Дом, в котором...

  • Title: Дом, в котором...
  • Author: Mariam Petrosyan
  • ISBN: 9785968901743
  • Page: 312
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Дом, в котором...
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    Дом, в котором... By Mariam Petrosyan,

    • [PDF] Дом, в котором... | by ↠ Mariam Petrosyan
      312 Mariam Petrosyan

    About " Mariam Petrosyan "

  • Mariam Petrosyan

    Following college, Mariam Petrosyan became a cartoonist at the Studio of Armenfilm in 1989 She subsequently moved to Moscow and worked at Soyuzmultfilm Studio In 1995, she returned to Armenfilm, where she worked until 2007 She is married to Artashes Stamboltsan They have two children She is a great granddaughter of the Armenian painter Martiros Saryan.


  • This is not going to be a review This is going to be a confused ode, a drug induced paean, an out of tune song and a nonsense fairy tale about this incredible book because that s the only way I know how to talk about it.I read a lot I rarely truly dislike a book, even if I don t think much about it, there are very few one star ratings in my reading history Most books sit comfortably on 3 or 4 stars because that s how I feel about most books I read Enjoyable but forgettable get 3, ones that stick [...]

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  • Ho impiegato diversi giorni a leggere questo libro, malgrado fossi in vacanza Nelle pause durante la lettura, alla fine, mi sono scoperto a parlare come uno dei personaggi, Tabaqui.Ed stato il segnale di quanto il libro mi stesse prendendo.Un libro che rimane attaccato, anche dopo la lettura.Un libro che realt e fantasia, e non si capisce bene dove termini la prima e cominci la seconda.Onestamente non saprei come parlarne, di questo libro.Della parte reale, con il vecchio edificio abbandonato ch [...]

  • The great huge funny sad prosaic metaphysical ultimate endless book about the House of disabled children with a strange worldview at least that s what you understand and see in the very beginning this is true and this is not true and this is not important The book itself equals to the rhythm it s the infinite in some higher sense sun of its parts Must read.

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  • epico, struggente, meraviglioso ho appena finito di leggere questa perla rara e nn riesco a trovare altri aggettivi per definire quello che provavo durante la lettura un libro nn facile, ammetto di aver avuto difficolt in qualche parte ero troppo legata al semplice fatto di sentirli vivi durante la lettura sara anche il fatto di lavorare nel mondo della disabilit ma quei volti io li avevo veramente davanti e anche questo libro prender il suo posticino nel mio cuore tra quei 4 5 che ricorder per [...]

  • As a rule, I prefer reviewing books that are brilliant but flawed, since usually they are the only ones that can t be reduced to a couple of sentences This is not one of those For the past few days I ve been gushing about it to everyone who d listen Seeking out fanart Taking pauses and breaks, because just like its inhabitants I didn t want to leave It s brilliant, it s criminally underrated, and while I realise that it s not for everyone, it s probably the best book I ve ever read.The House dem [...]

  • Wonderful work with special characters and I don t mention the special needs of them but the character of their personality The only thing in this book that I didn t enjoy it at all was his large volume, It was tiring in reading If this book was less pages or even was in series maybe it would be easier for me to focus on the plot of this book rather than the pages of its own Now I m just happy that I finally finised it.2,5 stars

  • This book seems like two different books rolled into one to me One is a beautiful story of a group of children, all with some disability, who grow up in an old, gray house where they learn to create their own rules, fend for themselves, and care for one another I found this book to be very good, with unique, imaginative, fully drawn characters I could imagine myself hanging out with many of the characters and truly enjoying myself.The other book is a supernatural story of a house which influence [...]

  • L histoire raconte que l Arm nienne Mariam Petrosyan a imagin cette Maison 18 ans et qu il lui a fallu dix ann es pour l crire Aujourd hui, La Maison dans laquelle est un best seller en Russie et a t traduit dans de nombreuses langues Gr ce Monsieur Toussaint Louverture, le lecteur fran ais a d sormais la possibilit de se perdre, lui aussi, dans le monde fantasque de Mariam Petrosyan.Derri re les fen tres Ceux que l on aper oitTabaqui Chacal Fumeur L Aveugle Larry C phalopode Destrier Sauterelle [...]

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