Holy Bible: NIV Life Application Study Bible, Large Print, Indexed

Holy Bible NIV Life Application Study Bible Large Print Indexed Application oriented notes Book introductions and outlines Index to notes Maps Ribbon marker Gift boxed pp
  • Title: Holy Bible: NIV Life Application Study Bible, Large Print, Indexed
  • Author: Anonymous
  • ISBN: 9780310917601
  • Page: 343
  • Format: Leather Bound
  • Holy Bible: NIV Life Application Study Bible, Large Print, Indexed
    Application oriented notes Book introductions and outlines Index to notes Maps Ribbon marker Gift boxed 2,528 pp.
    Holy Bible: NIV Life Application Study Bible, Large Print, Indexed By Anonymous,
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  • I learned that God loves us very much that he sent Jesus as our Savior and that he wants all everybody to go to heaven for eternity.God has been taking care of his people ever since they have been on this earth he protects us and gets us through problems through prayer.It makes God very sad to see when people don t worship him and don t obey his commandments including love one another It makes God very sad when he sees how humans destroy their lives and the lives of others with drug wars and oth [...]

  • I own several bibles and bible study books but every time I decided to read the entire b ble I would eventually just go back to daily devotionals or re read my favorite books That is until I found this bible The explanatory notes, short history lessons and character profiles are just a few things included in this bible that not only helps with understanding how the scriptures can be applied to our world today but It helped me stay connected through the parts I found d ff cult or bor ng and I was [...]

  • The chronological order adds a fresh through line to the biblical narrative that is different than the canonical order The explanations are clear, simple and easy to understand though sometimes simply redundant in explaining verbatim what you are about to read, which loses half a star for me The explanation of the historical accounts between the old and new testaments really help to increase one s understanding of the AD BC split and what exactly was happening in society during the early days It [...]

  • How could you give this book anything LESS than 5 stars Have you ever read a book so jammed full with stories, characters, plot twists etc I think of this book as one of my desert island books If I had to pick only 5 books to read for the rest of my life stuck on a desert island, this would definitely be one of them It is absolutely packed with interesting things It can get tedious, don t get me wrong, the slow parts are definitely a little painful to trudge though But if you can get through the [...]

  • The bible is truly the greatest story ever told It was inspired by God 2 Timothy 3 16 and it gives us personal instruction on Godly living, righteousness, even correction Every word of God is flawless Proverbs 30 5God is our refuge our shield, our strong tower in times of trouble We are not to be anxious but in everything glorifying God the Father through the work of Jesus Christ on the cross HE did what we could not do Made himself to be sin, to be victorious over sin, and death whereby we can [...]

  • My rating of 4 stars is, of course, for the NIV Life Application notes which appear at the bottom of each page, not for the text of the Bible itself which will always get the full 5 I m going to assume everyone knew that but wanted to clarify juuuust in case The notes range from being academic or historic commentary to applications for contemporary life, at times stretching the point a little to make it fit into a modern application There were several places where I disagreed, even disagreed str [...]

  • My first study bible, when I was new in my faith this study bible really assisted me in learning about applying my faith to everyday life.

  • Once again, I read various editions of the Book in search of meaning for meIt may not be somebody s way but it s mine and I rarely invoke the creator but I believe my faith is guiding me in this

  • NIV Life Application Study Bible Anglicised A Beautiful BibleThe NIV Life Application Study Bible is one of the most beautiful, easy to use Bibles that is perfect for personal study or if it were to be used in group resource The NIV Life Application as well as being in my opinion the best study Bible available, and for me one of the easiest to read as we are not forced to read passages squeezed in to columns on a page For those that tend to complain about the use of American English this has bee [...]

  • God s Word is the best single most important book Out of all the books in the world, this is the one I hope that everyone will take time to read If we are as diligent in reading this as we are in all the other books of the world, our understanding, personal peace, spiritual life will change not to mention our relationship with Jesus Christ My prayer is that everyone who reads it will allow Him to touch them as only He can change your life Permanently John 3 16 17 For God so loved the world that [...]

  • It is unlikely that I will ever truly read this, but will instead refer to it from time to time and read passages both greater and lesser in size as the mood strikes me I do enjoy having a bible for reference, and this was a gift to me when I graduated high school I am intrigued by the difference in format from the King James bible and mildly amused that the Catholic church was not listed in the Preface among the denominations of those distinguished scholars who worked on this translation.Any su [...]

  • I was given this version for Christmas 2009 by my Mother in Law, Barbara Parson, two months before she died I am departing from my normal practice of only listing books as read which I ve read all the way through, because despite reading from this book regularly, I use another volume for my regular reading and study The large text was a concession to my age, and my need for a Bible I could read comfortably in public A very good read.

  • I read the entire thing including footnotes Took me almost an entire year.I m not going to comment on the book itself It s The Book and to most people those capital letters are justified, to the majority of the world they are not I also will not expound on my religious beliefs since they are immaterial to this commentary.I will only comment on this particular version of this book I was gifted this book by a very religious friend about 15 years ago It has sat on my shelf since then But I am an av [...]

  • Okay, so I ve done many Bible studies since spring 2001, but never actually read through the entire Bible I started my one year through the Bible journey in January 2010 and I m still on the road I love the reading plan that I have.I read a section from the Old Testament, the New Testament, Psalms, and Proverbs each day I downloaded the plan from Dailyaudiobible DAB which, by the way, is a great site Brian Hardin, from DAB, does the year through the Bible every year since I think 2005 and the po [...]

  • this is NOT leather, it is IMITATION leather Italian Duo Tone No need to support animal cruelty in order to read the Bible folks.This is the Bible that I use for my regular reading studying.This version has some really great notes and a character spotlight I like to read the chapter and then go back to the Character Spotlight to review what I read Its a nice way to wrap things up Perfect size for studying and well, its the Bible so it gets 5 stars My only complaint with this version is that the [...]

  • Still reading and studying It will take me a while to get all the way through I love the side bar profiles, the individual scriptural commentaries, the historical information and everything else about this I also love that you can purchase a Life Application Study Bible in various translations such as King James, New King James and New Living There may be available, but these are the others, besides New International, that I remember.

  • I have many different versions of the Bible but this is by far my favorite and I always go to it for my answers Wonderful sidelights, bios and explanations pepper the bottom of each page yet never overpower the Words of the Bible above it Great lead ins start each book of the Bible so you feel you know what you are about to readlled with nuggets of wisdom to keep you from getting confused or lost in the text.

  • Everyone who is Christian or has been influenced it and has any sort of interest in Christianity should read the Bible It s such an influential part of our world and I think that reading and understanding it independently can shed a lot of light on different things It s an incredibly interesting text and though it does take a lot of time, it s definitely worth it.

  • I learned many things from reading the old and new testaments The most important revelation was that the god in this book must have had a multiple personality disorder In my world, gods must be flawless therefore I do not believe in the god of the Holy Bible.

  • I went to two Jewish Seders this past holiday and reading through Genesis and Exodus, with context added by the footnotes, really put the holiday, both Passover Easter, in great perspective.

  • I have several Bibles on my Kindle, and this one has to be my favorite when using my Kindle Fire primarily because of the ease of navigation, the footnotes endnotes that have an easy hyperlink where you can jump to as well as quickly jump back to where you were, as well as the historical references in the introduction to each book of the Bible The Table of Contents is hands down the best one for the Kindle I have used.As I mentioned above, I prefer this one for use with my Kindle Fire due to the [...]

  • I haven t finished using this guide on android but it is the best study bible guide I ve enjoyed using by far Simple and practical, but also contain deep truths on how to apply God s word into our lives into context It s just that, because it s not Catholic, the books are lacking.

  • Reading through the whole Bible again Great helps, ie information about time, history, author and cross reference of scripture as well as word meanings then as opposed to now.

  • I am in the middle of reading and live blogging major religious texts from all sorts of different regions and cultures, and as I was brought up in a mostly Christian home, I decided to start with the Bible since I d never read it all the way through I m an atheist, so I read it like one, as a fictional, fantastical story with characters and a plot And viewing it that way, the Bible was one crazy piece of writing The amount of violence, death, rape and general destruction that happens in that boo [...]

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