The Story of the Stone

The Story of the Stone In the valley of Sorrows a monk is brutally murdered for a worthless manuscript and the abbot of the humble monastery calls upon Master Li and Number Ten Ox to investigate the seemingly senseless ki
  • Title: The Story of the Stone
  • Author: Barry Hughart
  • ISBN: 9780553282788
  • Page: 455
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • The Story of the Stone
    In the valley of Sorrows, a monk is brutally murdered for a worthless manuscript, and the abbot of the humble monastery calls upon Master Li and Number Ten Ox to investigate the seemingly senseless killing The most likely suspect is the infamous Laughing Prince, founder of the valley, whose murderous frenzies have made him a legend But even Master Li must concede that thIn the valley of Sorrows, a monk is brutally murdered for a worthless manuscript, and the abbot of the humble monastery calls upon Master Li and Number Ten Ox to investigate the seemingly senseless killing The most likely suspect is the infamous Laughing Prince, founder of the valley, whose murderous frenzies have made him a legend But even Master Li must concede that the prince has a pretty good alibi he s been dead for than seven hundred years.Undaunted, Master Li and Number Ten Ox begin their search for the Laughing Prince Together they roam a mystical countryside populated by demons, ghosts, murderers, and mad kings to the very gates of heaven itself and what they find there is even stranger still.
    The Story of the Stone By Barry Hughart,

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    Hughart was educated at Phillips Academy Andover He attended Columbia University where he obtained a bachelor s degree in 1956.Upon his graduation from Columbia, Hughart joined the United States Air Force and served from 1956 to 1960 where he was involved in laying mines in the Korean Demilitarized Zone During Hughart s military service he began to develop his lifelong interest in China that led him to plan a series set in an Ancient China that never was His connection to China continued after his military service, as he worked with TechTop, a military surplus company that was based in Asia, from 1960 to 1965.From 1965 to 1970 Hughart was the manager of the Lenox Hill Book Shop in New York City.Hughart lives in Tucson, Arizona.


  • In a review of Hell Is Empty, I noted a story told by Virgil White Buffalo, that ended with Walt Longmire asking, And the moral of the story is He raised an eyebrow, and it was as if the dent in his forehead was looking to dig deeper What is it with you white people and morals Maybe it s just a story about what happened And that is the essence of Master Li stories They are old myths, storytelling at the knee of a master the advanced version of What Happened that Time on the Mountain Morals may b [...]

  • Ah Another adventure down with the eccentric Master Li, a genuis but with a slight flaw in his character and his former client now accomplice Number Ten Ox,as they set forth to solve a murder that seems to have been committed by a prince who has been dead for over seven hundred years What seems like a supernatural story, which could be laughing ridiculously at the intellect of the reader for believing the premise, ends up being nothing short of a Conan Doyle masterpiece or a Agatha Christie gem [...]

  • I hate to do this, I really do I loved Bridge of Birds A Novel of an Ancient China That Never Was but I just can t get into this one I m reading an ebook and am 72% done and just don t care what happens I ve been trying to finish this book for a month now and just can t force myself to sit down and read I ve learned that I need character growth and development instead of just a story I was hoping to learn about Number 10 Ox Master Li in this book but while they are the main characters you learn [...]

  • Darker in tone and content than Bridge of Birds, The Story of the Stone links two mysteries, both about evil, where it comes from and how it can be overcome The title and the legend of the stone the book is centered on come from the classic 18th century novel Dream of the Red Chamber, continuing Hughart s tradition of drawing on actual Chinese history and mythology However, the actual plot is all Hughart s invention, which means it has insane zombie princes, secret identities, a trip to Hell, an [...]

  • Barry Hughart s great trick is to make me think I m reading a convoluted story based on an intricate plot and lovably irredeemable characters, and in the last few pages I realize I m reading a poignant, beautiful myth that relates both the best and worst of human nature Hughart relies on good natured humor to great effect The Story of the Stone has many humorous elements but is never slapstick Master Li and Number Ten Ox continue to delight, with witty banter and a good deal of heart.While I lik [...]

  • Following the inky trail begun in Bridge of Birds Hughart has given us the second of three absolutely glorious books books so good he stopped writing The Chronicles after finishing the third, having accomplished what he set out to do.Poignant, outright bawdy, delicate, ferocious, tearful, confusing, terrifying and triumphant, The Story of the Stone is a helluva read, and the Hell reference is literal the Hell of Chinese culture is a fascinating place and we get to meet it here I never knew the G [...]

  • In this book Barry Hughart continues the exploration of Chinese history and myth that he started in Bridge of Birds Unlike that first book, the Story of the Stone is concerned with the myths and the philosophy, and is less humorous and good natured.It is still a pleasant read, even if it tries to be a bit didactic at times, and the two recurring characters are as lovable as ever, if a bit bloodthirsty.Recommended for those who like their myths with a different taste.

  • what a great book If you are looking for something with a smidgin of humor a taste of the supernatural and a boatload of mystery, read Barry Hughart s books Although I was unable to get my hands on a copy of the first book Bridge of Birds A Novel of an Ancient China That Never Was but if it is anything like the second I d recommend it right away.

  • I really like these books and wish there were than 3 They contain the charming tone of an old Chinese fairytale, but with a biting sense of humor and their own wisdom This one concerns a stone that was part of the wall beween heaven and the world and it is flawed This flawed stone has come to earth as a temptation to ambitious people There is, of course, the complicated and mythically allegorical back story which old Master Li surname Li, personal name Kao, with a flaw in my character must unra [...]

  • The Story of the Stone is a far complex novel than Bridge of Birds and is all the better for it I read this a couple of times as a teen, but always preferred Bridge of Birds On rereading for the first time in probably 20 years or so, the complexity of the story is what makes this a winner The characters of Master Li and Number Ten Ox are far complex, and their travelling companions are also well drawn.For me, the best bit of the story is the journey through hell facilitated by magic mushrooms [...]

  • Crazy, weird and very, very fun It s not the kind of mystery story that gives you enough clues to figure out what s gonna happen, though by the last few chapters it becomes obvious who one of the instigators is All in all it s a good light read.

  • Imagine Robert van Gulik s Judge Dee novels with a touch of the supernatural and a less economical presentation The Story of the Stone by Barry Hughart has that type of feel Obviously a sequel to The Bridge of Birds which included these same characters the inscrutable Master Li and his man mountain servant, Number 10 Ox Dungeons Dragons Oriental Adventures players would be tempted to develop the latter from the Rogue class To be as big as Ox is, you d expect a rather dull and unintelligent barba [...]

  • I started this book on a flight at the beginning of a vacation, and then I barely touched it for two weeks due to that vacation I had a hard time focusing on the thread of the plot at times, and I m not sure if that s because of the writing or if I was simply easily distracted whenever reading.There were definitely some laugh out loud moments in the book, and I loved the setting and characters This was a fun romp like Bridge of Birds, but not to the same degree BoB was a little frenetic and wil [...]

  • Oh dear.I read Bridge of Birds in college on the recommendation of a friend I immediately fell in love with it The book was hysterically funny, tightly plotted, and was gloriously whimsy So when I heard that Hughart had written a sequel two, in fact , I expected the second book to be just as good as the first.It s not.I reread Bridge of Birds last week, and it s just as good as I remembered A major part of that excellence is how damn well the whole thing is put together That s why it feels like [...]

  • I like to think of myself as pragmatic, and those friends of mine who have known me longest tend to agree When I say I m pragmatic, I tend to mean that I like to see the silver lining in every cloud, but I m not blind to the fact that there is still a cloud, and so I prepare for rain I prefer walking this middle line between out and out optimism and out and out negativity, because I know the benefits of seeing both sides of the same coin In the general living of my life, I walk that middle road. [...]

  • This was unexpectedly fun I started with book 2 by accident, but two chapters in, when I realized I had skipped The Bridge Of Birds in a kindle glitch which happened the last time I tried a trilogy omnibus Scott Lynch s Gentleman Bastard sequence , I couldn t stop Number 10 Ox and Master Li are formidably funny The editorialization in the narrative had me laughing out loud I loved their escapades, the love quadrangle with the awesomely named Grief of Dawn, the sudden steeping in Chinese philosop [...]

  • Nowhere near as wonderful as Bridge of Birds, this was still an amusing set of vignettes loosely stitched together by a mystery pretending to be an epic By the end I had quite lost the overall thread, and the original problem of the stone was wrapped up with references to legends I d completely forgotten because I never understood them in the first place Probably due to a barbarian flaw in my character Still head and shoulders above most of the dreary dreck that passes for fantasy these days.

  • This book suffers in comparison with the first, mainly because it does nothing much to further the characters of Master Li and Ox We already know the old man is exceptionally cunning and insightful, and that Ox is exceptionally strong, and that they will get through the mystery and come out OK in the end While the book is charmingly lyrical, funny and likeable, the above detracts from the reading pleasure because one feels all characters to be going through the motions Nothing unexpected turns u [...]

  • Very enjoyable with the same flavor of Asian folktales and mythology and ancient stories woven into something new As always, Master Li Kao and Number Ten Ox are a delight to read about I do think the first book is stronger because there was character development and cohesion to the whole plot And I personally think the ending is not quite clear and doesn t really make sense even with all of the reveals at the end But this story is still quite lovely Highly recommended 3.5 stars rounded down.

  • Another adventure for Master Li and Number Ten Ox The duo take a Dante type trip into Hell to solve a murder involving ghosts Very entertaining I have never been able to understand why perfectly sensible people waste time being wittily obscure instead of just saying what they want and going on about their business The mind is a miser, he said.

  • Master Li and Number Ten Ox are enlisted to investigate an incident where a monk was murdered for a worthless manuscript The initial suspect is the Laughing Prince who infamously has a reputation for murder for his own gain However, he has been dead for hundreds of years Master Li and Number Ten Ox meet the Laughing Prince s descendant Prince Liu Pao, they explore the Laughing Prince s tomb, and take all kinds of eventful detours much like the first book.The main characters aren t developed any [...]

  • I really liked the first book, Bridge of Birds This one almost feels as if it were written by a different author It took quite a while to actually get into the book, and left me not really caring about what happened next.

  • in Puzzle wird gel st, Stein f r SteinKann ein Nachfolger zu so einem gro artigen Werk wie Bridge of Birds an den Vorg nger ankn pfen Ja, es kann.Begeisterte Bridge of Birds durch eine ganz einmalige Kombination von intelligenter, komplexer Geschichte und humorvoller Karikaturisierung der chinesischen Sagen und Literaturwelt, so wird dieses Muster auch im vorliegenden Werk weitergef hrt Die Hauptpersonen sind immer noch genauso spektakul r unseri s, die Geschichte verwirrend, der Humor aufreizen [...]

  • But how can I tell The Story of the Stone I wailed In the first place I don t understand where it begins and in the second place I m not sure it has an ending and in the third place even if I understood the ending it wouldn t do me any good because I don t understand the beginning in the first place He gazed at me in silence Then he said, My boy, stay away from sentences like that They tend to produce pimples and permanent facial tics Yes, sir, I said Begin at the beginning as you understood it, [...]

  • I have read multiple reviews that basically say his book is good, but it wasn t as good as his first book My opinion n that is that the first book has real heart, and that is a difficult shoe to fill Every single character in Bridge of Birds has something to share of themselves and most had a story to tell Even those who you thought were just a minor character became someone you could sympathize with my personal favourite character was Doctor Death.I think where this book has trouble reaching it [...]

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