Angela Carter's Book of Fairy Tales

Angela Carter s Book of Fairy Tales Once upon a time fairy tales weren t meant just for children and neither is Angela Carter s Book of Fairy Tales This collection contains lyrical tales bloody tales and hilariously funny and ripely b
  • Title: Angela Carter's Book of Fairy Tales
  • Author: Angela Carter Corinna Sargood
  • ISBN: 9781844081738
  • Page: 416
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Angela Carter's Book of Fairy Tales
    Once upon a time fairy tales weren t meant just for children, and neither is Angela Carter s Book of Fairy Tales This collection contains lyrical tales, bloody tales and hilariously funny and ripely bawdy stories from countries all around the world from the Arctic to Asia and no dippy princesses or soppy fairies Instead, we have pretty maids and old crones crafty woOnce upon a time fairy tales weren t meant just for children, and neither is Angela Carter s Book of Fairy Tales This collection contains lyrical tales, bloody tales and hilariously funny and ripely bawdy stories from countries all around the world from the Arctic to Asia and no dippy princesses or soppy fairies Instead, we have pretty maids and old crones crafty women and bad girls enchantresses and midwives rascal aunts and odd sisters.
    Angela Carter's Book of Fairy Tales By Angela Carter Corinna Sargood,
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      416 Angela Carter Corinna Sargood

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  • Angela Carter Corinna Sargood

    Born Angela Olive Stalker in Eastbourne, in 1940, Carter was evacuated as a child to live in Yorkshire with her maternal grandmother As a teenager she battled anorexia She began work as a journalist on the Croydon Advertiser, following in the footsteps of her father Carter attended the University of Bristol where she studied English literature.She married twice, first in 1960 to Paul Carter They divorced after twelve years In 1969 Angela Carter used the proceeds of her Somerset Maugham Award to leave her husband and relocate for two years to Tokyo, Japan, where she claims in Nothing Sacred 1982 that she learnt what it is to be a woman and became radicalised She wrote about her experiences there in articles for New Society and a collection of short stories, Fireworks Nine Profane Pieces 1974 , and evidence of her experiences in Japan can also be seen in The Infernal Desire Machines of Doctor Hoffman 1972 She was there at the same time as Roland Barthes, who published his experiences in Empire of Signs 1970.She then explored the United States, Asia, and Europe, helped by her fluency in French and German She spent much of the late 1970s and 1980s as a writer in residence at universities, including the University of Sheffield, Brown University, the University of Adelaide, and the University of East Anglia In 1977 Carter married Mark Pearce, with whom she had one son.As well as being a prolific writer of fiction, Carter contributed many articles to The Guardian, The Independent and New Statesman, collected in Shaking a Leg She adapted a number of her short stories for radio and wrote two original radio dramas on Richard Dadd and Ronald Firbank Two of her fictions have been adapted for the silver screen The Company of Wolves 1984 and The Magic Toyshop 1987 She was actively involved in both film adaptations, her screenplays are published in the collected dramatic writings, The Curious Room, together with her radio scripts, a libretto for an opera of Virginia Wolf s Orlando, an unproduced screenplay entitled The Christchurch Murders based on the same true story as Peter Jackson s Heavenly Creatures and other works These neglected works, as well as her controversial television documentary, The Holy Family Album, are discussed in Charlotte Crofts book, Anagrams of Desire 2003.At the time of her death, Carter was embarking on a sequel to Charlotte Bront s Jane Eyre based on the later life of Jane s stepdaughter, Ad le Varens However, only a synopsis survives.Her novel Nights at the Circus won the 1984 James Tait Black Memorial Prize for literature.Angela Carter died aged 51 in 1992 at her home in London after developing lung cancer Her obituary published in The Observer said, She was the opposite of parochial Nothing, for her, was outside the pale she wanted to know about everything and everyone, and every place and every word She relished life and language hugely, and reveled in the diverse.


  • Read this one for the Cardiff SFF Book Club I m not the biggest fan of Angela Carter, having read a couple of her books back during my BA, but I do love fairy tales, so I was ready to give it a go anyway Turns out, it isn t a book of fairy tales by Angela Carter which to be fair, having read The Bloody Chamber, wouldn t be unexpected , but edited by her She wrote a fairly scholarly introduction to it, acknowledging colonial bias, etc, etc, and commenting on the content I m probably going to read [...]

  • There was woman who was old, blind and likewise unable to walk Once she asked her daughter for a drink of water The daughter was so bored with her old mother that she gave her a bowl of her own piss The old woman drank it all up, then said You re a nice one, daughter Tell me which would you prefer as a lover, a louse or a sea scorpion Oh, a sea scorpion, laughed the daughter, because he would not be crushed so easily when I slept with him Whereupon the old woman proceeded to pull sea scorpions o [...]

  • Hab a querido leer este libro desde que supe que lo hab an traducido porque junta dos cosas de las cuales soy fan los cuentos de hadas y Angela Carter desde que cay a mis manos todo lo que public Editorial Minotauro, en especial La c mara sangrienta y Noches En El Circo y no me decepcion , la recopilaci n es una maravilla Cuentos de hadas protagonizados por mujeres tontas, listas, sagaces, ni as, j venes, viejas, reinas, princesas, sirvientas y muchas m s y divididos por tema, de todas partes de [...]

  • Cuando vi que Impedimenta hab a publicado este libro poco antes de las pasadas navidades me entr por los ojos en seguida Su portada, la edici n, el hecho de que este recopilatorio viniera de manos de Angela Carter Lo ten a todo para gustarme, as que tard poco en hacerme con l y por fin le he hecho hueco para leerlo Bien, ocurre como siempre en los libros de relatos unos gustan mucho, otros un poco menos y alguno nada de nada Por eso no es un g nero que se encuentre entre mis predilectos, porque [...]

  • I read this book years back, before the recent craze for fairy tales began, and remember thinking that it was true to the original form, fairy tales were never intended to be a bedtime story, unless we parents meant our children to have horrible nightmares At that time, Angela Carter and Tanith Lee were pioneering this reimagining which both harkened back to the originals and brought them into the modern age Then Terry Windling Ellen Datlow brought out their wonderful anthologies, and Charles de [...]

  • Este libro es tan raro y sorprendente que me encant Es una recopilaci n de cuentos populares de diversas partes del mundo, principalmente de fuera de Europa, porque los de aqu ya nos los conocemos de sobra As que hay historias de frica, de Asia, de Am rica Y son absurdos, como suelen ser los cuentos, en el sentido de que a un personaje le dicen X y, por extra o que suene, el personaje se lo cree a pies juntillas No s , le dicen que su casa est hechizada y que tiene que desollar a su gato y comer [...]

  • I read the first half of this book prior to buying this edition This is actually Volumne 1 and Volumne 2 of Carter s Virago Fairy Tales.What makes the collection good is that the fairy tales, or folk tales, range widely Carter does have some well known tales here, such as Little Red Riding Hood but she collections lesser well known ones, including a heavy does of tales from non European countries.While I am not sure if I would use the word feminist to describe the collection, the tales are mostl [...]

  • A collection of folklore from around the world, tales of wise women, crafty witches and resourceful maidens the woman centric theme doesn t intrude, just makes it a cohesive collection than most fable anthologies There s an all too short yet interesting forward by Carter, and the woodcut illustrations are a lovely accompaniment.Considering that I ve been meaning to read something of the work of Angela Carter for a long time, I m a bit nonplussed to find myself starting with a book she compiled [...]

  • Packed with grotesque fairy tales from every period and culture imagineable, this beautiful book with somewhat sinister illustrations is perfect for anyone wanting to engage with their inner child with a mature twist.It s not really bedtime story material though

  • First of all, I am not sure what s the genre of this book Fiction The tales may be true to some people Horror I certainly think so given that some of the fairy tales are horrifying Fantasy Perhaps.The book is edited by Angela Carter and illustrated, darkly, by Corinna Sargood But it is the beautiful cover and the classic bound that attracted me to it at Kinokuniya Jakarta This is one of the rare hardcovers that I buy willingly because of its looks.This edition is a compilation of two of Angela C [...]

  • This was bizarre Grotesque, even But it was also extremely interesting and captivating With her carefully selected tales, Carter took me on a journey all over the world I journeyed from Iceland to Egypt, from Norway to Peru within a few pages So many cultures are represented and united in this gorgeous book and only a few tales were known to me beforehand All of the tales center around women, and the stories are organized into little sections, such as Clever Women , Mothers and Daughters and of [...]

  • In her Book of Fairy Tales, Carter has attempted what the Bro s Grimm did many a generation ago, and compile a compendium of folk and fairy tales from across a variety of cultures and countries Ranging from Inuit to Hillbilly Carter doesn t edit, tone down or Hollywoodise anything the Inuit tales stand out as the most strange In confession I must disclose that for me the tales ranged from, I can t follow this to I m following this but WTF to GREAT Essentially this is an awesome book, but I would [...]

  • These stories are not written by Carter herself, but they are a selection she s brought together and edited I think this is a good book to keep close to bed, in case you don t really feel like reading anything too long or engaging The stories are mostly very short, and there are disturbing ones as well as traditional ones I liked the fact that the selection is quite wide, almost everywhere in the world I liked it, but I probably wouldn t have picked this if it didn t have Carter s name on it

  • I normally love short stories, and fairy tales, but I struggled a little with this one The book is a collection of stories from all over the world, all of which based around a female character The stories are grouped into the following Brave, Bold and Wilful Clever Women, Resourceful Girls and Desperate Stratagems Sillies Good Girls and Where it Gets Them Witches Unhappy Families Moral Tales Strong Minds and Low Cunning Up to Something Black Arts and Dirty Tricks Beautiful People Mothers and Dau [...]

  • When Angela Carter collects fairy tales from around the world you know they re going to be awesome Ok, so I haven t read every tale in it yet but I have come across some amazing fairy tales in this collection that had me and my mate in stitches Reason to beat your wife has a terrific ending with a woman getting one up on her let s face it prick of a husband Angela Carter s introduction is definitely worth a read and I look forward to reading the rest of the stories in the bookAlso, the cover is [...]

  • Dark, dark, tales, these are not your Disney Faerie tales, these The Brothers Grimm would be proud of Some tales are short, no than a half or a full page, others are novella s Each one is well written, some make you shudder, others will make you laugh Filled with beautiful drawings, and a ribbon, for marking your page, this is a book to keep, and savour , which is why it took me ages to read it, I didn t want it to end,

  • It took me a while to get through this one, but wasn t because I dind t like I did, I actually liked it a lot.

  • La verdad es que no s ni por d nde empezar Es muy dif cil hacer una rese a de este libro porque incluye tant simos cuentos que no s c mo enfocarla, y, como he estado hablando de mis cuentos favoritos a medida que le a el libro, voy a intentar dar mi opini n general del conjunto en s.Me ha parecido una lectura muy gratificante, que recomiendo leer tranquilamente ya que, como he dicho, son demasiados los cuentos que contiene y muy diferentes entre s , as que lo mejor es ir poco a poco En mi caso, [...]

  • En la recopilaci n hay narraciones que presentan una reflexi n o un aprendizaje en forma de moraleja, pero tiene cabida el humor y el sexo, en especial en las inuit, que tambi n suelen resultar las m s escatol gicas, expl citas y que m s tab es rompen para nuestra mente occidental Una gran parte resultan Seguir leyendo

  • I thoroughly enjoyed these tales My absolute favourite is by far The Recourseful Wife It made me laugh out loud I will revisit this many times.

  • O t tulo resume mas n o muito bem Sim, s o 103 contos de fadas, mas n o apenas a Cinderela que sua m e contava Assim como no resto de sua obra, Angela Carter pesquisa a mitologia dos quatro cantos do mundo e deixa claro qu o antigas s o as discuss es sobre o sagrado, o desejo, a puni o, o feminino, e por a vai Por vezes assustador, na maior tempo muito divertido.

  • This may be a collection of folk tales from around the world, documented as accurately as possible by Carter, but it still reads like a Carter book through and through Maybe it s because she was influenced strongly by folklore and carried its vibe into her own writing, or could it be that Carter was unable to resist selecting tales that reflected her own world I think both The stories themselves have a wonderful quality that you only find in folklore There s little in the way of devices and lite [...]

  • Muchos minirelatos repetitivos Una mujer de protagonista princesa, bruja, hu rfana un suceso que la mayor a de las veces es absurdo, y final tonto.La edici n es un espect culo, pura preciosidad.

  • Wow, it s amazing how tiresome and repetitious fairy tales become when they re shifted slightly in geography and not at all in plot And how little they feature fairies Other things I learned African fairy tales are all about lions you d think there were no other animals on the continent and Inuits are kinky motherfuckers All I knew about them before was that they had 5,607 words for snow, something a lot of romantic stories bring up like it s at all relevant.The final thing I learned was that fa [...]

  • Not sure if I should leave this on the currently reading shelf Reading it grinded to a halt weeks ago.What keeps me from reading this book is the following The jumping about, from culture to culture, of the stories in sequence is really annoying It s hard enough for someone to get into a story, written by a culture who don t seem to have chronology, subject or even logic dictate a story But it makes it even harder that the next or preceding story is from a totally different culture, with a compl [...]

  • Angela Carter presents with a collection of fairy tales from all over the world that make one wonder how Disney manages to make excuses for it s mostly homogenous fairy tale characters Reading this reminded me of a lovely show called Happily Ever After Fairy Tales for Every Child which featured wonderfully diverse interpretations of classic tales However, this anthology showed me that many of the popular stories many of us have grown up with Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty don [...]

  • If I had to sum up this book in one word, it would be Bizarre This is not the sort of fairy tale book you would pick up to read your children a bed time story Not unless you think stories where animals are coming out of old ladies virginas are appropriate Some of these stories are familiar Bits of them remind you of fairy tales you know and love, Cinderella and Snow White are in here but not as you know them Some are just plain weird There seems to be alot of animal human relationships And every [...]

  • I have been reading this book as a bedtime story with my partner yes we are very grown up people We both enjoyed it I liked the fact that it told you where the fairy tales originated from and made me wonder whether some things were lost in translation The fact that it collects stories from across the world is also unique, as I don t think I would ever have come across these stories otherwise.Some of the stories are better than others as in most anthologies , and some are just plain bizarre I m s [...]

  • Angela Carter knows how to tell a dark tale These are no cosy fairy tales to share with the kiddies unless it s Halloween of course The stories in this book are folk fairy stories told in the old fashioned way as cautionary tales for dark winters nights.This is a book I like to dip in and out of reading a story here and a story there.

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