Sushi for Beginners

Sushi for Beginners Lisa EdwardsThis Prada wearing magazine editor thinks her life is over when her fabulous new job turns out to be a deportation to Dublin to launch Colleen magazine The only saving grace is that her fr
  • Title: Sushi for Beginners
  • Author: Marian Keyes
  • ISBN: 9780060555955
  • Page: 263
  • Format: Paperback
  • Sushi for Beginners
    Lisa EdwardsThis Prada wearing magazine editor thinks her life is over when her fabulous new job turns out to be a deportation to Dublin to launch Colleen magazine The only saving grace is that her friends aren t there to witness her downward spiral Might her new boss, the disheveled and moody Jack Devine, save her from a fate worse than hell Ashling KennedyAshling, CoLisa EdwardsThis Prada wearing magazine editor thinks her life is over when her fabulous new job turns out to be a deportation to Dublin to launch Colleen magazine The only saving grace is that her friends aren t there to witness her downward spiral Might her new boss, the disheveled and moody Jack Devine, save her from a fate worse than hell Ashling KennedyAshling, Colleen s assistant editor, is an award winning worrier, increasingly aware that something fundamental is missing from her life apart from a boyfriend and a waistline.Clodagh Princess KellyAshling s best friend, Clodagh, lives the domestic dream in a suburban castle So why, lately, has she had the recurring urge to kiss a frog or sleep with a frog, if truth be told As these three women search for love, success, and happiness, they will discover that if you let things simmer under the surface for too long, sooner or later they ll boil over.
    Sushi for Beginners By Marian Keyes,

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    Marian Keyes born 10 September 1963 is an Irish novelist and non fiction writer, best known for her work in women s literature She is an Irish Book Awards winner Over 22 million copies of her novels have been sold worldwide and her books have been translated into 32 languages She became known worldwide for Watermelon, Lucy Sullivan is Getting Married, and This Charming Man, with themes including domestic violence and alcoholism.


  • 4.5 starsJust what I needed right nowis is a pure comfort read I needed a comforting, funny, dramatic, traditional, feel good readd that s what I got Perfect for this time of year when you re really stressed out and just want to read something totally absorbing and funwith a little bit of seriousness to keep it real.Marian is the best and I have probably read nearly all her books now but I need another one to take me into Christmasa Christmas one would be fab

  • I wouldn t say this was a great book It s another one that I managed to read on planes and in airports but wouldn t make time for reading it when I wouldn t otherwise be bored to tears.I agree with other reviews here that the characters are not developed In many cases, as with Jack, Lisa, and even Ashling, the characters change, even sometimes drastically, but we never really get to understand why We are told the actions of characters in the past and given some glimpses into what upbringing and [...]

  • Let s see Take Bridget Jones, mix with The Devil Wears Prada, add some Irish details and remove about 50% of the interesting plot details and you have this book I previously had read another book of Keyes that I enjoyed a lot but I found this one a bit of a slog to get through I admire her portrayal of an unappealing main character Lisa but it didn t really work for me as light reading Overall, I d say it is a professionally rendered execution of an idea that just didn t appeal to me personally. [...]

  • I will be leaving Sushi for Beginners by Marian Keyes without a formal rating simply because I can t explain why I didn t care for it, which leads me to believe it was a timing or mood issue on my part I listened to the audiobook intermittently while spending a very LONG day nearly ten hours in jury dutyat right there explains it If I had to rate this title today, I would give it 1 or 2 stars but that rating just wouldn t be fair However, the only honest feedback I can give is that the audiobook [...]

  • I think one of the stars is for my accent enjoyment due to listening to the audio.Just wasn t my cuppa, and the fact that it stretched so long in the audio version didn t help matters much.Also I wake up at 1am to go into work now so, being entertained is much of a requirement at the moment lol.

  • Now, I ve quite like Marian Keyes as a person when I ve seen her on telly, I quite enjoyed Rachel s Holiday when I read it a good few years ago, and I don t mind the odd book in the chick lit lad lit genre This, alas, was a little disappointing and of a two and a half than a three and a half This is a clunky opening paragraph, isn t it The book follows the lives of three or four or young women living in Dublin, centred around a women s magazine There s lots of romance, bitching, glamour There [...]

  • I finally finished this book I had started Sushi for Beginners only a few days before it was due back to the library and never really got time to read much now having finished it, I can say it was an interesting read I am not sure why I was compelled to read and keep reading, but I was It was different having three main characters, and surprisingly not overly confusing either The reader got to see different points of view from Lisa, Ashling, and Clodagh all of whom are girls despite how the name [...]

  • It s not going to win any literary awards, but this is a great book for when you just want a fun read And, it s not too far off when describing working for a small fashion magazine Def one to recommend

  • Una lectura fresca y gil, con ciertos enredos pero que no aporta gran cosa.Keyes te hace pasar un buen rato c mo s lo ella sabe hacerlo.Perfecta para estos d as.

  • Marian Keyes shoots and scores again with another fantastic novel which centers around three modern singletons Magazine editor Lisa Edwards meets with her bosses about a new job they have lined up for her to launch a new magazine called Colleen Lisa is already visualizing a new posh lifestyle for herself in New York However, New York isn t quite where her new job has been set up She s pretty much being deported to Dublin to fend for herself, start anew and make this new magazine the next big thi [...]

  • For Ashling Kennedy, the new job she lands at start up Irish fashion magazine Colleen is a dream come true For Lisa Edwards, a high maintenance London editor expecting a promotion to New York, her appointment as editor in chief of Colleen is a slap in the face, the only consolation being her rumpled but handsome new boss, Jack Devine Furious at being passed up for a job at Manhattan magazine, Lisa vows to make Colleen the envy of the fashion industry, even if it kills her She drives her Dublin s [...]

  • Just re read this and, sigh, I love Marian Keyes She s such a great storyteller, often surprising me with twists I didn t see coming Her books in general are snarky, witty, and sexy, and this one hits all of those notes and I m glad I took the time to re read it.

  • Marian Keyes knows how to write a good chick lit novel, her characters are so real, the settings are so familiar and her style is easy going.

  • I had really enjoyed other books by Keyes Lucy Sullivan Watermelon but Sushi really disappointed me I could not care for any of her characters workaholic Lisa was plain annoying, Ashling was just boring though she was by far the best of the bunch , and I constantly wanted to yell at Clodagh to Shut uuuup I also thought the book was too long for a story that barely developed, and in the end, some things like Ashling s relationship happened too fast Some parts were funny but I wasn t laughing out [...]

  • This book was entertaining enough, but I would stop short of calling it good The characters weren t really developed, Keyes just basically told us what the characters were doing and never let them grow past their one dimensioned personalities The only one who escapes that fate is Lisa, the hardass editor And she doesn t even develop so much as suddenly she s just different The secondary characters were so over the top that they were completely unbelievable By the time the last chapter rolled aro [...]

  • Think about an ambitious woman who expects a promotion to became an important magazine editor in New York and ends up in a little pennyless women s magazine editorial board in Ireland instead She could either resign indignant or make Colleen the most prestigious magazine in the fashion industry.To do so Lisa Edwards will drive her Dublin staff, mainly made up of women, to exhaustion nothing like the icy Miranda Priestly in the Devil Wear Prada though but all the efforts will be prized as Colleen [...]

  • No eres t , soy yo.Dej de hacerme gracia y dej de interesarme la historia la verdad es que me encantar a disfrutar de estas novelas, pero no logro que me interesen Aunque, por qu quiero que me interesen Para tener m s donde elegir, porque como no tengo suficientes libros por leer, ni en mi wishlist No, es para experimentar otras historias, s Pero mira, el chick lit sin vampiros ni hombres lobo no consigue atraparme.No le dir que no en otra oportuna ocasi n.

  • Sushi for Beginners is definitely a lighter read than Marian Keyes This Charming Man By comparison, I also found it less rewarding when I finished reading, but that s only when putting the two books side by side.Individually speaking, Sushi for Beginners is quite an enjoyable read Ashling was cute and I didn t find her entirely boxed into the she s a weird nerd type, thankfully I still feel that her struggle with long lasting issues wasn t dealt as nicely as it could have been She pulls through [...]

  • One nice thing about Marian Keyes books is that all of her characters feel like real people that you might meet on the street And the consequences for their actions are also real In this novel, three women are looking for love and success First there is the super fashionista, Lisa, who feels she has been demoted at work by being sent to Dublin, Ireland to head up a new women s fashion magazine During this time of extreme stress, she is also in the midst of a divorce with her fashion photographer [...]

  • Apparently this was my first Marian Keyes book.On Tuesday, April 05, 2005 I wrote on bookcrossing8 out of 10Hi flicky picked this book to read update sept 2015 This meant I was going to send her this book I did not really know what to expect but actually I am liking it so far.I have read about 100 pagesanning to go to bed now and read some .I will update this journal while reading .Update april 16 I totally forgot to updateFinished the book and I thought it was a fun read.I am sure planning to r [...]

  • I loved the book It s such a nice story so contemporary and real that could happen to any woman these days Her lively writing style and her awesome humor is outstanding Reading a book of Marian is like talking to your best friend at home I always think she and I could get along excellent with each other.

  • I loved this book it is funny but sweet in some ways I have read most of Keyes books and this is one of her best ones I think Not great literature but catches your interest and love the Ireland settings.Nov 1 I just re read I love this book and listening to it is good also.

  • Love Marian Keyes books I have read and collected all of her books They are well written, easy to read and witty Laugh out loud moments in all of her books.

  • I graded on the curve since this came out in 2003, the same year as The Devil Wears Prada and only a few years out from Bridget Jones Diary So I can t exactly ding it for relying on tropes of chick lit that are now overused to the point of being cliches, since the genre was still in its infancy or at least its toddlerhood Overall this is a sweet, funny book that is mostly very lighthearted but also touches on some serious issues in ways I found pretty respectful though I have never been homeless [...]

  • I have read a couple of Marian s other books which I really enjoyed and whilst this book was ok I felt that it didn t have the same impact as her other books Her other books that I have read covered difficult topics and had a lot drama than this book In places this book moved very slowly We follow 3 main characters Lisa, Ashling and Clodagh I really didn t like Lisa and I had no sympathy for Clodagh Lisa had moved from a very glamourous magazine to Dublin and she wasn t happy as she was hoping [...]

  • I m not much of a chick lit fan, so I m probably not the best judge of this novel It s the story about three women floundering around in Dublin and dealing with careers or motherhood, in the case of one and relationships Lisa, a bitchy fashionista who is horrified to be relocated to such an uncool location to start a new magazine Ashling, her mousy assistant editor and Clodagh, Ashling s friend who is feeling stifled by her marriage I found the story mildly entertaining, but not enough so to mak [...]

  • In my opinion, Sushi for Beginners was a good book, but it just simply wasn t as good as many of Keyes other masterpieces To me I just felt like it wasn t packed full of the drama and things I wanted and was A little slow at times.Yet still, It kept me reading and hooked on the three main characters I felt like I could relate to both Lisa and Ashling in their struggles, though I didn t really like Clodagh to be honest, though I m not really sure why In the end the book was good, but after readin [...]

  • Disclaimer I read this while recuperating in hospital and so some of my reflections might be affected by medications and the need for something low key to entertain my eyes Sushi for Beginners has a similar set up to many chick litty novels centering on three women one who seems to have it all but doesn t really, one with a seemingly perfect life but a terrible secret and one who is the frumpy non fashionable girl who eventually gets the guy nobody thought would fall for her.I m not saying it s [...]

  • I am always impressed at Marian Keyes ability to keep me smiling and nodding and turning pages like they re on fire, while she deftly writes a comedy romance that revolves around serious issues like addiction, mental health and the godawfulness that is modern dating Lisa and Ashling are working on launching a magazine, and Clodagh is a stay at home mother of two Each woman has her own unique brand of crazy going on, and their own strengths and weaknesses, and all three are connected by the small [...]

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