Stones from the River

Stones from the River From the highly acclaimed award winning author of Floating in My Mother s Palm comes a stunning novel about ordinary people living in extraordinary times Trudi Montag is a Zwerg a dwarf short undesi
  • Title: Stones from the River
  • Author: Ursula Hegi
  • ISBN: 9780684844770
  • Page: 356
  • Format: Paperback
  • Stones from the River
    From the highly acclaimed, award winning author of Floating in My Mother s Palm comes a stunning novel about ordinary people living in extraordinary times.Trudi Montag is a Zwerg a dwarf short, undesirable, different, the voice of anyone who has ever tried to fit in Eventually she learns that being different is a secret that all humans share from her mother who flees intoFrom the highly acclaimed, award winning author of Floating in My Mother s Palm comes a stunning novel about ordinary people living in extraordinary times.Trudi Montag is a Zwerg a dwarf short, undesirable, different, the voice of anyone who has ever tried to fit in Eventually she learns that being different is a secret that all humans share from her mother who flees into madness, to her friend Georg whose parents pretend he s a girl, to the Jews Trudy harbors in her cellar.Ursula Hegi brings us a timeless and unforgettable story in Trudi and a small town, weaving together a profound tapestry of emotional power, humanity, and truth.
    Stones from the River By Ursula Hegi,

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    Ursula Hegi is the author of Sacred Time, Hotel of the Saints, The Vision of Emma Blau, Tearing the Silence, Salt Dancers, Stones from the River, Floating in My Mother s Palm, Unearned Pleasures and Other Stories, Intrusions, and Trudi Pia She is the recipient of than thirty grants and awards.


  • This was an excellent book I was astounded by Hegi s ability to capture both the everyday life of Germans over the 20 year span leading up to the end of WWII and the experience of a woman with dwarfism Not once does she dramatize for the sake of Hollywood like entertainment Considering the standard treatments for both the topics of dwarfism and WWII, this is indeed a rare accomplishment I myself have dwarfism and am usually sick of the average portrayal of dwarfs in the media as either amusing, [...]

  • I found this book at a library sale, and ended up buying it because I like the way the first page read Unlike many of the people who have reviewed this book I loved it from the beginning Trudi s insight into the world is amazing, and while very mature for her age, with a slight mental leap, completely believable Ultimately this is a book about differences When we begin the story, Trudi and her friend Georg are the outcasts, but as the plot progresses as the Nazi s gain power and WWII begins who [...]

  • This was the first book I read with my new book club and I feel I need to rationalize the four instead of five star rating The story is so important, and so deftly told, and the author does a great job of capturing the lives of citizens in a small German town from post WWI through post WWII I felt like I came to know many of the characters personally I cried several times I had to really rethink what I know about history And there were moments in the book where I literally had to stop reading ju [...]

  • A sensitively imagined portrayal of a small German town in the fateful years between the first and second World Wars narrated from the perspective of an appealing main character who is both of the town in that she is the keeper of their secrets and the source of their gossip, but also other due to her diminutive size, there s a lot to like about this rich and colourful web of life For me personally it has the added attraction of this fictional town being situated just down the road, the location [...]

  • OK, yesterday I finished the book and I am having a very hard time choosing the stars and knowing what to say Yes it is a very, very good book, BUT STILL it only received 4 rather then 5 stars The positive first The book is speckled with marvelous lines that get you thinking For example by getting closer to a smaller world, she had found a larger world Think about that and how true it is Trudi, the main character s father has died She says, What she missed most was the certainty of being able to [...]

  • Right from the start I need to preface this review with the fact that I know my review will not do this story justice It is a most eloquent story told through Trudi, a dwarf born in a small German town during WWI This story actual begins during the first World War and continues through the second World War.Trudi struggles with being a dwarf and hangs from her hands to stretch her body and tightly ties scarves around her head to keep it from getting any bigger She yearns for love and believes tha [...]

  • It was like that with stories she could see beneath their surface, know the undercurrents, the whirlpools that could take you down, the hidden clusters of rocks Stories could blind you, rise around you in a myriad of colors Every time Trudi took a story and let it stream through her mind from beginning to end, it grew fuller, richer, feeding on her visions of those people the story belonged to until it lefts its bed like the river she loved And it was then that she d have to tell the story to so [...]

  • I loved this book from the beginning The anger and passion of Trudi captivated me from beginning to end, and I had a hard time putting this book down I found that I had to concentrate harder on this book due to the number of characters, and with all of the german names This made it much harder to rush through the book, which ultimately should be cherished anyway I loved Trudi s strengths as a story teller, and her understanding of her surroundings that bordered on magical realism Will read again [...]

  • There aren t enough stars in the universe with which to rate this book As five stars is all I can give Stones from the River I do so knowing that no amount of stars nor any review no matter how sexy or lyrical or witty or heart wrenching ly beautiful could ever do the book or Ursula Hegi justice.I wish that Stones from the River had an infinite number of pages so that I could read it for the rest of my life.

  • Although I often read history, especially books regarding World War II and Germany, memoirs, collected memories, analysis into the various horrors and sheer arrogant stupidity of what the Nazis and others did, I seldom, if ever, read fiction books about those times.This book, however, caught my eye because the central character was a Zwerg, or dwarf, one of the many groups considered unfit to live which were summarily done away with under the Nazi regime Secondly, this character, Trudi Montag s [...]

  • Some books disappoint on a second reading, but not this one When it came time for my book club to read this book I was very excited, because I remembered that I really liked it the first time I read it And I was not disappointed I think I liked this book at least as much the second time around as the first.This is a story with two contrasting themes One is difference Told mostly from the perspective of Trudi, a dwarf, who feels how different she is from the members of her community on a daily ba [...]

  • This is one of the books that I recognize as being objectively wonderful in spite of my own ambivalence about it It s about a young dwarf named Trudi Montag, and her life in a small fictional German town during the rise and fall of the Holocaust All throughout her childhood, Trudi yearns to belong, and when she finally does being German rather than Jewish the irony is that she no longer wants to Trudi recognizes from the very beginning that what s going on around her isn t right, and eventually [...]

  • Sul come la recensionista sbarazzina si lasci andare a rivelazioni autobiografiche che vanno ben oltre i suoi dati anagraficiQuando andai a Trieste per l Universit , non so se per la legge degli opposti, o per la tendenza bislacca della vita a scherzare coi pardossi, mi ritrovai a frequentare assiduamente due bellezze indigene.La Betta e La Claudia erano due valchirie alte 1,80 ciascuna, bionde, fascinose, giunoniche e con proporzioni da manuale.Il primo anno eravamo inseparabili Ma ovviamente c [...]

  • First of all, I could have done without all the sexual moments I know this is part of life, which is what this book is about, but much of it wasn t necessary It ruined the book for me I read this book with a lot of apprehension not trusting it and expecting something horrible at any moment.That being said, this book captures human emotions of all kinds, but focuses on being different One of the morals I took from this story is how we let our differences become barriers Like Trudi we often assume [...]

  • This is an amazing book I first read it in 1994 when it was originally published The author has a new book this year that is described as the final book in the Burgdorf Cycle named for the German town in which these stories take place I wanted to refresh my memory so I reread this book as the beginning of the cycle of four books I can t wait to continue the series Stones from the River is an epic novel which follows the life of Trudi Montag a dwarf from her German childhood in 1915 to her middle [...]

  • I ve read all of Ursula Hegi s books and have yet to be disappointed I found this to be her finest work In fact, Stones From The River stands among my favorite novels A high school friend turned me onto this book years ago and I am forever glad she did It s still one of my favorite novels on my shelves Stones From The River is the first in the Burgdorf series of novels set in Germany around the time of WWII With the creation of Trudi Montag, Hegi set the stage for some of the finest, most intere [...]

  • Bellissimo romanzo, incentrato sul tema della diversit e della difficolt della sua accettazione per chi la vive La protagonista Trudi Montag, una bambina, ragazza e poi donna zwerg , nana Per tutto il libro risuona questa parola, che sempre ricorda a Trudi la sua diversit All interno della storia di Trudi si svolge la tragedia della Germania che diventa nazista Del nazismo e della guerra viviamo le tragedie attraverso gli occhi e i racconti di Trudi.Ogni accadimento, bello o brutto, della vita r [...]

  • This book brought home what it was like to live in World War II era Germany and gave me new understanding of the Nazi takeover and what it meant for German residents It was also somewhat spooky in that regard, that some people were so wholeheartedly caught up in the militaristic regime, and that it was not safe for others to speak out It made me think of that line from poetry, what we at first abhor we first come to tolerate, and then embrace Excellent book.

  • Trudi Montag, a manipulative, resentful, nosy dwarf uses the secrets she gathers to extract her revenge on the townspeople who consider themselves superior and shun her, during the period from the First to Second World Wars in Burgdorf, Germany As far as synopses go, that would be pretty accurate but it wouldn t make you want to read the book The main character may be less than sympathetic, but she is sharp and observant, and paints finely tuned, sensitive, and insightful pictures of her fellow [...]

  • This is a book that I would not have picked out for myself to read if it weren t for my mother in law The story, set in German in the early 1900 s, is about a courageous blond, blue eyed girl named Trudi Montag who just happens to be a dwarf Over the course of 4 decades, Trudi, tells you the story of her town, her friends, her physical limitations, her jealousy, and most importantly the Hitler reign that sweeps through her town exterminating all Jews and anyone who tries to help them I enjoyed t [...]

  • I am lucky that I was trapped on a train for six hours going to Hartford and back, or I think I would have had a hard time getting into this one Ultimately, it was a lovely and rewarding book but the first couple of hundred pages are all setup and a bit difficult to sludge through.The book is about Trudi Montag, a young dwarf in rural Germany born to a WWI soldier and a crazy woman who grows up to defy the Nazis during WWII in her small town The WWII portion of the book is fascinating and grippi [...]

  • Fairly certain this would have been in the five star range if I hadn t had to take a break from it due to a concussionHad a tough time with keeping track of the characters after a two week hiatus Loved the storyloved the perspective

  • Although there was not really a story going on, there were quite some interesting chapters and touching things Overall it was not really a book that keeps you willing to read on More like a movie in which there is no tension at all.

  • I am not in the right reading mood lately Books aren t sitting right with me I need to go to reading therapy and figure out what s going on.I ve had this borrowed from my friend for a whole year now does this ever happen to you She brought it over, so we could share Okay This is a really beautiful book It is so well written The language is loving and rich It s atmospheric and thoughtful the characters are complex and relatable Why didn t I love it I don t know It is totally fine Don t worry I m [...]

  • 3 1 2 starsI have had this book for over a year, starting the hard copy a few times and always putting it back down again I am getting very finicky about reading books where the typeset was chosen by a sadist with the intention of torturing the reader.So when I got the digital copy at last I was very excited, and I think my expectations were perhaps a bit too high.The story is told from the viewpoint of Trudie, aZwergborn just after WW1 in a small fictional town of Burgdorf My heart went out to [...]

  • I LOVED this book The imagery and metaphors are excuisite The character of Trudi is so wonderfully complex and human damaged yet lovable even admirable at times The other characters are beautifully crafted and incredibly believable.The setting of Germany post WWI and during post WWII incredibly done It gave the reader a real comprehension of how the political situation took root and became what it ultmately was The story was both compassionate and yet judgemental Honest but not brutally so It de [...]

  • I was very disappointed in this book I didn t care for the main character Like, literally, I couldn t have cared less what happened to her Nor did I understand her How could she remember everything about her mother from the time she was born Her mother died before she turned 4 and she remembered everything And she is psychic, I guess All of these understandings of family secrets and approaching deaths How What I didn t understand her character at all There were way too many characters in this bo [...]

  • Amazing I have read one other book by Hegi, and now I want to read all her works This book took me a long time to read, but mostly it was because I wanted to savor it And read every Single Word I loved these characters, and I enjoyed spending time with them, sharing in their stories, reveling in the words that made them come to life My heart broke with and for some of them Hegi has a way of bringing her characters to life I thoroughly enjoyed this book.

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