Heaven: A Novel

Heaven A Novel What if the mythical Serpent was really a savior inviting humanity to awaken from a mindless existence What if Eve was a heroine courageous enough to buck the system take the Serpent up on his offer
  • Title: Heaven: A Novel
  • Author: Kimberly Cain
  • ISBN: 9780982461501
  • Page: 477
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Heaven: A Novel
    What if the mythical Serpent was really a savior, inviting humanity to awaken from a mindless existence What if Eve was a heroine, courageous enough to buck the system take the Serpent up on his offer to bust out of the cage The modern day Eve is an exotic dancer, intent on questioning accepted religious norms presenting her unique ideas about humanity s relaWhat if the mythical Serpent was really a savior, inviting humanity to awaken from a mindless existence What if Eve was a heroine, courageous enough to buck the system take the Serpent up on his offer to bust out of the cage The modern day Eve is an exotic dancer, intent on questioning accepted religious norms presenting her unique ideas about humanity s relationship to the Divine Eve discovers her power to discern truth from falsehood at the hands of her religiously abusive foster family She chooses to release her light into a dark world by combining her love for music dance, stripping naked as a symbol of fearlessly unmasking her true self Her passion for challenging society s labels as representations of truth brings controversial dangerous repercussions from club patrons, cops, religious zealots Eve rises above the confines of extreme moralism, tempting all of us to live our own divine truths, free from shame guilt Heaven is a story about healing the perceived separation of the spiritual from the sexual self The novel contains some explicit sexual content in relation to spiritual philosophical content It also contains nonfictional information woven into the fabric of a fictional story Included with the book is a free CD featuring songs from various artists intended to provide a musical experience to bring out the exotic dancer spirit in you Songs include the book s title track, Heaven , written performed by the author Visit HeavenTheNovel to hear samples from the CD only available with purchase of the novel at this time What readers are saying New refreshing views of spirituality sexuality Eve rocks my world A.C Ft Worth, TX I hope everyone will read this book I loved it will read it over over again I can t say it enough Amazing I want from this author Brigette B, Dallas, TX I m not religious because I went to Catholic schools religion was pushed down my throat This book is refreshing it will make you really think about your beliefs This is what reading should do, take you out of your everyday life I love the use of actual music lyrics If you like Light Before Day by Chris Rice, read Heaven Both authors are intriguing weave stories that bring you into the characters lives make you want to know Heaven is a great read Chuck P, New Orleans, LA I typically read non fiction for spiritual material fiction for entertainment it was a refreshing change to read a book that blends enlightenment entertainment in one I m always looking for new or differing views of God concepts to glean something that resonates I devoured the book It was a pleasure Elizabeth S, Los Angeles, CA Enjoyable Humor in the midst of spiritual elevation through the exploration of Exotica Fans of Octavia Butler will enjoy Heaven Tamika S, Nashville, TN I Love this book The story is a blueprint for living Eve is a living, loving example of how to incorporate Spirit into daily life She is Open, allowing God dess to move, speak BE through her So simple beautiful I will read this book again again to remind mySelf to embody Spirit as Eve does I m expanding into the Feminine Face of God through Exotic Dance classes That feeling of Power rising up through me when I dance, as Eve describes, has carried into daily life transformed me Reading Heaven caused me to clap my hands in glee yell YESSSS Kathy S, Flint, MI I really enjoyed the stripping scenes with cool, current music, descriptions from the dancer s view raw sexuality Reading her thoughts, you feel the complexity of Eve.
    Heaven: A Novel By Kimberly Cain,
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      477 Kimberly Cain
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    Kimberly Brown Cain is a speaker, intuitive spiritual guide, writer and performer She has opened shows for artists such as David Bowie and Sarah McLachlan Lilith Fair She has received songwriting awards from Billboard and Musician Magazines A perpetual student of spiritual practice and its application to daily life, Kimberly is intrigued by the power of art to entertain, challenge and transform Her years as a professional singer, broadcast talent, writer and producer have shaped her ability to synthesize the energies of the visible and unseen worlds into presentations of art and faith that stretch our perceived limits.Kimberly is passionate about teaching others to discover their own authentic voice A life long intuitive, she is also a certified Six Sensory Practitioner TM by world renowned healer teacher best selling author, Sonia Choquette She holds a degree in Communications Radio TV Film from the University of TX at Austin Heaven is Kimberly s first novel.Please visit HeavenTheNovelKimberlyCainNaked Prayers Blog KimberlyCainBlog


  • This book is expensive, the plot is so so and predictable, the character development is fitting for a child s fairy tale the good are very good and the bad are very bad , and there are numerous, long, and repetitive passages of dubious theology The language is terrible and the book contains explicit sexual scenes It is not available for Kindle The book contains a music CD with 6 tracks on it which is OK, but obviously contributes to the cost.So why five stars Simply because this book is the best [...]

  • Heaven is a bold story about a stripper who finds spirituality through her dancing It s an interesting, unique idea, and I applaud Kimberly Cain because she doesn t play it safe, doesn t portray strippers as pathetic, victims of society or weak willed woman who should be ashamed of their sexuality Cain actually tells a story of empowerment in an unorthodox but very real setting Bravo for that The writing style was hit and miss, but I applaud the idea and effort this story is no easy sell, but I [...]

  • The word that keeps coming back to me when I think about Kimberly Cain s novel Heaven is enthusiasm Whatever the subject matter be it sex and sensuality, or religion and the role of Christ, or music and dancing Cain and her characters tackle it with a fervor As the novel develops, this becomes both a strength and an unfortunate weakness, as plot and subtlety are sacrificed to belabor points the author finds important.Heaven is the story of Eve not the Eve of the Bible, but Eve the exotic dancer, [...]

  • This is a First Reads book The author told me this book was not for everyone, and I would have to agree, but I would also say too bad, because there is a really astonishing and profound message in this This is the unlikely story of the incredible and almost unwavering spirituality of an exotic dancer, Eve Having lost her parents as a teen and been fostered by repressed religious foster parents, she has somehow come out of her past all the stronger for her experiences She is now a stripper who us [...]

  • Somewhere in America tonight, a teenage girl will cry herself to sleep with the thought, If God didn t want me to have sex, why did he make me this way Conservative Christianity puts all women in this untenable position, deemed evil for those very traits which bring new life into the world, forced to take all the blame for Original Sin Adam can pass the blame to Eve and consider himself absolved, and his male descendants can blame and despise their sisters, mothers and wives forever Just being f [...]

  • I m so excited to be releasing my first novel I m really looking forward to hearing from the GoodReads community as the novel makes its way into the world I know that community is what will propel Heaven to find its audience I spent a decade writing, researching, surveying, editing, then publishing Heaven A cool music CD EP comes with the novel Music was my muse my accompaniment to the writing process It is a major part of my life is also a major theme of the novel, so it made sense for the book [...]

  • I seriously love the premise, but had too many issues staying hooked into the story that I eventually gasp stopped reading it altogether I even tried going back to it later on recently , but had a hard time even getting drawn in As an avid reader, I m typically too stubborn to give up on a book Also, I received this book as part of a giveaway through First Reads and felt obligated to give it my all Additionally, I did not want to leave a negative review for a debut novel especially given how muc [...]

  • I m very disappointed to say I didn t enjoy this book one bit I thought it was very boring and I had to force myself to finish it All it seemed to be about is stripping and foul language I didn t enjoy it being told in first person narrative either I wanted to like this book but I just didn t I won this book in the Firstreads giveaway in exchange for an honest review.

  • Although i applaud her for stepping out of the box, i can not get into this book I really did want to like it but, i don t think i will be able to finish it.

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