Yes I am totally calling out a children s book right now for being jus [...]

  • So im reading all the Oz books plus the side books, but feeling a little sick so review to come when i m feeling better

  • Yikes This series is not moving in a good direction Rampant sexism, as Dorothy gets to mispronounce words and cry while her male counterpart gets to think creatively about how to solve problems, participate physically in the solutions, and basically interact meaningfully with his surroundings Massive xenophobia, as the little group hates almost all the countries they pass through, leading to casual genocide, as they light the wooden people on fire Good riddance There s a bunch of weird contradic [...]

  • Yet another series that I read lots in my youth, and thus retain a fondness for, despite recognizing that Baum is only a middling writer, at best His inventiveness, which is his greatest strength, often gets out of hand and doesn t lend itself to satisfying narratives with a beginning, middle, and end And don t even get me started on the inconsistencies But every now and then, he gets off a really good line H.M said the Woggle Bug, pompously, means Highly Magnified and T.E means Thoroughly Educa [...]

  • 4 in the original Baum Oz continuum and you can tell by this point that he was getting a little winded The whole work comes across as a pandering to his pesky fans who kept demanding new works he published one a year, it seems like and is pretty sloppy Dorothy and some redneck kid fall through a crack in the earth during an earthquake in California and, after randomly finding the original Wizard of Oz in an underground city made of glass, they have a series of unconnected, sometimes unremarkable [...]

  • I really like this one Baum is sometimes hit or miss with how interesting the different kinds of people his characters are constantly meeting are good sentence, Sho , but he is pretty hit in Dorothy and the Wizard The Mangaboos, the Valley of Vo, the dragonets, and the gargoyles are all neat, although I wish the dragon herself played a bigger role, and I wish we learned about how the gargoyles came to be and why they fight and imprison all comers, and what they would have done with our friends [...]

  • 2.5 starsThis one was quite slow and a very skipable installment There was no quest, just Dorothy and friends trying to find their way back to Earth And the means to get there ended up being quite anticlimactic, especially since Dorothy could have used her connection with Ozma at any point in their journey The animal characters, Eureka and Jim, were both annoying, although the little piglets were quite adorable There also seemed to be some alternate history introduced here, edited from the histo [...]

  • O feiticeiro de Oz um dos meus livros favoritos da minha inf ncia Fiquei deliciada quando descobri ter continua o muito bom reencontrar Dorothy, the Wizard, o espantalho e o le o covarde E tamb m conhecer outras como a princesa Ozma, o Jim, a Eureka e a Zeb Fiquei fascinada pela princesa Ozma Uma menina que enganada toda a sua vida, acreditando que menino e depois descobre que uma princesa desaparecida ela a verdadeira rainha da cidade Esmeralda, conseguindo aos poucos ganhando a confian a do po [...]

  • A lot of super cool, imaginative ideas strung together by a thin plot All of the favorite characters make it into the story by the end Eh, my son enjoyed it.Fun fact, during a murder trial I got to explain both murder and trialssweet.

  • Had to delete the blog review because it kept showing a larger picture of the book Being the perfectionist I am sometimes, I just deleted it because it was getting on my nerves and I couldn t figure out what was going on lolI did enjoy the book, as I always do with the Oz books Glad to be gradually working my way through these books It was good to see many of the old characters from the first few books and of course some new ones.Hopefully I will be able to get a couple finished before the end [...]

  • How fun Due to an earthquake, Dorothy and friends fall through a crack in the ground, and they fall deep into the earth s core There she discovers new fairy lands for herself.Lots of intrigue in this Oz volume Even gasp an accusation of murder is rung out through the land of Oz My, my I also liked how a little bit was explained about how Oz became the leader of the land, being history that not even Dorothy knew previously.

  • I ve never considered Dorothy and The Wizard in Oz a particularly good installment in the Oz saga As the author admits in his introduction, Dorothy and The Wizard was written as a concession to the numerous fan letters appealing to keep Dorothy and the Wizard bound together as a fixture in the ongoing stories of Oz As only the fourth book well before the full cast of characters and the complete dimensions of Oz itself were defined Dorothy and The Wizard doesn t actually go anywhere Apparently, B [...]

  • Dorothy s traveling through San Francisco, when a earthquake occurs and she falls into the Earth Once again, she s traveling through some dangerous magical lands, this time accompanied with her cat Eureka, her cousin Zeb, and his cab horse Jim.I couldn t help notice that this is the first book of the series where Baum doesn t proclaim it to be the last Oz book ever in the introduction I guess by this point Baum was resigned to the selling power of Oz, and it sort of shows in how much of Dorothy [...]

  • Not the The Wizard of Oz, but one of the sequels Have you all ever read the Oz books Because they are just plain odd Baum was incredibly imaginative, and could dream up the most outlandish situations, for sure, but the books are a little bit crazy Anyway, this one starts off in California, where earthquake causes Dorothy, her kitten, a boy named Zeb and a horse named Jim fall into the center of the earth They land in a mysterious kingdom where they just happen to run into the Wizard also there t [...]

  • Ever day dream about falling into a crack in the earth and finding strange communities of people living underground Me neither Nor did I ever imagine that I d read about a kitty on trial for murder This one is strictly for those who can approach it as a child Sorry I confess right up front that I m being completely uncritical here If I were critical about the preposterous concepts, the lack of development of the new worlds visited, the flake outs of the continuity of the series, or the shape of [...]

  • Sooooo Dorothy, the Wizard, and friends fall into the center of the Earth during an earthquake this was written two years after the Big One in San Fransisco BTW , where it is oddly not particularly hot, but full of lands populated with all sorts of Odd Beings They manage, after two thirds of the book, to get within a stone wall of the Earth s surface, only to be trapped in a cave with no outlet.But wait Ozma and Dorothy had an agreement that Ozma would check Dorothy s whereabouts every afternoon [...]

  • Dorothy begins her adventures to strange lands, once again, as the result of a natural disaster This time, the disaster is an earthquake She and her companions eventually including the Wizard of Oz fall deep into the earth where they meet many strange people in the various countries there Among the strange people groups they meet are people who grow on bushes and are vegetable rather than meat inside, people who become invisible because of a type of fruit they eat, and wooden gargoyles with deta [...]

  • What did I just read I can see why people say this series of books lost quality as they go on, but I thought they meant further along I didn t realise they meant book 4 I wasn t that keen on the third book.In this book, we have plotholes, continuity errors and a whole lot of retcons And I think Dorothy had a lobotomy sometime between this book and the last And the less I say about the blatant sexism, the better I m not sure if I ll read the next one ever, but I know if I do, it s going to be aft [...]

  • I m impressed that these books have managed to stay original Each one has fresh characters, worlds, and magic Each feels like a new fairytale.

  • Dorothy and the Wizard in OzPLOT Dorothy and her uncle go to visit a relative of his Uncle Hugson While she s being picked up by her second cousin Zebadiah an earthquake occurs She, he, his horse Jim and her cat Eureka fall clear down through the split in the ground and end up exploring lands such as The Glass City where the residents are Vegetables , a land where eating a certain fruit turns you invisible, the Wooden City, and the Land of the Gargoyles, and once again OZ on their way to find th [...]

  • When Dorothy gets in a carriage with Eureka, the kitten, Zeb, the driver, and Jim, the horse, she has no idea she is going to have another adventure A earthquake strikes and the party falls through a crack in the earth and ends up in a town made of glass The animals can talk now and they are completely lost They meet up with the old wizard of Oz and discover that they are not welcome in this glass city How will they reach the top of the earth and how will they survive One of my favorites, along [...]

  • Buddy read 3.0 Stars from me I enjoy L Frank Baum s sense of humor He creates wonderful stories with the best word play He s an amazing writer, I just didn t think this story was as adventurous as some of the others I can t wait to see what my reading partner had to say.

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