Breakfast on Pluto

Breakfast on Pluto Breakfast on Pluto became a bestseller in Ireland stayed on the bestseller list for months and was nominated for the Man Booker Prize one of the world s most prestigious literary awards With wond
  • Title: Breakfast on Pluto
  • Author: Patrick McCabe
  • ISBN: 9780060931582
  • Page: 229
  • Format: Paperback
  • Breakfast on Pluto
    Breakfast on Pluto became a 1 bestseller in Ireland, stayed on the bestseller list for months, and was nominated for the Man Booker Prize, one of the world s most prestigious literary awards With wonderful delicacy and subtle insight and intimation, McCabe creates Mr Patrick Pussy Braden, the enduringly and endearingly hopeful hero ine whose gutsy survival and yearn Breakfast on Pluto became a 1 bestseller in Ireland, stayed on the bestseller list for months, and was nominated for the Man Booker Prize, one of the world s most prestigious literary awards With wonderful delicacy and subtle insight and intimation, McCabe creates Mr Patrick Pussy Braden, the enduringly and endearingly hopeful hero ine whose gutsy survival and yearning quest for love resonate in and drive the glimmering, agonizing narrative in which the troubles are a distant and immediate echo and refrain Twenty years ago, her ladyship escaped her hometown of Tyreelin, Ireland, fleeing her foster mother Whiskers prodigious Guinness guzzler, human chimney and her mad household, to begin a new life in London There, in blousey tops and satin miniskirts, she plies her trade, often risking life and limb amongst the flotsam and jetsam that fill the bars of Piccadilly Circus But suave businessmen and lonely old women are not the only dangers that threaten Pussy It is the 1970 s and fear haunts the streets of London and Belfast as the critical mass of history builds up, and Pussy is inevitably drawn into a maelstrom of violence and tragedy destined to blow his fragile soul asunder Brilliant, startling, profound and soaring, Breakfast on Pluto combines light and dark, laughter and pain, with such sensitivity, directness and restraint that the dramatic impact reverberates in our minds and hearts long after the initia
    Breakfast on Pluto By Patrick McCabe,

    Breakfast on Pluto Jan , The title of the film and the novel it s based on is taken from the song Breakfast on Pluto by Don Partridge The song is used as part of the soundtrack and Liam Cunningham quotes a few lines including the title from the lyrics. Breakfast on Pluto film Breakfast on Pluto Rotten Tomatoes Sep , Like Patrick McCabe s novel, Neil Jordan s Breakfast on Pluto is episodic and fragmented I did enjoy the way Jordan moves his camera and Cillian Murphy is committed to Breakfast on Pluto A Novel Breakfast on Pluto, Patrick McCabe s lyrical and haunting new novel, became a bestseller in Ireland, stayed on the bestseller list for months, and was nominated for the Booker Prize, one of the world s most prestigious literary awards With wonderful delicacy and subtle insight and intimation, McCabe creates Mr Patrick Pussy Braden, the enduringly and endearingly Breakfast on Pluto Cillian Murphy, Liam Set in the s amidst the eruption of British Irish conflicts, BREAKFAST ON PLUTO is an enchanting, poignant, picaresque Michael Koresky, Interview Magazine film from Oscar r winning director Neil Jordan , The Crying Game, Best Writing The End of an Affair that stars Golden Globe r nominee Cilian Murphy Batman Begins and Oscar r nominee Breakfast on Pluto Breakfast on Pluto movie review Roger Ebert Dec , The enchanting and hopeful Breakfast on Pluto, adapted by Jordan from a novel by Patrick McCabe, has a hero who is a little mad and a little saintly Many saints insist on living in their own way regardless of what the world thinks Some climb trees or pray in caves Some work among the poor. Don Partridge Breakfast On Pluto Lyrics Genius Lyrics Breakfast On Pluto Lyrics Go anywhere without leaving your chair And let your thoughts run free Living within all the dreams you can spin There is so much to see If you can t fly high Breakfast on Pluto Full Movie YouTube Let s join, fullHD Movies Season Episode here

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    Patrick McCabe came to prominence with the publication of his third adult novel, The Butcher Boy, in 1992 the book was shortlisted for the Booker Prize in Britain and won the Irish Times Aer Lingus Prize for fiction McCabe s strength as an author lies in his ability to probe behind the veneer of respectability and conformity to reveal the brutality and the cloying and corrupting stagnation of Irish small town life, but he is able to find compassion for the subjects of his fiction His prose has a vitality and an anti authoritarian bent, using everyday language to deconstruct the ideologies at work in Ireland between the early 1960s and the late 1970s His books can be read as a plea for a pluralistic Irish culture that can encompass the past without being dominated by it.McCabe is an Irish writer of mostly dark and violent novels of contemporary, often small town, Ireland His novels include The Butcher Boy 1992 and Breakfast on Pluto 1998 , both shortlisted for the Booker Prize He has also written a children s book The Adventures of Shay Mouse and several radio plays broadcast by the RT and the BBC Radio 4 The Butcher Boy and Breakfast on Pluto have both been adapted into films by Irish director Neil Jordan.McCabe lives in Clones, Co Monaghan with his wife and two daughters.Pat McCabe is also credited with having invented the Bog Gothic genre.


  • A mixture of Northern Ireland War tragedy over the top expression of inner sexuality transvestism makes this a wholly original production Its as if the voice of Slaughterhouse Five was trapped in this era of death, and the character of Pussy Braden is the jailed character of Kiss of the Spider Woman I try to make sense of this by comparing to other literature, but it truly defies any type of genreI see in it some of Neil Jordan s Crying Game oh yeah, Jordan did direct the movie version of Breakf [...]

  • I had a hard time with this one The main character is Patrick Pussy Braden, a transvestite prostitute Patrick was fathered by an Irish Catholic priest and dumped in an abusive foster family and he dreams of his beautiful birth mother Pussy is an outcast in her tiny Irish hometown , and she leaves, first for the City and then for London to seek a better life But Pussy has bad luck when her married politician sugar daddy is killed by Irish terrorists, and then in London where she becomes a prostit [...]

  • Breakfast on Pluto tells the story of Irish transvestite and one time prostitute Patrick Pussy Braden We discover, through Pussy s own voice, what it is that drives him onwards in this mad, helter skelter life We follow him in his search for love we long for him to find his mother we wonder if he really will exact revenge on his father we hope that he will find peace and happiness.Patrick McCabe has set his novel in the troubled times of the early 1970s, when many Irish people became involved, e [...]

  • I can t tell if I love the way the storyline is written or am put off by it It s not your typical, linear style of writing This happened, then this happened, and finally this happened , but conversational It s all told in this off the cuff style that borders on flippant, but it seems to work for the character of Patrick Pussy Braden There is a positivity in the undercurrent of Pussy s words that makes even the most awful incidents turn into charming tales to regale the reader It s not heavy on [...]

  • I LOVED the narrative style of this novel, manic and slightly all over the place, it s one of the best stream of consciousness narratives yet, I always knew exactly what Pussy was saying and where she was going, which I was quite impressed by.I do think the book could have done with being a bit longer, with development of the secondary characters and events, although I appreciate that McCabe was telling the story from the view of the self obsessed Braden and in this way it was fitting Overall, [...]

  • Vorweg Ich habe erst den Film gesehen und danach das Buch gelesen, was f r meine Bewertung eine Rolle spielt Ich konnte mich nicht zwischen 3 und 4 Sterne entscheiden, aber weil ich Kitten so sehr mag, m ssen es einfach 4 oder eine aufgerundete 3 Komma irgendwas sein Der Schreibstil ist etwas gew hnungsbed rftig und ich h tte vermutlich fter als mir lieb ist den Faden verloren, wenn ich nicht den Film kennen w rde, auch wenn einige Dinge anders waren teilweise wirklich krass anders, aber ich mag [...]

  • I loved the narrative tone of this book it really did feel like you were sitting down having a cuppa or a cocktail with an ageing Irish trannie who had some hilarious stories to tell It s also immeasurably sad, and there were times when I just wanted to give Pussy a big hug It prompted me to go and read some about The Troubles in Ireland which was very interesting a lot of the ceasefire negotiations happened around the time I was at university in Australia, so I m old enough to remember it, but [...]

  • Wonderfully spirited central character the novel skips along as we empathise with Pussy on her quest for true love, any love A fairly accurate portrayal of Irish life and morality in the 60s 70s The only thing that irritated was the use of exclamation marks I understood why the author used them Pussy is a drama queen, a delicious diva who refuses to be downtrodden by anything life throws at her but the just reminded me of the book I ve disliked most in recent years The Strange Truth about The Ha [...]

  • Dram tico e intensamente divertido A ler com um tom de bichice constante no ouvido Para quem se lembrar do sketch dos Gato Fedorento, assim um tom Manchester United Diverti me Tempo muito bem empregue.

  • Some interesting parts even though the story skipped around too much Most of the time I felt stuck in a conversation with someone I regretted meeting.

  • Part 1This is of a joint book review, between this book and The Twelfth Day of July, by Joan LingardTwice the recommendation In class we have read THE TWELFTH DAY OF JULY, a book that we have also been keeping a Reader s Journal on In addition, we have been reading a book of our choice as part of our book club, as part of this I have been reading BREAKFAST ON PLUTOE TWELFTH OF JULY is a book written by Joan Lingard and is set in Belfast it follows the conflict between two neighbouring families [...]

  • I absolutely hated the writing style of this book Despite the very short chapters it took me a lifetime to get through half of the book and I simply couldn t go on It s not easy to remember the side characters or to know if what you re reading is actually happening or it s just another made up thing from the character, it s hard to tell if it s in the present or the past or if it s just the character s imagination I liked the main character and the story but the writing style just made it imposs [...]

  • Strong voice and interesting in it s brief glimpses into episodes into the narrator s trans life however, these blips prevented any depth of the story to be explored I couldn t get really invested in her journey I also didn t understand the Irish politics operating in the backstory which is my problem, not the novel s.

  • Comes at you from off side And a bit Clockwork Orange ish too in the dark quirky humor, but different in that it s the semi random musings of one young man who lives in a dark and violent era of a world gone insane that he has no idea where he belongs in.

  • This read like nothing I ve ever read before Unknown and uncommon exciting, confusing, exhilarating It shook me up, made me sad, made me dizzy I feel like I learned a life lesson of some sort

  • Part Two see F23 for part one Personally, I preferred BREAKFAST ON PLUTO Although, both of these books don t fall in to the range of books that I would normally read I normally read thrillers or crime fiction However, once I got into both of the books I did enjoy them as a result I think that I might try to source some of Patrick McCabe s books To be completely honest, to start off with, I did find THE TWELFTH DAY OF JULY quite dull Nonetheless, I did try to follow it in class and once I got us [...]

  • One ought to meet Patrick Pussy Braden, the dress wearing, trick turning narrator of Patrick McCabe s latest novel, Breakfast on Pluto, if only for the experience He begins his story ostensibly told to his psychiatrist Terence, a.k.a Dr Essence Of Insight at Christmas time, with his mustachioed foster mother screaming, Stop tearing the arse out of that turkey and Pussy proudly awarding himself and his kin the ALL IRELAND FUNCTIONAL FAMILY OF THE CENTURY AWARD So congratulations, Hairy Ma and all [...]

  • I actually give this 4.5 stars, or 9 on a 10 scale This was a truly engaging first person narrative, written with bravery, passion and true empathy It is the story of, basically, a woman trapped in a man s body who learns to cross dress and love it at a very young age Patrick Braden, who dubs himself Pussy leaves his dysfunctional home fathered by a priest and brought up by foster parents in small town Tyreelin, Ireland and flees to London where he leads the life of a transvestite trying always [...]

  • Tradition Troubled Boisterous Fun, Visceral Bloodshed, and Irishness in Patrick McCabe s Breakfast on PlutoOne of the goals of this site is to make sure that the style of the articles in each series with the possible exception of Your Friday Phil encompasses a range containing everything from advice lists to simple reviews to deeper analyses The Tuesday Tome series is one which has spent the past couple of weeks dealing in dense, analytical material, so it is due for a simple review In fact, thi [...]

  • Love a book narrated by a character who refers to herself as just an ordinary transvestite prostitute Better yet, we get a back door view of The Troubles, as the Irish civil war was called McCabe writes like the wind and helps us kite along with the flighty narrator, Patrick Pussy Braden, yet it s definitely a four star for me I am not sure whether I wanted something the book didn t deliver politics, maybe or whether the author drifted a bit too much in the telling of Pussy s tale which constan [...]

  • Hmm Well I ve been putting off reviewing this one because I m honestly not entirely sure how I feel about it I watched the movie, oh, about a year or so ago and I loved it Naturally, I assumed I would feel the same about the book I don t know if it was the way this book was written or what but I just thought it was odd At times it seemed like it was written in a completely different language.Don t get me wrong The story is one I find fascinating and it definitely kept me interested Well, this ti [...]

  • The Ruined Maid O Melia, my dear, this does everything crown Who could have supposed I should meet you in Town And whence such fair garments, such prosperi ty O didn t you know I d been ruined said she You left us in tatters, without shoes or socks,Tired of digging potatoes, and spudding up docks And now you ve gay bracelets and bright feathers three Yes that s how we dress when we re ruined, said she At home in the barton you said thee and thou, And thik oon, and the s oon, and t other but nowY [...]

  • I can t say I loved this book I didn t , but I do appreciate it This is a literary work of art it s art with words and story The tale of Patrick Pussy Braden a transvestite transgendered man from a small town in Ireland who becomes a prostitute in London is simple in and of itself Taking place in Ireland and London in the 1960s and 1970s, Mr McCabe uses the time period as a dramatic backdrop to Patrick s over the top effusions Patrick makes Nathan Lane s character in The Birdcage seem quaintly n [...]

  • Well it turns out I and my professor were about the only people in my class that really liked this book Everybody said it was too hard to read, too disjointed, too vulgar, the narrator was too unreliable, etc Well yeah That s the point I recognize that this is certainly not a book that everybody will enjoy, but you can t deny there is an odd power to it Maybe because I am particularly interested in Irish nationalism, including the IRA and all that, anyway, but I was really fascinated in the scen [...]

  • Forget dysfunctional Irish families, Patrick McCabe writes about a whole dysfunctional country Ireland in the 1970s This is the story of Patrick Pussy Brandon in a small town just south of the Irish border and in London, told through incidents in his her life and a few fantasies.Back in Ireland the Provisional IRA are both recruiting and administering rough justice killing informers for example , while the UDF are just doing the rough justice and killing bit In London the IRA bombing campaign ag [...]

  • Quick Review I enjoyed reading this book, as McCabe as created a distinct character with his her own voice However, an enjoyable read does not always make for a great book I had a hard time deciding what the point of it all was I haven t seen the movie, but someone else reviewing this book felt the movie was fleshed out and well done, whereas the book felt like a character sketch or rough draft There s a lot going on in the book that I suppose adds layers of meaning and significance to the book [...]

  • This is one of my ultimate favorites It s about Pussy Braden, a transvestite fathered by a Catholic priest S he s brought up in a foster family and calls his mother Whiskers, in an Irish border town All Pussy s ever wanted was to be with her birth mom, who s a dead ringer for Mitzi Gaynor Pussy is an outcast in her hometown, so she hikes it to London and becomes a prostitute It s very difficult to forget that this is cast in the turbulent early 70 s and our Pussy is tagged as a terrorist suspect [...]

  • basically Patrick McCabe books follow the same formula A narrator tells the story of a character who starts off ok then falls into despair The cause Ireland Always Ireland The thing is that sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn t Breakfast on Pluto is ok It focuses on a cross dressing boy who escapes his destitute life in order to find his biological parents On the way she meets characters who suffer the fate of the IRA Eventually she becomes a prostitute and is jailed due to connections wit [...]

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