Thunder Cave

Thunder Cave Determined after his mother s accidental death to foil his stepfather s plans for his future fourteen year old Jacob travels alone to Africa in search of his father a biologist studying elephants
  • Title: Thunder Cave
  • Author: Roland Smith
  • ISBN: 9780786814510
  • Page: 396
  • Format: Paperback
  • Thunder Cave
    Determined, after his mother s accidental death, to foil his stepfather s plans for his future, fourteen year old Jacob travels alone to Africa in search of his father, a biologist studying elephants in a remote area of Kenya.Book Details Format Paperback Publication Date 1 1 2000 Pages 256 Reading Level Age 1 and Up
    Thunder Cave By Roland Smith,
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      396 Roland Smith
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    Roland Smith is an American author of young adult fiction as well as nonfiction books for children.Smith was born in Portland, Oregon, and graduated from Portland State University and, following a part time job at the Oregon Zoo in Portland, began a 20 year career as a zookeeper, both at the Oregon Zoo and the Point Defiance Zoo in Tacoma, Washington After working to save wildlife following the Exxon Valdez oil spill, in 1990, he published his first book, Sea Otter Rescue, a non fiction account of the process of animal rescue Smith continued to draw upon his zoo experiences for other non fiction titles, including Journey of the Red Wolf, which won an Oregon Book Award in 1996.In 1997, Smith published his first novel, Thundercave The book continues Smith s theme, as teenage protagonist Jacob Lansa follows his biologist father to Africa where the father is researching elephants The Lansa character also appears in 1999s Jaguar and 2001 s The Last Lobo Other novels by Smith include The Captain s Dog My Journey with the Lewis and Clark Tribe, Zach s Lie, Jack s Run, Cryptid Hunters, Sasquatch novel , about a boy who searches for Bigfoot Peak, the story of a teenage boy obsessed with climbing mountains, Elephant Run and Tentacles novel In 2008, Smith published the first book in the series I, Q, titled Independence Hall Smith s books have won Book of the Year awards in Colorado, Nevada, South Carolina, and Florida, as well as in his native Oregon Smith lives in Tualatin, Oregon with his wife and stepchildren.


  • This book has the dumbest looking cover ever, hence the reason NONE of my students would read it last year I even had a hard time starting it But once I did, it was excellent Jacob goes on a quest to Kenya in search of his zoologist father who is trying to save elephants from poaching He is a smart but realistic main character who you really find yourself rooting for The author offers great visual descriptions of the African landscape as well If you like adventure novels, this one is for you

  • When Mrs Buchwald first showed me the book I didn t think I was going to like it But when I read the first sentence I was automatically hooked I read it in one day I fell in love with all of Roland Smith Thanks Mrs Buchwald

  • Elements and Style Roland Smith creates a great vocab by using some of the native language of Kenya, Africa which is the main setting in this book Twists and turns in the plot kept me guessing till the end of the book Roland hooked me into the book at the very beginning by starting the book off with a important event take place I highly recommend this book and I love how in this book different little stories all hook together to make the main plot Characterization This book s main character is J [...]

  • It s funny When I read fantasy novels, I have no problem buying into magical powers and dragons and the like When I read this book and a fourteen year old boy has no problems booking a flight to Kenya and getting a visa on his own with no parental permission and then travels a couple hundred miles on his bike to find his father in the African bushYeah The suspended disbelief isn t working for me here I couldn t enjoy the story because I couldn t buy any of it It was all too convenient and even t [...]

  • don t turn this book done because of the cover Although it s not the best cover inside it s a really good book And I didnt even realize when I borrowed this book that it s a series.good adventure.

  • Jacob s parents are divorced and he hasn t seen his dad for a couple of years, since his mom remarried His dad writes often, though, from his research camp in Kenya where he studies elephant behavior Jacob s life was pretty predictable until the day his mom was hit by a car She died that night Jacob s stepdad was offered a job in Honduras, and he doesn t want to be responsible for Jacob, so he plans to send him away not to his dad, but to relatives Jacob barely knows.Jacob s opportunity to chang [...]

  • When Jacob fulfills a promise to his grandfather, Taw, and travels with him back to the Hopi reservation where he was born, he gets a lot than a quiet trip to the desert He quickly discovers that the Hopi on the reservation are divided over a lobo, a Mexican wolf, that people say is hunting on the reservation There are some who want to kill the lobo, and others who When Jacob fulfills a promise to his grandfather, Taw, and travels with him back to the Hopi reservation where he was born, he gets [...]

  • I give this book 5 stars because I really enjoyed reading this book The book is about a fourteen year old boy named Jacob who is going to the African bush to find his father Dr Robert Lansa Along the way he meets a man named Supeet whom has a similar mission I liked this book because I m into adventure and this book gave me exactly what I was looking for Rolland describes characters really well You and I Jacob s Mom and Dad may not have been suited for one another, but we did manage to produce a [...]

  • Jacob Lansa is about to go on the adventure of a lifetime His mom passes away and his stepfather wants to ship him off to relatives he hardly knows Jacob decides to find his father in Africa where he is studying elephants Jacob, who is half Hopi and all New Yorker, figures out how to get himself to Africa, but then has to find his father in the wild where a drought has decimated the area Jacob has to navigate the language barrier, the poachers, and the country which is nothing like what he is us [...]

  • Thunder Cave by Roland Smith is an awesome book It is filled with action and suspense, which I love Thunder Cave is about a boy named Jacob Lansa who has just lost his mother in a running accident, and to make things worse, he has to live with his stepfather, Sam, that couldn t care less about him His real father, Robert Lansa, is studying elephants in Kenya, which has just suffered a drought So, Jacob decides to go to Kenya to find his father, but what he doesn t know is Kenya is filled with re [...]

  • As I read Thunder Cave by Roland Smith, I felt feelings I had never experienced before Dullness was one in this case This novel has no creativity A simple story about a boy visiting South Africa has no plot I felt utter boredom It has no details that help you visualize the story The vocabulary is simple and it does not indulge you at all Roland Smith wrote this book when he was in a state of dreariness He needs to take classes on how to write properly.The book is lifeless and horrific I do not r [...]

  • This book is definitely a good one It was a book my local book chat picked out to discuss A few days before the chat, I still hadn t read it, so I picked it up before I went to bedd you can guess the rest I couldn t put it down From being robbed, to meeting a lion face to face, young Jacob Lansa is on the wildest adventure of his life He sets out to find his father in Kenya and ends up helping a masai named Supeet, to bring the rains back to Kenya and save the great elephants from the poachers T [...]

  • Another great novel by Roland Smith He s such a great author exciting, adventurous He s the perfect young adult author I liked the main characters Jake and Supeet, especially Supeet, the Masai warrior He has a great message for young people simple living The ending was a bit abrupt and left me feeling like the story was unfinished Another book Also love that Roland Smith creates scenes and circumstances that are believable Jake in Kenya gets mugged and beaten, almost eaten by lions I believed it [...]

  • I just loved this book when I was a kid, and about a year ago I bought it in order to read it in english and needless to say again, I loved it The protagonist is a kid so full of ideas, courage and well let s just say he knows how to survive, and I recall being fascinated about his abilities And the african landscape, the search for elephants, basically everything kept me breathless and made me live the adventure along with the protagonist.Also, it teaches a lot about the problems of Africa espe [...]

  • It was a good book My favorite character is Jake The cover looks super stupid but you can t judge a book by its cover cause it was a good book Jakes mother dies, and he he goes on a journey to find his real father Robert Lanza He meets a new friend named Supeet Supeet helps Jake find his father while Jake helps Supeet do the rain ceremony They encountered some poachers that hunt them down for Jakes fathers rare elephants.

  • Thunder cave is an awesome book if you are into African animals.It takes a sad turn when the main character Jake finds that his mother dies in a car crash Then he flees to Africa to find his father who is tracking elephants in the bush The story has adventure as well as poachers,bandits and unlikely friends as Jake tries tofind his father and survive in the African bush.

  • It was a very good book every page had an adventure I couldn t put the book down and I don t get into books very much but this book was very entertaining I had a very good time reading this book It has adventure friendship action everything you want in a book this book has You will be very impressed in this book you wont be able to put it down Its one of my favorite book I have ever read.

  • I liked Elephant Run better, but this one was very interesting as well As Jacob sets off to search for his father who is trying to protect a special group of elephants from poachers in Kenya, he hooks up with a Masai named Supeet Supeet teaches him a lot about how to look at things with new eyes.

  • Very exciting book about a young boy seeking his father in Africa After his mother s tragic death, he heads to Africa to find his father He gets mugged, shot at by poachers, survives a bush fire and illness, interacts with local natives and I often read this to my class at the end of the year They love it.

  • Read this along with Savannah who is reading all this author s books Keeping in mind that this is meant for kids, it was an enjoyable read and would be educational about poaching and the illegal ivory trade, etc In fact it was a little heavy on the education for my taste.

  • i love finding good boy fiction i can just picture my brother reading this book when he was younger and loving it a great story about family and protecting endagered species and the culture of africa.

  • The adevhture of a boy whose life is changed when he loses his mother car accident , now tries to find his father in Africa Jacob Lansa, a 14 year old boy, tries to survive the wilderness along with the help of a Masai to reach his father VERY EPIC

  • This is probably my favorite Roland Smith book I love the adventure and have recommended it so many students They are never disappointed I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to read a good adventure book.

  • I enjoyed this book very much and read it with my boys as well Jacob Lansa is a likeable character and Smith does a great job of putting the reader in Africa Jacob s adventures are realistic and believable and Jake makes a great hero as he saves elephants and finds his dad.

  • This is the second book I ve read by Roland Smith The first was Elephant Run I didn t appreciate the use of a few expletives, so it would make it tough for me to recommend it to my younger students However, a good story and a fun read.

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