The Lost Boy

The Lost Boy Dan Regal has always been alone having been left on the steps of an orphanage when he was only a baby He has never had any visitors nor made any true friendships with the other children at the orpha
  • Title: The Lost Boy
  • Author: Mark Sheldon
  • ISBN: 978145368666
  • Page: 363
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Lost Boy
    Dan Regal has always been alone, having been left on the steps of an orphanage when he was only a baby He has never had any visitors, nor made any true friendships with the other children at the orphanage Aside from this utter, inescapable aloneness, Dan Regal is an entirely normal, unremarkable young boy.But all of that is about to change
    The Lost Boy By Mark Sheldon,
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      363 Mark Sheldon
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    Mark Sheldon is the author of The Noricin Chronicles and Sarah Killian Serial Killer For Hire He has also published Mores of the Maelstrom, a collection of short stories Mr Sheldon lives in Southern California with his wife, Betsy.


  • In order to explain my view of this book, I want you to imagine this scene I should note, this is a first reads win You are sitting down in a theater, not a movie theater mind you, a real theatre with a stage, orchestra pit and heavy red velvet curtains Put yourself in one of the boxes if you wish Now you don t know a lot about this play you are here to see but it is opening night and you are sure it will be good You open your playbill and see a slip of paper fall out Anyone who has seen a play [...]

  • Although the book seems to be written in a simplistic style and is presented in a way which makes it seem to be appealing to preteens and young adults, it is, according to the author, not even meant for young adults, since as the series progresses the books grow darker and darker It is good to be forewarned so the appropriate target market can be reached I am giving it four stars because it has great promise as a series and it was very creative and original If you read the first one as kind of [...]

  • I finished reading the book early this morning and I ve been thinking about how to review it for most of the day Where to startI liked the premise behind the book, I liked the concept, and I think that this could be a very interesting series But, I think that it seemed like a rough draft than a completed novel By that I mean that the characters needed development Why were Mike, Dan, and Shelly such good friends I wish I could have read instances of their interactions to give me a sense of why [...]

  • I just won a signed copy through I m excited to receive and read it Just finished It s a nice quick read, which was great I read the other reviews for this book and I agree that the simple presentation could lead to confusion about the intended age As for the occasional bad language, it s completely realistic, as I recall myself starting to swear when I was 11 The book deals with young orphan Dan s introduction and initiation into the world of Norcinites, a powerful group of humans with psychic [...]

  • The book is now available to order Follow this link to find out where you can buy it noricin.webs wheretobu There are only two vendors currently listing it Smashwords for e Books and CreateSpace for hard copies , but I will be updating the list as vendors open up It should also be available to order through your local bookstore within the next week or two.For those that were holding out for , the page for the paperback edition of The Lost Boy is now up Here s the link Noricin ChronicAnd now it [...]

  • It was hard to believe that such strong wording came from a 12 year old boy I couldn t really get into the book as I usually do, but I finished it, and I m glad I stuck it out There are points in the book where I can kind of know what s going to happen in later books but then again, I ve been wrong before I did like this read, just hope it picks up d maybe Dan will act like his age, considering I forgot he was 12 until they would bring it up and i d be shocked all over again.

  • I received this book through a giveaway I had mixed feelings about this book while reading it I find the characters and the circumstances that they find themselves in intriguing, but some details of the book brings to mind the Harry Potter series However, I still found the book to be interesting and fun to read I look forward to reading about Dan Regal, his friends and they adventures that they find themselves in as they learn about themselves Overall, I found this book to be an enjoyable read [...]

  • Mark Sheldon has written likable characters who stick together through adversity as first year students at The Steven Noricin School for the New Race The story plot reads easily for young readers with interesting twists to also lure an older audience who prefer the fantasy adventure genre I can t wait to follow Daniel and his friends into The Noricin Chronicles Part 2.

  • Fans of Harry Potter, Percy Jackson and the like do not pass up Dan Regal This is the first book in a 12 part series, it was great Fast reading, page turner to the very end.

  • Gerry B s Book Reviews gerrycan.wordpress At first blush Chronicle the First Part 1 The Lost Boy The Noricin Chronicles by Mark Sheldon Mark Sheldon, 2011 , is a hard story to categorize It is, I understand, not intended for younger readers, and yet it is written in a style that would most appropriately appeal to such an age group Even some of the characters have juvenile names, i.e Tommy Tuttle So, superficially, one might be tempted to set it aside it aside as being immature On second thought, [...]

  • SoI m sure I can t be the first person to say this, and I kinda hate to do so, but this book is Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone.Harry Potter Dan Regal is an orphaned boy with no friends, when one day weird things start happening Namely that he causes someone to spontaneously combust A strange man comes and tells him he s a wizard Noricin, which means he has psychokinetic abilities He s invited to attend Hogwarts the Steven Noricin School for the New Race, or Snisnar aside what kind of na [...]

  • If you re expecting a Harry Potter rip off, don t Dan is a gifted youngster in a school for gifted youngsters but there the resemblance ends He s of an X Man if anything, though Steven Noricin, his Professor Xavier, has been dead for many years before the story begins, in spite of the fact that some of the teachers believe their mentor s spirit still lurks in the halls and corridors of Snisnar, silently monitoring everything.Don t think this is a Young Adult s fairy tale, either It contains ver [...]

  • I was expecting great things from this book after reading the blurb and I wasn t disappointed After reading the first page I was hooked and literally fell asleep still reading and picking it up again straight away at the first opportunity the next day After I had finished I needed and read book two within hours of finishing the first Mark Sheldon has now made it to my top 5 author s of all time I eagerly await the rest of his books and have started book 3 today I cant wait to read what happens [...]

  • First off I will state that I enjoyed reading this book However, it felt a lot like reading a different version of Harry Potter There were some slight differences and it was interesting enough to keep reading but I must say that if I am going to fisnish reading the series all 11 of them the author must veer off in a substantial way from being so Harry Potter ish Also, it was very shy on details, the characters and their relationships were underdeveloped and I didn t like the cursing Hopefully th [...]

  • I enjoyed the book, although it is strikingly similar to Harry Potter Literally every one of the story s characters is representative of a character within Harry Potter including Draco Mallfoy, Severus Snape, Hermione Granger, Albus Dumbledore,and even Professor Tralleawney I think that the author is a gifted writer, and I d love to see some original stories by him, crafted purely from his own imagination I am committed to reading the entirety of this series, though, and hopefully the plot and c [...]

  • I really like this bookI am on to part two I have just finished part one and I can not wait till I get to see what happens during the summer and next school year It will be a treat I have already purchased book two and I am going to start it.

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