Thirsting for God: In a Land of Shallow Wells

Thirsting for God In a Land of Shallow Wells Beginning in the street ministry days of the Jesus Movement Matthew Gallatin devoted than twenty years to evangelical Christian ministry But no matter how hard he tried he was never able to experien
  • Title: Thirsting for God: In a Land of Shallow Wells
  • Author: Matthew Gallatin
  • ISBN: 9781888212280
  • Page: 470
  • Format: Paperback
  • Thirsting for God: In a Land of Shallow Wells
    Beginning in the street ministry days of the Jesus Movement, Matthew Gallatin devoted than twenty years to evangelical Christian ministry But no matter how hard he tried, he was never able to experience the God he longed to know His was a great dream that could not find fulfillment, a deep question that could not answer itself, an eternal thirst dwelling in a land oBeginning in the street ministry days of the Jesus Movement, Matthew Gallatin devoted than twenty years to evangelical Christian ministry But no matter how hard he tried, he was never able to experience the God he longed to know His was a great dream that could not find fulfillment, a deep question that could not answer itself, an eternal thirst dwelling in a land of shallow wells Ultimately, Gallatin s thirst was quenched by the deep waters of the historic Orthodox Christian Faith In Thirsting for God, Gallatin expresses many of the struggles a Protestant will undergo in coming face to face with Orthodoxy, and gives readers a taste of the encounter with the living God that lies in store for them there.
    Thirsting for God: In a Land of Shallow Wells By Matthew Gallatin,

    Thirsty for God Guidelines Devotional May , He cried out, O God, you are my God, earnestly I seek you my soul thirsts for you, my body longs for you, in a dry and weary land where there is no water Psalm David knew what physical thirst was The geographic setting of the psalm is the desolate desert hot, dry, and barren. What Does the Bible Say About Thirsting For God A Thirst for God Jul , God wants us to seek Him and have a loving bond with Him, as David did So, how are we to do this Knowing Him is the first step, which takes priority above all other matters David used the word thirst to describe his passion to know the Lord Psalm the apostle Paul likened his dedicated pursuit of God to a race Corinthians Psalms Thirsting for God Psalms , , Psalm Combating Depression with Faith A Thirst of a Parched Soul for God Doubt and Longing for Past Joy Deep Calls to Deep Thirsting for God Inspiration Ministries Daily Devotional Through his ministry, thousands of people realized that they, too, thirsted for God In one day period, Whitefield preached times and traveled miles With a voice that was described as riveting, he could be heard long distances away His message was that everyone needed to be born again. Hungering and Thirsting for God Harvest Prayer Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled Matthew whoever drinks the water I give him will never thirst Indeed, the water I give him will become in him a spring Then Jesus declared, I am the bread of life He who comes to me will never Thirsting For God Sermon by David Carter, Psalms Jan , THIRSTING FOR GOD NLT Psalm As the deer longs for streams of water, so I long for you, O God I thirst for God, the living God When can I go and stand before him NLT Psalm O God, you are my God I Bible verses about Thirst And their tongue is parched with thirst I, the Lord, will answer them Myself, As the God of Israel I will not forsake them I will open rivers on the bare heights And springs in the midst of the valleys I will make the wilderness a pool of water And the dry land

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    Matthew Gallatin Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Thirsting for God: In a Land of Shallow Wells book, this is one of the most wanted Matthew Gallatin author readers around the world.


  • Well Gallatin a former fundamentalist evangelical charismatic Protestant converted to Orthodoxy did a great job on the Protestant side of this book He knocks down Protestant objections to various traditions and beliefs of the ancient church quite handily, although if you are the Lutheran or Anglican type of Protestant you won t need nearly as much of the trying too hard argumentation when it comes to things such as infant baptism or the fact that it s ok to recognize the saints He makes very cle [...]

  • Although in this story the author finds his home in the Orthodox church, his observations about contemporary evangelical Protestant worship really hit home and got me going.

  • Gallatin does a fantastic job of describing the struggle of the dissatisfied Protestant searching for fulfillment The angst, the fatigue, the hopelessness it s all there, and only cured by discovering the Orthodox Church He presents the Church as the true beacon of hope on earth, and the Orthodox Christian is able to appreciate the Church in a new light after following him through his own journey It is, however, a difficult read for Protestants who may be simply interested in the Orthodox faith [...]

  • It is not often that I don t finish a book Even if I don t like it, I will usually push through to the end This book however is so bad that I have stopped reading it a little over halfway through the book.We all know that converts to anything are the worst In their newness, their passion, they tend to get a little crazed We call it the cage stage That time when they attack anything and everything that goes against their new belief Nobody likes the cage stage, because it tends to be rather aggres [...]

  • There are lots of these books in the Orthodox world The ones that describe how the authors, dissatisfied with the Protestant option, discovered the depth of the ancient church Some are better than others and I d place this one pretty high on the list Of course, Protestant readers would most likely be completely offended as evident from many of these reviews , so the best audience is probably for those people that have recently discovered the Orthodox church who wish to understand why their Prote [...]

  • Inspired but not convincedI really learned a great deal from this inspirational book I learned many of the weaknesses of Protestantism I had not considered before I acknowledged my own thirst for sacramental liturgical worship I also came to realize that the Orthodox and the Roman church were both severely infected by the political powers of their day Just reading about corrupt popes and leaders in the Orthodox Church as they negotiated their way to the present age is disheartening However I sti [...]

  • Although I am not the target audience for this book at all my only taste of Protestantism was a brief sojourn in the Episcopal Church, which is not what he is speaking of at all , I own a copy and a dear friend just ordered one so I thought I d re read to speak intelligently if she had any questions I appreciated his analysis of Protestantism.

  • THIRSTING FOR GOD in a Land of Shallow Wells is a series of reflections written by Matthew Gallatin, a convert from evangelical Protestantism to the Orthodox Church Gallatin s book seeks to show the reader that, in spite of the stereotypes that Protestantism is free and open and Orthodoxy rigid and formal, the Christian seeking a true personal relationship with Jesus Christ should come home to Orthodoxy.The first part of the book is the chronicle of Gallatin s conversion While a boy in a poor Ap [...]

  • Although I ve read a handful of books than once, Thirsting for God in a Land of Shallow Wells is the first book that finished and started right over again I am a former Evangelical who had raised many questions about the Protestant church, but continued to hang on for lack of an alternative It wasn t until I heard about the Eastern Orthodox Church at a lecture given by Frank Schaeffer in 1997, that I began investigating this pearl of great price.Gallatin s book appeals to me in that he asked ma [...]

  • Gallatin writes explaining his journey from Protestantism to Orthodoxy The first half explains what he went through in his own life experientially the second half explains how he came to terms with certain doctrines Protestants might find, well, repulsive or at least difficult.I don t necessarily have a problem with what he wrote In fact, I found myself amenning a lot of what he said I did think he could have done a better job with his tone at times Very early on he takes a pretty tough stance a [...]

  • An enjoyable read about the author s journey from Seventh Day Adventist, to charismatic evangelical, and finally to the Orthodox church I found many of his criticisms of modern evangelicalism quite valid Disillusioned with many of the same things as Gallatin was, my husband and I briefly considered attending an Orthodox church at one point but in the end chose not to give up the Reformed Protestant tradition completely Even so, this book gave me a deeper understanding and appreciation for some a [...]

  • This converts story of how he went from being a Seventh day Adventist, to an athiest, to Protestant including being a Charismatic Pastor before converting to Orthodox Christian He delved into the problems facing many Protestant Christians with how they view the sacraments, veneration of Mary, icons, salvation, etc and deeply talks of the history of the ancient church and the teachings of the aposltles and how the church follows God He provides many sources of information throughout the book.

  • This is a pretty decent book, especially for an Evangelical Protestant seriously considering Orthodoxy or a former Evangelical Protestant who has already chosen to embrace the Orthodox Church It probably wouldn t be that great for someone of a liturgical Protestant or Roman Catholic background The arguments are too focused on Evangelical Pentecostal to really take into account the liturgical and sacramental churches But I do think that Gallatin does a good job at pointing out the inadequacies [...]

  • A converts story of how he went from being a Seventh day Adventist, to a Charismatic Pastor to Orthodox Christian Good insight into the problems facing many Protestant Christians who are looking for something deeper and who are tired of yet another Protestant splinter group forming and how the jives with John 10 they will hear My voice and they will become one flock with one shepherd My only problem with the book is not enough footnotes and historical backup.

  • This book is a personal journey of a man going through several Protestant denominational churches before converting to Orthodoxy Very interesting so far All in all, I thought this book was very informative and personal Gallatin, to his discredit, focuses too much on the downfalls of the Protestant viewpoint rather than the truthfulness in which he s found through Orthodoxy Smart guy and enjoyable.

  • The tone is extremely off putting in this book And Gallatin lumps all protestants together for instance, protestants don t baptize their children when he talks about them, which really weakens any arguments he is trying to make I don t really recommend this book for anyone interested in orthodoxy go with Frederica Matthews Green.

  • This is an absolutely phenomenal book for those seeking Orthodox original Christianity He traversed a path that many converts have traveled, and it is a great blessing to see that journey in print I found myself jumping up and down for joy, as he gave voice to issues that had troubled me but that I hadn t yet come to terms with.

  • This was a really beautiful introduction to Orthodox Christianity, written from the perspective of a former Evangelical I found myself nodding along and finding sections that resonated with my own beliefs while still having other sections that challenged my beliefs I am awed by the beauty of Orthodoxy and appreciated this gracious introduction.

  • Confirmed a lot of what I ve been thinking, definitely addresses a lot of the issues Protestant converts will face, but the portions I ve read to my husband, he says contains a lot of straw man arguments Also, has a very exclusive, this is the only right way of doing things tone.

  • This one was a tough read for me I agreed with parts and am struggling with others It is a pretty informative book, it was his writing speaking style I had the toughest time with I think there are practices of the faith I am not comfortable with but am trying to understand.

  • i guess Gallatin s overall manner just sets me off, both in print and in person he s a rather arrogant fella.

  • I loved it I felt like I was reading my own story of conversion A great way to share the fulfillment I have discovered in the Orthodox church.

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